WWE Night of Champions coverage from Buffalo

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Night of Champions from Buffalo, NY and the First Niagara Center.  We're looking for your thoughts on this show, as well as last night's UFC show and ROH show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

No Jim Ross, which means three hours of Booker T

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. The Miz & R-Truth for the WWE tag titles

R-Truth now doing a remix of his old entrance song, except now called "You suck." 

The story of the match was the ref (a new ref never named) kept screwing up but favoring Kingston & Bourne.  Miz used the Skull crushing finale on Bourne but the ref was arguing with R-Truth and Bourne kicked out.  Miz was so mad he threw the ref down and lost via DQ.  After the match, Miz threw the ref down again and R-Truth slapped the ref in the face.  They were having a good match, with good heat before the weak finish.

Matt Striker came up to Miz & R-Truth and said they could get suspended or fined for attacking a ref.  Striker asked them what HHH will think and they said maybe by the end of the night, he won't be the COO anymore.  Truth said it wasn't a ref in the ring, it was a co-conspirator.

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase for the IC title

Match was so-so.  Crowd was pretty quiet for this one.  The work was solid but people not into either guy, particularly DiBiase.  Finish was one of those making the face look like a complete geek finish.  DiBiase pulled off Rhodes' mask and went to hit him with it, which would have been a DQ given the ref was watching.  Rhodes ducked and schoolboyed DiBiase for the pin using the trunks.

Christian came out and said that because of all the great matches he's had in his career, that he deserves one more title match.  He challenged the Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry winner to defend the title against him tonight right after the match.  Christian noted the Buffalo has never won the Super Bowl and probably never will win the Super Bowl but he's won the Super Bowl twice.  He told allthe fans who are behind him to stand up.  A few stood up.  He went to get the crowd to chant "One more match" for him to get a title match.  People didn't boo, instead they chanted "One more match."  Finally Sheamus came out.  Cole said Sheamus was 6-2, so I guess he's shrunk.  He called Christian a little weasal.  Sheamus said he'd give his Uncle Fargas lucky green testicle to compete tonight.  Christian asked for one more match, some fans said it with him, a few booed but not many.  Sheamus said he'd help him get one more match, but the stips are that if Christian gets the match and wins the title, that Sheamus gets the first shot.  Sheamus led the fans in cheering "One more match" and when Christian's guard was down, Sheamus laid him out with the Brogue kick.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison vs. Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger for the U.S. title

Security just came to ringisde and told people to stop swearing at the wrestlers as this is a PG show.

Good match.  Crowd wasn't much into it until Morrison did a series of moves that really woke the corwd up.  the finish of the match saw Swagger use the Doctor bomb on Morrison but Ziggler ran in and tackled Swagger knocking him out of the ring and did the stealing the pin finish on Morrison.  Main matches must be going real long because all of these matches have been shorter than I would have thought.  By the book finish.

Vickie Guerrero was celebrated winning.  She said every superstar in the locker room wants to work with me.  If HHH loses, she said she would make a new COO and kissed Striker and then did the Jimmy Snuka hand gesture.  Lawler acted all grossed out about Vickie running the WWE.  

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry for the World title

Henry won clean with a World's Strongest Slam right in the middle after he blocked the RKO.  Match was okay, not bad but with the exception of one comeback spot by Orton and a few near falls, crowd wasn't that hot.  People were stunned by the finish.  I don't think anyone really thought Orton would lose until they counted three.

Josh is in the ring interviewing Henry.  Henry started yelling at the fans to stop cheering because none of them believed it and all the fans are haters.  He did the Hall of Pain deal.  He said he's going to be the most dominant champion of all-time and he's never losing the title.

Del Rio was talking to John Laurinaitis mad about Monday but Laurinaitis said that match was HHH's idea even though Laurinaitis was the one who announced it.  This led to a C.M. Punk conversation with Laurinaitis.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix for the Divas title

Phoenix super over in her home town.  Signs everywhere.  She seemed really happy about the reaction.  Phoenix looked like she's dropped weight.  Finish saw Phoenix going for a power bomb but Kelly turned it into a Toyota roll for the three count.  Fans booed the finish like crazy.  Even though the crowd was completely behind Phoenix, she worked as the heel and Kelly as the face.  Cole pushed that Phoenix choked in her home town.  Highlight was Phoenix delivering a top rope superplex.  Crowd was into the match more than any match so far. 

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena for WWE title

They are showing a video of past WWE champions including Lesnar, Savage before showing Del Rio as the video to equate him with all the big stars dating back to Buddy Rogers.

Very good match.  Best so far.  Cena won the title back with the STF.  Really surprised about this one.  They played off the house show stuff.  Del Rio with an armbar but Cena power bombed his way out of it.  Ricardo Rodriguez ran in but Cena threw him into the post and put on the STF.  The crowd was split with loud booing for Cena and dueling chants throughout.  Pushed this as Cena's 10th WWE title reign and said it was a record.  

Cole lost his voice.

C.M. Punk vs. HHH

This was a crazy finish.  HHH won with the pedigree so he keeps the COO position.  Crowd didn't really favor one guy over the other.  Miz & R-Truth came out and attacked both guys.   Then they got into it with ref Scott Armstrong.  They beat up Armstrong.  Armstrong even got a punch in on Miz before Miz and Truth both beat him down.  HHH used a pedigree on Punk and another ref was coming in to count but John Laurinaitis blocked him from counting and told him to check on Armstrong.  Punk later kicked out of a pedigree.  The finish saw Kevin Nash come out and attack both guys.  Nash went to power bomb HHH but Punk attacked Nash.  Nash then power bombed Punk and set up to put HHH through a table.  But HHH hit Nash with the sledge hammer and jumped into the ring and gave Punk a pedigree and that was the pin.  Really good match.  It will be interesting how they sort all of this out tomorrow so in that sense pretty good.

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