OVW TV tapings 7-27 Louisville

By Trent Van Drisse

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for July 27th, 2011. OVW continues to get good crowds for their TV tapings, around 180 in the Davis arena tonight. Dean Hill, Gilbery Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. Stacey Cornette was in attendance tonight, which makes me strongly suspect that Jim Cornette was backstage. Both Paredyse and Jamin Olivencia had a new line of t-shirts on sale.

1. Alex Silva beat Chase King

Dark match. King is a black guy, I believe out of Missouri, with nowhere near an "OVW level" body. Silvia in control for most of this one, closing it out with his "Uh oh" catch phrase, followed by his "Silvia surfer" running knee finisher. Silva isn't exactly lighting my world on fire since his return to OVW. He just doesn't seem that into it, almost seems kinda bored in the ring or something. On the other hand, it looks like Silva has been doing some heavy weight lifting recently.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Benjamin Bray by submission

Also a dark match. Green does the ring intro for the "Psychedelic Superstar", and was wearing a new cream colored sport coat. I think Green actually said Silvio weighs 265, only over by 100 pounds or so. Like I said last week, they keep having Silvio do this gimmick only in dark matches, has yet to do it on tv, and I'm still not sure what the gimmick is even supposed to be. He's a heel, but I'm not even sure how heelish, or face-like it is. Green isn't bad with Silvio, but I don't see any great chemistry between the two. Bray came out wearing a button down shirt. Lots of clowning and posing by Silvio here, but Silvio finally got serious and turned it on at the end when Green grabbed Bray's leg, Silvio kicked Bray in the head, and got the win by submission with a version of the Crippler Crossface.

The TV taping opened with clips from last week when Paredyse beat Rudy Switchblade to win the OVW TV title, plus they showed Mike Mondo in the back at the end of the show standing over a knocked out cold "Smooth" Johnny Spade.

Out came Johnny Spade, wearing track pants. Spade demanded Mike Mondo come out now so he can "beat his ass". Out came Mondo, in his wrestling gear, along with his attorney/manager Christian Mascagni. Mascagni sounded like he had a sore throat or something. Mascagni said last week, when he was gone, that Spade and OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne "tricked" Mondo into having a triple threat match for the OVW title at the upcoming August 6th Saturday Night Special. Mascagni said Spade is being used as a pawn by Jason Wayne, because Wayne is scared of Mondo. Mascagni said he smells fear in Jason Wayne, because Mondo pinned Wayne clean in a tag match a few weeks ago. Out came OVW champion Jason Wayne. Wayne called Mascagni "Christina", and said what Mascagni is actually smelling is his own breath, which is bad from kissing the asses of the OVW board of directors. Wayne said he doesn't care who he faces, and he will take on both Mondo and Spade tonight. Mascagni said no way to that one. Spade suggested that he face Mondo tonight with the winner being the number one contender for the OVW title. Mascagni said no to that, but Spade called Mondo a "cowardly little cheerleader", which baited Mondo into saying "yes" to the match, much to the chagrin of Mascagni. So that will be the TV main event tonight. What's weird here is there's currently no "authority figure" in OVW, so these guys are just out here booking their own matches, and it's unknown if any of it is "official". Maybe this is backstage in WCW in 1999 come to life? The reason there is no authority figure is Mascagni got a retraining order issued against OVW owner Danny Davis several weeks ago stating Davis cannot come within 200 feet of Mondo.

Brittany DeVore with a backstage interview with Michael Hayes. Hayes said he would beat Mohamad Ali Vaez on August 6th, and win his prosthetic leg back from Vaez then. The interview ended and DeVore asked for some water. Benny Bray ambled on by, and DeVore was clearly smitten with Bray, trying to get his attention. Wow, Bray really is the stud of the OVW stable. He's seen recent "action"(?) with Trayn Shay and Solo Darling, and now Brittany DeVore wants some Bray.
Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) were talking. McNaler told Revolver he has a 6 man tag tonight, and will be partners with the OVW Southern tag team champions, The Fat & the furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black). Revolver said no way, that McNaler can't do that, that TPT and Black were the guys that beat them for the titles. McNaler said he was going to do it, and he was even going to wear gear to match the Fat and the Furious. Revolver was pissed.
Then, Johnny Spade walked by. Raphael Constantine came in with a big yellow sign, and told Spade it was time to picket in protest of he Constantine being screwed out of his chance at the OVW TV title. Spade said he didn't have time for that crap, that he has a match for the number one contendership to the OVW heavyweight title tonight. Spade went to his locker, only to find another teddy bear, sent to him from Tony Gunn, along with a note. Spade read the note, which was Gunn thanking Spade for being out at ringside for his non-title match against OVW champion Jason Wayne last week. Spade threw the note, and the bear in the trash. Gunn has it all wrong though, Spade wasn't out there last week because of Gunn at all, he was out there because Mike Mondo was also out there, and both Spade and Mondo want the OVW title, held by Jason Wayne. But you can't tell Tony Gunn that, who continues to be very creepy and stalkerish towards Johnny Spade. Wow, what a segment this was. heh.

