OVW Saturday Night Special 9-3 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling "Saturday Night Special" report for September 3rd, 2011. The Davis arena in Louisville, Kentucky was pretty much packed for this show, I'd say pushing 250 in the building, over 200 for sure. Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin were the announcers for the upcoming DVD release of this show. Brittany DeVore was the ring announcer.
Since the crowds have dropped quite a bit for the last two Wednesday night TV tapings, since school started back, They are changing the starting time from 7:30 t0 7:15 PM beginning this Wednesday. Also, with 9-11 right around the corner, all Military personal and veterans with an ID will be allowed in free this coming Wednesday. Female bodybuilder/sometimes lady pro wrestler Trina Thompson was in attendance tonight.

1. Randy Terrez beat Sean Casey

This was a tie breaker match, as Casey and Terrez have gone 1-1 against each other in TV matches here in recent weeks. Match got off to a slow start. Terrez hit a few 'Rana's. Terrez did a dive to the outside, but Casey couldn't catch him, so Terrez went splat on the floor hard. Back in the ring, Terrez went for his "Thrill Kill" top rope twisting corkscrew Moonsault finisher, but Casey rolled out of the way. Terrez hit a top rope crossbody for the win. In the match where Casey beat Terrez on tv, he rolled thru this same move, and held Terrez' tights for the win. They appear to be maybe trying to give Terrez a different finisher, the crossbody instead of the twisting Moonsault. I wouldn't want to take that Moonsault myself, never know where Terrez will land on a guy with it.

2. Alex Silva beat James Onno by DQ

Onno demands to be called James now, instead of Jimbo Onno. Silva took control early. Silva tried to use his "Uh Oh" catch often here, too often I think, and it wasn't that over tonight. The crowd was quiet for this match. Silva said "Uh oh" yet again, then lowered his knee pad to go for his "Silva Surfer" running knee finisher, but Onno instead pitched Silva over the top rope, and was disqualified. Onno didn't mind the DQ though, and it appears they are going to try to do something with him going forward. I guess they should try, he's a big guy, but has never shown much as far as showing he deserves a push goes.

3. Shiloh Jonze, Elvis Pridemore, Ryan Howe & Benjamin Bray beat Chris Silvio, Nick Dumeyer, Andrew Patton & Tony Gunn /Mo Green in an 8 man tag

Green said this was the dream team he had with his man, Chris Silvio. Dream team? If that's the case, Green and Silvio are dreaming way too small. Tony Gunn had some new red trunks, and knee pads, and was holding his precious to him "Smooth" Johnny Spade inspired stuffed bear. Jonze with a nice leg lariat to the back of Gunn early on. Later in the match, Gunn knocked the patented red had off of Elvis' head, so Elvis became angry and pounded on Gunn. Bray with a lung blower on Dumeyer. After this more big moves hit by various guys, Jonze leveled Gunn with a pretty spinning kick to the face for the win. The winning streak of Shiloh Jonze continues, he hasn't lost yet since coming back, after quitting OVW due to a long, and embarrassing, losing streak. This was also a measure of revenge for Jonze, because at this past Wednesday's TV taping, Gunn threw Jonze into the ring post, while interfering in a Jonze vs Johnny Spade match.

4. Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni beat Dylan Bostic

Mondo is back in OVW, and he is angry. Mondo leveled Bostic with a blow, and won in under 20 seconds. Mondo pounded on Bostic after the match, with Mascagni blocking the referee as best he could.

5. Tracy Smothers, Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles, and Jessie Belle Smothers beat Lennox Norris, Taryn Shay, and OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo in a six person tag

Tracy Smothers, who got a good pop, came out and worked here in gym shorts and a T-shirt. More good, and stiff, action between Izza Belle and Lady JoJo early. Those two ladies work really well together. As was very easy to predict here, this match turned into a dance contest, complete with music and all. The disco dancing Lennox Norris and the heelish ladies when first. The Smothers clan followed with some Hillbilly disco dancing. Izza Belle and Jessie Belle then pulled Tracy's shorts down, revealing his old, and I do mean old, now almost see thru rebel flag trunks. They then took his t-shirt off, leaving him in trunks, and a tank top. Smothers has gained a good 40 pounds since those trunks were new, and fit him. This wasn't a pretty sight. With all the women fighting on the outside, Tracy had Norris pinned in the ring, but pulled him up. JoJo and Shay ran back in the ring, and gave Tracy stereo low blows, then they both started slapping him. Somewhere in here Tracy Smothers' mouth or lip got busted open, and he was hard way bleeding from the mouth. I think the state of Kentucky is pretty strict on having no blood, accidental or otherwise, in pro wrestling matches. JoJo and Shay spit at Tracy Smothers, so he grabbed them both by the throat, then grabbed them both in a DDT position. Norris hit Smothers to break that up, but Smothers pinned Norris to win it. Much confusion abounded towards the finish. The ref looked totally lost. After the match, JoJo and Shay were very angry with Norris, paint brushed him a few times, then left him. So he may be out of their little clique now.

