UFC 133 live coverage from Philadelphia

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Paul Bradley vs. Rafael Natal


Even going into the third, with Natal winning the first and Bradley winning the second.  Bradley landed a good punch to start round three. Bradley tried a takedown but Natal landed a knee that caused him to back off. Natal hurting him with low kicks. Bradley moving up from 170 to 185 as a late replacement and both should be working against him in the third round. Natal continues to land low kicks. Natal missed a spinning backfist and Bradley ducked for a takedown but Natal danced out of trouble. Bradley went for a single and Natal escaped. Bradley moved low for a double but Natal blocked the takedown and landed a few punches. Bradley shot again and Natal danced away again and landed several punches. Bradley moved in and pushed Natal against the cage. Crowd booing the minute they were in a clinch. The ref broke it almost right away. Natal landed a low kick. Bradley got the takedown with 1:15 left. Natal got back up with no damage done. Bradley taking the fight on short notice was showing as he’s tired in the third round. Bradley tried takedown, Natal blocked and landed a knee to the body. Back in a clinch and people booing right away. Natal’s round so should win 29-28


Natal suffered a broken left hand, or at least he thinks he did as he told that to his corner.


Scores 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Natal. Fans booed this even though it was the right call. This is a tough crowd.

Mike Brown vs. Nam Phan

Brown coming out to the most overdone entrance music in the UFC, "Simple Kind of Man," by Lynrd Skynrd.

First round: Brown throwing lunging punches. He moved in for a takedown but Pham backed away. Brown throwing lefts. Body kick and punches by Brown. Brown shot for a takedown. He got behind Phan, and got him down and kept his back. Brown is pounding him from back position. Brown punching hard to the side of the head. Phan is taking a lot of punishment here. Brown worked for a choke momentarily. He then went back to punching. Brown continues to land lefts to the face. He’s landing some hard punches. Brown continuing to throw the lefts to the face. Some of the punhes are hard. Now elbows and more punches by Brown. Phan got up with 20 seconds left. Brown took him bakc down just as time expired. 10-8 round for Brown.

Round two: Brown shot in for a takedown but Phan blockign and they are in a clinch against the cage. Phan broke free from the clinch. Turning into boxing and Phan starting to land. Brown shot in for a takedown. Phan sprawling. Phan got free. Phan landed a body and head shot. Knee by Brown. Body shot uppercut by Phan. Brown ducked under and Phan blocking the takedown. Brown got him down with 2:00 left in the round. Brown got his back but Phan back to his feet. Brown slammed him down, but Phan got up and escaped. Brown landed a strong right. He landed another right. Phan with a left to the body. Good uppercut left by Phan. Uppercut to the body by Phan. Phan continuing to land body shots. . Now a kick to the body. Brown shot in again. Phan blocking but as long as they are in close range he negates Phan’s offense. Brown landed a body kick and another. Phan’s round close, could go either way, so I’ve got 19-18 with Brown ahead. But I’m guessing the judges would have it even because they won’t give a 10-8 first.

Round three: Phan landing all kinds of punches now. Brown back with punches. Brown landed more punches. Low kick by Brown. Brown shot in but Phan blocked the takedown. Brown is behind him and Brown got him to the ground. Phan back up. Phan escaped the clinch. Brown landed a left hook. Left by Brown and he shot for another takedown. Phan working a standing Kimura . Brown trying to get Phan down but Phan escaped. Brown landing more punches. Brown landing another right. Brown shot in but Phan blocked him again. Phan landed a left hook and ducked a Brown punch. Brown shot in again. Fans booing the clinch. Brown got him down and now has Phan’s back standing. Phan needs to do something because Brown is winning this round. Time expired, 10-9 Brown so I’ve got 29-27 for Brown.

Scores: 29-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Brown.

Mike Pierce vs. Johny Hendricks

Looks like another decision coming.

First round: Both trading kicks. Hendricks with a few knees from the clinch. Hendricks with a left and right. Hendricks pushed him to the fence. Both trading punches. Pierce and Hendricks traded low kicks and Hendricks landed an uppercut. Hendricks with knees from the clinch. Hendricks shot in with a takedown. Pierce back up but Hendricks landing knees to the left thigh. Left high kick by Hendricks. Hendricks throwing some punches and missing. Hendricks with a knee and Pierce back with an elbow from short range. Another hard knee to the head by Hendricks and then another to the body. Knee to the body by Hendricks. Hendricks pushed him against the fence. Both landing but Hendricks had the best shot with a left uppercut. Uppercut and two knees by Hendricks. Hendricks took the round 10-9. He looked a lot better with a diversified standing attack then he’s ever looked before as a stand-up fighters.

