OVW TV report

By Trent Vandrisse

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for August 31st, 2011, which was the "go home" show for the September 3rd Saturday Night Special. Like I said last week, it feels like OVW has lost some momentum in recent weeks, and that feeling continued tonight, though this show did have its moments. Sort of a snake bit night however for OVW on the technical end. There were numerous problems with the mics at the announce desk as the night wore on, and they seemed to get worse instead of better. I started watching the goings on there more than the in ring action. This show didn't have a great flow to it either, something just felt kinda off kilter about it much of the show. The details of the some of the booking doesn't feel as focused as it has been either. The attendance has dropped back dramatically the past few weeks, back down to around 90 tonight. Some of that is due to school starting back, but still being around 100 people less from what they were doing is highly noticeable. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the beleaguered TV announcers on this night. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers.

The line up for this Saturdays Saturday Night Special is Jason Wayne defending the OVW Heavyweight title against Andreas Rossi w/Christian Mascagni..The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) w/Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson defending the OVW Southern Tag Team titles in a three way against The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) and James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin....Paredyse defending the OVW TV title against Raphael Constantine....Rudy Switchblade vs Jamin Olivencia in a street fight...Michael Hayes vs Mohamad Ali Vaez in a lumberjack match...Tracy Smothers, Izza Belle Smothers & Jessie Belle Smothers vs Lennox Norris, OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo & Taryn Shay in a 6 person tag.....Randy Terrez vs Sean Casey.....And Jimbo Onno vs Alex Silva....So it should be a decent show, but doesn't feel like a major show.

1. Raul Lamotta w/Prince Bolin beat Joe Coleman

Dark match. Bolin was berating Lamotta before the match, because Lamotta subbed for Rocco Bellagio last week, and lost the OVW Southern Tag Team titles back to The Fat & The Furious. Lamotta is still not an "official" member of Bolin Services 2.0, or is he??? Lamotta on the attack right away against Coleman. Lamotta was aggressive here. Coleman is a young guy with a decent look, in great shape, but looked super green on offense when he got a brief hope spot in. Lamotta won easily, then gave Coleman a curb stomp after the match.

2. Travesty & Nick Dumeyer vs Ryan Howe & Elvis Pridemore went to a no-contest

Also a dark match, thank goodness. Not sure I have the name of "Travesty" right, but if so, he was aptly named. Very skinny young kid, probably a student here, wearing a mask, and doing a Ninja gimmick. Looks like he's gone to bed hungry many nights. Two totally slapped together for the moment tag teams here, with no rhyme or reason to either one. The match was going along alright when suddenly out of the blue the referee declared it a no contest. Nobody seemed to know why, I certainly didn't. A few guys were outside the ring then, but hadn't been out long enough to be counted out. Very strange, but, who cares I guess.

3. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat David Osborne by submission

Also a dark match, as Silvio w/Green seem to be the current kings of the dark matches around here. Silvio said before the match he's going for some gold before the end of the year. Doesn't he need to get this act on TV on a regular basis first? Osborne is a hefty guy, announced at 300 pounds, though I don't think he's that heavy. Then again, Silvio is announced at 265, and he's closer to 165. Silvio, like he's been doing on a regular basis recently, again won quickly with the crippler crossface submission.

4. Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni beat Jay Bly

This was the start of the TV taping. The returning from Africa Mike Mondo ran out, hit the hapless Jay Bly once, and pinned him. Mondo then angrily pounded on Bly as several referees ran out to try in vain and stop him. Mondo is back, and made a statement here. I don't know if he was on that same ill fated Nigerian tour that stranded Luke Gallows, Cliff Compton & Micah Taylor, or if he was on some other tour in Africa. But, maybe that's why he was so angry here, and Bly was the guy that took it in the eye.

The showed clips from last week where The Fat & The Furious regained the OVW Southern Tag Team titles by beating James "Moose" Thomas & Raul Lamotta. Lamotta was subbing for Rocco Bellagio in that match.

5. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat Brandon Espinosa & Andrew Patton

Bolin Services 2.0 came to the desk before the match started, with Prince Bolin making some comments, while flanked by his men. Andrew Patton used to be in Bolin Services 2.0 as "The personal assistant", but has been removed from the group, and was just working as a random jobber here, one of many on this night. Before being with BS 2.0, Patton was "The Paparazzi guy" here with Cliff Compton, when Compton was doing the "Mr. Media" gimmick. The Elite won this one after hitting Espinosa with their double team spear spot. The Elite had a stare down with Bolin Services 2.0 after the match.

OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne was outdoors cutting a promo. Wayne said he still has one broken rib, and three cracked ones, from being powerbombed thru three chairs by Andreas Rossi a few weeks ago. Wayne also said he had been coughing up blood. Wayne said the doctors told him to stay away, but said he has guts, and will be there to defend the title against Rossi on September 3rd. Wayne was not down here, more upbeat really.

They showed Andreas Rossi and Christian Mascagni watching the monitor of
what Jason Wayne just said. Mascagni said it appears Jason Wayne didn't get the message they sent. Rossi said they should send a louder message then. Mascagni said no way will Jason Wayne show up to defend the title this Saturday, and it will then be Rossi's by forfeit.

Mohamad Ali Vaez was by his locker looking panicked and skittish. Referee Chris Sharpe tapped Vaez on the shoulder, which made Vaez jump. Vaez thought it was one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes, who has been attacking him the last several weeks. Sharpe told Vaez he was disgusted with him for putting his hands on Hayes' Mother.

6. Andreas Rossi w/Christian Mascagni beat Dylan Bosic

Rossi, who was cristened "King Rossi" last week by mascagni here, complete with a crown and scepter, was crownless and scepterless this week, though I did hear Dean Hill call him "King Rossi" on commentary. Rossi dominated Bostic, and won it with a powerbomb. Mascagni yelled at Rossi to "hurt him" after the match, and Rossi tried to do just that, but returning OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne made the save. Several refs ran out, but Mascagni proved to be an incredibly effective manager here as he managed to block two refs at once from getting into the ring. Wayne went after Mascagni, but Rossi kneed Wayne from behind in his injured ribs. Mascagni was screaming at Rossi to powerbomb Jason Wayne, and Rossi tried to do just that, but the refs were able to prevent Rossi from doing it. Wayne was slow getting back up.

Sean Casey was on his cell phone backstage when Randy Terrez came up to him. Terrez wanted to wrestle Casey this Saturday night in a rubber match, as Terrez and Casey are currently 1-1 against each other. Casey said no, because he's already beaten Terrez. Terrez said he went to OVW owner Danny Davis, and already had gotten it signed for this Saturday. Terrez then called the veteran Casey "Kid" and left. Today was Randy Terrez' birthday

The stud of the OVW stable, Benny Bray, was backstage, along with the queen of denial of OVW, Taryn Shay. Shay asked Bray what happened last week when almost every women on the OVW roster was in the ring claiming to be Bray's girlfriend. Bray didn't seem to have an answer, but Shay said it was ok, and he was still hers. Shay kissed her finger, and rubbed it across Bray's face in a way that said Bray is going to pay big time for this at some point. Shay left, and Solo Darling came up and wanted some Bray, so Benny happily left with Solo. Some guys never learn huh? Voyeurs Chris Silvio and Mo Green were humorously watching all of this. Green told Silvio that Bray has had more butt than an ashtray.

7. Jamin Olivencia beat Dre Blitz

The night of the squash matches continued here, every match so far had been a total squash. Olivencia pounded the crap out of Blitz, and won with his clamping DDT finisher.

Olivencia took the mic and said he loves to fight. Olivencia said he was coming for Rudy Switchblade in a street fight this Saturday, and that anything goes. Olivencia repeated "Anything goes" several times, then said he hopes Switchblade believes in a higher power, amen. The content of the promo here was fine, Olivencia isn't a great promo guy though. Last week Olivencia was knocked down some stairs outside by Switchblade's rouge "security" crew, and that wasn't even addressed this week, at least for the live crowd. Olivencia appeared to be totally uninjured this week. Makes no sense, why knock a guy down stairs if it isn't going to be followed up upon? Switchblade wasn't here this week. Olivencia vs Switchblade has been a hot program here, but it feels like it's lost steam, and I'm not really sure why. It just has. This should be a good, intense, match this Saturday though between these two.

The once again OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo was backstage talking with Taryn Shay, and the disco dancing Lennox Norris. JoJo beat Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) last week to regain the womens title, and she was happy about that. JoJo said this Saturday she, Shay, and Norris would be facing Smothers Twisted Daughters and ??? in a 6 person tag match. Lennox Norris now has a flashing light on a chain around his neck, to help him set the mood for his spontaneous fits of disco dancing.

