UFC 134 from Brazil - live coverage Silva vs. Okami; Griffin vs. Rua

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Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 134 from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazili.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to dave@wrestlingobserver.com

Yves Jabouin vs.  Ian Loveland

This is Jabouin’s debut in the bantamweight division.

First round: Super hot crowd, and they boo quickly as well.  Crowd is exploding with every
offensive move.  Loveland took him down when Jabouin threw a kick.  They are on the ground
for like 15 seconds before the crowd starts booing, like the best and worst crowd at the same
time.  Loveland with some punches from the top.  Loveland working for a a wristlock but gave it
up.  Crowd booing when the action slows.  The ref ordered a stand-up way too early because of
it.  Loveland came in with some punches.  Front kick by Loveland but didn’t land solid.  Jabouin
landed hard with a body kick.  Loveland moved in with apunches and backed out.  Jabouin
missed a spinnig bakc kick.  Jabouin landed a right hard and hurt him.  Jabouin followed with a
flying knee but it didn’t land solid.  Loveland grabbed the leg for a single leg.  Loveland 10-9,
Jabouin’s one good offensive move late, while the most damaging blow, isn’t enough to win the

Second round: Loveland came out for a takedown.  His corner told him to go for the takedown
and turn it into a wrestling match.  Jabouin got up and then took Loveland down.  Loveland
reversed and is now on top.  Loveland throwing some punches from the top, but not hard
punches.  Super loud chant in Portuguese.  Now crowd booing because they’ve got like 20 slow
seconds.  Body kick by Jabouin.  Overhand right by Jabouin.  Great spin kick to the body by
Jabouin.  Another spin kick by Jabouin, but the ref ruled it was low and warned Jabouin to watch
it.  Right by Loveland.  Now crowd booing again.  Big left spinning punch by Jabouin.  Loveland
got the takedown.  Jabouin quickly back up.  Traded punches.  High kick by Jabouin.  Body shot
by Jabouin.  Jabouin with a takedown with 12 seconds left, which is a strategy to end round with
him on top.  Jabouin’s round so it’s 19-19 in my book.

Third round: Jabouin taking over with low kicks.  Loveland landed a right.  Crowd booing again.
Both guys are tired.  Jabouin with a takedown but Loveland up before he was really even down.
Jabouin tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Loveland failed on a takedown attempt.  High kick
by Jabouin and body kick, neither landing solid.  Another body kick.  Jabouin blocking
takedowns and landed a side kick.  Jabouin definitely winning this round.  Spin kick by Jabouin.
Jabouin tried a taekdown to clinch the round but couldn’t get it.  Good right hand counter by
Jabouin., Loveland landed two shots.  Jabouin again went for the takedown.  Fans started booing
when it went the distance.  29-28 Jabouin.

Scores: 30-27 Loveland, 29-28 Jabouin and 29-28 Jabouin.  The first judge could be trouble the
rest of the night because there’s no way.

Yuri Alcantara vs. Felipe Arantes 

First round: Alcantara took him down off a kick. Crowd super hot for both guys, since they are Brazilian. Alcantara landed an elbow. He’s now landing a lot of lefts to the side of the head, then passed to side control. Arantes’ left eye is busted. The ref called for a standup, again way too early. Flying knee and a hard right by Arantes. Alcantara landed a left. Great spinning head kick by Arantes at the end of the round. Alcantara 10-9, but that late flurry did make it close.

Second round: Alcantara tried a kick but it was blocked. Arantes right back. Left by Alcantara. Takedown by Alcantara. Alcantara moved to side control. Crowd booed immediately after the pass because no punches were thrown. Alcantara moved to the mount, great pass as he faked an armbar to get the mount. Ref ordered a sandpup wen Arantes got guard back and action slowed. Good trade and Arantes landed a knee by Alcantara took him down agian with 48 seconds left. Alcantara took the round so 20-18. Not that exciting a round.

