Strikeforce live coverage from Cincinnati

Welcome to our live coverage of the Strikeforce show from the U.S.  Bank Arena in Cincinnati.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, and you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Chris Mierzwiak vs. Dominique Steele

Round one: Steele came in with punches, Mierzwiak tried a takedown, but he ended up on the bottom, and then escaped. Mierzwiak tried a form of a triangle that looked cool but wasn’t dangerous. Fans liked this. Big right by Mierzwiak. Mizerwiak tried a takedown but wound up on the bottom but Mierzwiak reversed briefly and then got back up. Trading punches and Steele threw a knee. Mierzwaik tried a takedown but not getting it. Now Mierzwiak landed several punches and a knee put Steele down, then he got a takedown and has Steele’s back. He’s got Steele trapped in a body scissors. Steele also bleeding from the nose. Steele reversed as Mierzwiak let go on the body triangle. Both tired now. Now Steel landing punches. They’re going to be dead in the second round. Good first round. Mierzwiak 10-9.

Second round: As expected, both tired. Steele landed a few punches, Mierzwiak took him down but Steele right back up. Steele then got the takedown. He’s throwing some punches and then landing punches from the top. Mierzwiak tried a triangle but Steele power bombed his way out of it. Flying knee by Steele and landing punches. Miezwiak tried to come back with punches of his own. Both stayed in there because each has also lost power in their punches. Steele landing short punches standing. Steele dropped him with a right. Now he’ throwing lefts to the head on the ground. Steele throwing a ton of punches but none with power, but he easily won this round, so I’ve got them even 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Steele threw a punch and Mierzwiak went down. Not sure if it was from the punch or a trip, but Steele is on top. He’s grinding the elbow to Mierzwiak’s head. Mierzwiak trying to escape, nearly did but Steele took back control. Steele with a knee and Mierzwiak with two elbows standing but the blows are weak at this point. Steele got another takedown. Mierzwiak escaped backdoor and got Steele’s back with 1:05 left. He probably needs a finish at this point. Mierzwiak is very tired here and I don’t think he’s getting a choke. Steele reversed, kept the position and takes the round and should win 29-28. Crowd gave both guys a big ovation.

Scores: Randy Crawford 29-28, other two have 29-27 meaning they gave a 10-8 second round.

Alexis Davis vs. Amanda Nunes

Round one: Davis is coming off an incredibly boring win over Julie Kedzie. Nunes is a great striker, having knocked out Julia Budd in 14 seconds in her lasts fight. Nunes out there punching while Davis is trying to clinch here. Davis got the clinch. Nunes landing a bunch of overhand rights. Davis clinched and they traded knees. Right to the jaw by Davis. Nunes took her down. Nunes got up and landed some rights. Davis starting to land. Nunes is tired, swinging wildly. Davis has done a good job but still Nunes should take this orund. 10-9 Nunes.

Second round: Both swinging and now Davis clinched her. Davis has her pinned against the fence. Davis holding a bearhug and throwing knees as well. Davis holding the clinch and Nunes isn’t doing anything while Dvais landed. The two were separated. Davis landing more as Nunes is so tired. Another boring Davis fight. Davis holding the clinch and throwing knees. Knee by Davis. Hip toss by Nunes but Davis rolled to the top. Davis now has a mount and throwing punches and working for a choke. She’s got 1:38 left. Nunes is exhausted and getting punch. Davis continues to throw punch after punch and they stopped the fight. There were only a few seconds left in the round and they didn’t need to call it, but Nunes almost seemed happy it was over.

Jordan Mein vs. Evangelista Cyborg Santos 

First round: Trading low kicks. Mein kicks hard, and Santos back with one just as hard. Continue to trade the low kicks. And more of the same. Mein landed a punch or two. Santos staggered him with a low kick. Santos landed a left and a body kick. Santos throwing a lot of low kicks. Hard right by Santos hurt Mein. Body punch by Santos. Santos 10-9.

Second round: Santos tried a high kick but it was blocked. Mein landed a nice left counter. Santos landed a hard low kick. Mein landed a good left to the jaw. Mein landing more punches. Low kick by Mein. High kick by Mein missed. Santos back with a low kick. Body shot by Mein. Mein landed a flurry of punches. Santos missed some punches due to Mein’s body and head movement. Trading low kicks. Left by Mein. Body shot by Mein. Santos missed a head kick by a mile. Mein missed a spinning backfist by a lot. Both missing big punches as the round ended. Mein’s round so 19-19 at this point.

Third round: Nice head kick by Santos. Mein landed a left. Mein landed several punches and a good left. He had Santos in trouble. Body shot and head shot and another head shot, Mein hurting him with about a dozen elbows standing and it was stopped. Good fight.

