Strikeforce live coverage from Chicago Fedor vs. Henderson

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Gabriel Salinas-Jones vs. Bryan Humes

Jones wanted it on the ground but ended up by the second round too tired to take him there.
Humes was a 266 pounder who made Roy Nelson look in shape and actually did a spin kick.
Jones won the first round and was pounding away from back position and had Humes in trouble
late in the round.  In the second round, he again got to back position but was too tired to do much
damage even though Humes was doing nothing to defend himself but do the Please Mr. Wizard
deal lying face first on the ground until the round ended.  He was doing little to defend himself,
but he wasn’t taking much damage.  In the third round, Humes’ corner told him he needed a
finish so he came out kicking.  Humes knocked Jones down with a punch, but Salinas-Jones
reversed him on the ground and put on a Brabo choke for the submission 1:19 round three.

Lumumba “Don’t call me Gale” Sayres vs. Derek Brunson

Sayres’ nickname is Heavy Hands. 

Brunson is a Greg Jackson fighter with a great physique.  This was one super crazy fight.  I really
with you could see it.  Brunson at one point did a uranage.  At anohter point he knocked Sayres
down with a high kick.  It was one of those delayed falls and then Brunson charged after Sayres,
who moved, and Brunson did a Kurt Angle where he ran so fast at Sayres that he ran head first
into the cage.  But he got up and nailed Sayres with another high kick, took him down and
finished him with a rear naked choke.  4:33

Jimmy Lennon had to give this speech about M-1 Global, how they run shows all over the world
and represent Fedor.  It’s so surreal hearing this at a Zuffa show and seeing M-1 banners all over
the place.

The place is already a good 90% full and we’re nearly two hours before the big fights are starting.

Alexis Davis vs. Julie Kedzie

First round: Some decent exchanges .  Davis had her in the clinch and pounding the body.
Kedzie fired back.  Mostly working in a clinch.  More clinch work and Davis pounding the body.
Round could go either way as Kedzie had the best punch and a good knee but Davis was busier
with the annoying punches in the clinch.  Davis very close.

Second round: Spirited early exchange with Kedzie getting the better of it until Davis got the
clinch against the cage.  Both threw knees, Kedzie had the better shot.  Now Kedzie has Davis
against the fence.  Nice hip toss takedown by Davis but Kedzie back up.  Kedzie shooting low
for a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Davis now has her pinned against the fence.  Staying in the
clinch and trading some knees.  Davis got another stakedown with a quick drop.  Now she’s
piggy backing on Kedzie’s back and working for a choke.  Davis won this round with the late
takedown and choke attempt, so I’ve got her up 20-18.

Third round: Kedzie landeed a nice punch.  Kedzie is dancing around.  Trading punches and good low kick by Davis.  Kedzie tried a body kick but Davis blocked it.  Davis got the clinch against the cage.  Kedzie moved it to the middle but Davis powered her back into the cage.  Crowd isn’t booing but it’s a dull fight.  They are very patient.  Now with 2:40 left they are starting to boo.  Well, it took 2 ½ rounds of clinching against the cage.  Greg Jackson is trying to scream to the judges how Kedzie is doing all the damage which is not the case.  This clinch lasted forever.  I know this round is only five minutes but it seems like four months.  Is it winter yet?  Davis threw a few punches from the clinch.  The ref really should have separated them back at the end of July hen this fight started.  He’s just standing and staring at these two.  God, I hope he’s not reffing when Tate fights because he may be mesmerized and then it’ll be 2012 before he orders a separation.  I’ve got it 30-27 for Davis.

29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Davis

Robet Madrigal gave Kedzie round three, not round one. 

Place packed at this point.  They've run a Rockstar commericial pushing Kelli Hutcherson, who they call Miss Strikeforce.  She's the real girl who was in the same Maxim top 100 that Kelly Kelly was in.  Speaking of which, Rachelle Leah is now an MMA reporter for Fox Sports Net.

