UFC 134, History of MMA and other weekend feedback

UFC 134

Thumbs Up
Best: Silva vs Okami
Worst: Alcantara vs Arantes 
Palhares-Miller may have been more dramatic, Barboza-Pearson was more competitive, but the main event gets my nod because watching Anderson Silva is such a unique experience.
Silva has become more terrifying than Tyson was during his run.
Jonathan Renfro

Hi Dave.
UFC Rio- Thumbs UP
Best- Nog v. Schaub
Worst- Florian announcing (you can, KFlo, tell them to take out their mouthpieces before they cut an awesome interview-FUCK!)
Dan Miller v. Palhares (sp)
I really dislike Palhares. You know when you
assume the fight is over...you make an ass out you
and me...dont make an ass outta me.
I could see Herb thinking, "What the FUCK is he doing??!"
Maybe it was his cheap shot after the bell in round 1 or his constant
grabbing the fence in rd 2 BUT i was hoping Miller would pull off the win.
He already has a rep as a dirty fighter and I could really see why after this.
Great brawl.
Spencer v. Lil Vitor
I think that's 4 out of the last 5 that the "King" has lost.
Cane v. Nedkov
Nedkov has Lytle type swing but it worked.
Funny when Cane ran into the cage when HE WAS RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE.
Nedkov is undefeated so...he has that going for him.
Nog v. Schaub
Awesome finish. I thought Nog might pull out a submission.
This fight didnt really hurt Schaub and he can grow from it.
Ross v. Edson
29-28 for Edson. They were really buiding up Edson as something great.
Don't get me wrong, he is good but I honestly was more impressed
with Pearson.
Shogun v. Forrest
Was it me or do Forrest look terrible, I dont get this guy?
I heard interviews and it sounded like he really wasnt in the right state of mind
for this fight(hating Rio, baby on the way) and it really showed.
I hope Rampage defeats Bones otherwise...who will Shogun fight?
He is the number 2 LHW and unless he fights the champ....
who does he fight? Hendo? Anderson at LHW? Machida rematch(ugh)
I guess if Rampage loses, you got Rashad v. Bones and Shogun v. Rampage.
Anderson v. Okami
Anderson honestly strikes fear into me...I really don't like him BUT man, he is best.
Okami looked so outclassed. Really hope Chael gets thru Stann....
Jesse Otawka

It's somewhat ironic that "I Won't Be Fooled Again" came on my radio on the way home from
the bar.
Yes, I was one of those who vowed never to pay for an Anderson Silva fight after the Maia
match (and I'm still waiting for Dana to make that one up to me - although Bones Jones
getting the title shot was a big help) and I've stayed true to that, until now.  I
actually paid a $5 cover to watch these fights tonight and quite frankly, I felt like
asking for my money back.
I convinced myself going in that I wasn't paying for Silva, that Shaub, Nog, and Forrest
would make up for it.  Yes, Shaub and Nog had a great fight with a fantastic moment for
Nog.  But the old Forrest was no where to be found which makes me sad.  I know he's got a
job for life, but now many times can we see his head bounce off the mat like a basketball
(for you young folks, they used to bounce basketballs once in a while) before we see him
with a corner office next to the Executive Iceman?
As as for Okami, you'd think - especially since he was trained by the motherfucker -
SOMEONE will take a page from Sonnen and go inside and not stand around like a target
while Anderson jumps around like a drunken stork doing the pee pee dance.  It's like Dave
said about Belfort, once Okaami held back, the fight was over.  Had I already paid my
bill, I would have left after that joke of a clinch. 
Ach.  I can't even go on anymore.  It's making my blood boil that I wasted my night.
Even the good undercard fights, except for Nog, I could have seen on Spike. 
Anderson Silva, please accept my gift of a large plate of fuck off with a side of go away
and don't come back.  When even your dominant, decisive fights are shit boring, it's time
to stop
Mike DeGeorge

