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Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor
Thumbs way up
Best match: Strong vs Edwards
Worst match: Grizzly Redwood vs Andy Ridge
As Bryan mentioned on the show that night, solid if average (for ROH at least) undercard leading to two awesome main events.  I had to go with the semi-main as best in show, but the ladder match was quite great too.  The Steen angle was great, if entirely a retread of last time.  He was over like hell.  The Davey line seemed to be almost a throwaway line, but the thought of that match is exciting. 
Technically not their best show with weird and distracting direction, especially during the ladder match, where some important spots were missed.  We also had the feed cut out probably five times, more than any other iPPV I've watched. 
This was the only show I watched all weekend, since I was busy Saturday (if I was home I might have watched UFC, but I wasn't home, and Jake Shields as the top draw doesn't really light my world on fire), and WWE has almost completely lost me.  I was onboard for awhile when the CM Punk angle and push started, but they've beaten the interest out of me. 
Curtis Hughes


SPIKE night UFC fights were boring and eventually was switching back to the football games. Only good thing out of the show was the Rampage promo on Jon Jones. Jake Shields losing quickly kind of shocked me, otherwise a boring event. I did see UFC get second from top billing on FOX when they ran down all the sports events they shown before FOX football Sunday started. If FX promotes UFC like they did for season premiere of Sons of Anarchy (the best show on TV), UFC should do alright for the network.


I just read the results of NOC, and how pathetic. Everyday more and more I lose interest in wrestling in general. Cena with another title reign. Garbage. The WWE title is now meaningless and those "fake" belts that people walk around with at events have just as much meaning. Mark Henry as champion. Garbage. I mean too bad they did not do this push about 14 years ago, now he is just a jobber getting a push. Would be the equivalent of Iron Mike Sharpe getting a push all of a sudden and beating Hogan clean to win the title, but Sharpe was better than Henry. The main event reminded me of usual Impact or old WCW finishes. Garbage. I was thinking of buying SS for The Rock but why bother paying 45 bucks with him just being in the ring 10 minutes tops and the rest of the card will probably suck. I think the overbooking in general has just killed the industry. The industry as a whole booked 100 years of angles into 15 years or so, now, everything is the same and nothing is fresh, or ever will be.


Mike Malesev

Thumbs Down for PPV
Best Match:  Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison vs. Alex Riley
Worst Match:  Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase
It wasn't a bad PPV up until the last three matches.  The finishes of the last three matches totally killed the show for me.  Punk/HHH was the type of cluster fuck that you usually see on TNA PPV's.  Could we possibly have a few more guys run in?  Then you have the guys that run in attacking both Punk and HHH, which makes absolutely no sense.  And before that happened, they weren't exactly setting the world on fire.  HHH looked rusty and slow, which you can kind of forgive, since this was basically his second match in a year and a half.  But overall, it wasn't on par with the usual quality of WWE PPV main events.
As for the finish, and the idea of HHH going over.  I expected HHH to win tonight, and I would be fine with it, if I had an idea that WWE's long term plan was to have Punk get put over in the end, when the feud is said and done.  But after that fiasco of a main event, I have no faith that they know what they're doing with anything anymore.
John Cena winning, and the utter and complete burial of Alberto Del Rio, was disgusting.  But I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Del Rio is just another in a long line of people that the company has started to push, only to jerk the carpet out from under the guy, and end up right back where they started.  I don't know if they blame Del Rio for the low ratings, and that's why this happened.  If that's the case, it's a joke. 
They book guys like Del Rio not to be taken seriously, and to make sure that everyone knows they're second rate, and not among the top guys.  But then they expect these guys to draw like top guys, and then when they don't, cause they've spent all this time drilling into people's heads that they're not top guys, they blame the wrestler for not getting over, instead of looking at their own shoddy booking.  And how can anyone ever take Del Rio seriously after the way he was buried tonight? 
Cena stole his car, beat up his manager, essentially no sold his finisher, and then made him tap clean in the middle of the ring.  You don't need to get a dictionary and look up the word burial for this one.  But then they'll turn around and expect Del Rio to draw as a challenger for Cena's belt at the next PPV, and then he'll get blamed when the PPV bombs.  Meanwhile, 2011 will be soon coming to an end, and what new stars have been created this year?
It's such an incredibly destructive and backwards way of running a business.  I'm actually dumb founded at how a company that can put on a PPV as great as Money in the Bank was two months ago, can then turn around and produce a steaming pile of shit like they gave us tonight.
On a positive note, congrats to Mark Henry for winning the first World Title of his 15 year career.  If you had told me six months ago that he was going to win the World Title, I would have laughed, and said you were crazy.  But they've done such a good job pushing him over the past few months, which proves that they can book guys to get over when they want to, that it actually seems appropriate that he won the title.  And at least it's something different. 
Of course, it's only a matter of time before Orton gets the belt back, because Vince McMahon seems to think that the company will crumble and go bankrupt if either Cena or Orton, and sometimes both at the same time, aren't World Champion.
But it does make you wonder, if they can give a monster push like this to Mark Henry, why can't they do the same for an Alberto Del Rio, Miz, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, or any number of other guys on the roster that would benefit very much from it, and more importantly the company would benefit from it.  Because let's face it, they can't expect The Rock to keep bailing them out.
Dan Wahlers