Third round: Alcantara got the takedown and took his back. Arantes moved to the top. Arantes landed some rights from the top. Arantes landed some punches. Arantes in with a flying knee and Alcantara took him down from it. Alcantara staying on top and doing little. Crowd booing, which you’d figure. Alcantara is riding the clock for the decision. Ref ordered a stand-up with 45 seconds left. Another takedown by Alcantara which should ice the fight. I’m giving the round to Arantes close, but Alcantara still takes the decision 29-28, although first and third could go either way. Crowd booed the fight.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Alcantara

Erick Silva vs. Louis Ramos

These are two guys from rival promotions in Brazil who were each welterweight champions in their promotion so this is a big deal to the hardcores in Brazil.

First round: Silva knocked him down with a right, finished him quickly on the ground with six punches. Ramos was done by the fourth punch. Silva then did a backflip for good measure. This one is making the PPV. Overhand right :40

Raphael Assuncao vs. Johnny Eduardo

Assuncao moved to bantamweight. Eduardo is the favorite as he’s from Rio de Janeiro and Assucanso is from Recife and now lives in the U.S. Eduardo has a great rep for Muay Thai.

First round: Crowd booing early. Good right landed by Eduardo. Takedown by Assuncao. Assucnao landing elbows from the top. Ref then ordered a stand-up. These stand-ups are coming too fast because of the crowd’s impatience. Assuncao landed a right at the horn. 10-9 Assuncao. Crowd is quiet, with the biggest reactions coming for seeing the ring girls.

Second round: Front kick by Assuncao but Eduardo landed low kicks. Eduardo got the clinch and powered Assuncao down but Assuncao reversed and got his back. They are now against the fence. Assuncao working for a single leg but couldn’t get it, and threw a knee. Right by Eduardo and a low kick. Another low kick. Assuncao tried for a takedown but Eduardo blocked it. Assuncao has him against the fence. Assucnao can’t take him down. Assuncao gave up on the takedown. Spin kick by the body by Eduardo. Now in a clinch and trading knees. Assucano got a takedown. And now Assuncao has his back. Assuncao clinched the round late so he should be up 20-18.

Third round: Eduardo moving forward. He seems to know he needs a finish to take the fight. Knee by Eduardo. Assuncao back with a low kick. Assuncao went for a takedown and got him down again. Assuncao actually had a half crab for a second. Assuncao punching from the top. Assuncao continues to land punches from the top while he’s standing and Eduardo is on the ground. Assuncao contiues to land punches. Why they ordered a stand-up is beyond me, but that’s the pattern here. Eduardo landed a right and Assuncao slipped and went down but right back up. Assuncao’s round so I’ve got 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Assuncao

When Assuncao did his interview in English, the crowd would boo, so he’d go back to speaking Portuguese and then they’d cheer for him.

Paulo Thiago vs. David Mitchell

First round: Thiago got a super reaction, as you’d expect, since he was a member of the special forces in the Rio de Janeiro police department. They hated Mitchell. If this fight has any action the heat will be off the charts. Crowd just going nuts. Mitchell is huge for his weight class, looks a weight class and a half bigger. Thiago landed several punches. Body kick by Thiago. Moved in with a low kick. Takedown by Thiago. Thiago is in side position. The crowd is singing. Mitchell up. Crowd super loud. Spin kick to the body by Thiago but didn’t land solid. Thiago got his back and took Mitchell down again and moved to side control. Thiago backed off and let Mitchell up with about ten seconds left. Thiago 10-9.

Second round: Trading punches and Thiago landed the be shot late. Spin kick by Thiago missed and Thiago went down but Mitchell couldn’t take advantage of it. Thiago got the takedown. Thiago with a punch, followed by a takedown. Mitchell is bleeding. Another takedown by Thiago. Thiago landed a good right. Mitchell started to land and he crowd wasn’t happy. Thiago 20-18.

Third round: Thiago starting to land. Big left by Thiago followed by a right. Another takedown by Thiago. Thiago got back up and let Mitchell up. High kick by Thiago. Mitchell bleeding from the right eye. Mitchell landed a right. Thaigo landed a left and two rights. Thiago got his back and trying to finish with a choke but time is running out. Thiago should win easy 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Thiago. Crowd so hot for Thiago.