Tyler Stinson vs. Edouardo Pamplona

First round: Pamplona is all fired up.  Big John McCarthy when announced as ref got the biggest
pop so far.  Stinson has this haircut out of the 70s., He threw some hard punches and knocked
Pamplona back to the 70s in seconds with a left hook that put him down hard and then he
destroyed him with this Mark Munoz x 2 punch on the ground when McCarthy dove in for the
save.  Pamplona is waking up thinking he’s watching “Love, American Style.”  Highlight reel
knockout.  Crowd giving him a big ovation.  :15

J.Z. Cavalcante vs. Bobby Green

First round: Some fans knew J.Z., but Herb Dean, making his debut tonight, got four times the pop. JZ. came right after Green. Big left by J.Z. Front kick by Green. Left hook by Green and J.Z. back with a low kick. J.Z. went for a takedown but Green blocked it. Green has him against the cage. Green tried to lift and slam him but J.Z. blocked it. Green now has him pinned against the fence. J.Z. bleeding from under the right eye. Good left by J.Z. Another left by J.Z. Low kick by J.Z. Both missing punches with J.Z. missing badly. Green back with a left hook and J.Z. missed the counter. Knee by Green. Green landed a left. Green now dancing away. J.Z. moved in looking for a takedown. Green landing more using his reach edge. Body kick by Green. Kick to the hip by Green. Green landing more. J.Z. moving in and missing until landing a great high kick. Green told J.Z. "That was nothing" about the kick when he got him in the clinch. That high kick made it close, but I’d give the round to Green 10-9.

Round two: Body kick by J.Z. He ducked low for the takedown but Green blocked it and pushed him against the fence. Green got behind him standing. Green throwing hard knees to the hamstring and then took J.Z. down. J.Z.up. Now J.Z. has the takedown with 90 seconds left. J.Z. got full mount and now throwing punches. Green gave up his back with 15 seconds left. J.Z. going for a choke as time runs out. Green survived I guess, since he sure looked like he tapped with two seconds left and ref Herb Dean missed it. 10-9 J.Z., so should be 19-19 at this point. Crowd booing like crazy because Green tapped and the ref missed it.

Round three: Green landed a left and is using his speed. J.Z went for a clinch by Green out and against using his superior quickness. J.Z. rushed in, but they ended up against the fence but Green once again put J.Z. against the fence. Fans booing and wanting a separation. J.Z. rushed him but Green turned him against the fence again. We’ve got one minute left and it’s anyone’s fight to win. Green got the takedown but J.Z. up. Green landed a knee to the chain. J.Z. missed a wild punch. Then he missed a front kick. J.Z. is the one moving forward but Green turned him into the cage again. J.Z. pulled guard and grabbed a guillotine but Green out of it. I think Green took the round and fight 29-28, but there will be a lot of controversy since he tapped. Both raised the others’ hand when it was over.

Scores: 29-28 Cavalcante, 29-28 Green 29-28 Cavalcante. Honestly, he should have won the fight because of the tap even if Green won the third round, and the first and third rounds were close. For J.Z., it evens up for the loss against Thomson.

For the scores, Judge Anthony Bilus gave Cavalcante rounds one and two. Judge Augustine Rodriguez gave Cavalcante only round two. Judge Robert Madrigal gave Cavalcante rounds one and two. So all three judges gave Green the third.

It’s funny how they still have Nick Diaz and Mayhem Miller in the open, paricularly Miller who they banned from their channel in the first place.

There are a ton of Internet problems in the arena. It’s been kind of a disaster for the last half hour.

Scott Smith (vs. Tarec Saffiedine (10-3)

First round: Smith moving forward. Saffiedine landed low kicks. Saffiedine landed a combo to the face. Another low kick by Saffiedine. Body kick by Saffiedine. Low kick by Saffiedine. Saffiedine has him against he fence throwing knees to the body. Saffiedine with a hard body shot and one to the head and then separated. He missed a high kick. Saffiedine then landed another low kick. High kick by Saffiedine. Now they are against the cage and this time the ref in the Kedzie fight broke it right away. You know he got yelled at in the last hour. Low kick by Saffiedine. Great low kick by Smith right on the knee hurt Saffiedine. Saffiedine with a kick to the belly. Great spin kick by Saffeidien. Saffiedine’s round easy 10-9..

