Strikeforce live coverage from Las Vegas

From The Pearl at the Palms Hotel

Derrick Mehmen (11-3) vs. Roy Jones Jr. (6-1)

First round: Jones has all nine of his wins in less than 90 seconds (including amateur fights). Jones landed a few punches. Mehman was a JC All-American wrestler who spent a season at Iowa. Mehman moved in and got the clinch. Jones blocking the takedown attempt. Jones killed him with a flying knee and has his back working for a choke. Mehman took another hard knee. Jones landed a few knees. Mehman still lasted 2:00. Jones with a body kick and an uppercut. Jones with another knee to the body. Mehman grabbed his crotch from a low blow which gives his time to clear his head. Uppercut by Jones and Mehman with a high slam into side control. Meheman on top but doing no damage. Mehman doing some punching on the ground but nothing significant. Will be interesting how this is scored, Jones should win the round but Mehman has been on top for several minutes.

Second round: Mehman moved in, got a knee in the way of the shot and his left eye looks like hell. He got the takedown and had Jones down but they stopped it to check the eye. The doctor and Herb Dean talked about it and decided to let the fight continue but are being cautious. Blood is everywhere. Blood is coming out like a faucet. Mehman remains on top but not doing any damage. Mauro Ranallo just said it looks like a crime scene. Mehman landing body punches and an elbow to the head. Jones Jr. quickly tried a body scissors but gave it up. Mehman just keeping him down. Mehman landing a lot of shots late in the round, to the body, some to the head. Mehman’s round so we’re even 19-19 after two.

Third round: Jones jumped into a guillotine but Mehman got out and that put him on top. Ref Herb Dean decided to stand them up at 2:38 left. Dean asked Mehman if he wanted to fight and he wanted to. Jones Jr. landed a jab. Mehman is backing off. Mehamn moved in for the takedown but Jones Jr. easily sprawled. Mehman ended up getting an advantage position. Mehman is on top and got full mount and threw some punches. Mehman to me took the fight for sure in the last 30 seconds, should take it 29-28.

Scores: All three judges have it for Mehman. They didn’t announce the scores for some reason.

Sarah D'Alelio (4-1) vs. Ronda Rousey (2-0)

Rousey won the bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in judo.  She's won five fights (three as an amateur) all in less than 57 seconds.

First round: Pat Miletich (who is secretly a big wrestling fan even though he always knocks Mauro Ranallo about wrestling) noted that he idolized Roddy Piper when it came out that Rousey’s nickname Rowdy Ronda came from Roddy Piper. One of Rousey’s trainers was Gene LeBell, who was also Piper’s trainer. Rousey tried a flying armbar and it was over in 25 seconds. Steve Mazzagatti may have blown the call. D’Alelio is furious about it being stopped.

That was a bad call by Mazzagatti. Even so, that was a cool move to get it but it wasn’t fully locked in when Mazzagatti stopped it. Fans are not happy. Mazzagatti knows he blew the call I think from his body language. D’Alelio then got even madder when the ring announcer said the winner via tap when she didn’t tap.

Rousey said D’Alelio verbally said she heard the elbow pop and she let up.  D’Alelio said "I said 'aah'" and that she didn’t tap. Mazzagatti was not allowed to be interviewed. To a lot of people this was the most interesting fight on the show and it ended disappointingly.

Pat Healy (26-17) vs. Eric Wisely (17-5)

First round: Healy with a single leg takedown. Wislely working for an armbar but Healy was out. Now Wisely got up. Healy moving forward with punches. Healy looks a weight class and a half bigger. Both missing punches and then Healy took him down again. Wisely went for a heel hook. Healy was easily out. Healy should win 10-9 but the announcers felt Wisely did more from the bottom and should take it.

Second round: healy landed a knee. Wisely has him against the fence. Healy has him down. Healy doing weak ground and pound. Healy staying on top. Healy got to side control. This round has mostly been Healy keeping him down. Healy threw a few knees. Wisely went for an armbar but Healy out quickly. Healy’s round should be up 20-18.

Third round: Healy bulled him aginst the cage. He’s working for a takedown. Wisley turned Healy against the fence. Healy got him down again. Healy landing some punches. A lot of them are blocked. Pretty much a nothing fight. Healy’s round so I’ve got it 30-27.

All three have for Healy. Again didn’t announce the scores.

Nate James (12-7-1) vs. Danillo Villefort (13-3)

First round: All standing. Neither landed anything strong until James landed a high kick. Now Villefort with a clinch and a knee. Trading knees in a clinch. Villefort with a hip toss into side control and moved to the mount. James gave up his back and Villefort working for a choke. James did a good job of defending. Villefort 10-9.

Second round: Trading punches. Nobody really getting an advantage. Villefort tried the hip toss blocked, then James tried a guillotine but Villefort escaped and took James down and moved to side control. Villefort tried a choke and slipped off and James now on top. James with punches. James keeping busy with punches on thte ground. Close round, I’d go with James so we’re even going into the thrid.

Third round: James pushed himto the fence but backed off. James landed a series of punches. Villefort charged in for the takedown. Villefort went for an arm in guillotine. James escaped and is on top. James landing to the body and occasionally to the head from the top. Herb Dean ordered a standup with 90 seconds left. Villefort landed two knees and an elbow but James took him down. James won the round so I’d go 29-28 for James.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28. Not sure how you give James the first but there you go.

Jorge Gurgel (14-7) vs. Joe Duarte (9-2)

Gurgel has dedicated the fight to his stepfather, who was just diagnosed with bone cancer.

First round: Duarte has a size edge. Very little happening which is rare for Gurgel fight. Gurgel went for the takedown but Duarte blocked it well. Gurgel with a high kick. Gurgel landing better standing. Duarte landed a good right. Duarte then got a takedown with 20 seconds left. Gurgel out striking from the bottom. Gurgel 10-9.

Second round: Gurgel landed a few punches moving forward. Traded punches. Duarte landed a good left. Duarte with a jab. Gurgel went for a takedown and Duarte easily evaded. Gurgel tried another takedown which Duarte blocked. Duarte landing jabs. Duarte moving in for a takedown but Gurgel blocked it. Duarte’s round so even 19-19.

Thrid round: Gurgel bleeding from the nose and Gurgel’s left eye is swelling. Gurgel landed a big left. Good high kick by Gurgel and then a punch. Gurgel shot for the takedown. He continued to push for it but Duarte landed on top in full mount. That may cost him the fight. Gurgel landing elbows from his back. Even though Gurgel is on his back all the blows are coming from Gurgel. This will be intersting judging. Duarte let him up. This is anybody’s fight with 45 seconds left. Body kick by Duarte and Gurgel landed a punch. Duarte got the takedown with 28 seconds left. That may win him the fight. This is a very close round. Honestly Gurgel may have won by a sliver even with the late takedown by Duarte. Not sure if the judges will pick it that way since Gurgel was on his back a lot of the round. I’ve got 29-28 for Gurgel but easily could go the other way.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Duarte.


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