3. Paredyse beat Tony Gunn to retain the OVW TV title

This was the first match of the TV taping, and the first match in Paredyse' current OVW title reign. Paredyse was wearing his new t-shirt, and new white boots. Good thing about the boots, his old black ones were held together with tape and prayer. Gunn gets a non-title match against Jason Wayne last week, and a shot at the OVW TV title this week. Gunn attacked Paredyse before the bell, and kept control for awhile. Both guys came out the babyface side here, but almost no reaction for Gunn at all. Gunn was doing well. but became distracted because Johnny Spade wasn't out at ringside to support him here. Gunn applied an abdominal stretch, and out came Raphael Constantine, with his large yellow picket sign. One side of the sign said "Rightful TV champion", the other side said "Cox won't take it". Constantine claims his great, great, Grandfather was pro wrestler Orville L. Cox, which makes him a 5th generation pro wrestler. Constantine tried hard to get the announcers at the desk to sign his petition. One of them signed it "No chance". heh. Paredyse finally planted a big kiss on Gunn, then dropped him down with a bookend for the win, to retain the TV title, while Constantine picketed.

Christian Mascagni was talking to Mike Mondo in the back. Mascagni said Mondo was the best wrestler in the world. Mascagni told Mondo to take care of the business inside of the ring, and that he would take care of all the business outside of the ring. Mascagni assured Mondo he would have everything covered.

Hill, Corsey and Bolin were talking at the desk about something, with all that's gone on this taping so far, they have a lot to choose from.

4. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Elvis Pridemore by submission

Vaez came out wearing the turban, and with the fake leg he won from Michael Hayes. Vaez was very angry here, almost in a "silent rage"....Heh. All Vaez as he pounded the crap out of Elvis. The crowd was quiet during this, reflecting Vaez' very dark mood here. Vaez hit his neckbreaker finisher, but then forced Elvis to tap out by applying a camel clutch and a cobra clutch at the same time. Wow, that was different. Total squash.
Vaez demanded the microphone. Vaez said what he did to Elvis was a message to Michael Hayes. Vaez said he just destroyed a former OVW champion, who has two legs. Vaez said he was going to finish the job on Hayes on August 6th, that Hayes has signed up for a war he can't win. Vaez stood over Elvis, with the fake leg on Elvis' chest.
Meanwhile backstage, The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) were having a tea party with Paredyse. Wow, I've always heard pro wrestling wasn't a tea party, yet here it was a tea party. Very confusing.....Anyhow, angry black lady wrestler Epiphany Jones interrupted the tea party, and told them it was stupid.
Elsewhere backstage, Christian Mascagni was talking to Aiden Young and Brandon Espinosa, about something dastardly no doubt, and handed them a wad of cash.

A table was set up in the ring with three chairs. Gilbert Corsey got in the ring about brought out arch rivals Rudy Switchblade and Jamin Olivencia to sign a contract to wrestle on August 6th. For the first time Switchblade came out the heel side, but still got something of a babyface reaction. Switchblade also had different music, some creepy sounding tune. Olivencia out to a big pop. Olivencia and Switchblade are bitter rivals, and Corsey had trouble even getting them to sit down. Corsey said there has been at least three backstage, and lockeroom clearing, brawls between these two, and because of that Danny Davis, and the OVW board of directors, have added a "no touch clause" to the contract here. Olivencia and Switchblade cannot touch until August 6th once the contracts are signed. Corsey said if they refuse to sign the contract, it's a 30 day suspension. If they sign the contract and one hits the other, it's a 60 day suspension.
Olivencia took the mic and stood up. Olivencia said this used to be about the OVW TV title, and that he used to respect Switchblade, but it's escalated, and now it's about something else. Olivencia said Switchblade kicked him in the nuts. Olivencia said he would sign the contract, and on August 6th, he's going to break Switchblade's face. Olivencia signed it, and since Switchblade hadn't signed it yet, he turned the table over on Olivencia, and Switchblade violently pounded on him. Switchblade then signed the contract, and said he wasn't the bad guy, Olivencia was. Switchblade said he would help Olivencia get up, but he can't, due to the contract.

