Bellator TV report

Bellator 48 - Curran vs Sandro TV Report
August 20th, 2011
Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut
By Daniel Galvan
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This is the finale to the Summer Series with Pat Curran taking Marlon Sandro in the featherweight final. Sandro came into the tournament as a heavy favorite, but Curran's stock has rose in his last two victories over Ronnie Mann and Luis Palomino. Curran has a bright future as he is only 23 and already is a premier Bellator featherweight. On the other hand Sandro is probably near the end of his prime as he is 34. It is an interesting fight that will end with one of the men being considered a top featherweight in all of MMA. The Bellator Heavyweight Champion, Cole Konrad, is also in action tonight as he takes on the head-hunter Paul Buentello. Cole comes in as a favorite as he is a superb wrestler and aside from Buentello's striking, he has nothing to worry about. Ricco Rodriguez, who is on the most unimpressive twelve fight win streak, will also face the Seth Petruzelli, the former TUF contestant and most-known for his win over Kimbo Slice. I'm leaning towards Rodriguez, but it just depends where Ricco's head is at. Rene Nazare who is undefeated in MMA and is a jiu-jitsu expert is also on the card tonight. He is CBJJO World Cup Black Belt Gold Medalist, and he is looking to win his tenth fight. 
Bellator is a big winner from the UFC to FOX decision as it is very probable that they will change from MTV 2 to SPIKE in the future if SPIKE is looking to fill the void of MMA that is missing when UFC leaves. It's also probable because both channels are inside the umbrella of the media conglomerate that is Viacom. While both sides have publicly stated that a move to SPIKE isn't in the cards, it sure does look like it from the outside. Whether it be the plugs of TNA Impact in the middle of Bellator shows or the constant advertising of Bellator 48 this weekend on SPIKE, the signs due show of a potential partnership. Nonetheless talk is cheap when it comes to things like this, and I wouldn't invest to much into what both sides are a publicly stating until a significant move happens. 
Lightweight Bout
Rene Nazare (9-0) vs Juan Barrantes  (7-5, 1)
Nazare starts the fight off aggressive bushing back Barrantes. Nazare starts connecting with a couple of big rights. He continues to land accurate punches as he scores with lefts and rights. Barrantes changes levels, and Nazara clenches with Juan and pushes him against the cage. Nazare continues to pick apart Barrantes with hooks from both angles. Nazare then secures a double-leg take-down. Nazare works from guard and just rains down with punches on Juan who is against the cage. Nazare continues to punish Barrantes with punches. At the end of the first round Nazare tries to get the guillotine from mount, but he doesn't get the submission. 10-8 Nazare. Rene starts off aggressive like he did in the first, but is actually caught with a couple of counter strikes from Barrantes. Nazare bounces back and pushes the pace on Barrantes looking for a right hand. Nazare takes-down Barrantes. Nazare transitions into half-guard and scores with short elbows. Nazare continues with the ground and pound. Barrentes sweeps Nazare, but Nazare immediately stands up. Nazare lands an uppercut and another take-down. Nazare 10-9. Barrantes' eye is in a bad shape as his eye is completely shut. The cage-side physician calls the fight and Nazare is the winner. Nazare looked very impressive in this fight, and he is a lightweight to look out for in the future. 
Official Result - Rene Nazare def. Juan Barrantes via 2nd Round Doctor Stoppage
Catchweight Bout (230 lb.)
Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez (47-11) vs Seth "The Silver-Back" Petruzelli (13-6)
They both trade leg kicks to begin the fight. Petruzelli hits Ricco in the groin with a spinning heel kick. As the fight resumes Rodriguez tries to score with punches on Petruzelli, but Seth evades them. Seth bullrushes Rodriguez and Ricco seemingly just falls down. Ricco neutrilizes Petrzuelli, and Seth stands back up. Petruzelli lands a big head kick on Ricco. Seth starts to push the pace scoring with big punches. Rodriguez knees the stomach of Seth. Rodriguez pushes Petruzelli against the cage and he works for a single-leg. Ricco lands two uppercuts and goes for a head kick, but Petruzelli counters with a big punch. Petruzelli sores with big spinning back heel kick to the head of Ricco. Petruzelli DESTROYS Ricco with a big right hand. I mean that was a huge straight right that connect with Rodriguez as Ricco was coming in. Seth follows up with ground and pound to put Ricco away as the referee stops the fight. Ricco didn't look good at all, as he looked very sluggish and slow. He also gassed within the first couple of minutes. On the other hand, Petruzelli keeps himself relevant with a big knock-out win over Ricco. I mean this knock-out was brutal. Petruzelli calls out the light-heavyweight champion Christian M'Pumbu after the fight. 
Offical Result - Seth Petruzelli def. Ricco Rodriguez via 1st Round KO.