Second round: Pierce now the aggressor. Hendricks with an uppercut and a knee, but Pierce back with some punches, one of which hurt Hendricks. Knee by Pierce from a clinch. High kick by Hendricks. Hendricks went for a takedown but Pierce blocked it. Both tied up against the cage. Ref called for a break. Hendricks again went for a takedown and Pierce blocked it with a front headlock. Hendricks with some knees and they traded punches. Pierce landed a few shots. Hendricks back with punches and a knee. Hendricks landing the knee in the clinch again. Close round. Hendricks unloading with several shots, ending with a knee. Hendricks shot for the takedown but Pierce blocked it well. Hendricks throwing knee after knee to Pierce’s thigh from a clinch. Very close round for Hendricks so I’ve got 20-18, but it could be judged in the other direction.

Third round: Hendricks landed punches, Pierce with a high kick and now Pierce fighting to get a takedown but Hendricks stopped him. In a clinch, Hendricks and Pierce each landed one shot from the clinch. Hendricks shot for takedown and Pierce blocked him again. Knee by Hendricks and another knee. Big takedown by Pierce with 2:20 left. Hendricks escaped with 1:00 left. Mario Yamasaki warned Hendricks for kicking to the face with Pierce on the ground. Hendricks said he kicked the shoulder, but the replay showed it was to the face. Knee by Hendricks and Pierce back with a seris of shots. Now in a clinch. Uppercut by Hendricks. Hendricks wants the takedown bad but couldn’t get it. Hendricks is throwing knees to the side of the knee as Hendricks struggled but couldn’t get the takedown. Crowd giving them a big hand. Good fight. Close round I’d give to Pierce, so 29-28 Hendricks but this could conceivably go the other way.

Scores: 29-28 Pierce, 29-28 Hendricks and 29-28 Hendricks

Nick Pace vs. Ivan Menjivar

Menjivar didn’t make weight, so he had pay a fine and work out a financial agreement with Pace.

First round: Menjivar with an accidental low blow. Takedown by Pace. Pace passed to side control. Now he’s got his back. Now he’s in the piggy back position on Menjivar’s back. Pace is working for a choke. Menjivar protected his neck well. Menjivar finally shook him. Menjivar getting aggressive knowing he’s losing the round. Good left hook by pace. Menjivar back with some punches. Pace 10-9.

Second round: Trading low kicks and Menjivar followed with a right hook. Body kick by Menjivar. Menjivar landed low kicks and body kicks. Front kick by Menjivar. A good combination by Menjivar. Body and head shot by Menjivar. Another low kick by Menjivar. Big right by Menjivar. Menjivar landing good punches and low and middle kicks. Menjivar landing combos and a low kick. Takedown by Pace with 1:07 left. Pace landed some blows fron the top, but shouldn’t be enough to take the round. Pace’s round, so should be 19-19.

Third round: Low kick by Mejnivar. Body kick by Menjivar. Right by Menjivar. Big right by Menjivar. Punches and low kick by Menjivar. He’s having his way in the standup. In a clinch, Menjivar tried the takedown but Pace broke free. Menjivar continues to take him aprt standing. Accidental low kick by Menjivar. Menjivar still landing low kicks. Menjivar continues landing low kicks. Knee by Pace. Menjivar’s hurt because Pace is moving forward and Menjivar is running away. Pace missed a spinning backfist. Menjivar’s eye is shut and he’s running. Pace missed a knee. That blow late was the most telling of the fight but Pace had his chance and didn’t follow up well enough to take the round. But I could see this going either way even though Menjivar had too much for four minutes of the round, so I’ve got him and a 29-28 win.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Menjivar. Fans booing like crazy because of Pace’s shot late. Joe Rogan said he disagreed. Joe making fun of the judges during this pregame show got annoying because so much of his complaints of late have been judging close rounds that could go either way.

Chad Mendes vs. Rani Yahya

First round: Accidental kick to the groin by Mendes. Mendes mostly throwing low kicks and some punches. Mendes is quicker and has better standup. Mendes threw him down once. However, this is a boring fight since Mendes can keep it standing, but Mendes isn’t a great striker but he’s better than Yahya. No telling blows at all. Takedown by Mendes and let him right back up. Nice left to the body by Mendes. Mendes with a flying knee. Easy first round for Mendes but not a fun fight to watch. 10-9 Mendes

Second round: Mendes got a takedown but let him up again. Yahya trying for a takedown but no way he’s taking Mendes down. Big right by Mendes. Another takedown byMendes. Yahya has three minutes to do something here. Yahya landed a left hook. Yahya tried a takedown but never came close. Right by Mendes. Mendes landed a right that stunned Yahya. Now a left and right by Mendes. Yahya threw a kick hoping Mendes would take him down but Mendes didn’t. Fans starting to boo. I figured this fight would be exactly what it is and it’s not fun. Mendes’ round 20-18. Some boos, mostly quiet.