Rousimar Palhares vs. Dan Miller

First round: Palhares landed a right and pulled guard. Palhares looks so jacked. Palhares tried an uma plata. Chants for Palhares. Palhares with low kicks. Front kick nailed Miller in the jaw and then a big slam takedown but Miller right back up and took Palhares down. Miller backed off and let Palhares up. Overhand right by Palhares. Body kick by Palhares. Big right by Palhares and another right and the a knee when Miller ducked for a takedown. Body kick by Palhares and knocked him down with a head kick and looked to finish. Palhares walked away like he won, jumped on the cage, but Herb Dean never stopped it and Miller never quit. Miller never would quit. What a crazy spot. Both guys are bleeding. Miller bleeding fromn left eye and Palhares bleeding from left eye. Trading punches and Miller knoekd him down with a right with seconds left. Palhares back with a huge takedown and on top throwing punches and Palhares threw a punch late. 10-9 Palhares. One of the best rounds you’ll see.

Second round: Miler got poked in the eye. Palhares landed knees while Miller couldn’t see. Miller tried a guillotine, Palhares with a high slam. Miller going for triangle. Palhares with a power bomb. This is one crazy fight. Palhares pounding him and Miller trying a takedown and Palhares blocked it grabbing the fence four times, which was three times too many considering how blatant it was. Palhares on top punching because he use the fence to block the takedown. Palhars pounding him. Miller tried a triangle but not close. Slam by Palhares. Miller kicked him from the bottom but Palhares still landing big shots from the top. Palhares pounding him. Miler bleeding bad at this point. Palhares really landing hard shots now. Miller is in a lot of trouble. Miler tried a leg pick but Palhares is still on top. Palhares pounding him and Miller is trapped near the fence. Herb Dean told Miller he’s about to stop it while Palhares continued to punch. Miller moved but Miller is bleeding badly from the left eye. Palhares 10-8 round so 20-17

Third round: Palhares is tired now. Miller landed some punches. Palhares back. Miller is fresh even after that beating and landing punches but only one at a time. Miller landed a left jab. Miller is just as tired now though. Miller landing punches. Miller landing more punches. Hard left hook by Palhares. Both guys are exhausted with 2:00 left. Overhand right by Palhares landed. Miller just too tired to take advanage . Miller landed a nice left jab. Palhares with two body shots. Palhares landed three rights. Miller with a couple of punches. Super fight. Both hugged. Palhares wins the round close but either way he’s easily got the fight, I’ve got 30-26.

Scores: 29-27, 30-27 and 30-25 for Palhares

Thiago Tavares vs. Spencer Fisher

Round one: Tavares got the takedown. Marc Goddard ordered a stand-up. Tavres tried a head kick and another. Tavares bleeding from under the right eye. Tavares working for a takedown and got it. Tavares pounding on Fisher on the ground. Thiago chant. Now Tavares has his back. Tavares 10-9.

Round two: Tavares’ corner told him to stop kicking. Tavares then came out and threw two high kicks. Fisher trying to block the takedown but Tavares just powered him off the ground and put him down. Tavares landing a lot of punches on the ground. Tavares continued to pound on him. Tavares landing a lot of shots on the ground. After 25 straight unanswered punches the ref stopped it.

The crowd booed Tavares whenever he spoke English, but when he'd switch to Portuguese, they'd cheer.  This has been the case all night.

Luiz Cane vs. Stanislaus Nedkov

Nedkov is only the second Bulgarian to compete in UFC. He’s a two-time national freestyle wrestling champion in Bulgaria.

First round: Crowd is singing again. Nedkov moved in with punches trying to get the takedown but Cane circled away. Cane with a low kick and a right punch. Cane missed a kick and fell down. Nedkov tried to chase him down. Cane landing several punches to the head. Nekdkov moved in but couldn’t get the takedown. Good left to the jaw by Cane. Nedkov bleeding. Nedkov hurt him and Cane is in touble. It was a left hook to the jaw that was the key blow. Cane tried to dance away out of trouble. Nedkov pounding him on the ground, around 18 straight hard lefts to the head and ref Mario Yamasaki stopped it. This quieted the crowd.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Brendan Schaub

Schaub came out with a gi with an American flag and Brazilian flag on it.

