OVW TV tapings 8-10 Lousville


By Trent Vandrisse

Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for August 10th, 2011 from the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky. This was the TV taping following the August 6th Saturday Night Special, which drew a capacity crowd, and saw two title changes take place. Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) won the OVW Womens title from Lady JoJo, and Rocco Bellagio & James "Moose" Thomas w/Bolin Services 2.0 won the OVW Southern Tag Team titles from The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black). Jason Wayne retained the OVW Heavyweight title by defeating "Smooth" Johnny Spade. The DVD of that show is already available. The next Saturday Night Special will be on September 3rd, and a new number one contender for Jason Wayne's OVW title was established tonight.
The announcers for the TV taping tonight were Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin. No Dean Hill this week. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 170 tonight.

1. Shiloh Jonze beat Brandon Espinosa

Dark match. Jonze again spoke in "Preacher speak" before the match, asking for an "Amen", and a "Hallelujah". Jonze prayed in the corner before the match. It must have worked because Jonze' new found winning streak continued as he and Espinosa bounced off each other in the corner, but Jonze landed on top of Espinosa to get the pin, and the win.

2. Rocco Bellagio & James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin, Mo Green, and The Personal assistant beat Chase King & Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match, though Kenny Bolin, Gilbert Corsey, and Mo Green appeared to be doing commentary during this match, but they were probably just goofing around. The first appearance here of the new tag team champions, Bellagio & Thomas. Mo Green wore a hat here that was a birthday cake. Chase King got beat on for awhile, and tried to make a small comeback on Bellagio that looked like crap. Real weak looking stuff from King. Just horrible. It didn't last long. The finish saw Bellagio about kill Pridemore with a released powerbomb. Folded the poor guy up like an accordion. Looked scary, while Moose gave the hapless Chase King a Moose kick for good measure.

3. Ryan Howe beat "Marshman" Nick Dumeyer

Another dark match. A so-so affair that saw Howe get the win with the old Buff Blockbuster.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring and mentioned the death of former OVW Heavyweight champion, Rod Steele. A ten bell was then held for Steele. They then showed a highlight package video of Rod Steele on the screens, that was the start of the TV taping. The crowd cheered for the video when it ended.

Out came current OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne in street clothes. Wayne said he retained the title like he said he would this past Saturday night, but put over Johnny Spade as a tough contender. Wayne said he wondered who the new number one contender would be. Wayne said that would be answered tonight, as the main event of this show will be an 11 man Gauntlet match to determine the new number one contender. TNA forced me to hate Gauntlet matches many years ago. Wayne said he would join the announce booth during that match. Wayne said the next Saturday Night Special will be on September 3rd.
An angry Christian Mascagni came out and asked Wayne if he ever gets sick of hearing himself talk. Mascagni said Mike Mondo was the rightful owner of the OVW title. Mascagni told Wayne to call off the Gauntlet match. Mascagni said Mondo was not here tonight, he's an international superstar who is currently in Africa, which I understand is legit. Mascagni told Wayne to finally face Mondo one on one. Wayne said Mondo's already had chances at the title, and can now take his place in the back of the line and work his way back up. Mascagni said Wayne didn't get it, that he Mascagni is the power around here, and he calls the shots. Mascagni said he got OVW owner Danny Davis thrown out of his own building, and any match Mascagni wants to see happen, happens. Mascagni said he would go some place Wayne doesn't want him to go. Mascagni said he was putting a $25,000 bounty on the head of Jason Wayne, payable to the first person to put Wayne in the hospital, or take the title from him. At this point a tall, thin looking person crawled out from under the ring, dressed in all black, with his face covered, and attacked Jason Wayne. It was sort of a Ninja looking get up. Wayne fired back on the unknown attacker, and tried to hit his full nelson slam finisher on him, but the mystery attacker slipped away.

