More Feedback to NOC and ROH

Thumbs in the middle Best: Cena/Del Rio Worst: weird decisions WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (Champions) vs. The Miz & R-Truth **3/4 I actually thought this was a really good match until the end. I liked the idea of the ref  and the whole hearing the tag and not seeing it thing and miz and truth saying it was the conspiracy. But I’d rather it led to a finish then a lame dq especially at the start of the show but the beat down on the ref and the promo afterward helped  somewhat.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes (Champion) vs. Ted DiBiase **1/2 This was a solid match. Both guys are good in the ring but I think really think the mask thing has run it’s course.

Fatal 4-Way Match for the United States Championship ***1/4
Dolph Ziggler (Champion) vs. John Morrison vs. Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger I thought this was a really good match. The one near fall with alex riley was really good and even though they did the same ending they do in every 3-way or 4-way I liked the way they did it here.
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton (Champion) vs. Mark Henry *** This was actually a good match. I thought they did a really good job of making it seem like Henry just couldn’t pull it off and finally he caught Orton with a kick to the knee and put him down with the world’s strongest slam. Henry cut a really good promo afterward and I’m happy he won. They’ve done a really good job building him up and mark henry has kept up his end by working really hard on the mic and in the ring.

Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly (Champion) w/ Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya ** Well I guess wwe decided to stick to it’s you have to lose in your home town philosophy. I was pretty shocked that Kelly won. Unless their going to build her as an unstoppable champion I really think beth should have won here.

WWE Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio (Champion) vs. John Cena ***3/4 I thought this match was great. I really liked this match and then…. Cena won. I had this weird feeling he would win because wwe always tries to make these shows newsworthy by changing the world titles but in this case I was really flabbergasted that del rio lost. One it really makes him look like a bitch because of how he cashed in the title and did we really need to see cena as champ again really REALLY. I know Cena would have gotten it eventually probably at hell in a cell but come on.

No Disqualification Match
CM Punk vs. Triple H ***1/2 What can you say about this match? First off before all the bullshit happened this match was great. They were beating the shit out of each other, they were brawling, punk hit an awesome elbow drop from the ring through the announce table and then it fell apart. I knew miz and truth were going to interfere from their promo earlier. It made sense and probably wasn’t something you’d expect but it was just too much here. They fought the ref then got beat up by punk and hhh. They had put punk on hhh but later when punk got the pin truth pulled him off which made no sense since they wanted punk to win. Then nash came out beat on both of them. Nash took out punk then hhh took out nash and beat punk. This really was way to over booked and I actually thought when miz and truth came out that it was just going to be a no contest because they didn’t want to beat punk but hhh couldn’t lose his coo position. That would have been worse but I think that they shouldn’t have added that stipulation because you could tell by the match that they were trying to not have punk look bad for losing but it really hurt the match.   Overall this show was kind of weird. It was surprising in a lot of ways but kind of for the wrong reasons. I really did like the cena del rio match but I definitely think del rio should have won. I was glad henry won I think this push has gone really well and even the crowd popped really big for him. The punk hhh match was really good before all the bullshit. Other than that some solid wrestling was on the show and it looks like truth and the miz are gonna be fueding in the main event scene so we’ll have to see.

Al Dinkelspiel New Jersey

Thumbs Down
Best Match: Randy Orton vs Mark Henry. Great psychology.
Worst Match: CM Punk vs Triple H. The last 5 minutes were brutal.
Hi Dave,
I rarely send in feedback on pay-per-views, but I feel I have to on this one. What a clusterfuck of a main event. The match was OK at best up until the last 5 minutes and that's when it became WCW/TNA. Let me get this straight: Triple H, no longer a full-time wrestler, has only had 2 matches in the last 17 months, is now part of "the office" and is for all intents and purposes retired, main events a ppv called Night Of Champions and he's not even in a Championship Match. And to top it off, he's able to overcome a run-in by The Miz & R-Truth when he laid them both out and he also was able to overcome interference by Kevin Nash by laying him out and he was also able to overcome CM Punk with not 1, not 2, but 3 frigging pedigrees to stand tall at the end?! If the plan going into this ppv was to put over the "non-wrestler" as their top wrestler then mission accomplished. If their plan was to show us that CM Punk is absolutely NOT the megastar that we think he is then mission accomplished.
As for Cena getting the belt back for the thousandth time, I'm sure they had every intention of making sure Del Rio was WWE Champion when they head to Mexico, but I can think of 2.7 reasons why they suddenly decided to put the belt back on Cena.
Also, Kelly has beaten Beth clean two straight ppv's in a row. I guess we can't put over heels who get face pops in their hometown. I wouldn't be surprised if an audible was called to change the finish based on the crowd reaction.
Take care.
Leon Peters

Thumbs in the middle leaning up for this show.

