Hardcore Justice feedback - If you have a world title that nobody sees, does it truly exist

All I can say is I'm glad I didn't pay for this, watching at a friends'. Most of the matches either made no since, or had the typical TNA screw finishes. And the end of the Angle-Sting match? PUH-LEEZ, like we haven't seen this before. What often llooks like a good match or program doesn't always translate to an intriguiging match - and it appears that a lot of the pairings don't have any chemistry together in the ring. And my God, the women's matches were attocious, even compared to WWE standards. I guess it's hit or miss, as my hopes were up given last month's PPV, but after tonite, I think everyone is asking..."who's running this ship?
Ed "Major DeBeers" Jones


TNA Hardcore Justice Thoughts

Even an ardent TNA supporter cannot rationally condone this crap any longer.


Michael Barton
Monticello, NY

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