Lytle announces retirement before his main event fight

Chris Lytle announced his retirement from fighting tonight before his main event tomorrow on Versus against Dan Hardy.

Lytle, who turns 37 on Thursday, told Ariel Helwani today that he doesn't believe he's been doing his responsibilities at home and being the type of father he needs to be, and said he decided a few ago that this would be his last fight.

Lytle never gave up his job as a firefighter even though he had made a very good living as a fighter, including picking up eight match bonuses in  his career, four for the best fight and two each for best knockout and bet submission.

He told Helwani he had made his decision a few months back and told Dana White earlier this week.  The news was not unexpected since those in the company were talking about Lytle, 30-18-5, being on his retirement tour with tomorrow's fight with Hardy.  He had won four of his last five fights, with only a loss in February to Brian Ebersole.

He had been talking of late about running for the Indiana state senate.

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