Best match- HHH vs. Punk and Cena vs. Del Rio (Can't decide...)

Worst match- Rhodes vs. Dibiase (Wrestling was decent, but crowd KILLED it)

This was a weird show for me. While most of the in ring stuff was either average or above, I cannot give the show a full thumbs up. For every thing I liked on the show, there is an equal and opposite thing that... Well... Kinda sucked. For instance, Mark Henry winning the world championship in such a dominate fashion actually feels very fresh and new in this 2011 landscape. He also delivered an excellent monster heel promo. Great! However, it is hard to get too excited about this because, well... It is Mark Henry, which means that the matches that will result from this will peak at average, while mostly being slow and plodding.

Another high point was seen in the final two bouts, which were both great in the ring, though wildly different types of matches. Again, great! However, at the end of the day, we had Cena winning the title and Triple H pinning the hottest act in the business. Ugh, really?! Do we need SuperCena to have another title reign? (Which is either #10 or #12, depending on what minute you ask Michael Cole.) And, did we really need HHH to pin Punk so decisively so early in the feud? I didn't... But, whatever. It is what it is.

In short, while the show delivered solid work all evening between the ropes, I was perplexed by most of the finishes and the general direction of most of the main feuds. Del Rio was killed dead in my opinion. I have heard rumblings that this was all done to set up a Del Rio title win when RAW tapes in Mexico. If so, that is just silly. These hotshot title switches are destroying the credibility of the title, and beating del Rio here did more damage than him winning a prop in his home country is going to remedy. Frustrating.

And Triple H pinning Punk? I mean... I knew Punk was losing this match going in, but I thought it would be less... Clean? I know there were about 1,000 run-ins, and so it is absurd to call it clean, but no one blatantly screwed Punk. All outside interference was against both guys, and Triple H overcame it more succesfully than Punk and beat him. That seems... Stupid. At least have Triple H have his feet on the ropes or something...

So, yeah... Surprise. WWE puts established stars over up and coming talent. Same old song and dance.

Other annoying things- What in the hell did the Sheamus/Christian segment accomplish? You couldn't do this on Smackdown and do a match here instead? Waste of PPV time. And... No JR? Really, guys? Instead, we get Booker T telling us that the ankle bone connects to the leg bone and that he is the FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, etc... and Michael Cole losing his voice. Again. Does Cole lose his voice on every show? It is getting ridiculous. Hey, ya know who doesn't lose his voice? Jim Ross. Just sayin'...

I know I am listing a lot of negatives on a show that I gave a mild thumbs up to, but that is why I am so conflicted. I enjoyed the wrestling immensly, but found almost every other aspect to be a grating annoyance. Maybe it will all be corrected at Hell in a Cell, a PPV that is only two weeks away. Well, if it is, I won't know because I cannot afford another PPV that soon... Hooray for an oversaturated PPV market! Ok, now I'm just being cynical...

Summary- Good/Great wrestling + alot of confusing and frustrating booking = an average show that entertained and annoyed me at the same time and has me terrified for the future of the business.

