Joe Koff talks ROH going forward before first new TV taping

New Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff was one of the featured guests on this week's live edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem. You can feel The Mayhem live every Monday evening (at 7PM ET/6PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,, & Join The Mayhem right now on Facebook (at, follow The Mayhem on Twitter (at, and subscribe to The Mayhem's all-new YouTube channel (at
Joe joined The Big Mosh & "The Chairman of the Board" Todd Vincent for his exclusive interview with The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (to discuss Ring of Honor's first set of TV tapings for the Sinclair Broadcast Group & ROH's return to television on September 24th), which is now available in Windows Streaming Media or via the official MNM Podcast on iTunes:
Joe Koff/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Streaming Audio):
Joe Koff/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Podcast on iTunes):
Interview highlights courtesy of Paterson, MNM's associate producer & official correspondent:
The significance of exposing Ring of Honor on television via the Sinclair Broadcast Group: "I think we're at a very exciting point. We are going to be doing our television in Chicago, and on September 24th, we are going to be exposing the product the way this product should be a much broader audience using over-the-air television. We are very excited to present that on the Sinclair Group platform."
What changes he sees for Ring of Honor & why he believes the ROH product is "going to change for the better": "I think everyone's always a little bit nervous, because I think everyone in ROH (between the talent & the fans) always wanted to have a company behind it with distribution & a little bit of money. But, at the same time, it scares them. It scares them because the reality of bringing this promotion to the next level is upon us, and it's really the only thing Ring of Honor was lacking. If anything changes, it's going to change for the better. When we looked at Ring of Honor as a wrestling product, as a promotion, I was just so amazed at the brand, and the power of the brand, & the intelligence of our fans. The wrestlers, the fans, the whole arena, & environment becomes one, and it gives me chills just thinking about it."
His feelings on Ring of Honor's current roster & whether or not he is interested in signing/acquiring any free agents at this time: "Is all talent welcome to apply? I think in this business, it's always been that way. Is all talent ready to be at the ROH level? That's something is to be determined by Jim (Cornette) & his people. There's tons of people out there, but the ROH talent we have are a stable of wrestlers that are very special to me. They are on their way up. They are making their name. They are making their move. It's their work which is going to bring in the fans."
The message he wishes to send to his competitors in the world of professional wrestling: "I'm not worried about them. They're doing their job. They're doing their business. They have made their plans, their productions, and they do what they do. Whether they think we're serious or not, I'm going to tell you something: 35 television stations to launch a wrestling show is pretty damn serious. If they don't want to acknowledge us, I would actually prefer it that way."
Much more is contained in Joe Koff's exclusive interview with The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, including his candid thoughts on what he believes Ring of Honor fans will be able to see from the Sinclair Broadcast Group's investment into the ROH product, the biggest thing he has learned since becoming the new COO of Ring of Honor, his roots in the world of professional wrestling, plus much more! For the latest breaking Ring of Honor news & announcements and to get the up-to-the-minute results during this Saturday night's ROH event in Chicago (the first set of TV tapings for SBG), be sure to follow the world of honor on Facebook (at, on Twitter (at, or head on over to

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