OVW TV report 9-17 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for September 17th, 2011, which is episode #630. OVW airs on WKYI in Louisville at 1 PM on Saturdays, with a 9 PM replay. There was a strange mess up last week as the show could be heard when it aired, but the screen was just a weird pink color. After about 20 minutes it got yanked off, and an Infomercial played. I don't know if the 9 PM replay last week had the same issue or not. It was too bad because Jim Cornette was on the show last week as the announcer, and ringside judge, for the main event, and it didn't air.
Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed was the ring announcer, and Brittany DeVore was there too. They've been changing the ropes around alot lately it seems. They were back to the all yellow ropes now. The next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on October 8th, and some surprising new programs for that event were started on this episode, while some old ones were continued. An interesting show today, so let's get to it.

The show opened with Raul Lamotta and Raphael Constantine talking in the hallway. Lamotta was down because he keeps losing, and as a result hasn't been allowed to "officially" join Bolin Services 2.0. Constantine reminded Lamotta that Christian Mascagni still has a $25,000 bounty out on OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne, and Lamotta should suggest that to Prince Bolin as a way to get back in. Lamotta loved the idea and perked up.

Lamotta went to the office where Prince Bolin, James "Moose" Thomas and Rocco Bellagio were. Lamotta asked Bolin to pull some strings and get him a title shot at Jason Wayne so he can collect the $25,000 bounty. Bolin said Lamotta finally had a good idea, but it was too big for him. Both Thomas and Bellgaio wanted the shot at Wayne. Bolin said tonight there would be a series of "Beat the clock" matches, with the winner getting the shot at Jason Wayne. Lamotta kept saying it was his idea. Some suspect at best acting here.

1. Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni beat Joe Coleman

Coleman avoided Mondo briefly, but Mondo hit Coleman once, and then, as he's been doing to everyone since returning from Africa, pounded the crap out of Coleman on the mat, while Mascagni blocked the ref from stopping it. Mondo kept the pounding going, and finally pinned Coleman. This was Coleman's OVW TV debut. Mondo kept beating on Coleman after the match, with Mascagni imploring Mondo to hurt him. Nick Dinsmore came to the ring to check on the fallen Coleman.

The OVW Southern tag team champions, The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver), were talking in the locker room. Revolver was excitedly asking McNaler to guess what he did. The guesses from McNaler including farting, and buying Sponge Bob Pajama pants. Revolver said he got a TV title shot against current OVW TV champion Paredyse tonight. Revolver said he could hold two belts at once. McNaler, wearing a Spiderman tie and sunglasses, was excited for Revolver, and had no problem with him going for another title.

Also in the locker room, Nick Dinsmore confronted Mike Mondo and Christian Mascagni. Dismore said all the guys Mondo has been taking liberties with the past few weeks are students of his. Dismore said Mondo should take on someone with experience, not a student. Mondo told Dismore to do something about it if he has a problem with it and walked off. Interesting....

OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne came to the ring in street clothes. Wayne talked about the $25,000 bounty still being out on his head from Christian Mascagni. Wayne talked about three men from Bolin Services 2.0 competing in a beat the clock to see who would face him on October 8th. Wayne said he didn't care if he had to face one of them, or all three, he'd still be the champion.

2. James "Moose" Thomas w/Bolin Services 2.0 beat Ryan Howe in 4:10 in a beat the clock match

This was the first "beat the clock" match. Howe came to the ring playing electric guitar, doing the old Man Mountain Rock gimmick. Dean Hill said this wasn't a Milli Vanilli, that Howe was really playing, and he was. Thomas attacked Howe, and the match was on. Match went back and forth. Howe hit a leg Lariat, but Thomas gave Howe his "Moose kick" finisher for the win in 4:10, which was then the time to beat.

Randy Terrez came thru a door backstage, and was met by Sean Casey. Casey wanted one more match with Terrez. Terrez had no interest in it, but finally said ok. So these two will meet again next week. So far Terrez is up on Casey 2-1.

Chris Silvio and Mo Green were shown mocking the Terrez and Casey exchange. They then noticed the stud of the OVW stable, Benny Bray, and called him over. Silvio talked about all the "action" Bray has seen with the ladies of OVW lately. Silvio challenged Bray to a match tonight. Bray said OK.

3. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Benjamin Bray by submission

Silvio and Green did their customary pre match mic work. Dean Hill talked about last week where Taryn Shay told Bray she was pregnant. Hill wondered who else at OVW Bray has knocked up, and suggested that Bray may need to move to Utah. lol Silvio right on the attack here. Bray came back and took control of the match, but Taryn Shay ran out and grabbed a mic and again told Bray she was pregnant, and said Bray has avoiding her all week. Bray was, of course, distracted by this, so Silvio took advantage it and came off the top rope to the left shoulder of Bray, and then beat him by submission with what Gilbert Corsey called the "Flying Uma Plata". I call it a crippler crossface.

The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) were talking backstage. TPT told Black they lost the tag team titles, but would win them back. TPT said they had the night off, so it was time for a treat. TPT opened a McDonalds bag, containing burgers for both he and Black. Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson came up to them and said since they lost the tag titles, they need to train harder then ever. Jump Squat took the burgers away and handed TPT and Black protein powder and something else. Black asked if it was food.

4. Raul Lamotta vs Elvis Pridemore went to a drew when Lamotta couldn't beat the clock

Bolin Services 2.0 were on the floor here watching this, but they see Lamotta as a joke. 4:10 was the time Lamotta had to beat. Lamotta was in no hurry to start here, which was no doubt a mistake. Kenny Bolin said he thinks Lamotta has ADD. Lamotta kept losing focus here, but still came close to winning several times. Pridemore went to the floor to stall for time. Both guys hit near falls down the stretch, but neither could win before the time ran out, so Lamotta was eliminated from the beat the clock challenge. Pridemore hit a botched looking move on Lamotta after the match. Bolin Services 2.0 walked out on Lamotta.