Wesley Dodd

WWE Night of Champions: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Triple H vs. CM Punk
Worst Match: Divas Title
Opening tag title match was good until the finish.  Shouldn't Truth and Miz be suspended for assaulting the referee.  Bet tomorrow they forget that ever happened.  Rhodes vs. DiBiase for the I-C Title was decent, but nobody cares about these guys.  DiBiase and Rhodes have been buried to the point they both are weak as is the title.  Figured Rhodes would retain.  They need to do something with these guys.  Four way was good.  I thought someone would steal it from Ziggler, but was wrong.  Morrison gets beat again.  Is he still being punished for Melina?  He should be a headliner or right below and not stuck running in place with these guys.  Divas match was fine, better than most.  Again surprised at the outcome.  Orton vs. Henry was decent enough for a Henry match.  Again didn't think Henry was getting the title.  How long before they give up on him again?  I am tired of these title changes.  How can titles ever mean anything if they change every few weeks or so.  Cena vs. Del Rio was good, but again not the finish I was expecting.  Another title change.  Del Rio may be the fastest one to lose after cashing in MITB I am guessing.  Even Swagger may have had it longer, but I could be wrong.  Punk vs. Triple H was very good.  Then came the convoluted finish.  First Truth and Miz want Triple H to lose, then Truth stops Punk who is pinning Triple H which makes no sense.  I figured Lauranaitis and Nash were showing up in some form.  Triple H winning makes sense as it is too soon to take the COO position away even though they rush everything else.  I am guessing we get a triple threat in hell in a cell in two weeks.  Too little time between ppv's especially when building a gimmick like that.  Glad Cole lost his voice, but was hoping J.R. would be out to replace him.  Overall I give the show a thumbs up especially for the last match.
Robb Block

Hi Dave,
Thumbs down.
Best Match: Henry/Orton
Worst Match: Cena/Del Rio
Going into the two main events, I had this show at a thumbs in the middle to be determined by the final two matches, and both matches sucked for me.
Air/Boom d Miz/Truth was what it was.  Fine in the ring, nothing special, and set up the reason to interfere in the main event.
Rhodes d Dibiase. Boring match. Neither man stepped up given their opportunity.  Stupid finish.
Christian/Sheamus promo.  Didn't go they way they planned with crowd getting behind Christian, and I don't need the stupid comedy from Sheamus.
Ziggler d Morrison, Swagger, Riley. Few good spots, but it was short so didn't feel like much more than a normal Raw match.
The commercial need to stop on PPVs.
Mark Henry d Randy Orton. Good strongman match. For Henry's limitations, I thought both worked well together.  Another great promo by Henry after the match. I hope he gets more than 2 week run as champion.
Kelly Kelly d Beth Phoenix. Match was fun because of the crowd, but I never want to see Kelly Kelly try to run up the ropes again. She's brutal in the ring. I wish they would have taken the title off her. Would have been a really nice spot for Beth to win in her hometown.
Cena d Del Rio.  I cannot believe Del Rio lost clean to Cena.  Well, I can believe it since we're dealing with Cena, but I still can't believe they actually did it.  I hope this isn't a knee jerk reaction to the 2.7 rating on Monday. I really liked Del Rio as champion.  I kept waiting for Ricardo to come back and break up that sad excuse of an STF, but it never happened.  Cena is capable of having good PPV matches, but this wasn't one of them.  It felt like he was just going through his normal routine that we've seen 1000 times.
HHH d CM Punk.  I was expecting outside interference, but they did way too much.  Plus, I don't understand the Laurinaitis/Nash combo, and I doubt they will properly explain it.  Laurinaitis was against HHH because he wouldn't let the ref count the pin for him, but once he texted Nash, Nash attacked both men.  I expected HHH to win, but I wish it wouldn't have been basically clean in the middle of the ring with a Pedigree.  HHH looked really out of shape and was clearly blown up halfway through the match.
-Jesse Ringel
Philadelphia, PA