Second round: High kick by Saffiedine. Saffiedine has him pinned against the fence and throwing knees. Saffiedine hurt Smith with some punches. Smith has generated almost no offense here and Smith is like a wounded animal in the conrer. Flying knee by Saffiedine. Saffiedine throwing Misawa elbow after elbow. He’s just picking him apart. He nailed Smith with a high kick and put him down with punches. Smith recovered and is shooting for a takedown. Saffiedine now pounding on the body. Saffiedine circled to get Smiths’ back. He’s working Smith over with body punches. Smith backdoored out and threw two big elbows. Crowd now really into it. Saffiedine taking him apart with punches and a high kick. Saffiedine is tired at this point. I’d go 10-8 for Saffiedine but not sure judges will. So I’ve got it 20-17 and Smith needing a knockout because he’s not getting a submission.

Thrid round: Saffiedine back throwing some jabs. Saffiedine with a low kick and high kick and landing more punches. Smith threw a haymaker but it missed. Saffiedine keeps landing the jab. Spin kick by Saffidiene to the body. Saffiedine continues to land punches. Another high kick by Saffiedine. Fight isn’t very exciting because Saffieidne landing at will but he’s not landing with a lot of power at this point. Smith’s face is all bloodied and now Saffiedine nailed him with a hard low kick. Smith got the crowd fired up with 40 seconds. Left. He’s throwing crazy punches and kicks and missing by a mile. He threw the overhand right. Smith is like the teminator walking him down but he can’t land. He took a high kick and didn’t even act like he left it at all and kept moving forward. Saffiedine’s round but not a 10-8 this time, so I’ve got it 30-26 overall.

Scores: 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27 for Saffiedine.

Paul Daley vs. Tyron Woodley

Round one: Daley physically looks a lot bigger today than he did yesterday. Woodley landed a right. Front kick by Woodley. Daley threw a kick and Woodley tried to take him down with it but couldn’t get it. Daley has him pinned against he fence. Woodley with a knee. Daley with a knee low. McCarthy is already mad at Daley. Crowd isn’t happy with him either. Come in with a bad rep and you don’t get much of a benefit of the doubt. McCarthy gave him a stern warning. Woodley throwing wild punches that missed. Woodley rushed in for the takedown. Daley’s takedown defense has improved becaues he’s able to block it. Woodley has him against the fence and throwing some knees. McCarthy separate the two. Daley moving in with punches now that he’s gotten confidence in his takedown defense. Woodley ducked under but couldn’t take him down. Woodley once again has him pinned against the fence. Woodley landed a right and Woodley pushed him against the fence. Woodley tried a standing guillotine let it go and back in a clinch. Close round. Woodley throwing some knees and body punches in the closing seconds. Woodley did more but there is an edge psychologically to Daley for blocking the takedowns. 10-9 Woodley.

Round two: Daley missed a high kick. Daley grabbed a clinch. Knee by Daley. Wooldey throwing knees in the clinch. Now body punches by Woodley but they aren’t hard. Fans want McCarthy to separate them but they are working. Woodley got the takedown. Good call by McCarthy because you can’t separate during a takedown attempt. Woodley throwing some punches but they aren’t hard at all. I was afraid this would be a dull fight because Woodley doesn’t want to trade with Daley but has the talent to beat him and is implemnting the smart game plan. Woodley keeping him down but not hurting him. McCarthy warning Woodley to do something. He didn’t. McCarthy stood them up with 22 second left. Woodley shot in under a punch but Daley sprawled. Woodley ended up on his back. Woodley’s round so 20-18.