Third round: Another takedown by Mendes. Mendes landing some punches but mostly just keeping Yahya down. Mendes pounding the body now. Mendes decided to get up now. Another takedown by Mendes. I don’t know why Mendes is doing this. Crowd is booing this. Mendes staying on top but doing little. Mendes backed off and decided to stand. Yahya knocked him down with a left but got right back up. Mendes isn’t looking good at this point. Mendes took him down again and just seemed like he was waiting for time to run out. Mendes did an Edouard Carpentier flip cannonball with a few seconds left which was funny to see. Mendes 30-27.

Scores: All three had it 30-27 for Mendes.

Beginnig of the second round Mendes thought his right hand may have broken from a punch.

Matt Hamill vs. Alexander Gustafsson

First round: Hamill tried the takedown and couldn’t get it. Hamill landed a left. Good uppercut by Gustafsson. Another uppercut but didn’t land as solid. Hamill landed a nice uppercut. Hamill lunged and missed. Gustafsson landing several shots. USA chant. Hamill landed a left. Gustafsson landed several shots. Gustafsson’s right eye is cut. Gustafssson landing more shots. More rights by Gustafsson. Hamill getting tired as well. Hamill tried a takedown but not even close. Haill landed a right by Gustafsson back with two or three. Crowd starting to boo but Hamill can’t hear it. Gustafsson’s bleeding pretty good from the side of the right eye. Gustafsson 10-9.

Second round: Hamill tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Gustafsson landed a high kick and several punches. Gustafsson should take him apart now because if you stop Hamill’s takedowns he loses his heart. Gustafsson landed several punches. Hamill tried a takedown but he’s tried now. Rogan is saying this is a nightmare to score but Gustafsson is clearly winning this fight and it’s not close. He’s landing shot after shot and Hamill’s is doing nothing but landing an occasional shot. Hamill bleeding from the right eye. Gustafsson now bleeding from the nose and the eye now. Hamill tried a taekdown and Gustafsson blocked it. Gustafsson took him apart, knocked him down wiht punches and Gustafsson with elbows and punches on the ground, now punches from the full mount and it’s over as ref Dan Miragliotta stopped it. A left hook to the jaw was the key blow, a few shots later. A front kick set up the hook, two right uppercuts were the actual shots that put Hamill down and shot after shot on the ground ended it.

Rory MacDonald vs. Mike Pyle

Pyle out to theme from Rocky in Philadelphia.

First round: MacDonald landed a right that knocked Pyle down. I think Pyle was halfway baiting him to the ground. Pyle moved in trying a takedown. MacDonald with a DDT from a guillotine attempt. MacDonald didn’t knock him down, he tripped him down. Pyle has MacDonald’s back. Pyle looking for a takedown but MacDonald stopped him. Pyle on top after at takedown. MacDonald up and landed several punches. MacDonald ladned a few more. MacDonald tried a guillotine again but Pyle escaped. Pyle staying on his back . Now MacDonald is on top in the guard. Pyle laying on his back which is a great way to lose the round. MacDonald is unloading on him with punches and elbows, a left hook to the jaw hurt Pyle and he swarmed him with punches and elbows and it’s over. Very impressive performance and finish here. 3:54

Jorge Rivera vs. Costatinos Philippou

First round: they ended up in a clinch and people immediately reacted negatively. Takedown by Philippou. Weren’t these guys supposed to stand and trade? Crowd dead. Philippou landed some lefts as Rivera was getting to his feet. Rivera landed a right. Rivera landed a left but Philippou back with an uppercut. Crowd booed the round. Philippou 10-9.

Second round: Matt Serra was giving Philippou a tongue lashing, telling him the guy is just standing there with no movement waiting to get hit. Phlippou missing punch after punch, but he finally landed and hurt Rivera. He’s pounding Rivera on the ground. Rivera in a lot of trouble. Rivera waiting for an opening and took Philippou down and now Rivera pounding on Philippou on the ground with lefts. Rivera landed some more shots. Now in a clinch. Ref Mario Yamasaki called for a break. Philippou with a trip by Rivera. Philippou with an uma plata. Philippou gave up the submission attempt and is now on top. Round ended. Philippou 20-18.

