UFC on FOX announcement (more)

The two sides have signed a seven year deal that will include:

4 Live Events per year on FOX, the first taking place on 11/12 from Anaheim, CA

6 Live Events per year on FX

Aside from 11/12, the new contract goes into effect in January.

The Ultimate Fighter reality show during its two seasons will air on Fridays.  They will tape footage all week and the fights on the show will now be live.  The fighters will be in the house for 12 weeks instead of six.  The first show of the season will be a  two hour special.

There will be more audience participation as they will poll the audience each week regarding what match-ups they want to see on the reality show.

Friday night will be FX's UFC night, with its live events as well airing on Fridays.  This heightens competition with WWE Smackdown.  Ultimate Fighter is very likely not to be head-to-head if it starts at 10 p.m., but live events of two hours would at least have a one-hour overlap.

All the regular programming such as Unleashed, Prime Time, Countdown shows, Best of Pride will move to FX .

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