Round three: Both missing uppercuts. Daley went to punch and Woodley took him down again. Daley worked on his defense but he’s unable to get off his back and that’s costing him this fight. Daley got up. Woodley went for a guillotine and Daley landed a knee. Daley landed some punches and Woodley is in a lot of trouble now. Daley has a minute to finish. He’s landing hard punches and knees. Another hard knee. Now Daley with an uma plata with 30 seconds left. Daley lost it and Woodley on top with the seconds ticking off. Daley’s round but Woodley should win 29-28. Crowd will boo but no other possible score.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Woodley. Of course the place booed like crazy, but that just showed their ignorance to scoring, or just unhappiness that Daley did little on offense until the end and it was too late by then.

Robbie Lawler vs. Tim Kennedy

First round: Lawler fired a punch down the middle and Kennedy back with a kick to the groin and that caused a stop in the action. Kennedy shot in and Lawler danced away. Kennedy tried another takedown and Lawler blocked him again. Laler trying to load up. Lawler threw a borderline kick and Kennedy took him down. Lawler trying his damnest to get out and Kennedy doing a great job of wreslting him. Lawelr scrambling well but can’t get away. Kennedy got his back. He waned a choke but Lawler used that to turn and then got away. Kennedy feinted a punch, ducked low and got another takedown. That was really textbook stuff. Kennedy now with side control. Kennedy moved to full mount. Lawler escaped with 22 seconds left. High kick by Kennedy, tried a takedown but Lawler sprawled. Another high kick by Kennedy. 10-9 Kennedy. Good round. People were waiting for a good action round like this.

Second round: Kennedy shot in low but didn’t get the takedown and both are standing. Lawler landed an uppercut and Kennedy shot in for a takedown. Lawler blocking and Kennedy kept trying. And finally got it. That was some Guida like persistence and now Kennedy is on top. Kennedy is bleeding like crazy from the uppercut as there is blood all over the mat, but he’s the one landing from the top. Kennedy with more ground and pound for the rest of the round. Kennedy’s round so 20-18 at this point.

Third round: Crowd gave both men big ovations at the start of the round. Lawler landed a good punch. Kennedy seems like he’s wants to run out the clock. He tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. High kick by Kenendy. Knee to the body by Lawler. Lawler landed a right. Crowd turned on them as it slowed in this round. Kennedy is fine with the clock ticking away. Lawler needs to do more and he’s behind but hasn’t, looking for the opening, but he’d better fire soon. Body kick by Kennedy. Kennedy throwing some body kicks. Kennedy got him against the fence and took him down which pretty much clinched the fight for him with 30 seconds left. Kennedy landing punches on the ground and now landing elbows. Time up, has to be 30-27 Kennedy.

30-27 across the board for Kennedy.

Kennedy put gave a great promo about the troops and the crowd gave them a standing ovation. He claied he won over Jacare the last time, which he didn’t, said he wanted Jacare now even with the blood on his face. He ripped on judges, saying he thinks it’s the first time he’s gotten a decision, and he wants to win every fight via knockout or submission.

Marloes Coenen (19-4) vs. Miesha Tate (11-2) for the women’s bantamweight title

First round: Both got good if now overwhelming reactions. Tate grabbed a bodylock right away and went for the takedown. Coenen fighting the takedown. Tate may burn herself out trying to get this takedown because it’s 25 minutes and Coenen is just defending playing it cool. Big left by Coenen. A right hand back by Tate. Tate going for a takedown again. Coenen now going for a guillotine. Tate grabbing a single leg. Tate on top while Coenen still working the guillotine. Tate is in trouble. But she popped out and now is on top in side control. Tate needs some offense from here in my opinion. Tate is keeping her down but that’s it. She threw a few body punches. Now she’s getting busier. Hard round to judge. Tate was on top for a while but didn’t do damage. Coenen’s near submission would have me give her the round 10-9.

Second round: Tate moved right in with a bodylock again. Coenen with some knees to the body. Tate working hard for the takedown and not getting it. Tate with a takedown but Coenen immediately got behind her and may have baited her with the takedown. Coenen is working for a choke. Miesha chant. She’s in a lot of trouble but broke free or Coenen let it go to punch. Coenan is looking for the choke again. Coenen with body punches and head punches trying to soften her for the choke. Coenen throwing punches now. McCarthy keeps warning her about hitting the back of the head. Coenen’s round easy, 20-18.