5. Ted McNaler and The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) beat Raul Lamotta, Rocco Bellagio, & James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin, Mo Green & The personal assistant in a 6 man tag

Like he promised earlier, McNaler was wearing red trunks here, to match the gear of The Fat and the Furious. Lamotta got abused quite a bit here early on. McNaler finally got taken down by Moose, and took the heat. It broke down to all six guys fighting at once, everyone was brawling outside, except McNaler and Lamotta, who were alone in the ring. McNaler was preparing to hit Lamotta with his spear finisher, but McNaler's Elite partner Adam Revolver came out and slid a chair into the ring, supposedly for McNaler to use on Lamotta. McNaler has no interest in using the chair, and started arguing with Revolver. Meanwhile, Lamotta grabbed the chair and whacked McNaler across the back. It looked like curtains for McNaler, but Randy Terrez ran in and hit Lamotta with the chair, then rolled McNaler on top of Lamotta, and the ref finally came back into the ring and counted Lamotta's shoulders down for the finish. Terrez fought both Thomas and Bellagio during the post match fracas, but Lamotta turned Terrez inside out with a clothesline. Thomas threw McNaler into the ringpost, and then gave Terrez his "Moose kick" with Bellagio held him. They then pitched both McNaler and Terrez over the top rope. Jack Black was down on the floor as well. Bolin Services 2.0 lost the match, but left everyone laying at the end. The Fat & The Furious defend the OVW Southern tag team titles against Thomas and Bellagio on August 6th. Also that same night, Raul Lamotta will face Randy Terrez.

Christian Mascagni was talking to Andreas Rossi backstage, and handed Rossi a wad of cash.

6. "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni to become the number one contender for the OVW heavyweight title

TV main event time. Spade went after Mascagni, but Mondo cut him off and beat on Spade on the outside to start this one. Spade came back and chopped Mondo hard against the guard rails. Back in the ring, Spade with some kicks on Mondo, and lit Mondo up with several more very hard chops. Spade was wearing Mondo out. Mondo with some John Morrison like athleticism as he was on the sidewall outside of the ring, and jumped from that all the way to the ring apron. Very impressive move. Mascagni up on the apron for a distraction, and Mondo crotched Spade on the top rope. Mondo with a running knee that sent Spade back out to the floor. Back in the ring, Mondo with a diving headbutt from the second rope. Mondo in control, but he went up top once too often, and Spade cut him off in a weird, and I guess botched, looking spot. Spade hit his Swanton finisher on Mondo, but Mascagni pulled veteran referee Joe Wheeler out of the ring before he could count three. An extremely rare ref bump, of sorts at least, for Joe Wheeler. I've never seen him take any kind of a ref bump in OVW, so that was totally unexpected. Andreas Rossi ran in and blasted Spade, but no referee. Mondo hit his "Gut check" finisher on Spade, but still no referee. Referee Chris Sharpe ran in, but Spade kicked out. Mascagni trying to fire Mondo up to finish this. Spade went for a superkick, Mondo blocked it. Mondo went for the Gut check again, Spade blocked it. Spade then accidentally superkicked referee Chris Sharpe, who then bounced off the corner, and into Spade, who bounced into Mondo. Everybody down. Wow, this is a wild one. Aiden Young and Brandon Espinosa ran in and attacked Spade, but OVW champion Jason Wayne ran in and cleaned the clocks of both Espinosa and Young, and chased them to the back. Referee Joe Wheeler was slowly trying to get back into the ring. Mondo and Spade trading punches in mid ring, with Spade getting the better of it. Spade went for the Swanton again, but Mondo got his knees up. Mondo started teasing doing a superkick to mock Johnny Spade, but instead Spade caught Mondo with a superkick out of the blue. Joe Wheeler finally made it back into the ring and slowly counted three, giving Spade a wild win. Mascagni tried to get into the ring to stop Wheeler from counting the pin, but tripped over the bottom rope in dramatic fashion, and came just short of stopping Wheeler. Jason Wayne came back and celebrated with Johnny Spade, who, at least for the moment, will be his challenger on August 6th. No signs of dissension between Spade and Wayne here.
Wow, well, we're right back where we started a few weeks ago now, when Johnny Spade was the original number one contender. I predicted last week correctly that the triple threat match for the title stip wouldn't stick, and I'm still not convinced Wayne vs Spade will stick either. Hell of a TV main event tonight though, it played out great. Nice execution from everyone. Mondo and Spade didn't click early on, not totally on the same page, and they aren't a great marriage in the ring together, but this turned into a really good match, with a very good story to it, but the final chapter(s) haven't been written yet.
Good show overall tonight, I like how it flowed, good energy to it. Thumbs up. Had to leave, so I didn't see the post taping dark matches, but one of those was an Adam Revolver tag team challenge match. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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