At the desk, Gilbert Corsey revealed that on October 8th, Rudy Switchblade vs Jamin Olivencia would be an I quit match.

Jamin Olivencia came to the ring in street clothes. Olivencia spoke of facing Rudy Switchblade in an I quit match. Olivencia said Switchblade has been taking short cuts. Olivencia said he was not a quitter. Olivencia said he would hurt Switchblade, and make him beg and scream. Olivencia pulled out his Rosary, and said with God as his witness, he would make Switchblade quit.

A black and white video with the graphic "Wake up" started airing. It was a Rudy Switchblade. Switchblade talked about the "thought police" that control peoples minds. While Switchblade talked, different graphics briefly aired like "Hate Jamin", "Liar", and "Obey". Switchblade said he would pull back the curtain and expose Olivencia for the fraud he really was. Switchblade said he will not falter, he will not fail, he will not quit. This was great stuff. Highly effective and very well done.

5. Shiloh Jonze beat Andreas Rossi w/Christian Mascagni

Jonze is on a big winning streak since returning to OVW, but he had a major test here. Rossi is coming off a failed bid to win the OVW Heavyweight title from Jason Wayne, not to mention the $25,000 bounty Mascagni put on Wayne. "Smooth" Johnny Spade joined the announce desk for this one, and was totally behind his once again friend, Shiloh Jonze. Jonze with good success early against the much larger Rossi. Rossi though caught Jonze, and gave him a chokeslam turned into an over the knee backbreaker. That was different, and looked cool. Dean Hill asked Johnny Spade about Tony Gunn, who has been stalking Spade for months now. Spade said Gunn was creepy, and talked about the stuffed bear Gunn carries, and keeps trying to give to Spade. Spade said it's gotten weird between himself and Tony Gunn. Speaking of bears, Rossi, in control of the match, applied a bear hug on Jonze. Jonze back with some big chops on Rossi. Tony Gunn, with the stuffed bear, came to the desk. Spade stood up and argued with Gunn. Both the ref and Jonze were distracted by this, so Christian Mascagni slid a chair into the ring. Spade went after Mascagni. Tony Gunn came into the ring and hit Jonze with the chair. Rossi went for the cover, but Jonze kicked out. Dean Hill called Tony Gunn a "man scorned". Rossi went for his powerbomb finisher on Jonze, but Jonze got out of it. Jonze then hit his spinning kick to the face finisher on Rossi, and got the win. Big win for Jonze here. Spade was in the ring celebrating with Jonze, while Tony Gunn was on the floor looking very bothered. Wow, what a strange segment this really was on a many levels.

6. Adam Revolver beat Paredyse to win the OVW TV title

Ted McNaler was not out with Revolver for this one, but Gilbert Corsey said McNaler was totally supporting Revolver in his TV title shot. Paredyse is coming off a series of three straight ten minute draws against Raphael Constantine, all of which were for the OVW TV title, but in the last one, last week on TV, "ringside judge" Jim Cornette ruled Paredyse the winner. Back and forth match early here, pretty much totally even. Neither guy could gain a real advantage, but Paredyse flipped Revolver out of the ring, then hit a dive over the top to the outside on Revolver. Both guys fought up on the turnbuckle. Paredyse threw Revolver off, but then missed a backsplash off the top rope. Revolver then hit a Russian leg sweep to win the match, and the OVW TV title, which was a surprise, to me anyhow. Adam Revolver is now a dual title holder in OVW, holding the TV tile and one half of the tag titles at the same time. Not sure if that's happened here before or not. Dean Hill said Adam Revolver has just set a new standard in OVW.

Brittany DeVore interviewed a depressed and pensive looking Mohamad Ali Vaez backstage. Vaez ended up losing his feud with one legged Iraq war here Michael Hayes. Vaez said things have gotten out of hand recently, and he did things he's not proud of. Vaez said people forget that he's an American too. Vaez said he has some things to say to Michael Hayes, and will clear the air with Hayes next week. Could this be a babyface turn for Vaez?

7. Rocco Bellagio w/Bolin Services 2.0 beat Alex Silva in 2:43 to win the beat the clock challenge and win a shot at the OVW Heavyweight title

TV main event time. Both guys slugged it out early, with 4:10 set by James "Moose"
Thomas earlier in the show being the time to beat. Ron Hed gave time remaining announcements. Some iffy looking work from both guys in this one. Bellgaio somewhat dominated here. Silva came back with some forearms. Silva went for his "Silva sufrer" running knee finisher, but Bellagio caught Silva and gave him a powerbomb to win the match in 2:43, making Rocco Bellagio the unlikely, at least to me, challenger against OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne on October 8th. Rocco's stablemate James "Moose" Thomas was ok with Bellagio winning the beat the clock challenge. Jason Wayne came to the floor, and Wayne and Bellagio had a stare down. Both Wayne and Bellagio are big, in shape guys. However, both guys are also rookies. I think Bellagio has nice potential, but he also has a long ways to go. I question his ability at this point to pull off a decent long title match, but he and Wayne probably trained a lot together at the OVW classes.

Like I said, this was an interesting show, with some new programs kicked off, surprising ones at that. I liked the flow of the show, but some of the actual in ring wrestling wasn't good. The best matches were Paredyse vs Revolver and Rossi vs Jonze. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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