Brittay DeVore was backstage with two referees as various wrestlers walked by and grabbed a number for their slot in the Gauntlet match tonight. Raphael Constantine grabbed his number, looked at it, then faked a sneeze, and slipped his number to Brandon Espinosa, who was behind him. Rudy Switchblade grabbed his number, but Jamin Olivencia got in his face, and said he would break his jaw, his nose, and other body parts. Switchblade and Olivencia had an intense match this past Saturday night, with nothing settled.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Prince Bolin was scolding Raul Lamotta, who lost to Randy Terrez this past Saturday. Bolin was mad at Lamotta for losing to Terrez, and said Lamotta must win by pinfall or submission tonight to have a chance to join up with Bolin Services 2.0. Mohamad Ali Vaez walked by, with the prosthetic leg of Michael Hayes, that Hayes won back from Vaez this past Saturday, but then Vaez stole it back after the match. Vaez sat next to fellow heels Rocco Bellagio and James "Moose" Thomas, who shunned Vaez and walked away, which got a big pop in the arena. Even the other heels are against Vaez now. Brittany DeVore interviewed Vaez, and asked him about his despicable actions on Saturday night. Vaez said his actions were not despicable, and it was charity on his part to even give Michael Hayes five matches with him, which Hayes lost the first four. Michael Hayes showed up and attacked Vaez in the locker room, which got another pop in the arena, but Vaez escaped thru a door with the fake leg. Hayes then cut a promo on Vaez, saying he'd haunt him until the day he dies, which got yet another pop in the arena.

4. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Dylan Bostic by submission

This was the first match of the TV taping, which means Silvio finally got back on TV with this new "Psychedelic superstar" gimmick he's doing now. Mo Green introduces him, then Silvio takes the mic and spells his name out. These two met here in a dark match just last week. Bostic has a good look in a way, but looks like too nice and mild of a guy to be a pro wrestler. Not exactly a scary looking dude. This was much shorter than their dark match as Bostic's shoulder was injured early here, and Silvio got the win by submission with the Crippler Crossface in less than a minute.

Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson was backstage with The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black), who lost the OVW Southern tag team titles to Rocco Bellagio & James "Moose" Thomas this past Saturday. Johnson said he was the manager of The Fat & The Furious, which seemed to be news to them, and told them he had secured them a rematch for the tag team titles in two weeks. Johnson said they'd be off TV until then, getting in shape for the match, as the 537 pound Jack Black ate a burger.

It then went to The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) auguring backstage. The Elite wrestled each other this past Saturday, with McNaler winning to become the "official" captian of the team. McNaler told Revolver that he has a singles match with Raul Lamotta tonight, and is still angry about Lamotta hitting him with a chair a few weeks ago. McNaler ordered Revolver to stay backstage during his match and just let him handle it. Revolver wasn't happy about it.

5. Ted McNaler beat Raul Lamotta by DQ

Lamotta pleaded his case on the floor with Kenny Bolin before the match. Bolin didn't seem overly sympathetic. All McNaler here early, the crowd was quiet for this. McNaler hit a dive thru the ropes to the outside on Lamotta. McNaler was warming up for, and then went for, his spear finisher, but Lamotta ole'd him, and sent McNaler over the top rope, and the ref called for the DQ on Lamotta. Iffy call there. Lamotta was again pleading his case with Kenny Bolin on the floor after the match. Bolin just kinda shrugged.

Christian Mascagni was talking to Raphael Constantine backstage. Constantine asked Mascagni to help get him a shot at the OVW TV title, which Constantine considers himself the rightful champion of. Mascagni said consider it done.

New OVW Womens champion Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) happened by, looking for Jessie Belle Smothers. Christian Mascagni said he hates Izza Belle just slightly less than the last womens champion, Lady JoJo.
Izza Belle left, and from under the desk came Jessie Belle and Benny Bray, who had been making out under the desk. Bray, the stud of the OVW stable continues to get action with all the ladies there. Mascagni and Constantine giggled at Jessie Belle and Bray.  

I had to leave so I don't know the post taping dark match results. But one was a Diva's match, and the other involved Mohamad Ali Vaez. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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