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Observer Index

The War Still Alive in ’85 Special

**Only valid until Aug 31, 2011**


Special-$124.95* USD (Canada/USA) or $174.95**(International)

The special is for the 21 issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published in 1985 that hi-light the continuation of Vince’s national expansion. 278 pages of history, which also include the 1984 Observer Awards.

A must have for your collection.


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1985-January (52); February (22); March 4(28); March 25 (26) April 15 (26)(final legal sized issue)

 May 4 (6); June 1 (8); June 15 (8); June 23 (6); July 7 (8); July 14 (8); August 20 (8); September 5 (8); September 19 (8); October 1 (8); October 16 (8); November 4 (8); November 18 (8); December 9 (8); December 16 (8);             December 30 (8).


*Regular selling price for USA/Canada  $138, a $13 savings.

**Regular selling price for International $210, a $35 savings.


Includes airmail shipping.


All payments can be made by money order in US Funds (US Postal money

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The year of change for the Observer




Jan. 10 (52)**                        1984 Observer Awards Winners

($18)                                       1984 in Review

Dynamite Kid cover             1984 Wrestling Ratings

                                                Champions of 1984

Coverage of Starcade ‘84

                                                Inside Japan Wrestling

                                                Wrestling notebook covering all the territories news and champions including

                                                -Sgt Slaughter wants to renegotiate contract, Vince dismisses  Sarge from WWF

                                                -Tsuruta & Tenryu win annual All Japan tournament

                                                -Atsushi Onita announces retirement

                                                -Kevin Sullivan wins Southwest title

                                                -Flair retains belt vs Kerry Von Erich in Dallas Christmas card

                                                -Brad Armstrong wins North American title from Ernie Ladd

                                                -Michael Hayes now booking Florida


Feb. 4 (22)                              Eddie Graham Dies of Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Tsuruta/Tenryu cover         Eddie Mansfield/Jim Wilson Newspaper Articles re:20/20

                                                Wrestling notebook including

                                                -Tonga Kid disappears from WWF

                                                -Crocketts gain control of Vince’s  TV time slot in Philadelphia

                                                -Americas tag belts held up between Fantastics & Midnight Express

                                                -Ted DiBiase wins North American belt from Brad Armstrong

                                                -Bruiser Brody leaves AWA


March 4 (28)                          Editorial on 20/20 Exposing Pro Wrestling

Flair/Steamboat cover         Mr Mikes Mondo Wrestling

                                                Newspaper article on Eddie Graham

                                                Twenty One Questions with Vince McMahon

                                                Inside Japanese Wrestling

                                                Wrestling notebook including

                                                -MTV has one hour wrestling show featuring Hogan vs Piper

-Blackjack Mulligan, Briscos, David Schults, Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch leave WWF

-Billy Jack returns to the Northwest

-Chris Adams wins American title from Kerry Von Erich

-Rick Martels days as AWA champ may be numbered

-Jimmy Hart leaves Memphis


March 25 (26)                        Numerous Newspaper Articles after 20/20

Fujinami/Hogan cover         Latest from the Superstation

                                                Wrestling notebook including

                                                -Wrestlemania to be first nation wide closed circuit event

                                                -Northeastern opposition draw 20,000 to the Meadowlands

                                                -All Japan draws largest crowd of year in Osaka with no foreign talent

                                                -David Schults arrives in New Japan and slaps announcer Furutachi

                                                -Chris Adams & Gary Hart break-up in Texas

                                                -Mid South now has national TV outlet

                                                -Mike Graham takes over Florisa, fires Michael Hayes

                                                -Arn Anderson arrives to Mid Atlantic from Alabama






April 15 (26)                          Observer’s Final Issue (at least of the legal sized format with pic.’s)

Brody/Inoki cover                Top 75 Ratings

                                                Bruiser Brody jumps to NJPW

                                                Coverage of Wrestlemania I

                                                Inside Japanese Wrestling

                                                Wrestling Notebook including

                                                -Flair vs Kevin Von Erich to headline 5/5 Texas Stadium

                                                -Duggan beats DiBiase in loser leaves town

                                                -Blackjack Mulligan arrives in Florida

                                                -Dusty Rhodes wins TV title from Tully Blanchard


New Smaller 8 1/2 x 11 format begins. Highlights of all the promotions with main stories being:


May 4 (6)                               Don Owen to close?

                                                Coverage of the promotions

                                                WWF NBC special to be taped 5/10

                                                Flair arrives in Japan 4/18 then gets next flight back to U.S.

