OVW TV tapings report 8-24 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for August 24th, 2011. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. This show continued the build to the September 3rd Saturday Night Special, and it wasn't a bad show tonight, but it feels like they've lost a bit of the momentum they had a few months ago. Two title changes occurred on this taping however. This was the lowest attendance for a TV taping in quite some time, just a shade over 100, but the Kentucky State Fair is happening in Louisville now, as well as school starting back. The Rod Steele benefit show held last Saturday, August 20th, raised $1,700 for Steele's family. This Saturday August 27th will be the premier of an independent movie called "The Last Summer" at the Davis arena. This film was written and produced by Jason Saint, who works on the OVW production team. ROH tapes television at the Davis arena on Saturday, October 1st.

1. Alex Silva beat Mystery

Dark match. A new black referee worked this match. Mystery dresses up like a Wizard, wears make up, and carries a big stick. The outcome here was no "mystery" however as Silva won it by saying his "Uh oh" catch phrase, and then hitting Mystery with his Silva Surfer running knee finisher.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Aiden Young by submission

This too was a dark match. Another new ref worked this match as well. This time a short, very young, white guy. Silvio and Green with their regular pre-match mic work. Silvio won it quickly with the Crippler Crossface submission move. In fact, this match was so quick Silvio never even took his sparkly robe or sunglasses off. Before this match some very attractive women, all dressed up wearing mini-shirts, were ushered to seats, which just so happened to be front row center. Coincidence? Me thinks not. Were they there to see Silvio? Me thinks not again.

3. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat Brandon Espinosa & Tony Gunn

Yet another dark match. The Elite have made up, and this was their first match back together, and they are now babyfaces, and got a decent pop. Tony Gunn, who stalks Johnny Spade, came out with the stuffed bear he's tried to give to Spade a few times. The bear has a bandanna on its head like Spade wears. All Elite early here. The stuffed bear was the downfall for Gunn and Espinosa in this one as McNaler grabbed the bear, which freaked Tony Gunn out. McNaler threw the bear out of the ring, and Gunn went after it. Meanwhile in the ring, The Elite hit their double team spear spot on Espinosa and won it.

The TV taping opened with clips from last week when Andreas Rossi w/Chrisian Mascagni powerbombed OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne thru four chairs to win a no DQ, non-title match. Wayne was said to have suffered a broken rib, and three cracked ribs on that spot. Wayne defends the title against Rossi at the September 3rd Saturday Night Special.

They showed Rossi and Mascagni in the back, happily watching the clips from last week. Mascagni told Rossi it was beautiful, and to bring home the gold on September 3rd. Mascagni said if people thought last week was violent, just wait until tonight.

Out to the ring came Prince Bolin with James "Moose" Thomas, and Raul Lamotta. No Rocco Bellagio with them. Thomas and Bellagio are the current OVW Southern Tag team champions. Bolin said Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson has been getting The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) ready for their rematch for the tag titles tonight, but that the tag titles don't belong to Thomas and Bellagio, they belong to Bolin Services 2.0. Bolin basically invoked the old "Freebird rule" and said Raul Lamotta would be subbing for Bellagio tonight. Bolin said tonight would begin a year long reign of the tag titles for Bolin Services 2.0. He choked on those words before this night was over. Not sure was was up with Bellagio, He didn't appear at all tonight, and appeared briefly last week with a big piece of tape on his side.

4. Sean Casey beat Randy Terrez

This was the first match of the TV taping, and a rematch from last week between these two, which was also the TV taping opener. Terrez with a bunch of offense early. Casey tried to win with his feet on the ropes, but the ref caught the infraction. Terrez with a crossbody block off the ropes, but Casey used his momentum to turn it over, and held Terrez' tights for the win. A mild upset win I'd say, and the first for Sean Casey in this return to OVW, though he did win a battle royal to earn a TV title shot at the August Saturday Night Special.

A bunch of babyfaces were hanging out in the lockeroom when up walked Raphael Constantine. He was looking for someone to wrestle tonight. He pointed towards Dylan Bostic, but Ryan Howe stepped up and said he'd do it. Constantine said Howe needed get better gear first. lol Alex Silva stepped up and said he'd do it, but Constantine made an excuse why he couldn't face Silva. Constantine wanted Bostic, someone he thought would be easy to beat basically, and got his wish.

Benny Bray, the stud of the OVW stable, was backstage and being fed cupcakes by both of the Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah). The twins left to go make some more cupcakes. Lady wrestler CJ Lane came by, told Bray that she's heard about him, and shoved him into an office for some "fast Lane" lovin'.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Mohamad Ali Vaez was cautiously walking down the hall looking paranoid, scared, and basically freaked out. Vaez had the prosthetic leg belonging to Michael Hayes with him. Vaez tried a few doors, but they were locked. Vaez then opened the door to the restroom, and standing there was Michael Hayes, who again attacked Vaez. Vaez again escaped thru a door, with the fake leg. This, as usual, got a pop in the Davis arena.

