TNA Hardcore Justice live coverage from Orlando

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA Hardcore Justice from the Impact Zone in Orlando.

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Brian Kendrick vs. Alex Shelley vs. Austin Aries for the X title

Kendrick retained the title by giving Shelley the sliced bread right on top of Shelley and Kendrick pinned Shelley.  Good opener, some stuff with Kendrick vs. Shelley didn't look that great but Aries did a good job as the glue keeping the match together.  Good opener, but it felt like an opener and was nothing special.

Tara & Tessmacher did an interview all fired up about the tag title match.  Tara ended the interview saying, "C'mon Brooke."  I guess that means they're shooting or something.

Tara & Miss Tessmacher vs. Rosita & Sarita for the Knockouts tag title

Sarita was still wearing her mask and dressed up in a Mexican flag outfit.  Tara pinned Rosita with the Widow's peak.  They were out there for too long.  Just your typical women's tag match for either promotion.  Not particularly good.

Pope promo saying he wants to be a positive influence on Devon's kids and Devon's wife.   Pope vowed in this match he was going to do the right thing. 

Pope vs. Devon in the Bound for Glory series

Pope at first agreed to lay down and let Devon win because his friendship and family means more to him than the seven points.  Devon refused saying people want to see them fight.  At another point Pope on his back held Devon on top of him trying to get pinned but Devon stood up and got mad.  At another point he set up the DDE but stopped short.  Still, Pope reversed out of a choke slam and got the pin with a schoolboy.  Pope wanted to shake his hand but Devon walked off, until his kids told him to go back and shake his hand, which he did.  This angle isn't over in the least to the people in Orlando as they were pretty much dead for all the key points. 

RVD did a promo and Jerry Lynn showed up.   Lynn said he wanted to be in RVD's corner against Crimson.

Mickie James vs. Winter for the Knockouts title

Winter won the title after Winter blew red mist in her eyes when Angelina Love distracted Earl Hebner.  This match was awful.  They weren't on different pages.  They weren't even on different books.  Crowd sort of cared about James.   They were out there way too long and mistimed so many things.  Love kept interfering behind Hebner's back.  They even did the standard TNA world title match spot where the guy on the outside does their finisher, the heel covers and face kicks out and the crowd barely even popped for it.   

kendrick did an interivew and iustin Aries interrupted him.  Aries told him to be quiet. Aries said they had a Girls Scout code of honor.  Aries said the match wasn't a three-way, it was a two-on-one handicap match.  Aries said that you never beat me, you beat  Shelley and I want a match with you, any time, any place, and then gave him a towel and told him to take a shower because he looks homeless.  

RVD vs. Crimson in the  Bound for Glory series

Jerry Lynn is in RVD's corner.  Really bad match.  The finish saw Crimson do the sky high power bomb and Lynn ran in for the DQ.  That cost RVD ten points in the tournament for the DQ.  RVD started yelling at him.  Lynn said he was sorry that he messed up and got caught in the heat of the moment.  Crimson only got three points for the win.  For the most part, the crowd wasn't much into this match.  They don't buy Crimson as a top guy at all.  When he kicked out of the frog splash, they didn't even care.  It was noted by losing the ten points, RVD went from second place in the standings to fifth place.

Mr. Anderson gave a speech about his father telling him the difference between the gentleman asshole or the guy who just blows a bunch of hot hair.  He said Bully Ray is that kind of an asshole and there isn't room for two assholes in Immortal.  He said he made being an asshole cool, but Ray gives assholes a bad name.

A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Christopher Daniels vs. Abyss & Gunner & Scott Steiner

Easily the best match on the show so far.  The finish saw Gunner go to F-5 Styles off the apron onto a table on the floor, but Daniels blocked it.  However Gunner then tackled Daniels off the apron and both went through the table.  In the ring, Styles hit a springboard Pele kick on Abyss and got the pin.  After the match, Gunner and Steiner both yelled at Abyss about losing the match.  It sure seemed like they are teasing an Abyss face turn, although that's been teased for some time.  Abyss was all sympathetc and said of leaving the ring on his own.

Bully Ray interview.  Bully agreed only room in Immortal for one asshole, and that's in.  Everyone makes mistake, he made a mistake carrying Devon for 15 years, your mother & father made a mistake when they decided to have you to Jeremy Borash.  Even Bischoff & Hogan make mistakes by wanting Ken Anderson in Immortal.  

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Ray won when Anderson picked up Ray's chain, but ref Jackson James took the chain away, which distracted both guys.  Ray snuck up from behind with a low blow and schoolboy for the pin.  They had a good brawl before the match started but lost the crowd as the match went on.  Match was okay, one major botch when Anderson went for the Lambeau plunge but Ray was too heavy and he collapsed.  Even though Anderson collapsed under him he still went for a pin.       

Hogan and Eric Bischoff showed up.  Hogan yelled at Abyss.  Eric yelled at Abyss saying he keeps letting me down.  He dropped the ball on the X Divison.  Ray came out to celebrate and Hogan was blowing it off and said he didn't even see it as they have bigger things.  Immortal went to the back but they wouldn't let Abyss into their meeting.  Looks like the Abyss turn may be sooner than later. 

Beer Money vs. Mexican America for the tag titles

Good match here.  Clean finish as Anarquia was on the top rope and Roode shoved him off right into a superkick by Storm and Storm pinned Anarquia.  Even though they made a big deal on TV about Storm having a back injury, he never sold the back, they never did any spots around the back during the match, and all that was acknowledged was Taz bringing it up and saying Storm is doing spots that would hurt the back if he was injured.  I thought it was building to a spot in the match, but it never came.

Sting vs. Kurt Angle for TNA title

Usual very good Angle match, best thing on the show but not at the level of Angle's best matches.  They want back and forth, including Sting using the Olympic slam and ankle lock and Angle using the scorpion deathlock.  Of course Sting and Angle used their own big moves as well.  Finish saw Angle going for an enzuigiri, but Sting ducked and he nailed ref Brian Hebner.  No ref while both guys were selling.  Hulk Hogan came out with a chair.  Angle then took the chair away from Hogan.  But it was the swerve as he hit Sting in the back and then used an Olympic slam for the pin.

They left it as a mystery.  It appeared Angle turned heel again (yawn) but Hogan acted like he had no idea it was coming and because he had a mad face and not a celebratory face even though Sting lost the title.  But trying to get consistency or sense out of TNA is a fruitless endeavor.

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