                                                Inoki vs Brody draws sellout at Tokyo Sumo Hall

                                                Verne Gagne comes out of retirement


June 1 (8)                               Overview of 4 part series on WOR-TV exposing the business

                                                AWA talent roster has many problems

                                                Texas Stadium 5/5 show draws 26,000

                                                Dibiase & Williams win Mid South titles from Rock’n’Roll Express

                                                Jerry Oski wins Southern title from Randy Savage


June 15 (8)                             WWF and network exposure

                                                Hogan & Piper to appear on the A-Team

                                                WWF NBC Saturday night specials cancelled for June & July

                                                Jim Brunzell, Jim Garvin leaving AWA, Sgt Slaughter may not be far behind


June 23 (6)                             WWF TV tapings shockers- Terry Funk signs as does Randy Savage, Brian Blair, Jim Brunzell

                                                Bill Watts makes full time comeback in Mid South

                                                Ken Patera & Masa Saito sentenced to 2 years in prison

                                                Inoki beats Hogan & Andre adter IWGP tournament


July 7 (8)                                NBC to air three WWF specials/WWF to have cartoon show        

                                                Mid Year Observer Award Candidates

                                                Fantastics headed to Mid South

                                                Verne Gagne attempts to have talent sign contracts

                                                Riki Choshu named new president of NJPW


July (8)                                   Fritz Von Erich Strikes Talent Deal with Antonio Inoki

                                                Fritz also gets ESPN time slot in the fall

                                                Dusty Rhodes wins TV title from Tully Blanchard

                                                Blanchard wins US title from Magnum TA

                                                Hercules Hernandez wins Florida title from Hector Guerrero then disappears                         

Aug.20 (8)                             ESPN to add three hour wrestling show

                                                Dave’s experience at the Memphis Wrestling Fan Convention

                                                NWA convention upcoming in Las Vegas

                                                Stan Hansen wins PWF title from Giant Baba

                                                Harley Race wins Missouri title from Crusher Blackwell

                                                Brian Adias wins Texas title from Gino Hernandez


Sept. 5 (8)                              Titan Sports takes over Montreal

                                                Stampede Wrestling to restart

                                                Top 60 Ratings

                                                Rumor than Terry Funk to dethrone Hogan as WWF champ to allow surgery

                                                Altercation in Hawaii between Lars Anderson & Jim Crockett

                                                WWF and NJPW fail to reach talent deal


Sept. 19 (8)                            Death of Jay Youngblood

                                                Road Warriors leave AWA for NWA

                                                Mike Von Erich upgraded from critical to fair

                                                1st attempt to syndicate a live wrestling card

                                                WWF hires Terry Garvin as assistant booker


Oct.1 (8)                                 St. Louis Wrestling Club Finished

                                                WWF signs deal for five pay-per-views

                                                WCW Battle of the Belts 9/2 card coverage

                                                Kimala to start fulltime in AWA


Oct.16 (8)                               Coverage of Superclash ‘85-The Night of Champions

                                                Coverage of Saturday Night’s Main Event II

                                                State Senator Abraham Bernstein of NY to discuss banning wrestling

                                                Lots of departures in Mid South

                                                Kevin & Kerry Von Erich defeat Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams in hair match


Nov. 4  (8)                              WWF to attempt Japan on own

                                                Starcade to be biggest topic of conversation over next four weeks

                                                Giant Baba debuts weekly Saturday prime time show

                                                Latest version of Stampede Wrestling gets off ground 10/4

                                                Paul Orndorff & Bob Orton Jr both fined by WWF

                                                Ivan & Nikita Koloff win NWA belts from Rock’n’Roll Express

                                                Butch reed wins North American belt from Dick Murdoch


Nov. 18 (8)                             Coverage of the WWF Wrestling Classic from Chicago &

                                                Saturday Night Main Event III

                                                Quickdraw Rick McGraw passes away

                                                Ken Mantell buys into Mid South office

                                                Gary Hart new booker in San Antonio

                                                Ric Rude wins American title from King Parsons


Dec.9 (8)                                Coverage of Starcade ’85-Magnum TA wins U.S. title from Tully Blanchard

                                                WWF & AWA go head to head in St Paul

                                                WWF & Crockett go head to head in St Louis

                                                NJPW & Mid South reach talent agreement

                                                Crush Girls to wrestle in Madison Square Gardens


Dec.16 (8)                              NJPW to take back UWF wrestlers

                                                NJPW signs Talent Deal with Mid-South

                                                Jim Crockett files lawsuit vs WWF

                                                Freebirds fired by AWA

                                                Lex Luger wins Southern title from Wahoo McDaniel


Dec.30 (8)                              NJPW fires Bruiser Brody & Jimmy Snuka

                                                David Sammartino signs with AWA

                                                Update on Crockett lawsuit vs WWF

                                                Billy Jack quits Crockett, Terry Taylor gives his notice

                                                Bad News Allen returns to Calgary

                                                Promotional war in Alabama

                                                12/19 Polynesian Pro Wrestling San Jose card coverage

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