5. Raphael Constantine beat Dylan Bostic

Like last week Constantine again did his own color commentary during this match, but they got smarter this time and had him use a cordless microphone. He's mildly entertaining at it, but he's no Jerry Lawler at it, that's for sure. Constantine said like last week, this again was an "exhibition match". Constantine dominated Bostic here, but when Bostic came back a bit, Constantine tossed the ref a piece of candy, then tossed the ref the mic, and beat Bostic with some goofy take over, that took way too long to set up. The finish looked really bad here. Constantine, who claims to be the rightful TV champion, gets a shot at current OVW TV champion Paredyse next week, thanks to Christian Mascagni.

Lady JoJo was talking to Taryn Shay backstage. JoJo said she didn't know how Shay did it, but that she JoJo is getting a rematch for the OVW Womens title against current champion Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) tonight. Shay said she had no idea how the title shot came about. How it came about is last week Benny Bray gave Izza Belle some lovin' in exchange for her giving JoJo a rematch for the title. Shay however, thinks that she and Bray are exclusive. Lennox Norris showed up and started Disco dancing. JoJo was initially annoyed with Norris, but then said that Norris just gave her an idea. Shay got on her cell phone trying to get a hold of Benny Bray.

6. Lady JoJo w/Taryn Shay beat Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) w/Jessie Belle Smothers to win the OVW Womens title

Izza Bella went right to work on Lady JoJo. JoJo back with some kicks. Izza Belle with knees to the face, then a running knee to the jaw of JoJo. Izza Bella went for her pump handle slam into a drop down finisher, but JoJo made the ropes and grabbed the hands of Taryn Shay. Jessie Belle ran over to help her "sister"(?), but Lennox Norris ran out and acted as a shield between Shay and Jessie Belle. JoJo then rolled up Izza Belle for a very near fall. Izza Belle went for her finisher again, but Lennox Norris grabbed her foot, and JoJo got the win to regain the Womens title. JoJo had held the Womens title for nearly a year before losing it to Izza Belle a few weeks ago. This was too short, but really good action between JoJo and Izza Belle while it lasted.

Brittany DeVore was backstage interviewing Rudy Switchblade. DeVore asked Switchblade where his security crew was. Siwtchblade told DeVore the best defense was a good offense. Referee Chris Sharpe ran up in a panic and something has happened to Jamin Olivencia. The camera, and Sharpe, ran down the hall, to find Olivencia being pushed down a flight of stairs outside by Rudy Switchblade's goon squad. Olivencia appeared to be badly injured, but they never went back to this again the rest of the show, and they should have. Switchblade and Olivencia meet in a street fight on September 3rd.

The showed a video of OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne outside his home. Wayne talked about being powerbombed thru four chairs by Andreas Rossi last week, which he said broke one of his ribs, and cracked three others. Wayne said doctors told him he shouldn't be wrestling for weeks, but that he will be at the Davis arena next week, and he will be defending his title against Rossi on September 3rd. Wayne raised his shirt, showing his heavily taped ribs, and said this wouldn't stop him, which got a pop in the arena.

7. Andreas Rossi w/Christian Mascagni beat Jay Bly

Mascagni came out with a crown and a scepter....Oh brother. Mascagni took the mic and said Jason Wayne was scared to be here tonight, and would not be ready to compete by the Saturday Night Special, and would just have to forfeit the OVW title to Andreas Rossi on September 3rd. Mascagni then christened Rossi as "King Rossi". Felt like a rip off of King Sheamus, not to mention Jerry Lawler of course. It was a better crown than the stupid thing Sheamus wore though, and it got good heat in the arena. Not exactly the heights of originality here though. I doubt Kenny Bolin cared for this King business too much either. Jay Bly is a skinny kid with no body and a mohawk. Rossi beat him quick with a powerbomb, and then gave him another powerbomb after the match. A bunch of refs came out to try and stop this, as Jerry Lawler's music played. Like I said...Oh brother. Hey, instead of a crown, shouldn't Rossi have been given the $25,000 bounty money that Mascagni put up on Jason Wayne? Rossi did hurt Wayne, and put him out of action, at least for this week.

Izza Belle and Jessie Belle Smothers were arguing backstage about Izza Belle losing the OVW Womens title. They said wait until "Dad"(?)(Tracy Smothers) finds out. lol

CJ Lane finally let a disheveled looking Benny Bray out of the office, but soon as she did, big, black lady wrestler Epiphany shoved Bray right back into the office yet more lovin'. Chris Silvio and Mo Green saw this, and were yakking it up.

