Mailbag: Rock vs. Cena; Strikeforce; Bellator


Hi, I've had an idea and would like your thoughts.
    Through out the match they tease rock & cena but they don't touch. It's down 2 rock & Zak Ryder (maybe the rock could chose Zak to be on his team?) vs Cena. Cena goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle on Zak (teasing it'll b down to cena v rock) but is distracted by rock giving him the "just bring it" hand jester in the corner. They have a face off & Zak gets the pin on cena. Cent is distraught & just stands on the outside shocked. 
    Rocks team celebrate & someone the rock eliminated earlier tries 2 beat him up but rock hits the rock bottom & is in the pose for the people's elbow. Cena enters the ring & hits rock to the back of head (safely done) with a chair.
• I know this would set cena up as the heel but I think that's unavoidable. 
•The chair shot would shock everyone. 
•Zak would get a rub. 
•They wouldn't have to do spots, them touching would be teased. 
•This would give a new dimension to the story leading to mania.
Mark Airey (MKII on the board)
DM:  If you advertise Rock vs. Cena as opponents in a match, they have to do at least one set of moves back and forth of people will feel ripped off.  You could do this, or anything, but politically getting Vince to okay Zack Ryder pinning Cena won't be easy.

Thumbs somewhat up.
Best fight: McCloskey vs. Prescott (were only two fights)
Worst fight: Vitali vs. Adamek
KO: Vitali
McCloskey-Prescott was a very good, competitive, technical action fight between a skilled aggressive fighter in Prescott and a skilled defensive fighter, but the decision was a travesty. Prescott won at least 8 of the 12 rounds plus had a dubious KD so a 10-8 round on top of that. That's what happens when you're a black Latino fighting a Northern Irish white guy in Belfast with 3 Euro judges.
Vitali beat up a blown up light heavyweight but at least he fought in the other guy's yard for once and was looking for the KO all the way through the fight.
MMA (have not seen Bellator yet)
Thumbs a little north of center here too
Best fight: Marshman vs. Noon
Worst: nothing great great, nothing bad bad. Winner-Ball was sorta uneventful.
KO: Marshman
Sub: none
Like I said, Winner-Ball was okay, nothing exciting. Winner gets a confidence builder after the drubbing by Njokuani and I guess UFC release.
Marshman and Noon was fun if you like brawls. Noon was drubbing him early but the big show muscles gassed and it was punching bag time. Horrible reffing. Marshman got away with about 200 fence grabs.
That Radev dude is TOUGH. Took everything a once-again-6-pounds-over Daley could throw and was whupping Daley's ass at the end, although not enough to take the decision away from him. Puts Daley in a little clearer perspective. Interesting, action fight.
Frank Trigg is shot.  Jim Wallhead beat him up for most of the 3 rounds, and Wallhead isn't much and is no spring chicken himself. If Wallhead didn't cut when you look at him mean, I don't think Trigg would have won a round, but he landed enough to create a little drama. Wallhead even dominated the wrestling though. I'd say he should hang 'em up but then we'd have to listen to even more of his mumbling, clueless commentary.
Thumbs up. Something for everybody, although some very stupid undercard booking didn't help
Best fight: Healy-Blanco
Worst fight: Feijao-Romero
KO: split it between Mein, Mo, Cormier and Feijao
Sub: Healy
On the undercard, the two local kids, SteEle and the guy whose name I can't spell---Mierzwiak---put on a spirited fight with some very good technique. They both opened too fast and gassed out, but never got sloppy. Steele got the deserved decision, with proper credit for a 10-8 round on 2 cards.
Amanda Nunes came in like she was all hopped up on nerves and rocket fuel or something and when she couldn't get rid of Alexis Davis right away, it was easy to see what was happening. Davis stayed cool and took over and took care of business. Nunes can bang but she needs a shrink.
Mein looked great in walking through Cyborg's best low kicks, establishing his distance, taking over the fight and finishing it. I think a brand change is in his very near future.
Now here's the stupid booking. You have two of the top LHs, who have an upset between them in a previous fight with the loser then going on to a title run, and two guys coming up from nowhere. Gee ya know, if it's me, I book the two top guys against each other, and the two new guys against each other, But noooo, let's book two mismatches instead.
Romero has all the physical ability and wrestling pedigree you could want, but didn't belong in the same zip code with Feijao, and knew it. (I think he's trained at Black House himself.) So he tried to---I don't know what, junk out the fight and catch Feijao napping? Whatever it was, he would have been better off trying to steamroll, and all he accomplished was stinking out the joint, and everybody was relieved when Feijao nailed the HK feint SBF and the followups and separated him from what we are pleased to call his senses.
de Lima at least tried, and even won a round on 2 cards, but was similarly unready to be in with Mike Kyle. De Lima-Romero might have been a good fight. At least Romero would have fought if it was him.
Healy and Maxi kicked off the main card with a bang, but jeez, Maxi is tiny. He should be fighting at 135, not 155. Great fight while it lasted though, with Maxi befuddling Healy early with speed and offbeat striking, and Healy staying steady and eventually grinding him down for the sub.
Roger Gracie has a jaw of the finest porcelain. Not much else to say.  Looked like they were out to stink out the joint, but Mo put him out with the first serious attack of the fight.
Rockhold turned in a great performance, especially coming off the long layoff, and won the MW title in a very good fight. I had him pegged as a future champion but didn't think this would be his time yet. He really only got the title shot by being inactive off injury while everybody else eliminated themselves, but he was more than ready. He just seemed to have an extra high gear Jacare could not keep up with, and was able to dominate the standup with higher work rate, and keep himself out of trouble on the ground. Jacare always threatened but this time couldn't put it across. Rockhold at only 26 will be very hard to beat.
Cormier just stunned by KOing Silva easily. His striking is improving as fast as anybody I've ever seen, and he finishes. He may be the new Fedor. He's sure got the physique. Let's remember he has by far the best amateur wrestling cred in the division, way past Cain or Brock.
Josh Barnett just won't go away. He did exactly the same thing to Sergey that he did to Brett. Same throw to the same mount, same sub. The final will be interesting. I predict the pudgy dude will win.
Crimson Mask