They then took an intermission, way too long of an intermission in fact, about 35 minutes. That was annoying.

6. Paredyse vs Raphael Constantine went to a 10 minute time limit draw, so Paredyse retained the OVW TV title

This was a rematch from this past Wednesday nights TV taping, which also went to a 10 minute draw. Very different match from the one on Wednesday though. This was more serious, and more intense. Both guys started out real fast, several near falls with roll ups right after the opening bell. Paredyse took control, and gave Constantine his bronco buster in the corner. Constantine bailed out to the floor, but Paredyse went after him. Constantine jumped over the announce desk and hit Paredyse, then sent Paredyse into the ring post. Constantine back in the ring, took control of the match. Constantine with a big knee to the back of Paredyse. Constantine tried to remove the top turnbuckle pad, but couldn't. Constantine sent Paredyse out of the ring, and then took the mic and berated Paredyse while he beat on him. Constantine has been doing his own color commentary during his matches in recent weeks, but just did it briefly here, which is the right way to do it, if you're going to do it at all during a title match. Constantine hit Paredyse in the face with the mic, and got a very near fall out of it, looked like it might be the finish. The kick out got a big pop. The top turnbuckle pad was taken off, and Paredyse and Constantine were both trying hard to force each other into it, but neither could do it. Paredyse finally catapulted Constantine into the exposed top turn buckle. Paredyse hit his spinning neckbreaker finisher, but the time limit ran out as he was pinning Constantine.
After the match Paredyse took the mic and said he was sick of Constantine. Paredyse said this coming Wednesday he wants to defend the TV title against Constantine again, this time with no time limit. I think that might have been a mistake as far as Paredyse' TV title reign is concerned. Pretty decent match with these two tonight.

7. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) w/Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson and James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin and Raul Lamotta in a three corners match to win the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

The Fat & The Furious were the champions going into this match. The huge Jack Black of that team has dyed his hair...well....black. Thomas and Bellagio were added to this match late for iffy reasons. Lamotta subbed for Bellagio when they lost the belts to the Fat & The Furious. Bolin was berating Lamotta on the floor before this match even began, and it would get worse. Both The Fat & The Furious and The Elite had decent luck against Bellagio early. The beefy guys came in when Moose and Black squared off. Black slapped Moose hard. Moose back with knees and punches. Adam Revolver of the Elite went for a pin on Thomas, but Trailer Park Trash knocked him off. Some dissension between the two babyface teams, The Elite and The Fat & The Furious, because they both wanted the belts. Revolver ended up taking the heat, getting mauled in the corner by Moose and Bellagio. McNaler came in and took over on Bellagio. Prince Bolin got involved, so Jump Squat Johnson chased him around for awhile. Everyone ended up brawling outside, except McNaler, who came off the top to knock everyone down by Jack Black. Bellagio came in the ring alone with McNaler. Raul Lamotta grabbed a chair and signaled Bellago, but of course Bellagio ended up going into the chair himself, and McNaler than speared Bellagio for the win, making the Elite once again the OVW Southern Tag Team champions. This is the first time they've held the belts for a few months. They weren't getting along, but never totally split up, and now they are getting along, are babyfaces, and again champions. They've come full circle kids. Prince Bolin was heavily berating Raul Lamotta after the match. The story is Lamotta is still not an "official" full fledged member of Bolin Services 2.0, and he'll never get in at this rate. The Fat & The Furious were arguing with each other a bit on the floor after the match.

