WWE house show report 8-20 Saskatoon

By Rob King

Report from the RAW house show in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan tonight.  Crowd was really hot for all the matches.  Apparently the same show that was done last night in Regina.
*Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston defeated David Otunga and Michael McGillcutty in a non-title match.  Bourne pinned Kingston after the Air Bourne.
*Zach Ryder defeated Drew McIntyre with his finisher. 
*Kelly Kelly defended her Diva's title against Beth Phoenix.  Beat her with a roll-up.
*John Morrison defeated R-Truth after a Starship Pain.
*Alberto Del Rio defeated CM Punk in a WWE Title match.  They botched a spot in the middle quite badly.  Punk was trying to get up on Del Rio's shoulders and lost his balance backwardsand they both crashed down to the mat.  Ricardo took out Punk's leg while he was on the top rope and crotched him and Del Rio got the pin.
*Intermission with a dance contest hosted by Eve.  Little kid who attempted the worm won the contest.
*Santino Marella beat Jack Swagger following the cobra.  Comedy match.
*Dolph Ziggler retained the US Title over Alex Riley.  Ziggler went for the cheap heat by bad mouthing Canada.  Tried to elbow drop a Canadian flag but Riley moved the flag out of the way.  Ziggler won with the ZigZag.
*Main Event saw John Cena defeat Alberto Del Rio in a WWE Title match by dq.  Ricardo was banned from ringside but in the match the ref got knocked out of the ring, Ricardo came down and hit Cena with a chair which the ref saw and he called for the dq.  After the match Del Rio was to hit Cena with the chair but Punk made the save.  Crowd was really pro-Cena.  Only a handful of young adults boo'ed him, but they were greatly out numbered.  Probably 90/10 cheers/boos for Cena.
*After the match, John Cena had Eve come to the ring and led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to her as tomorrow is her birthday.
Alright show.  Nothing outstanding but nothing was really bad either.  Standard house show.
-Rob King

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