Rafael Feijao Cavalcante vs. Yoel Romero

First round: Romero physically looks like a smaller guy. He looks like he should be a middleweight, which was his wrestling weight. Fans booing as nothing happened for a minute. Fneijao missed a high kick but mostly Romero dancing out of rage. Hard low kick by Feijao and he hurt Romero. Fans booing heavily because nothing is happening. Romero staying out of range and doing nothing. Crowd booing like crazy. This is the worst fight of the night, month and maybe year at this point. Low kick by Fejiao. Ref Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight to yell at Romero. He’s going to warn him about a DQ. Now Romero making faces at Feijao. Romero tried to suplex him and couldn’t get it. Crowd booing this round like crazy. Feijao 10-9

Second round: Body kick by Feijao. Romero back with a kick to the groin and now Miragliotta is warning him again. Feijao has Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Pedro Rizzo in his corner. Romero now teasing a takedown. Feijao lost balance with a high kick . Romero moved in throwing punches but couldn’t get Feijao down. He’s throwing a lot of punches. Romero with more punches and and knees but he’s Romero wasting energy throwing all out punches while Feijao went into defense mode. Now Romero took him down and Feijao was right back up. Feijao real tired because Romero went wild there. Now back slow. Feijao with a nice low kick. Romero moved in and grabbed a bodylock. Feijao took him down and now Romero up. Romero threw a few punches. Romero landed more punches. Crowd back booing. Feijao missed a high kick but knocked him down with a spinning back fist and has Romero hurt. He then finished him. That set up of the spinning backfist was awesome. Feijao after knocking him down threw a lot of elbows a knee and punch which put Romero down. Feijao landed a hard punch on the ground and ref Dan Miragliotta stopped it.

Mike Kyle vs. Marcos Rogerio de Lima

First round: Hard right by Kyle. De Lima with a low kick. Left by de Lima. Low kick by de Lima. Both missing a lot of punches. Low kick again by de Lima. Kyle with a left. Kyle with some body shots. Hard left by Kyle. Kyle hurt him. De Lima was out of it late in the round. 10-9 Kyle

Second round: Low kick by de Lima and Kyle’s legs were starting to give out. De Lima landed several punches. DeLima landing jabs and low kicks. Low kick by de Lima. Kyle charged in and got a takedown. He’s throwing body punches on the ground. De Lima back up. Kyle kneed him in the groin and the ref didn’t call it. Kyle took him down. De Lima kicked Kyle when Kyle’s knee was down and the ref didn’t call it even when Kyle told him. Close round. Kyle pulled it out late so up 20-18.

Third round: De Lima with a low kick. Low kick by de Lima. Another low kick by de Lima. De Lima landing more low kicks. Kyle with a left hook. De Lima with a low kick and a punch. Kyle with a takedown. Kyle working with body punches on the ground. De Lima has blood all over him. It looks like an elbow busted his left eye. Kyle throwing body shots as time ran out. Kyle’s round again. He should win 30-27.

Scores were 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27

Maximo Blanco vs. Pat Healy

First round: Body kick by Blanco. Blanco is so much smaller than Healy, should be a featherweight. Blanco tripped him down. Blanco landed a few punches. Healy landed a few back. High kick by Balnco and knees and uppercuts. Another head kick, more punches and kicks. Blanco looking great. Healy bleeding from hte right eye. Blanco kicked Healy in the face about six times, so completely illegal. Healy’s face and right eye are a wreck. That was so illegal. Healy wants to continue. The ref docked Blanco a point for that one. Blanco landing all kinds of punches and kicks. Healy finally snatched him and took him down. Healy throwing punches to the side of the head. Healy didn’t do enough at the end to take the round, so with the penalty point it should be 9-9 at this point.

Second round: Blanco slowed up. Blanco landed one and now Healy landing and Blanco back. Blanco landing a lot but doesn’t have the power being the smaller guy. Healy landed punches. Healy knocked him down and then took Blanco down, got his back and is working for a choke. Blanco has ever been submitted and then escaped. Blanco landing punches and Healy slipped. Blanco landed a good right that hurt Healy. Very interesting fight here. Another takedown by Healy. Healy landing lefts. Blanco escaped to get up. Another takedown by Healy. Healy has his back and going for another choke. Blanco tapped out.

King Mo vs. Roger Gracie

Round one: I guess they banned the dancing girls ring entrance. Mo still came out with a crown. And yes, he grew up in Tennessee and his hero growing up was Jerry Lawler. Fans chanting for Mo. Nothing happening except a cheer leader chanting King Mo. Crowd starting to boo at the 2:00 mark. The ref told them to do something. Lawal landed a left both threw but neither really landed. . Gracie landed a knee. This round is terrible. Mo landed two punches and knocked Gracie down. Right hook and Gracie was down and Gracie covered up and he got hit in the side of the head. Gracie doesn’t take a punch well. 4:33

Lawal issued a challenge to Feijao next.

