UFC 134, History of MMA feedback

I gave the show an easy thumbs up
The bar I was at was pretty quiet for the prelims and picked up a bit when the PPV started but was not overly busy. Could be summer time. They are looking forward to the Sept PPV as all the students will be back in town. (Ptbo has a university and a college)
Best Fight: Dan Miller vs Rousimar Palhares
Worst Fight: Paula Thiago vs David Mitchell
Best KO: Minitauro
Best Sub: n/a
Dan Miller vs. Rousimar Palhares-an amazing way to entice people to buy the PPV from the action in this prelim fight. Palhares looked like a monster next to Miler and not even close to being in the same weight class. Crazy first round and Palhares thought the fight was stopped and started celebrating early. The bar went crazy when Miller almost knocked him out at the end of the round. That would have been an amazing finish. A blatant late punch after the horn, the first one was close and could be overlooked but there was no excuse for the second one. An eye poke in the second and then multiple cage grabbing?! How many warnings does Palhares get, does he plead ignorance and 'pretends" he doesn't understand? Should have been a point deduction for sure and Miller had to endure a lot of punishment from the illegal grabbing which may have turned the fight  as it wore him out. Could have been the same result but it looked horrible, shocked Herb Dean let him get away with it. Great fight and heart from Miller.
Spencer Fisher vs. Thiago Tavares-a great performance by Tavares. Another great fight to be on the prelims to entice people to buy. I really like Spencer Fisher but he was totally dominated.
Erick Silva vs. Luis Ramos-action while it lasted.
Luiz Cane vs. Stanislav Nedkov-Another solid fight. Cane looked like he was going to pick him apart until the fight changing blow. Bar went crazy for this one. Seemed like an awful lot of unanswered blows before Yamasaki stopped it. Does it seem like they are really giving some leeway to the Brazilians here tonight that they wouldn't in the US?
Edson Barboza vs. Ross Pearson-I thought this is the best Ross Pearson we have seen as well as the least impressive Edwin Barboza we have seen but it made for a really entertaining fight. I think the increase in caliber for opponent for Barboza made this so even. Pearson's stand up looks to have improved even more. The spinning back kicks by Barboza looked impressive and one had a big smack like it connected but were blocked by Pearson's arms both times so didn't do a lot of damage. Hard to pick a winner here but even with the loss, Pearson's stock went up in my eyes.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Brendan Schaub-I thought this was a big upset. The bar loved this fight also. Once Nogueira hurt him he wasn't stopping. Adrenaline rush from the crowd. Schaub may have a bit of a chin problem as I think I remember him being hurt vs Cro Cop but managed to come back. Makes for interesting heavyweight match ups going forward. Schaub needs to get back on track again and who is next for Minitauro?
Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio Shogun Rua-A dominating performance by Shogun who was determined to avenge his loss. Sad to see it wasn't a longer or more competitive fight for Forrest.
Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami - Okami's dirty boxing in the clinch in the 1st seemed like the right strategy. Silva's head movement as always was amazing, Okami couldn't touch him in the second round. Besides Sonnen rematch for the monster buys, I am not sure who else is out there to put against Silva?
Yves Jabouin vs. Ian Loveland-I was looking forward to this fight as the Jabouin vs Hominick fight was amazing. Loveland taking Jabouin off his feet a lot took away Yves big strength of stand up and was the right strategy but didn't make for that exciting stand up war I was hoping for. Picked up in rounds 2 & 3 and was a solid fight but not spectacular.
David Mitchell vs Paulo Thiago-Decent fight, nothing wrong with it.

Have a great day everyone.
Grant Zwarych
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Hey Dave,

Thumbs Up for Shaub being KOed more than anything else.

Best Fight: First two rounds of Palhares vs Miller
Worst Fight: None really, but too many KO's on the show was a small negative

You know last ppv was 2 hours long, this was 2 hours also. To me they need to bring more alternates to fill in time, they could have done 2 bonus fights instead of sending Okami and Silva out early. Remember the guy I mentioned last time who showed up right in time of the main event in what should have been the middle of the card? Hope he came earlier this time around.

The best moment was Nog getting the KO, that Shaud douche bag needs to go back to the bush leagues. Hitting Mirko when he was out and on the ground was really bad, but wanting to beat Antonio in Brazil just proved he was a moron, if he had won it would have meant some really bad go away heat, like the stuff he apparently had in Brazil.

 Funniest and most entertaining moment was Palhares acting like he won and getting on top of the cage when he didnt and Dean telling him to "please get down and continue". Good thing Silva watched this match.

Loved how in that reshown fight right before the ppv the guy that got KOed tried to protest the stoppage and when he got up he fell over onto one knee.

Wish Rua and Griffin had gone the distance, Griffin obviously had the thoughts of his child coming soon on his mind and he couldnt concentrate and train for the fight.

SIlva and Sonnen must battle again, if Chael fails the next drug test ( which they dont even need to do since hes fighting in Texas, and I dont even think the legislature approved spending on chemical testing machines for them to use, again, if anyone even thought to buy them), it might as well be the end of his MMA career because Dana should cut him if he screws up again. Let Vince have him. Silvas the greatest of all time, glad Okami lost. How did he think he could out strike Silva, let alone knock him out?

It was a show like last time where there were some very memorable moments, but not exactly the kind of show I'd feel good about spending $50 to see. Pretty sure I gave last show a thumbs up, and I gave this show a thumbs up for one KO, but they werent great. I dont even think I need to buy the dvd, they should probably package 133 and 134 together.

Any way, the Vale Tudo article you did was amazing. Most of my friends would be uncomfortable reading about all the pro wrestling connections to MMA, but theres always going to be those guys like that. I also want to thank you for posting my letter to you on the front page a few weeks back. Have a great day.

William Bren

I shouldn't be surprised after all the great articles you've written and the extensive research you and your team do every day. But the Brazilian Vale Tudo/MMA article in the latest Observer was unbelievable. Not only fact-filled, but presented in such an exciting way that I couldn't stop once I started. Once again, thank you for all the hard work and sharing your brilliant talent.
Jeff Miller

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