SummerSlam live coverage from the Staples Center in Los Angeles

Welcome to our live coverage of SummerSlam from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, as well as tonight's UFC show on Versus, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We're opening with a trios match.  The Miz came out and copied a Rock catch phrase to a lukewarm reaction.  He's got a new ring jacket.  Miz claimed he would steal the show.  Then R-Truth came out.  He did a promo saying that he hates spiders, which starts with letter S, just like SummerSlam (didn't mention Staples Center) and then said Cee Lo Green and and Conspiracy both start with the letter C.

What a rib.  Jim Ross isn't announcing.  Booker T and Michael Cole are.  Unreal but not hard to believe.

Based on reactions before the show, the expectation is the crowd will be 80-20 in favor of Punk. 

Miz & R-Truth & Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston & John Morrison 

Good opener.  Basic babyface going over match.  Morrison used a corkcrew pescado on Del Rio, Kingston with a plancha outside the ring on Miz and in the ring it as Mysterio pinning Truth.  Mysterio worked maybe 90 seconds total but did fly around, but he was moving slower than usual.

John Laurinaitis wants Punk to apologize for kicking him on Monday.   Punk did a super mocking apology and smiled and then made a mean face.  Stephanie McMahon showed up to wish Punk luck.  Stephanie said HHH, Vince and her all with Punk the best.  Then she confronted Punk and told him that she's just Vince's clueless daughter.  Punk said he didn't say clueless, but idiotic daughter.  Stephanie wanted to shake his hand but Punk said I would but I know where that hand has been.  That was good stuff.

Mark Henry vs. Sheamus
Henry won via count out.  Sheamus used a Brogue kick but Henry fell out of the ring.  Sheamus went after him but Henry picked him up and drove his back into the post and then into the barricades and broke through the barricade.  Sheamus was then counted out.  Match didn't have much heat but people popped for the barricade shot so you at least got something memorable about the match.

Christian was smiling.  He said he had an insurance policy.  Maybe he thinks Edge will help him and Edge doesn't help him?  Christian compared himself to Harry Potter and Orton is like Cowboy & Aliens, overproduced and overrated.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix.  Eve Torres and Natalya are in the corners.

Eve and Natalya never interfered.  Crowd pretty dead.  Finish saw Kelly reverse the Glam slam into a front rolling cradle for the pin.  Decent match, probably the best women's match on a WWE PPV in a long time.

Stephanie McMahon came out of John Cena's dressing room.

Jimmy Hart tried to recruit R-Truth to manage him.  But it was all meant as a comedy when R-Truth thought Hart was Little Jimmy.  As Truth was acting all goofy, in the background you saw Ron Artest and his daughter backstage.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett got the clean win with Wasteland after Bryan was crotched on the top rope and Barrett kicked him off.  Best match so far on the show but  it was really just your basic well worked good mid-card match.

Christian vs. Randy Orton in a no holds barred match for the World title.  Edge came out with short hair and running around like a maniac.  He looked like a cross between Larry Sweeney and Chris Jericho.  Crowd popped real big for Edge.  biggest reaction of the show so far.  He's lost a lot of weight, which is probably for the best.  Edge said he'd never be cleared to compete again.  Said when I left I was passing the torch to you and nobody deserved it more than you.  This is where Edge turns on him.  Edge said he didn't think it was fair that Teddy Long made him defend it.  Edge now turned on him for being a whiner and crybaby.  Edge acted like it was bad to win by DQ.  He said he did horrible things in the ring but he did it with style, he wasn't boring, he didn't hide behind lawyers, he actually got booed insinuated Christian was boring.  He said Christian became a disgrace to himself but people booed that as well.  Edge said his best friend became a whining, crying, moaning little bitch.  That got a pop and Edge walked out on him.

Now the match is starting.

Brutal match.  Orton bled from the mouth and may have sliced up his left thumb as well. They used garbage cans, ring steps, kendo sticks and Christian went through three different tables during the match.  Orton cut the hand on the powerslam through the table.  The finish saw Christian come off the ropes and Orton delivered the RKO onto the ring steps for the pin.  Christian sold it big with officials carrying him out.  They may have to go with Orton vs. Henry because this was almost like a blow-off type of match, although they may have to come back with this at Hell in a Cell.

They showed HHH backstage kissing Stephanie. 

John Cena vs. C.M. Punk for the WWE title

Good match, not at the level of the Chrisitan vs. Orton match or close to their first match.  Punk won with a botched GTS, with Cena's foot clearly on the ropes but HHH missed it.  Punk had kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment and Cena kicked out of one GTS.

Kevin Nash hit the ring  and destroyed Punk with a power bomb.  Alberto Del Rio then cashed in the Money in the Bank with a kicked to the back of the head and pin in 12 seconds, so Del Rio won the title.  I guess they may put Nash as Del Rio's bodyguard.

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