Ronaldo Jacare Souza vs. Luke Rockhold for the middleweight title

Round one: Jacare landed a big punch and going for the takedown. Rockhold blocking the takedown. Souza landed some good punches on the ground. Jacare landing hard punches . Souza took him down again. Souza landing more lefts flush to the face. Rockhold up, landed a knee. Front kick by Rockhold as he got to his feet. Souza landed a right. Rockhold doing little defense. Rockhold with two body kicks and Souza landing punces. Rockhold with another body kick. Low kick by Rockhold. Flying kick by Rockhold. Jacare now respects him and Jacare got the takedown. Rockhold back up. Good round. Souza 10-9 but Rockhold showed somethig late.

Round two: Spin kick to the body by Rockhold. Rockhold now throwing kicks. Missed a big high kick. Souza hurt him with a punch. Souza landed another punch. Rockhold’s punch defense needs work but he can take a shot. First time Rockhold has ever gone to the second round. Souza landed an elbow. High kick by Rockhold. Flying kick by Rockhold. Souza landed a right. Now they are tied up. Rockhold got out of the clinch. Both landed punches. High kick by Rockhold. Jacare back with a high kick that didn’t land. Kick by Rockhold and overhand right by Souza. Rockhold landing punches and kicks late. Close round because Rockhold landed a lot more but Souza dropped him once. Depends on what you’re looking for but I’m going with Souza 20-18.

Round three: Front kick by Rockhold and he missed a kick. Rockhold moving in with punches. Another high kick and punch by Rockhold. Now Souza with two body kicks and Rockhold back. Rockhold landed a groin kick and Souza started yelling that it was the second time he did it. That was a nasty low blow. Souza is taking his time Rockhold moving in with punches. Souza trying for a takedown. He got Rockhold down. Instead of defending the the takedown, Rockhold instead throws punches, but that allows Souza to get him down. Rockhold back up. Rockhold moving in with punches. Body kick by Rockhold. Low kick by Rockhold. Rockhold landing more punches. Rockhold is he aggressor landing most of the shots. Rockhold isn’t showing the power to finish but he’s landing like crazy. Rockhold’s round for sure so 29-28. But you can see Rockhold has disappointment in his face because Rockhold is landing like crazy but not hurting him.

Round four: Nice left by Rockhold. Body kick by Rockhold. Body punch by Rockhold. Front kick by Rockhold and punches and Souza landed one counter. Rockhold moving in landing punches. Souza landed a good right twice. This is just a battle of conditioning and guts. Souza tied him up against the cage. Rockhold bleeding from the nose. Rockhold tried a takedown but Souza countered and Rockhold blocked as well. Souza tried takedown but Rockhold blocked it but Souza moved in. Souza trying a takedown. Body kick by Rockhold. Spin kick by Rockhold. Souz tried a takedown but Rockhold blocked. Both guys are exhausted. Big knee by Rockhold from the clinch. Rockhold’s round so I’ve got 38-38 going into the fifth.

Round five body kick by Rockhold. Rockhold with a punch and Souza with body kicks and Rockhold with a kick. Rockhold continuing to land more. He’s not hurting Souza but he keeps landing. Souza in with kicks. Rockhold with a body shot. Souza landing a few rights and now they’re tied up. Souza tried a takedown. Rockhold broke it but got kneed. Souza with a takedown. This may win him the fight. Rockhold back up. This round with 1:40 left is anybody’s game. Rockhold landed several punches. More punches by Rockhold. Souza with a kick to the jaw. Rockhold with more punches. This is a great finish. Fans screaming for Rockhold. Kick to the body by Rockhold. Souza with two rights. Rockhold with more punches. Both guys swinging with 20 seconds left. Right by Souza. Souza landing several punches. Damn that is close. That was a great fight. Anyone could win this, but I’ve got Rockhold 48-47.

Scores: 50-45 What 48-47 should be Luke, and it was.

Rockhold was in tears getting the title. He couldn’t even think on his interview. Showed Herschel Walker in the crowd cheering for Rockhold.

Daniel Cormier vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva in the heayvweight tournament

First round: Silva moving forward with punches. Cormier dropped him with a punch. But now he’s in Silva’s guard. Cormier told him to get up. That’s going to give Cormier confidence. Cormeir landed a left. Cormier landed a left and a right. Silva going for a takedown and that’s where you really saw Cormier’s wrestling in how he blocked the takedown. Cormier landed a jab. Big takedown by Cormier and he backed off to let Silva up. Fans booing Silva laying on his back. Cormier let him up. Now Silva started to land punches. Cormier with a left and a right. Cormier put him down with punches and finished him with two hammer fists on the ground. Cormier looked awesome here. Left hook, the right uppercut was the punch that really finished him and put Silva down. Silva doesn’t recover quickly from punches. 3:56

Josh Barnett vs. Sergei Kharitonov in the heavyweight tournament 

First round: Both trading punches. Barnett had a nice right counter. Kharitonov landed punches and Barnett right back. Kharitonov landed a left. Barnett got the takedown into mount. Barnett landing some punches but Kharitonov is closing the distance. Barnett landing a flurry of punches from the mount. Barnett landing punches and got his back when Kharitonov turned. Barnett landing shots. Barnett flattened him and more ground and pound and went for a side choke and finished him.  4:28

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