No Surrender, Strikeforce and other weekend feedback

I didn’t actually see the show since they pulled Sting vs. Ric Flair, but did I read this right, that there were three different finishes involving liquid in the eyes?  Didn’t anybody in TNA see that scene in “The Wrestler” where the guys talk about their big spots during their matches, so it’s not repeated in someone else’s match?  Or did someone accidentally spit their morning latte in Vince Russo’s eyes last week and he had this Isaac Newton moment where he realized how many finishes you could get out of having something sprayed in your eyes?  Children could book better finishes than this.

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

I give the Stirkeforce semifinal show a thumbs up.
Best match:  Rockhold vs. Souza.  I had Rockhold winning with 49-46, I give Souza the first round.  I also really liked Mien vs. Santos.  I think I am a Jordan Mien fan now.  And I also enjoyed Romero/Calvacante and that setting up of a rematch with King Mo.  I'm glad that Cormier beat Bigfoot and Cormier vs. Barnett should be a somewhat good fight to finish up the ridiculous tournament.
Jason McNeil

Thumbs down. Best match - Kendrick/Aries  Worst match - Mickie James/Winter

Spit into the eyes of ref, Spit of blood into eyes, Spraying god knows what into eyes, 3 finishes on a 39.95 wrestling ppv in 2011. TNA has reached a new low in booking. This makes the whole nash/HHH/punk angle seem like Steamboat/Savage. Dave I don't think we watched the same Kid Kash. I thought he looked pretty bad as usual. Sloppy with his moves, out of shape and old looking. Wish I could say something positive about tonights ppv. Aries is the most talented performer on the roster but he now has the jobber title. Why AJ Styles is kept off a ppv completely in any capacity is beyond me. Same goes for RVD who you might as well use since you know, you're paying the guy. No wonder he's never motivated. Triple threat main had zero heat. Way too many slow moving matches as well. 9 matches on a card is just too much. And god those finishes...but maybe they'll offer 6 months of free for putting on another shitty ppv and charging 40 bucks for it. Now i understand the finishes tonight. They have a hidden meaning. What TNA really wants to do is spit into the eyes of the viewer who paid for this bullshit.


Thumbs Down
Best match, some good matches, but nothing really good.
Worst Match, Angle vs Anderson vs Sting for the finish, fuck this company! Theyll never learn.

Hey Dave, I had nothing better to do tonight than watch a stream of this show, glad I didnt pay for it. Who would besides you and Bryan for work purposes?

Why did they have the Optimus Prime voice over guy do the 9/11 moment of silence? Kinda goofy.

Kash vs Sorensen, nothing special, set the tone for the rest of the show

Ray vs Storm, Bully stalling and James always going for an arm bar got old REAL QUICK! And a horrible finish to cap it off. Screw these people.

Mickie vs Winter, not horrible, pretty good for American Woman standards, if they had put Rosita in this match I bet she would have lost too. She probably would have been a heel going into it.

Tag match, okay, but clunky and odd. People on the feed were either saying it was 4 1/2 stars or minus 4 1/2 stars. It was nothing to remember.

Morgan vs Joe, fine match, one of two good Matt Morgan singles matches. I dont feel sorry for Joe, if you stay with a spouse that beats you up in front of everyone for years you deserve it at this point for not leaving. Fucking hell dude, look at whats happened to you!

GUNNER vs Roode, GUNNER fucking sucks, and Roode doing the arm bar 30 times made it impossible to care. Maybe GUNNER just gave up and didnt care since he was losing after thinking he would win for all these months? Why would you have him do 16 matches if hed lose on the ppv? Did he do something? People talked about a football game or something during this match on the feed. There was a seesaw into the ropes spot in this match that HAS TO be made into a gif.

Aries vs Kendrick. Nothing cool in this match, best mach of the show but Kendrick just doesnt have it anymore, Austin needs to not do dangerous moves in this company, they wont pay for his medical bills. At least he won, hopefully Kendrick leaves and is never seen again.

Pussy Ray vs Roode. Pussy stalled after looking seriously at a very serious Roode took me out of the seriousness of this serious tournament finale. The anticlimactic finish to this match after all these months was so horrible a finish it makes the entire tournament seem like a huge waste of time. But I guess this company is a giant waste o time and money. Really, Ray stalled and stalled and then tapped out in his last match and we were really supposed to care about him being in this match in any way?