ROH Death Before Dishonor IX:
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Ladder War III - ANX vs. The Briscoe Brothers
Worst Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Mike Bennett
First off, I want to applaud ROH and GoFightLive. I buy most of the big iPPV shows that both ROH and DGUSA run and Death Before Dishonor was by far the best I've ever watched from a technical standpoint. The stream didn't have a single hiccup all night. If more companies could pull off this same level of technical perfection, iPPV could become a big deal as most of the complaints and doubts I've heard about the delivery medium is streaming errors. With that out of the way, the show itself was also very good. Ring of Honor never fails to deliver, and even though this wasn't the best show they've ever done, it was still well worth the money. The Ladder War match was, simply put, insane, and all four guys worked their tails off. It's refreshing to see a promotion using blood and stipulation matches to enhance a feud where it's needed instead of just throwing it out there. I'm usually not a fan of gruesome blading and legitimately risky high spots, but ROH found a way to do it in a way that made everything feel more real, and in this case, the risks involved made sense. The main event spotfest was well complimented by the technical finesse put forth by Edwards and Strong, giving viewers the best of both worlds to cap off the night.  Ending was predictable, but I don't fault the match for it. The Three Way Tag-Team Elimination match might have been the most fun action of the weekend. Everything else was good. Even the Shelton vs. Benjamin match which I considered the "worst" still wasn't bad. The Steen angle was great and will hopefully lead to good ratings once they launch their television show.
WWE Night of Champions:
Thumbs Up
Best and Worst Matches: Tough call. I'm not going to make it because everything seemed to be on the same level
Interesting show. It was one of the better WWE shows in a while in the sense that there really wasn't a bad match on the card (Beth vs. Kelly wasn't bad and I felt Henry vs. Orton over-delivered). That said, nothing really stood out either in terms of match quality.
Kingston and Bourne vs. Miz and Truth was a good opener. I didn't mind the booking of the finish. It's too early to take the belts off of AirBoom and they need to keep Truth and Miz strong, plus it adds fuel to the "conspiracy fire". There were also no botched spots in the complicated ending sequence, so thumbs up. I thought Rhodes and DiBiase delivered a very solid match. They didn't do anything that would blow the roof off the place, but for what it was, it was well done. It's a shame the crowd died. They deserved better. The Four Way U.S. match was a lot of fun. A few nifty spots and good action. Ending was predictable (as it always is with these matches in WWE), but I suppose it furthers the angle. Beth vs. Kelly was very good for what it was. As usual, the hometown worker loses the match. It gets old after a while.
Henry vs. Orton exceeded my expectations. I have loved how well they have built up Henry and this match was the one I was most looking forward to on the card. For the first time in a while, it felt new and Orton felt vulnerable. Refreshing to say the least. Changing the title here was the right thing to do and hopefully Henry will get a decent run. Match itself was fine. You always grade on a sliding scale when Henry is in the ring and both guys did a very good job given his limitations. Putting the title on Cena tonight was mind boggling. I mean just really, really bizarre, especially when you consider they are departing for their Mexico tour soon. I can't really say anything bad about the match itself, as it was without doubt the best worked one on the show, but my God. The title hotshotting needs to end now.
Before I touch on Punk vs. Hunter, I have to say something. Booker T is just terrible. Absolutely dreadful. I like the guy and everything, but he needs to be taken off commentary. It's killing the product. I never thought that I would actually miss heel Michael Cole, but when he went down with his acute attack of laryngitis and Booker received double the air time, it just killed the match for me. Take Booker away from the table, make him a heel manager while at the same time, grow up, give the reigns back to JR and let him do what he does best. The current team (and more specifically the roles they are playing) more often than not run the shows into the ground. As for the match, it was solid. Good, safe street fight action highlighted by the wicked elbow drop from the table. You might say that the end was over-booked, but at least it all served a purpose. I thought for sure when Miz and Truth ran down the aisle that the show would go off the air with Nash, Johnny Ace, and the conspiracy duo clad in nWo shirts with spray paint splayed over the back of Punk and Hunter. Thankfully it didn't. I liked the initial run in. It got them both over as bigger heels and it made sense given the conspiracy angle. I liked the Johnny Ace shenanigans and it meshes well with what they are doing on television. Same can be said for Nash. Overbooked? Probably. But at least it all served a purpose.
Overall, a great weekend for wrestling. Keep up the good work guys.
-Ryan Niepagen

Hello Dave and Bryan,
Guys...Vicki was throwing up the cellphone sign and said call me.
You really thought she was signaling SuperFly?? or telling us to hang loose, bros?
I thought Vicki was AWESOME there. I wish she would build a stable.
I wish Ross was announcing. I get it BUT STOP HURTING THE PRODUCT.
I know he could have really made the two title changes
and HHH/Punk something REALLY special.
Night of Champions- Thumbs Up
Best: HHH v. Punk (the new Punk tee is amazing)
Worst: Divas by default (and that Kelly went over)
-They blew it by not giving Beth the win. Could have been like when Trish
won in Toronto in her last match. Maybe not that big BUT
it would have be seen as something important. I think Kelly has heel written all over her.
-They pulled the trigger quick on Del Rios losing the title. Very tired of Cena being champ.
This was a really good match DESPITE my Anti-Cena stance.
- Im very interested on where they go w/ Henry (good post match interview) and
the HHH/Punk storyline. Thought it was gonna be a respect/hand shake deal
BUT HHH busts out the Suck it Chop.
Take care fellas,
Jesse Otawla

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