Best match: Cormier vs Bigfoot
Worst match: None

Once again, a very entertaining Strikeforce events make you wish that there was some way that they could keep this organization alive. 5 fights, all entertaining, most with great stories to go with it. Is the Grand Prix tournament a shadow of its former self? Yeah, but instead of Fedor or Overeem coming out on top, we're going to have a (hopefully) reborn Josh Barnett or an emerging star in Daniel Cormier - although I do doubt Cormier's ability to compete at HEAVYweight since he seems to run on the smaller side of heavyweight. Great show and I look forward to the finals. Also, happy to see Luke Rockhold win the title after seemingly being on Strikeforce Challengers forever.

Adam Moreau

Best Fight: Barnett vs. Kharitonov

Best translator of all time:  Sergei Kharitonov’s

Best comeback:  Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker as a referee

Barnett just looks so good sometimes.  A real unorthodox style that I think a lot of the elite heavyweights would have trouble dealing with.  Sergei was on the verge of beating the crap out of him standing, but Josh was patient, took his licks and willed him down to the mat and worked his style to victory.  Experienced tenacity.  I just hope he can pass all his drug tests in the future because he’s  formidable and a great promo.  (Why do all the best promo guys fail their drug tests?)

Bigfoot can look so unstoppable and he can also look so worthless.  Seemed to completely underestimate Cormier, and we should’ve known Silva was going to lose after his wimpy little dance on the ramp during walkout.  While Cormier was impressive and showed his Jeff Monson strikefest was no aberration, I was more unimpressed with Silva.

Luke Rockhold winning the SF middleweight belt was the equivalent of winning the TNA Legends title.  Quite meaningless.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it, but this fight put me to sleep so I couldn’t tell if this decision was justified, but in either case, I didn’t see either guy as a logical matchup for an Anderson Silva unification bout.

Nunes did a great Ultimate Warrior impression by getting so blown up in the walkout and staredown she seemed to be empty by the second round.

I thought the announcing crew could’ve done better in explaining the rule violation in the face kicks by Maximo Blanco.

Maybe the camera angle didn’t show it well, but it seemed like Roger Gracie sort of folded up after what didn’t seem like a devastating  punch when another fighter still would’ve shown life.  Oh, well growing pains of a young MMA fighter…

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

I give Bellator 49 a thumbs up.
It wasn't a spectacular show but it wasn't bad either.  Lazono vs. Weedman was the best match probably.  Ben Saunders looked the best out of anyone on the show because he basically dominated Cisneros for the most part.  Santos and Hornbuckle was an ok match.  I watched Bezerra  vs. Heckmen on the prelim show online but I hope this doesn't mean they're stop showing prelim matches as filler during the main show.  The rest of this welterweight tournament should be good.

I also had a chance to watch BAMMA 7.   Good show as well.  I liked the Daley/Radev fight the best but Noon vs. Marshman was pretty good as well.  A lot of back and forth action.  Trigg vs. Wallhead was ok but Trigg didn't really seem to be at his best.  The other fight they showed on the main card was Jason Ball vs. Andre Winner which was ok although I thought Winner should have made quicker work of Ball but he ended up winning and looked slightly improved than when he was in the UFC.  Good show  but it would depend on the card as to whether I watch another BAMMA show or not.

Jason McNeil


In the August 15 issue of "Wrestling Observer" I learned that Melina had cheated on John Morrison and had a relationship with Dave Bautista.

If memory serves me correct, didn't WWE start a storyline at one time wherein Melina was suing or pressing charges against Dave Bautista for sexual assault? And then Bautista got legitimately injured so the angle was immediately dropped and forgotten?

Dave Barry

DM:  Yes, you remember correctly.  It was one of those angles that was started and then dropped.then   


Who is the next UFC champion to lose the title?


Who do you expect to win this fight?