UFC 134 Feedback
Thumbs Up
Best match: Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami
Worst match: Ross Pearson vs Edson Barboza
Hi Dave
I went to a restaurant to watch UFC tonight and thought it was a pretty good show. Pearson vs Barboza was ok but I pretty much wasn't in the mood for it, I would have liked to have seen at least one fight with some good takedowns and grappling since everything else was a knockout.
I was disappointed in some results as I would have liked to have seen a title change and I would have liked to have seen Schaub win but these are not complaints as much as the reality that the guys I wanted to see win didn't. The action was pretty good throughout the show and the fan responses to so many Brazilians winning was fun. I don't have much more to say than that.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

Thumbs up. Undercard actually was less good then recent ones have tended to be, aside from the performance by Erick Silva, and in truth competitive fights were in short supply, but the star turns by Nog, Shogun and Anderson were do-not-miss.
Best fight:  Cane vs. Nedkov
Worst fight: Palhares vs. Miller. I know some people like that kind of shit but I don't.
KO: I'd split it between Erick S, Nog, and Anderson
Sub: none? Guess not.
Jabouin-Loveland was an okay opener. Loveland is the kind of guy who makes for ugly fights. I don't get how the one judge gave him any rounds, let alone all three rounds, I suspect it was one of those deals where his card was backwards. I hope. Yves might be well served by the drop in division.
Alcantra took Arantes to school for three. Not thrilling but good technical fight. Odd that the Brazilian audiences seem to hate ground fighting, which I've noticed before also.
Erick Silva like I said I think made himself a star with the clean KO of Ramos in a match of local champions. Showed a lot of charisma also.
Nice to see Johnny Eduardo get a shot after all these years in MMA, but Assuncao was just a step ahead of him all the way around. Styles did not make for a good fight. Hadda laugh at the audience booing every word a Brazilian said in English.
Paulo Thiago got a huge pop and was just too much for David Mitchell. Also not a thrilling fight. Not the greatest FB prelims ever.
On Spike, like I said, Palhares-Miller was just a mess. Palhares should be barred.
Thiago Tavares fought a very smart, American-wrestler style fight and just shut Spencer Fischer down entirely. Very good win for him.
Cane and Nedkov got the main card off to a great start with a short, but dramatic fight, with Cane looking to have Nedkov ready to go but Nedkov turning it around on him.
I was surprised to see Nog-Schaub up next rather then one more spot up the card. Not to mention seeing Nog coldcock Schaub like that. One more time we wrote Nog off too early.
Pearson fought a smart, correct fight and boxed perfectly against a taller, faster, harder hitting guy, and held Barboza to a ressonable but very close SD. I think Pearson gained more from the loss than Barboza did from the win.
Forrest looked like shit from the bell and should hang it up. He just wasn't there. Good win for Shogun but not sure what it proves.
Major props to all concerned for creating the illusion that Silva-Okami had any chance to be competitive. Jesus. Can Anderson still be IMPROVING? And can we stop fucking around and make Anderson vs. Jon Jones already? That's the only fight that matters. 
Crimson Mask

Thumbs down. Fights seemed very predictable and boring to me.
Best: Pearson/Barboza
Worst: Rua/Griffin. Forrest looked absurd in there.  He's done.
tied with Silva/Okami.  Okami never won a big fight.
Mike Devlin