Third round: Tate wants to punch now. Coenen landing low kicks. Now punches. Body kick and Tate took her down from it. Coenen defending well on the ground. Not an exciting fight, but I kind of expected this wouldn’t be based on their styles. Coenen tried a triangle but Tate saw it coming. Tate is on top but she’s really doing nothing. Coenen has a figure four body scissors. McCarthy saw enough and ordered a stand-up. Tate looks worried but got another takedown right away. Coenen throwing a few elbows from the bottom. Tate doing nothing on top but Coenen isn’t going to win the round just keeping Tate from doing anything on top when she’s on her back. Coenen reversed just as the round ended. Tate’s round, so 29-28 Coenen at this point.

Fourth round: Coenen landing the jab. Tate you can tell is tired. Tate rushed for the takedown. She took her down again. Tate got side control and got an arm triangle choke for the finish. Not an exciting fight live but the place exploded with the win. One of the biggest pops I’ve seen in a while. 3:03

"It made me tough, that toughness, Marloes is no joke, I had a good start to my training camp, rough finish, but tough times . I couldn’t ask for anything been better, most of her wins by submission, she’s never been submitted and that’s what I was looking. Tough times, she’s really tough, tell everything . Announced Coenen vs. Kaufman, that’s the best thing, a chance to avenge a loss.

For what it’s worth, Judge Sal D’Amato gave Tate rounds one and three. Judge Gabriel Sabaitis gave Tate one and three. And Juge Patrick Morley gave Tate only round three.

Fedor Emelianenko (31-3, 1 no contest) vs. Dan Henderson (27-8)

First round: No question Fedor drew this sellout. Everyone standing and taking photso of him. They still see him as this Babe Ruth type character. Fans definitely jazed for this fight. Huge standing ovation for Henderson. I mean huge. There were some boos for Fedor. He was not cheered quite as much as Henderson. But then a gigantic Fedor chant started. This feels like a major main event. Both swinging wildly and Henderson caught him. Low kick by Henderson and Henderson throwing punches and Fedor back. Uppercut and another punch it the clinch by Henderson. USA chants took over for the Fedor chants. Henderson has him pinned against the cage and throwing knees. Henderson tried a throw, but Fedor grabbed the cage. Referee Herb Dean warned him and said next time he’s taking a point. Henderson throwing knees to the left leg. Fedor can’t muscle Henderson around. Knee to the belly by Henderson. Herb Dean warned them to work. Huge Fedor chant while Henderson continued to throw knees to the body from the clinch. Dean warned both guys he was about to break it. Fedor was just waiting for the break. Henderson voluntarily broke it and rifled two puches off the break and moved to the center. Fedor’s right eye is marked already. Now Fedor throwing some punches. Fedor chants again. Fedor landed some hard punches and put Henderson down and is overwhelming him with punches on the ground. But Henderson reversed on the ground and got Fedor’s back and landed an uppercut. Now Henderson is pounding on Fedor and ref Dean stopped it. Looked early at first glance but I’ll have to see the replay. Fedor’s right eye was busted. The final exchange saw Fedor hit an overhand right, both were swinging wildly and Fedor put him down and was throwing punch after punch on the ground, Henderson backdoored him and nailed Fedor with an uppercut and several more. Herb Dean was right there. Fantastic one round though. Fedor’s body did go limp on the first or second shot on the ground but he did recover, but the rule of thumb is to stop when a guy goes limp so probably the right call.



Henderson said:

"I’m been a huge fan of Fedor forever, I respect him so much as a fighter for what he’s done in the sport. That’s (the win) a huge accomplishment. As a fan of Fedor’s I hope he keeps fighting.

"Well, at the end of the fight, he hit me wih a little uppercut, I aware, it stinged me from the blood."

On the finish: "I’m trying to recover and get back on top. That’s something I do all the time in practice and I don’t think he was expecting that punch to come underneath.

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