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TV Portion Only

Big Thumbs Up!

Best Match: Bendo – Miller

Worst: Main Event (only by default)


Amir-Bang was an nice TV opener, some nice technical Muay Thai. Bang outclassed him, but Amir was game and hung in there, he tried, but couldn't get the take down that may have changed his fortune.

Cerrone looked awesome. This guy has the IT factor - charisma, talent, and style. Maybe he could whoop on Guida next, but I guess they train together ….

Bendo-Miller was great. Fight of the night. Bendo cannot be submitted! Also Note how Bendo had no problem following the BJJ Black Belt to the ground and laying a whooping on him. Far more effective and entertaining than backing away and asking the referee for a stand up where one may theoretically have the advantage.

Hardy-Lytle was just eh. I'm not a big fan of these fights where they just try and tee off on each other and see who outlasts the other. Did like the finish. Amazing how quickly a journeyman like Lytle tapped Hardy, while GSP tried for 5 rounds and couldn't get it done. Can’t believe they gave this fight of the night. Seriously, this is the type of fight critics of lack of skill level in the sport point to as glorified tough man fighting.

GREAT TV Card! The commercials even got me pumped up for UFC Brazil! Thought they would push the Okami win over Silva more, but whatever.


One comment/question you could maybe address on the Radio Show, Jim Miller became the latest guy who tried relentlessly for submissions, didn’t get them, and doesn’t get the judge’s decision.

Tonight was a bad example, as Jim got beat up pretty bad. Better example was Miguel Angel Torres and Demetrious Johnson a couple months ago. DJ basically spent 2 rounds doing nothing but avoiding being finished, after a takedown. Yet those takedowns were enough to get the judges nod. If a fighter on his feet backpedals an entire round avoiding big shots, I don’t think he’s getting the round.


My question is this, is it going to be worth the risk to go for submissions where if you don’t get them, you’re going to lose the round?

Will submission attempts be eliminated from future game plans, except as a final blow or if you have someone’s back?


Bert Turelli

Hi Dave,

Thumbs way up.

Best match: Orton vs. Christian

Worst match: Beth vs Kelly, which was really not bad at all.

Really great show, tonnes of top quality action. Everything on the show felt like it added something worthwhile, including Henry vs Sheamus which was a really great effort by two guys who are doing so well in their new roles.

The main event was really strong, and I enjoyed the finish. Del Rio winning was predictable but logical and a good move. Nash added a legit surprise to the mix, and Im interested in his return if he is kept to a minimum on TV, simply working as Punk's bodyguard.


Barry Murphy

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Christian vs. Randy Orton
Worst Match: None
I really liked the show! As a top to bottom card, there was a lot to enjoy. The opening six man had little in the way of importance, but it was a fun match that saw the criminally underrated Kofi Kingston shine on a big stage. I liked the Sheamus/Henry match for what it was as well. Much better than Henry's bout with Big Show last month at MITB. By no means was it a traditional wrestling match, but I think Sheamus has been Henry's best opponent since his "reign of terror" began. Kelly Kelly/Beth was fine. As you said, it was the best woman's match WWE has put on PPV in forever. Bryan/Wade was a nice midcard match as well. I would have liked to see Bryan go over, but both guys managed to have a good outing.
Then came Christian/Orton. Wow. For me, it's right behind Punk/Cena from last month and HHH/Taker at Mania as WWE match of the year. Just a great No Holds Barred match. It seems a little crazy that Christian should take 4 table spots, an RKO on the steel steps, a middle rope DDT onto a trash can as well as countless kendo stick shots, chair shots etc and still have to do the job, but that's WWE. Christian was the MVP of this show by a long shot.
I don't think Punk/Cena was a disappointment either. There was no way it could have lived up to MITB, but it was a solid outing. Cena is so clumsy sometimes -there were multiple spots where he was out of position making it that much harder for Punk- that it distracts from the match, but all-in-all I enjoyed it. I wasn't crazy about the finish of the match itself, but the whole bit with Nash is pretty cool and at least it's intriguing. Less intriguing is Nash's horribly dyed goatee, but what can you do?
Thanks, Dave
Pat Driscoll

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?