Smackdown spoilers from Bakersfield

Dark Match
Bo Rotunda beat Joey Ryan with a run-off-the-ropes bulldogs. Short but fun match. The crowd got into it after a little bit.
Wade Barrett beat Trent Barreta with The Wasteland after reversing a hurricanrana. Trent did his twisting splash spot off guard rails. The finish was really cool looking.
Brodus Clay squashed Jose Varges with his high cross body. Fast and brutal.
Teddy Long and Randy Orton come out. Randy says he's ready to start anew and move on after the Christian stuff. Teddy says that's great because there's a 20 man battle royal to determine the new #1 contender.
Cody and Ted Jr come out and says its a Legacy reunion. Cody says he isn't content with IC Title and he'll win the battle royal.  Cody gives mic to Ted, who starts to say that Legacy knows all of Randy's weaknesses and...RKO! Cody backs out of ring. Randy leaves.
Cody gets back in ring and yells at Teddy Long to do something about this action. Teddy says he'll set up Cody vs Zeke next.
Cody vs Zeke for IC title.  Cody wins clean with Cross Rhodes and jumping kick after kicking the stairs into Zeke's legs to weaken him.
Ryder and Teddy Promo. Ryder invited Alberto Del Rio to Zackdown at Teddy's request. But Teddy thought that'd be Punk or Cena, not Del Rio. Aksana came in and flirted with Teddy. She said they knew why they call him Teddy but asked why they called him Long.
Justin Gabriel beat Tyson Kidd with 450. Fun match.
Jinder Mahall and The Great Khali promo. Khali says he'll win battle royal. Jinder gets mad at him and says no he will win.
Alberto Del Rio promo. Says it's his 1 year anniversary. He said one year ago he beat Rey and one year later he beat him again. He says that in that year he' s become a fan favorite with all of us. (Huge Boos.) He challenges anyone to face him. Daniel Bryan comes out and says Del Rio isn't special because Del Rio cashed in like everybody else. Bryan says he'll cash in his briefcase honorably. Note: he meant at WrestleMania, not here.
AWESOME long match. Del Rio won, after some great Daniel Bryan near falls, with a suplex into the arm bar. Hot crowd for this. After, Del Rio continues the beat down and Sin Cara makes the save, ending with a big dive to outside.
Mark Henry promo. Says he killed Sheamus and now he's pissed he has to be in battle royal for a title shot. Said he sees battle royal as a boat, 19 of the 20 men are going over and they all gonna sink.
*not to air on TV*
Del Rio comes out and says the crowd aren't his friends after all. Calls us all fake Mexicans, real American losers. HHH comes out to interrupt. Sets up dark match main event. Since Rey Jr. is out injured, Sheamus replaces him. HHH says he can't hit anyone who works for him but he takes his jacket off anyway to get ready to fight. HHH tries to hand it to Ricardo, who says he's not holding it because he does work for HHH. "Oh that's right", pedigree. Del Rio runs.
Kelly Kelly and AJ vs Natalya and Alicia Fox. Kelly pins Fox with the K2. Not much to this. After, Natalya and Fox argued, leading to a Natalya cheap shot and Sharp Shooter on outside.
Randy comes out for commentary.
20 Man Battle Royal
Sheamus, Zack Ryder, Jinder Mahal, Great Khali, Wade Barrett, Johnny Curtis, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Mark Henry, Sin Cara, Yoshi Tatsu, Heath Slater, Ezekiel Jackson, Cody Rhodes, Ted Jr, Trent Barreta, Jimmy Uso, Jay Uso and William Regal. That's 19, either I missed one or they only had 19. No Daniel Bryan, who I think was in the graphic.
Came down to Wade, Sheamus, Henry and Sin Cara. Wade was eliminated and then Henry eliminated Sheamus. Cara was eliminated last. Crowd LOVED Sin Cara. Henry was put over huge in this, eliminating Khali, both Usos at the same time and others.
Henry had a stare down with Randy to end the TV show.
Dark Main Event
Sheamus and Orton vs Del Rio and Christian. Orton pinned Christian after they were left alone with a RKO in about 8 minutes.
$75 for a Sin Cara mask and they were selling! I see why WWE wanted that character back so quickly. Seemed like every third kid had Sin Cara merch on.

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