8. Lady JoJo w/Taryn Shay & Lennox Norris beat Holly Blossom w/Hannah Blossom in a non-title match

This was the first somewhat competitive match of the show. Back and forth match early on. Holly had JoJo pinned, but Lennox Norris came over and disco danced in front of Hannah Blossom to block her, while Taryn Shay distracted the referee. Lady JoJo came back and dropped Holly down for the win, the champ winning a non-title match. Looked like Holly Blossom took a painful bump on the finish.

They showed JoJo, Shay and Norris backstage. JoJo won her match, but was yelling at her goofy crew. Jessie Belle Smothers came up and got in JoJo's face, and told JoJo not to mess with her family. Jessie Belle said her sister Izza Belle was having car problems, but would be here tonight. Taryn Shay laughed, and "wondered" if Izza Belle had a few flat tires, revealing that the heels had caused the car trouble. Out of the blue, Tracy Smothers then showed up, threw an innocent Jay Bly into the wall for some reason, which made a big dent in the drywall. Tracy Smothers then jabbed his Confederate flag staff into the gut of Lennox Norris and cut a promo on Lady JoJo and company, saying he'd be teaming with his "Daughters"(?) this Saturday to take on JoJo, Shay and Norris. The appearance of Tracy Smothers on the video screens got a big pop in the arena, and gave the crowd a shot in the arm they really needed right then. The whole mood of the place changed for the better when they saw Tracy Smothers. Smothers comically called Lady JoJo "JoJo-SoJo-Tojo". lol He didn't seem to know that Lennox currently goes by the name Lennox Norris here, calling him "Lennox Lewis", then calling him "Lennox Lightfoot", both names he used to use here.

Brittany DeVore interviewed Jimbo Onno backstage. Onno faces Alex Silva this Saturday. Onno said only his friends can call him "Jimbo", everyone else should call him James. Onno said he has no friends in OVW. Onno said he'd show Silva this Saturday what an enemy really is. They could have fun down the line if they wanted to with Onno on the mic. He has a serious, somewhat halting speech pattern.

9. "Smooth" Johnny Spade vs Shiloh Jonze went to a no-contest

Jonze out with new trunks here, purple and black, and fringed on the bottom. They matched his new white boots better than his old trunks did. Jonze, who has been on a winning streak lately after a long losing streak that caused him to quit OVW, didn't do any of the "Holy roller" type talk tonight he's been doing in recent weeks. Jonze and Spade know each other extremely well. They've teamed up before, and wrestled each other many times before, with Spade always getting the better of it, but that was before the "new" Shiloh Jonze, and the winning streak. The crowd came alive for this match. Good action early, and totally even, and clean, between these two. Tony Gunn, the stalker of Johnny Spade, came out, with the stuffed bear he's been trying to give to Spade for a long time now. Gunn went to the desk, and made some comments. Jonze hurt Spade with a wicked forearm shiver off the top rope. Tony Gunn got in the ring and told Jonze to stop. Spade again became angry with Gunn, and told him to leave now. Much shimmying and shaking at each other with Spade and Jonze. The match continued to be totally even between these two. The director of the show, or someone like that, ran out to the floor, and was frantically waving his arms at the announcers in front of the desk. I guess this is when the mic problems really escalated, and like I said earlier, they never got fixed, causing much drama and frustration at the announce desk. Jonze got knocked out of the ring, and Tony Gunn ran back out, and threw Jonze into the ring post, causing the ref to rule the match a no-contest. Spade was pissed at Tony Gunn after the match, yelling at Spade to get out of his life. That he doesn't want Gunn, or his bear. Gunn looked hurt, like he always does when Spade berates him, and finally left. This was easily the best match of the night, even with all the Tony Gunn stuff, and the many technical problems. They stalled for awhile after this match while they tried to fix the issues.

10. Tracy Smothers & Jessie Belle Smothers beat CJ Lane & Mysterie in a mixed tag match

Big pop for Tracy Smothers here, who now works in overalls and a T-shirt. He doesn't look youthful for his age, but he still moves around pretty well. Smothers has really good natural charisma too, especially in this setting. Tons of stalling early in this one. Out of the blue, Mysterie and CJ Lane started doing some ballroom dancing, which looked good, as goofy as it was. Tracy and Jessie Belle then did something that was supposed to be a "dance"....I suppose. Looked more like a disjointed spasm. Tracy Smothers ending up hitting Mysterie with a spear for the win. Smothers then cut a promo for his appearance here this Saturday, but that won't be televised I don't think.