Rosita's interview was nice I guess for her family to have her talk about her dad on this show today, but after being a heel in a previous match it was weird and it broke kayfabe. At least she wasnt beaten by Winter. 

Main event had Kurt angle fall 10 feet over a top rope to the floor after being thrown out and landing on his head on the apron the first time. People were talking about some sports games while this went on. Then Angle retained, because its TNA (not Impact Wrestling by the looks of the set) and they fucking suck! Drink and drive kids, its what winners do.

Closing thoughts, just watched this out of boredom with noting else to do today, who the hell would pay for this crap and like it is beyond me. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO DIE!

William Bren

Thumbs in the middle, slightly pointing up.

Best match: X division championship.

Worst match: James vs. Winter.

On the TNA scale, this was a thumbs up, but by normal standards; eh. There was some fine wrestling, a lot of good but unspectacular stuff, and a flat main event.

There was two really good matches with the X-title bout and the Roode vs. Ray match, but both, particularly the latter, were hurt by the awful, awful crowd. Roode and Ray were having a fantastic match with a great fiery babyface versus a dick heel, and they might as well have been wrestling in an empty arena. Very disappointing.

Joe vs. Morgan, Mexican America vs. Pope and Devon and Mickie vs. Winter were all better than I would have thought going in, particularly Joe vs. Morgan. The womens match was still lackluster though.

I appreciated the clean finishes on the show, but the ones that ended via shenanigans still stood out as played out and contrived. The James Storm match and the main event just had finishes that reminded you you were watching the same old TNA, regardless of some of the other fun stuff on the show.

The main event was just boring, and certainly felt like it was not a Kurt Angle main event.

The Rosita thing was classy in theory, but hampered by the usual problem of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. For the sake of ONE PPV that 7,000 people are watching, could they not have had Sarita go to the ring on her own for the tag match, and have HER be the one to get spanked and yanked around by her hair? Having Rosita do that, and then do the babyface promo about her father later in the show felt very odd. Regardless, the interview itself came off well and I think TNA did the right thing in that regard.


Barry Murphy

PS. I guess we're getting Hogan vs. Sting? Oh boy.

Best Match: Aries vs Kendrick
Worst Match: tie: Sting vs Anderson vs Angle and Winter vs Mickie   
The worst would’ve been the women’s match(is there anyone WHITER than Winter), but with the three big names and the crappy match they put on I couldn’t resist. They really blew it with Rosita too. She should have been in a match. WWE would’ve been all over that. But whaddya expect when a dummy is running the organization.
Fred Kruse

I watched BAMMA, Bellator and Strikeforce this weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed all three, but I have a question about the specifics of a rule. The referee is allowed to take points from fighters for grabbing the cage, however they always seem to let the first few offences slide, and only take points if a fighter actively and defiantly continues to grab the cage despite verbal warnings. Could a referee take a point on the first offence? As in several fights I watched this weekend, there were split second fence grabbings that either helped fighters stand or helped fighters resist takedowns, both of which can be pretty significant in the flow of a fight. The particular example I just watched was the Chris Lozano vs Brent Weedman fight, at several points I saw Lozano grab the cage and I think they had significant impact on the movement of the fighters, however the referee after one or two verbal warnings simply started slapping the fighters hand, which was all well and good, but the damage had been done by this point. Is this just another example of the vagueness of the rules, or is it just the discretion of the referee to deem whether specific occurrences of fence-grabbing have significant effect on the fight?
Also wanted to point out that the Bellator show looked great in HD and with the new on screen graphics and intro it looked like a much more professional product than previously, and the little fighter hype videos were very good indeed. It did feel like Bellator had been revamped.
And finally, I also thought the Strikeforce announce team was on the top of its game, Mauro, Pat and Frank worked like a well oiled machine and I thought successfully added a comedic slant to some of their commentary. Oh, and the crowd in Cincinnati were just rubbish, quick to boo, slow to cheer, particularly in the Jacare vs Rockhold fight I thought they actively took away from the fight. Sadly, whilst I enjoyed the Strikeforce show, I am in complete agreement with King Mo, Strikeforce does feel like a dying promotion, and frankly I think the reason Scott Coker wont make the grand prix winner the new Strikeforce Heavyweight Champ is because the grand prix final show will probably be Strikeforce's last offering and why bother muddying the water in the UFC heavyweight division by adding another Strikeforce champ?
You guys rock, thanks for all you do.
Tim Giddings

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