8. Rudy Switchblade w/His security crew beat Jamin Olivencia in a street fight

Switchblade was wearing black pants, carrying a garbage can lid, and came out with three members of his interchangeable rouge "security" crew. Olivencia was wearing some loose fitting gym shorts. Both guys came out punching here, and Olivencia was bleeding from the nose less than a minute in to the match. The second guy to get busted open hard way tonight, Tracy Smothers being the other. Luckily the bleeding seemed to stop pretty quickly, but I'm pretty sure Olivencia had a broken nose, which sucked for him no doubt. Switchblade went for his frogsplash finisher, but Olivencia countered, and Switchblade ended up sitting in a chair that was in the ring. Switchblade countered that though, and gave Olivencia a drop toe hold into the chair. Switchblade went for the frogsplash again, but missed it. Switchblade used Olivencia's own clamping DDT finisher on him, but only got a two count. They found a ladder under the ring, and did a spot on the floor with it. Switchblade knocked the annoying raffle pitchman out of his chair, which popped me anyhow. That guy really annoys me. Swtichblade went in the ring and built a bridge with the ladder and two chairs. He paid dearly for that though when he got knocked on to the ladder, and Olivencia gave Switchblade a frogsplash on the ladder. That looked like it hurt both guys. Switchblade waved for his goon squad to come help him. Olivencia spit at them, beat the crap out of all three of them, then gave them all chair shots for good measure. But, that gave Switchblade time to recover enough to get up and kick Olivencia in the nuts, and win the match. Switchblade has been kicking guys in the nuts to win his matches here recently. I thought this would be a good, and intense, match, and it was.

9. Jason Wayne beat Andreas Rossi w/Christian Mascagni to retain the OVW Heavyweight title

The OVW Heavyweight title match was not the main event on this night, which is quite rare here. "King"(?) Rossi again did not have his crown or scepter with him. Wayne worked with his ribs taped up, selling that he has one broken rib, and three cracked ribs from being power bombed onto four chairs by Rossi a few weeks ago. Simple story here with Rossi going to work on the ribs of Wayne instantly, which is what he should have done. I liked that this was a heavyweight title match, and both guys here are heavyweights, in shape heavyweights at that. That's what pro wrestling is supposed to look like. Rossi held control for a long time in this one. Pretty much all Rossi. Rossi threw Wayne to the outside, but Mascagni told Rossi to get him back in the ring, the title can't be won via count out. Rossi was going to also get a $25,000 bounty in monopoly money from Mascagni if he won this match. Wayne finally came back a bit with some hope spots. Mascagni grabbed a chair, and hit Wayne in the back when he hit the ropes. Wayne came back some more, and hit a powerslam on Rossi, hurting his own ribs again in the process. Rossi finally managed to hit Jason Wayne with his powerbomb finisher, but Wayne kicked out in a dramatic near fall. Mascagni couldn't believe it. Rossi went for the powerbomb again, but Wayne countered and hit his full nelson slam to win the match and retain the title. Basic stuff here, and Jason Wayne is still a rookie, but the match worked alright.

10. Michael Hayes beat Mohamad Ali Vaez in a lumberjack match

They put this as the main event, as the one legged legit Iraq war hero Michael Hayes again had many supporters in the audience. The lumberjacks came out, mostly babyfaces, but some jobber heels too, all wearing Military fatigues, which of course got a big pop, and Hayes always gets a big pop here. Hayes attacked Vaez right away, and it was on. It was what you'd expect, Vaez kept trying to get away, or was tossed out, only to get thrown back in by the lumberjacks. The story is Vaez has no friends here, even the heels are against him for stealing the prosthetic leg of a one legged war hero. Hayes, like Jason Wayne, is also a rookie, so they kept it pretty basic, and of course, Hayes has to wrestle wearing a fake leg, which limits him. But, he's over here, that's for sure. This was not far off being a squash, with Vaez getting very little offense in. Vaez tried to make an escape thru the crowd, but some military guys in the audience shoved him back over the guard rail. In their last match Vaez had a brief altercation with Hayes' mother, and I thought they'd do a spot in this match where she would slap him, but they didn't. Hayes when for his knee to the face finisher, but Vaez dropped him down, and threw Hayes out of the ring. All of the lumberjacks were tending to Hayes, so Vaez took this as his chance to get away and ran to the back. He was carried back to the ring, firemans carry style, by a really muscular, but short, black guy. Seems like I've seen that guy before, but can't remember when or where. The guy has a Mr. T look, but no jewelry. He was wearing fatigue pants. This guy has huge arms. The dude deposited Vaez back into the ring. Hayes hit his knee to the face finisher, and got the win, to send the crowd home happy. This certainly looked like the blow off of this fued. All the lumberjacks got in the ring with Hayes for the victory celebration. Dean Hill said Hayes was a good role model, and that he was proud to know him. Hill, a career cop, then became legit emotional.

A pretty good show overall tonight.  Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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