Thumbs up!
Best: Big Nog KO's Schaub
Worst: Any of the Facebook prelims going the distance
Best KO: Big Nog
Best Sub: None
The Rio crowd was jacked and pumped tonight! That made me enjoy the fights on Facebook, Spike and PPV even more because the people who were there cared so much. This was evident during the Paulo Thiago fight on Facebook. He's a BOPE cop and the crowd loved him to death. I like him too, but even more after this fight.
Palhares vs. Miller was one weird fight due to Palhares thinking Herb Dean stopped the fight when he clearly didn't. I actually cheered out loud for Miller to come back and win to stick it to the arrogant Brazillian, but it was no to avail since he was so far behind and did not have the one punch KO power to finish Palhares.
Tavares vs. Fisher was an efficient but boring win by the younger Tavares. As I get older I tend to cheer for the older fighters like Fisher.
I loved the Nedkov upset of Cane. The crowd was jacked and then out of nowhere Nedkov lands the big punch to turn the fight he was losing around. 
Big Nog vs. Schaub: The feel good fight of the summer! FU Schaub! You're making a name for yourself out of beating past their prime fighters stops now!
Pearson vs. Barboza: I actually thought Pearson had this fight. I wasn't impressed with Barboza at all. Once he fights a guy with good wrestling, he's toast.
Shogun vs. Griffin: I llike both guys, but Forrest's heart doesn't seem to be in it anymore based on his inteviews. So I'm more happy to see Shogun win since his heart is more into competing.
Okami vs. Silva: Silva is the BOSS! After round one, he figured Okami out and had zero respect for his stand-up. Then he just literally picked him apart. Anderson is simply the greatest MMA fighter of all time! Nuff said!
A. Wong
Toronto, ON



I count 9 shows for bellator, strike force and UFC between 9/10 and 10/1. Does this number of shows on the national level risk burning out the market?  I also have great reservations about the number of UFC shows that will have to be run to meet the new fox contract. I worry that the market is going to burn out. Or, does all this exposure ensure us the best chance of discovering new stars?

Is there any talk of UFC coming back to Charlotte or NC?


Jeff Gass



This piece is one of the best things ever in the newsletter, which is saying a lot.  Terrific, chock full of info.



David Wolf

     I wanted tell you what a great job you with the MMA history piece you wrote. I work for a major MMA gear company (Combat Sports International/ Ringside boxing) and I printed out your article and passed it out to all my staff for them to read. Very nice work sir!
Justin Appleberry
Sales Manager
Combat Sports International, CQC Warehouse, GSA Accounts

Dave -
Please consider expanding your History of Vale Tudo article into a full blown ebook.  I think it would be a slam dunk read and would be a very useful resource on the sport as it is possibly on the verge of blowing up. 
Great work on this one!
Kyle Wallace

I just wanted to write to compliment you on the brilliant history piece on Vale Tudo i actually went in thinking it wouldn't do alot for me due to having a bit of a hatred of The Gracie's, but it was brilliant. I just wanted to take time out and thank you for a brilliant piece of writing.
Mathew O'Toole


Got the big issue today. I am saving the Vale Tudo section tonight in case the power goes down from the Hurricane and I need a way to pass the time in the dark.

Just sped through watching the Japan All Together show. As someone who came back to watching wrestling in early 90s, the Observer and the All Japan/New Japan product were the catalysts. Seeing Mutoh and Kobashi team today, even as shells as their former selves, brought a smile to my face, especially when they did the double moonsault finish.

Mark Coale


I've been a fan for forty-years now and although I don't believe my opinion carries more weight that anyone else's, I have to say the Kevin Nash .
is beyond tired.  Just when they're getting somewhere with "cutting edge" stuff, they take 10 steps backwards.  Just my opinion.
Derek Sousa

Hi Dave & Bryan,

I had stopped watching WWE for quite a while before the recent CM Punk storyline, and one of the major reasons why I've kept up with RAW & even Smackdown is I feel there's been a shift in tone in the product. It seems to me like they've made a major 180 from the former goofy comedy tone to a much more serious one (they've done a great job not just with the Punk storyline, but in booking serious heels as threats like Del Rio on RAW and Henry & Cody Rhodes on Smackdown, I think). So I'm wondering, as two guys who never stopped watching the product, first of all would you agree with me that the tone has gotten a lot more serious? And second of all, is this something they made a conscious effort to do, or did it just sort of develop over time? It feels like they've even cut way back on writing goofy comedy for John Cena, for instance, who always used to do that crap every week.

Thanks again for all the great coverage.

John Carroll

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?