Third round: Big right by Rivera and now Philippou is hurt. Philippou slowed it with a clinch. Left by Philippou. Philippou got the takedown. Rivera tried a triangle but Philippou escaped and now has side conrol. Rivera back up. Philippou moved into a clinch to slow it down. I think he’s ahead and just ticking time off the clock. Rivera throwing annoying but not hard punches on the ground. Knee to the body when Philippou was dwon. Rivera throwing more punches. Rivera is winning the round but not sure that’ll win him the fight. Philippou back up in a clinch. . Crowd booing, not much of a fight. Ref called for a break. Rivera landing punches, tried a trip but ended o his back. I think Rivera took the round but not enough to take the decision.

Scores: 29-28 Philippou, 29-28 Rivera and 29-28 Philippou

Brian Ebersole vs. Dennis Hallman

I can’t believe Hallman is going to fight in someting that looks more like bodybuilding posing trunks. He looks like Mr. Anderson in panties. What the fuck is he doing? I guess he’s trying to throw Ebersole off. Ebersole on the other hand has done no comedy. A story on Hallman is years ago he went to an Ultimate Fighter tryout wearing a mask, was subbing guys all over the place, and when he was asked to remove his mask, he said that he could not take off his mask and reveal his identity and ran off saying, "Cacao."

Super Cacao took him down right away and working for a choke. This is not where Ebersole wants to be. Hallman now has him trapped with a body triangle. Crowd dead for this one as well. Now they’re booing as they are on the ground. Ebersole reversed but in the transition Hallman tabbed the guillotine. Ebersole is in a lot of trouble here. Ebersole is finally out of trouble. Eberole landed a hard elbow on the ground and now landing body punches. Another elbow to the head. Ebersole landed a brutal elbow on the ground and now Hallman is in a lot of trouble . Ebersole landing punches, Hallman is cut. Ref Mario Yamasaki stopped it as Hallman’s lights went out from an elbow. 4:28

Ebersole pitched Joe Rogan about getting a spot as a contestant on Fear Factor.

Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

It’s so funny how they act like Akiyama is popular in Japan when he’s probably the most hated native fighter of the last five years. Akiyama has won fight of the night in all three of his UFC fights, but he’s 36, past his prime, and lost two and really should have lost all three of those fights. I mean, he’s charismatic as all hell but I don’t know how that’ll help him here. They are making this big deal about Akiyama having 100% takedown defense in the UFC which is unheard of, but jeez, he fought Leben, Bisping and Alan Belcher, none of who really tried to take him down, so that’s one of those stats they quote that in reality mean nothing. Unless Belfort has a mental breakdown, which actually has a decent chance of happening, he should win this and handily.

First round: Let’s go Vitor chant. Head kick by Belfort stunned Akiyama. Akiyama threw a front kick. Belfort knocked him down with a seris of lefts and is just destroying him on the ground and Akiyama’s out cold.

Belfort issued a challenge to the Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami winner.  

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans

Ortiz in his 25th fight, the most of any fighter in UFC history (Matt Hughes will tie him next month). Evans also coming out to a Rocky music remake.

Round one: Tito chants. Ortiz caught him with a left hook. Low kicks by Evans. Evans with a right and now they’re in a clinch. Trading punches and Oritz landed. Ortiz shot in for the takedown. Evans defending and Ortiz expanding a lot of energy working for it. Evans defending and escaped. Evans now throwing punches trying to use his speed but Ortiz landed a knee. Evans is taking him apart with punches. Knee by Ortiz. Ortiz tied him up. Ortiz bleeding from the left eye. Evans landed an elbow. A hard knee back by Ortiz. Evans with two punches and a high hard slam. Evans is pounding him on the ground after the takedown. Ortiz blocking most of the punches. Evans moved to side control. Evans trying to pin the arms down. Evans pounding on Ortiz . The horn may have saved Oriz. This was a 10-8.5 style round but can’t go 10-8, so it ends up as 10-9.

Round two: Staring the round slow. Oritz moved in with punches but Evans evaded them all. Looks like Evans is waiting for Oritz . Evans landed a punch and moved in for a takedown. Evans landed a punch and went for a slam, but Oritz got the guillotine. That was dangerous. Evans was in some trouble but popped out. Evans on top in side control. Evans trying to tie up Oritz’s arms. He’s landing left after left. Ortiz. gave thumbs up that ‘s not done. Evans with an elbow. Evans has Ortiz’s arms tied up in a crucifix position. Evans throwing punches. Evans has Ortiz’s back. Ortiz rolled into a kneebar attempt but Evans escaped and is back on top. Oritz on his knee. Evans with a punch, hard knee to the body by Evans and now Evans is pounding on him and it’s over.

This was rally a fun fight to watch. That knee to the body did it because Ortiz is holding his ribs.

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