First round: In a clinch against the fence. Crowd going crazy for Nogueira. Nogueira trying for at takedown but couldn’t get it. Trading short punches to the jaw in a clinch. Nogueira landed a left jab. Nogueira landed a good right. Schaub landed a hard one as well. Schuab kicking the front knee. Schaub landed a left. Nogueira back with a left and right. Schaub landed several punches. Nogueira landed several punches, knocked him down and it’s over. Place going crazy like you wouldn’t believe. It was a few punches, a hard left and right landing good followed by another left that landed perfectly, which put put Schaub down and out. 3:10

Ross Pearson vs. Edson Barboza

First round: Barboza threatened with a kick that would have kicked his head off. Pearson moved in putting him on his heels. Pearson landed a right. Barboza tried a front kick but didn’t land. Pearson moved him into the fence but Barboza danced out of the way. Traded shots. Now both missing. Spin kick by Barboza. Pearson with a body kick. Pearson in with punches and Barboza with low kicks. Pearson trying for a takedown, maybe to clinch the round. Close round. I’m going with Pearson 10-9.

Second round: Traded body kicks and Barboza put him down with an overhand right. Pearson back up but he doesn’t have his legs back. Body kick by Barboza. Pearson wanted a takedown and couldn’t get it. Body kick by Barboza. Pearson landed a left. Pearson tried a takedown but good sprawl by Barboza. Pearson in tight. Trading punches. Pearson in with a punch. Barboza landed a good right. Pearson landed a left. Spin kick by Barboza. Body kick by Barboza. Trading punches. Good left by Pearson. Another left landed by Pearson. Hard body kick by Barboza and a spin kick which didn’t quite land. Pearson moved in and wanted a takedown but not even close. Low kick by Barboza. Barboza’s round, particularly with the knockdown, so I’ve got 19-19 at this point.

Third round: Pearson with a left to the jaw. Spin kick by Barboza. Body kick by Barboza. Left by Pearson. Pearson trying a takedown but couldn’t get it again. Left hook by Pearson. Knee by Pearson. Pearson has a nasty swelling on the left side of his head. Pearson again going for the takedown couldn’t get it. Spin kick by Barboza but Pearson avoided most of it. Pearson landed a left to the jaw. Pearson with a left and right. Barboza landed two punches and busted the hematoma open. Hard left and right by Pearson. Pearson with aleft. Another left by Pearson. Spin kick by Barboza. Barboza thought takedown and couldn’t get it. Pearson with a knee. Very tough round to call. I’d go slightly with Barboza but wouldn’t argue either way.

Scores 29-28 Barboza 29-28 Pearson 29-28 Barboza

Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua

First round: Rua looks like he had a torn right pec at some point recently and didn’t get get surgery to fix it. Crowd chanting Shogun. Shogun landed a good uppercut and knee. Griffin threw but Shogun’s punches back were a lot harder. High kick by Griffin blocked. Shogun landed a good punch as Griffin moved in and Shogun giving him a beating with hammer fists and finished him. A right by Rua with a delayed knockdown, four punches on the ground but then seven hard hammer fists and by the fourth or fifth Griffin was out. 1:53

Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami for the middleweight title

First round: Neither would touch gloves. Silva looks so much bigger which is funny because they are pushing Okami like he’s super big and strong as middleweight. Okami misssed several punches. Okami got a clinch and a few punches. Silva missed a big roundhouse punch, but then landed a jab. Silva dancing around. Okami got the clinch and hit one uppercut. Now some body punches and head punches from the clinch. Silva landed two knees. Okami just trying to push him against the fence. Silva with some knees and Okami with knees as well. Okami with a short punch and Silva with a punch as well. Okami with a punch and Silva with a knee. Okami tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. . Silva using a clinch and threw a knee. Okami backed off. Silva mising punches but did land a jab. Okami landed a left and Silva back with a low kick. Silva landed a right to the side of the head. High kick by Silva hurt him. Honestly, I had the round even, maybe even by a sliver to Okami until the high kick so if its that close it could go either way. 10-9 Silva

Second round: Silva coming out fast in the second trying to put on a show and use speed and movement. Okami landed a punch but Silva came back and knocked him down with a right. Silva wouldn’t go to the ground and made Okami get up. Silva keeping his hands down daring Okami to punch so he could counter. Okami wouldn’t throw. Okami in with a left when Silva put him down with a right again and now going for a finish with punches on the ground. Knee and lots of punches. Okami is in a lot of trouble. Ref Herb Dean waved it off. 2:04

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