Mohamad Ali was at his locker, highly nervous. Vaez said he owns a home and cars, and doesn't need this. Vaez was taking stuff out of his locker when Michael Hayes attacked him yet again. Vaez again escaped with the fake leg. Hayes said this wasn't over.

Hill, Corsey and Kenny Bolin were talking at the desk when Vaez came thru the curtain, looking frightened, with the fake leg of Michael Hayes. Vaez was looking under the ring for Michael Hayes. Vaez got in the ring and took the mic and said that Hayes has been attacking him for week, and he can't take it anymore. Vaez on his knees saying he'll do anything if Hayes will call off the dogs. Vaez said he'd give Hayes back his leg, saying take the leg and go, and get out of my life, please. Vaez kept up his plea, while Michael Hayes snuck thru the crowd wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Hayes got in the ring and attacked Vaez yet again, who ran away, this time without the fake leg. Crowd loud for this. Hayes put the leg on and walked around. Hayes took the mic and said this wasn't even about the leg anymore, it was about Vaez putting his hands on his flesh and blood. Vaez got into a brief physical confrontation with Hayes' mother after their match at the August Saturday Night Special. Hayes said he has some special friends coming to the September 3rd Saturday Night Special, and Vaez won't be able to run or hide then. So I guess it will be a lumberjack match on that night, or something like that.

Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson was giving The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) a pep talk backstage. Jump Squat said Prince Bolin has thrown them a curve ball, but they can still win tonight and regain the OVW Southern Tag Team titles. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) walked up and wished the Fat and The Furious good luck tonight, and said they, The Elite, were the number one contenders on September 3rd, and would face the winner of tonights match then, and they would be watching tonight. The Fat & the Furious beat The Elite for the belts when the Elite was not getting along. It was uneasy between the two teams, but they finally knocked fists together, as both teams are babyfaces now.

"Smooth" Johnny Spade was telling a joke backstage. Up came his stalker Tony Gunn, holding his Johnny Spade inspired stuffed bear. Spade heavily berated Gunn about the bear, and for trying to give him a bear. Spade told Gunn you buy a guy a beer, not a bear. Spade told Gunn he was done with him. Gunn looked very hurt, and clutched the bear.

8. Paredyse beat Benjamin Bray to retain the OVW TV Title

Bray stumbled out here, after getting it on with both CJ Lane and Epiphany tonight, his hair a mess, his t-torn. He looked in no condition to fight, let alone go for a title. Bray earned this title shot by winning a dark match royal rumble style battle royal last week. Paredyse fell on the mat and invited Bray to "cuddle" with him. Bray was really sorry he did that. Paredyse kept messing with Bray by pinching his rear, and trying to kiss at him, along with other Homophobic spots. Bray got upset and complained to the ref about Paredyse' tactics. Paredyse then got serious, slapped Bray across the face a few times, and beat him with a running, spinning neckbreaker.

Brittany DeVore became upset, and got in the ring to check on Bray. Taryn Shay then ran out, kinda pushed DeVore away and checked on Bray. DeVore pushed Shay back, bothing claiming that Benny was their boyfriend. Out came Solo Darling with the same claim. Next was Jessie Belle Smothers, then Izza Belle Smothers. Next came the Blossom Twins, then CJ Lane. Shay forced DeVore out of the ring. Out came Epiphany, in ripped jeans. Bray was still down in the ring during all of this, while Epiphany cleaned house and knocked all the girls out of the ring. Epiphany then picked Bray up, and kissed him. Dean Hill seemed legit impressed with Bray's "game" after all of this. It was a very funny segment. I think the only women in OVW Bray hasn't made it with yet is current champion Lady JoJo. Brittany DeVore was openly pouting in her chair by the sidewall the rest of this show.

9. The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) w/Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson beat James "Moose" Thomas & Raul Lamotta w/Prince Bolin to win the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

TV main event time. In addition to Raul Lamotta subbing for Rocco Bellagio here, no Mo Green or the personal assistant out on the floor with Prince Bolin for this one, and Green was at the taping, so I guess they're changing things up some. Both teams fighting at the bell. Lamotta really got dominated by The Fat & The Furious early. Jack Black hit a 537 pound butt bump to the corner on Lamotta. Trailer Park Trash ended up taking the heat here, with Thomas beating on TPT in the corner. Black back in. Some confusion in the ring between Black and Thomas shortly before the finish. Black hit a sidewalk slam on Lamotta for the win, and The Fat & The Furious regained the OVW Southern Tag team titles, and will now defend them against The Elite on September 3rd. Prince Bolin was heavily berating Raul Lamotta on the floor after this match. Kenny Bolin on his feet, also berating Lamotta. I halfway expect Bolin Services 2.0 to now protest this title change, since a sub was in the match and got pinned to lose the belts, even though it was their idea.
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