Welterweight Bout
Brett Oteri (8-1) vs Ryan Quinn (6-2)
Quinn immediately takes down Oteri as the fight begins. Quinn transition into side control and eventually north-south position. Oteri secures his full guard. Quinn passes into mount, and he scores with ground punches. Quinn then gets the back of Oteri and locks on a tight rear-naked choke. Oteri passes out and the referee calls the fight.
Official Result - Ryan Quinn def. Brett Oteri via 1st Round Technical Submission. 
During commercials there was a pretty cool Bellator commercial hyping the premier of season five. The back-ground audio is Bruce Lee's "Like Water" statement. Just shows some of the Bellator fighters striking.
Heavyweight "Superfight" Bout
Cole "The Polar Bear" Konrad (7-0) vs Paul "The Headhunter" Buentello (29-13)
Although people complain that these super-fights aren't title fights, it really doesn't matter as they are all pretty much tune-up fights for the champions. Sadly there is no ground-hog shooting footage in Konrad's video package at Team DeathClutch. Neil Grove is on commentary for the fight.  Both fighters start the fight a bit patient as they test each other out with short strikes that don't really connect. If anything Konrad has the advantage in the striking landing leg kicks. This fight is pretty lack luster as Konrad keeps some space, and Paul throws a bout one punch every minute. I think Buentello received some tips from Scott Smith on how to strike. Terrible round. Konrad gets the round for landing a leg kick. Konrad 10-9. Buentello's corner is yelling at him for his inactivity. Both guys throw a couple of jabs to start the round and then they resume their staring competition. Konrad lands an inside leg kick. I would like the referee to inform both men that this is a contact sport. Konrad finally clenches with Buentello against the cage with two minutes left in the round. I have never been more excited for a body clench. Buentello escapes the clench from Cole. Konrad lands an uppercut on Buentello in an exchange by both men. Near the end of the round their is an exciting exchange as both men trade wild hooks. Konrad 10-9. Based on the state of Konrad, Buentello, and Rodriguez, UFC Trainer should probably sponsor Bellator's Heavyweight Division. Konrad lands a leg kick, and then a big left punch that knocks down Buentello. Cole gets the back of Buentello and has a hook in. Konrad goes for a rear-naked choke, but its too early. Konrad once again goes to the back of Buentello. Paul rolls on hi back and Konrad is in his half-guard. Konrad lands a couple of punches on top of Buentello, but is pretty in active. The referee stands up both fighters, and they trade combos. Buentello lands a big uppercut. I believe Sean Wheelock talked about how he reminded himself of Gordon Solie when he was reading a plug for TNA Impact. Konrad 10-9. Terrible fight, I wouldn't be surprised if everybody watching this show tuned out except for me. I never want to see Cole Konrad fight ever again. I would say the same thing about Paul Buentello, but I doubt I will ever have the opportunity to see the Headhunter fight again. 
Official Result - Cole Konrad def. Paul Buentello via Unanimous Decision (30-28, 30-27, and 30-27)
Bellator Summer Series Featherweight Final
Marlon Sandro (19-2) vs Pat Curran (15-4)
Curran starts the fight with a couple of push kicks that he utilizes in his striking game. Curran goes for a flying knee, and Sandro lands a right on Pat. Curran hits Sandro low. Pat lands a jab, but Sandro lands a good left hook and uppercut. Curran tries keep the distance with leg kicks, but Marlon is able to get close with some combos. Sandro scores with a spinning heel kick to the body of Curran. Pat gets a head kick blocked by Sandro who counters with a kick of his own. Sandro shoots in for a take-down as the period expires. Close round as Curran did push the pace, but Sandro lands more punches. Sandro 10-9. Sandro lands a crisp straight left, but Curran lands a big right. Sandro lands a good uppercut of his own and he starts to throw some wild punches on Curran. Curran has a cut over his eye. Pat tries to clench with Sandro, but Marlon escapes. Curran is looking to counter punch as Sandro connects with jabs and a body kick. Marlon continues to find a home for his right hand. Curran catches Sandro with a HUGE head-kick KO. I mean an unbelievable finish for Pat Curran. Just an awesome head-kick KO. It came out of nowhere, Awesome finish by Curran in a fight that he was losing. Great way to end  the summer series. 
Official Result - Pat Curran def. Marlon Sandro via 2nd Round KO. 
The premier of Bellator Season 5 is September 10th, 2011, here are the tournaments for next season.
September 10th, 2011
Welterweight Tournament
Steve Carl vs Douglas Lima
Ben Saunders vs Chris Cisneros
Chris Lozano vs Brent Weedman
Dan Hornbuckle vs Luis Santos
September 17th, 2011
Middleweight Tournament
Bryan Baker vs Jared Hess
Alexander Shlemenko vs Zelg Galesic
Brian Rogers vs Vitor O' Donnell
Victor Vianna vs Sam Alvey
September 24th, 2011
Bantamweight Tournament
Joe Warren vs Alexis Vila
Ed West vs Luis Nogueira
Joe Soto vs Eduardo Dantas
Chase Beebee vs Marcos Galvao

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