Two Thumbs Down for booking
Best match, Beth vs Kelly except for the ending.
Worst Match of the year, HHH beating CM Punk

 I only saw the Henry post match promo and on ward. Saw the feedback and decided I should at least see the stuff myself so I caught a stream that was going on. I dont care to go back and watch the rest of the show.  Cool set for tonight, I dont think UFC will ever beat them as far as presentation of the product goes, but WWE hasnt reached WCW 2000 levels yet.

Glad Orton isnt champion, but hes just going to get it back in 2 weeks at the next ppv. Why the hell would you want to have ppvs so close together so many years in a row? That ppv will get 50,000 in America if theyre lucky.

Beth vs Kelly was probably the best womans match in WWE and TNA Ive seen since Hamada was having really good matches in TNA. Ending fucking sucked and offended a lot of the crowd. You could just see it in their faces that they couldnt believe WWE wouldnt put one of their own over on ppv. Especially when shes the best female wrestler in the company, Beth was again very good in this match and carried Kelly very very well. Why do Beth and Natalya wear make up and make themselves hotter than 95% of the roster and say they hate beautiful barbie dolls? They're blond for crying out loud!

Cena vs Del Rio, bad match. In 9th grade I was in a creative writing class and every single day my teacher told us 3 simple words that were crucial to people caring about a story. "SHOW NOT TELL." You make people see that somethings/someones important, not just tell them and expect for them to care. You SHOW people that Del Rio is on par with past greats by having him beat Cena, not tell people he is by editing him in a prematch video. Guess the WWE Creative Writers took that saying way too literally and decided to half as it. "Were going to show him in a video with legends so then people think hes great, but we wont let him get a win on John Cena." Does this mean Cena is better than Hogan, Bruno, Austin and others in Vinces eyes? Because I dont think he is to too many other people. He was booed heavily in the building tonight and hell be booed heavily when Rock is back and they go into Wrestlemania. How many crowds were like that for Bruno, Hogan and Austin at their peak? Austin wasnt even booed when he was a heel in 2001! I guess Alberto will beat Cena somehow in 2 weeks so he can defend the title at Survivor Series? The match itself was hard to keep my attention, just a bunch of random moves with no real story that even played into the finish. Del Rio's offense off the top rope was confusing, I really dont think he looked graceful doing them, and they didnt like they would do much damage to Cena anyway. Technically this was the worst match I saw since HHH vs Punk had good timing and was well done, too bad it was crap.

HHH vs Punk. Again "SHOW NOT TELL!" You told people Punk is the best wrestler in the world by capitalizing on Cena being distracted in the first match, and then not actually beating him in the second match, and then hes made into a bitch by HHH. The only time Punk got a move in was when HHH had his back to him or a foreign object was in play. I guess HHH sees himself as a good guy whos above the WWE title nowadays. Wonder what 2002 era HHH would think of him wrestling tonight as the main event in a none title match? This wasnt Goldberg being beaten at Starrcade 98, but this was a lot like Nitro 1 4 99. Miz was punched by a ref which caused him to fall down like he had been shot, and then later HHH beats him up and sends him flying. Punk leaves the company with the wwe title for one week and returns for this to happen????? In a normal feud CM Punk would be the heel (he was being one tonight)  and this would be the end of the story. He Failed. Im done with TNA and Im done with WWE. I dont care if Rock is coming back, theres no way hell be booked right with these people. Punk may get the best and worst match award this year in the Observer awards and WWE should get worst company, they had so much potential in Punk before MITB, and now hes just another guy who got a win and then had to be cooled off before things got too different, too fresh, too good for the fans who are becoming jaded and wanted something fun to happen. They're pretty much bagging for their fans to leave them at this point, and its worked for me.

Last time i sent in an email to you I said I had given up on Smackdown and I really wasnt watching too much Raw lately either, but Im done after seeing these 3 matches. HHH if he has sway in this company and a good booking mind should have known to do A LOT of things differently tonight, one of those we know he has and the other it is apparent he doesnt. Today was the last day of my subscription and because of things that have recently taken place and two of the most depressing ppvs occurring within a week of each other on top of it, I wont sign up again for a long time if at all. Thanks Dave for all your hard work, I really enjoy and appreciate it.