Michael Hayes came to the ring. Hayes said Mohamad Ali Vaez made his life a living hell in OVW, so tonight he would make Vaez' life a living hell. Hayes said last week Vaez promised him any match he wanted, and he wanted Vaez out here now. Actually, that is bullshit, Vaez didn't do that at all last week. In fact, last week Vaez told Hayes to take his fake leg back, and begged on his hands and knees for Hayes to get out of his life. Some iffy booking going on here. Real iffy. Vaez finally poked his head thru the curtain and came out after Hayes threatened to hunt him down. Vaez, in his wrestling gear, was wearing his red knee pads around his ankles. Either that was a Ric Flair impression, or he was trying to be a stylish Cody Rhodes. Vaez said Hayes makes threats, and says he has friends, but it doesn't look like he has any friends tonight. Vaez said it looks like Hayes has no friends. Hayes asked Vaez if he wants to meet his friends, and said that Vaez had no friends. Then, many babyfaces, and a few heels, came thru the curtain all wearing Military fatuiges, which got a big pop, and surrounded the ring. A USA chant came up. Hayes said it would be him vs Vaez in a Lumberjack match this Saturday. They portray Vaez as a cerebral heel here, but at times they have him be just flat out stupid. This was one of those times. I hated that "Michael Hayes has no friends here" line. That made zero sense on any level. Plus, even if it were true, which it obviously wasn't, Hayes has been kicking Vaez' can all over the building for weeks now. I get where they were going here, but more iffy booking.

Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson was backstage giving Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black a pep talk for the their tag team title defense against The Elite this Saturday. They were saying The Elite has changed and are nicer guys now, and they're looking forward to the match. Bolin Services 2.0 showed up, and Prince Bolin told Jump Squat and the gang that James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio have been added to the tag title match this Saturday, it will now be a three corners tag title match. Jump Squat and the gang were ok with that too. Some strange shenanigans going on with the tag team division lately. More iffy booking, to beat a dead horse.

11. Paredyse vs Raphael Constantine went to a 10 minute draw, so Paredyse retains the OVW TV title

TV main event time, finally. Constantine has been campaigning, picketing actually, for this match for weeks. Ever since many weeks ago when a TV title shot he was supposed to get never got off the ground. It was Christian Mascagni who finally got him this shot. Ring announcer Ron hed said this would have a 10 minute time limit, and time limits are not normally announced here, so I knew then the time limit dealio would be the finish, and it was. Constantine, like he's been doing lately, again took the mic and did color commentary while wrestling. But, this again was with a corded mic, which is harder. To his credit I guess, Paredyse tried to make Constantine pay for it, and they did several spots where the two were fighting over the mic cord. Constantine stuck the mic down in his trunks, and when he pulled it back out, the wind screen came off and stayed in his trunks. Did that then become his "wind breaker" or something? At one point Paredyse hogtied Constantine up with the mic cord, and got a near fall out of it. Having a wrestler trying to do his own color commentary during a title match was so dumb. I mean the guy is supposed to be going for a title, and finally gets the title shot he's supposedly been clamoring for. That's not what anyone serious would do against a champion. Maybe that's the point, who knows. Constantine finally put the mic down. Paredyse chased Constantine around outside the ring. Paredyse tried to kiss Constantine on the floor, but missed and went mouth first into the ring post instead. The technical problems at the announce desk persisted, with a young referee running out several times to tell the announcers something. They were shaving time off this match here as Dean Hill made time remaining announcements. The match went back and forth down the stretch. Constantine removed the top turnbuckle pad, and then choked Paredyse with the mic cord as the ref fixed the turnbuckle. Paredyse back with a flying butt bump. The match ended in a draw. Paredyse tried to get the crowd to chant for five more minutes, and they kinda, half heartedly, did. But Paredyse then said that wouldn't be long enough, and wanted a 10 minute rematch this Saturday night. Constantine agreed.
The TV taping ran very long, and I seriously had to bail out, so I don't know what they did dark match wise after this. Wasn't their best night by a long shot. Dean Hill looked like a very unhappy camper from all the technical problems. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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