William Bren

no good promos

too few power bombs

"Meet Cute" of brothers on the beach should have been shot "fan cam" at a gas station with some freaking HEAT!!!!!!!

No Sam Sheridan run in

a decided lack of "Ariani-ness"

Oh yea, the trailer gave away the finish.

other than those completely justified complaints, my old lady was into it and even without any Skinamax soft core action, Brother George did ok and went over that night!

George Maranville

Best match Orton - Henry...they did a good job with Henry.
Sad to see both Del Rio and Beth loose.
Hated the Punk - HHH >>> how many times is Punk going to get laid out by the fired inmovable object Diesell(ing)?!? ANd what does HHH do to his buddy - one shot = laid out. If I was Punk I would have did a monster GTS and knocked HHH out, but instead it was a little bump. This match sucked
Peter Leong
aka jaderock

Here our my quick thoughts since I was there live:
Crowd was more super hot then usual as being a PPV, many fans from Toronto made the trip down. Hence, why Cena got more boo's than a usual Buffalo show. After the show went off the air nothing really happened. Hunter left, then Punk got a standing o and left. Looked like both the ref and Nash were legit hurt as they were selling well beyond usual even as Justin Roberts was telling everyone good night they were both still getting help. I did see one of the producer's giving an "X" sign so did seem legit. Even Lawler was helping Nash up after the cameras stopped rolling, so seemed like Trips may have potatoed Nash with the sledgehammer.
Beth Phoenix got the biggest pop being from Buffalo. John Cena got the most heat (50/50 crowd). Punk, Trips and Orton also received good pops. Crowd was dead for most of the 1st half of the show. Super hot though for Cena/Del Rio. Many were confused with the Trips/Punk finish. Too much of a TNA style finish caused many to turn on the ending.
Smackdown House Show returning to Buffalo on December 29th. 
Akash Sandhu

ROH Death Before Dishonor IX
Thumbs Up!
Best Match: Roderick Strong vs. Eddie Edwards
Worst Match: Pre-Show: Andy Ridge vs. Grizzly Redwood

This was a show where as I was going in, I didn't know if it was going to be a really great show.  I knew the Ladder War was going to deliver, but everything else to me was kind of questionable.  By the end though I thought the show was fantastic live.  I felt the first 3 undercard matches (not including the pre show) delivered and were really fun, especially the 3 way tag.  Generico/Jacobs I personally was expecting more, but by the time Steen hit the ring it didn't matter, because that segment was just great.  I like Haas and I like Elgin but I just couldn't get into that match, but they tried.

The Strong/Edwards match was something I wasn't looking forward to going in.  I wasn't really in the mood for a really long match.  By the time we got to the third fall though I was really into everything, I was happy that they went 40 by the end and it was my favorite match on the show.  Great stuff!

The Ladder War was everything I expected it to be.  Great stuff.  The right team won, but I feel like The Briscoes have been the MVP's of ROH this year.  I think they're making a strong case to winning Tag Team of the Year in 2011.

Basically: This was a great show.  Not the best they've done, but buy the replay!
Matt Lovallo

Thumbs Middle
Best Match: Cena/ Del Rio (booking not withstanding)
Worst Match: Rhodes/ Dibiase

Wrestling overall on this show was good from top to bottom, nothing great but no bad matches either.  Reason this show gets a thumbs middle is because the booking of the last two matches was beyond atrocious.  First of all, putting the title back on Cena is mind bogglingly counter productive, just horrendous.  Why on earth would they pull the rug out from under Del Rio, another rising star, just so Cena can put another notch in his belt?  I could be wrong, but I figured it was because of the recent raw ratings, and they assumed that by ignoring the real problem (booking like this) and putting the title back on Cena everything will magically get better.  Whatever the reason, that was inexcusable, especially after they buried Del Rio so much on Raw leading up to the event.  As for the main event, the match was good until the finish, which was so completely overbooked I wanted to throw up.  They could have done a similar finish that wouldn't have hurt the match nearly as much, and would have been far less confusing.  Plus, I am very against the idea of using a PPV that people paid $50 to see just to promote intrigue on Raw.  That intrigue should be built up through good matches and good booking, looking towards where they go next, instead of simply trying to figure out what the fuck was going on in the main event that you paid heaping sums of money to see.  The best thing on this show by far was putting Henry over Orton clean.  Matches good, booking terrible, thumbs middle.
- Dan Marsiglia, NJ

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