Joe Babinsack looks at the longest women's wrestling match in history

Martinez vs Lexus: The Longest Women’s Match in History
WSU: Women Superstars Uncensored
Reviewed by Joe Babinsack
Let’s get to the matches:
#1 Contender to the Spirit Title Match
Niya vs Allisyn Kay vs Tina San Antonio vs Marti Belle
Interesting opener. While the Spirit Title is a notch under the typical secondary belt for a promotion, the belt in WSU is mostly for up-and-coming stars. I love the concept, and WSU does well in building up contenders for its belts, and also keeping them strong. This four-way to create the next contender works well because it throws together a tag team that is on the verge of disintegrating (strangely enough, that’s not a storyline that was already concluded already), plus Niya – a solid undercard wrestler, and Allisyn Kay, who is linked with Jessicka Havok as the big heel threat/group.
As is typical, WSU juggles a few stories and by doing so, creates more depth to its matches.
The match does put over the next contender strong. Since WSU doesn’t do too much with multiple women matches, I can’t complain about it.
NYWC Starlet Championship
Nikki Syxx (C) vs Barbie
WSU brings in some NYWC – New York Wrestling Connection gals, and it these two apparently have a history. Neither lady looks like their name, although Syxx does look more like the Motley Crue musician than Barbie looks like the classic doll.
What’s weirder is that NYWC has its Champion named Nickie 6, looking much the same, so I’m not sure if there are name issues going on, some sort of goth feud in NYWC I’m not fully aware of, or what.
Syxx here is linked to The Order of The Black, a goth style group, but is she the same as the Starlet Champion? I dunno. I’ll have to do some requesting with NYWC to get this sorted out.
Regardless, it was a hard-hitting affair between the two powerful women, and a nice change of pace and some new faces.
Jana & Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks vs Jennifer Cruz & Monique
This tag has some familiar WSU faces, and the newcomer Bonesaw (with name Jessie Brooks prominent here). Bonesaw I saw in SHIMMER recently, and she’s definitely improving. Her “Homicide” homage is less pushed here, but linked with Jana, there is a definite vibe, as Jana has always been a dangerous player in WSU.
Jennifer Cruz is a WSU heel who’s got an attitude, and Monique is powerful.
What I like here is a tag team match with attitude and four ladies who make it meaningful. WSU has strong tag champs in the Boston Shore, and as always, setting up new contenders is WSU’s strong suit, and this is establishing the Cruz/Monique team for future battles.
Serena Deeb vs Annie Social
I’ve always liked Deeb in the ring, she has a certain fire and understanding that made her a misfit in the WWE. Well, yeah, I know.
Nifty match-up with a WSU stalwart in Annie Social and Deeb re-entrenching herself back in the indy scene, and establishing a pecking order. Both ladies are names in the scene, and while I’ve seen better from both, it’s a match worth watching and worth investing time to see where both go from here.
Well, Deeb has a ton of potential and Annie Social continues to remind me of Christina Ricci, so I can’t say anything bad about either.
WSU Spirit Title
Sassy Stephanie (C ) Vs Amber
I’m still not down with the “Sassy” name, but then again, I’ve never fully appreciated the “Uncensored” name either. Otherwise, the woman definitively named Stephanie has been one of the most improved talents around over the past year, and she’s in the right position as the Spirit Titleholder.
She’s got an awesome look and strong talent and while there are ladies in this promotion who are stronger, Sassy Stephanie does have potential for the mainstream.
Amber puts on a good match with the Champ, and Allisyn Kay, having won the #1 Contender slot, confronts the sassy one afterwards, in what I believe to be an interesting angle brewing.
Violet vs Gabby Gilbert
More ladies from NYWC. Violet is Violet Stevens, who has a GLOW-riffic gimmick as a geeky chick, but thankfully nowhere near as annoying as a model with the new FOX sitcom.
Gabby Gilbert has a crazy outfit, a crazy look and a body type that hasn’t been seen in the WWE since the mid-1990’s. It was an interestingly enough match, introducing some more new faces. In the end, I think the wrong lady went over, but I’ll let the viewer decide for his or her self.
Uncensored Rules Match
Amy Lee vs Brittney Savage
I can’t believe Amy Lee’s promo ability hasn’t gotten her into TNA, because she could be a better spokesperson for ODB and Jacqueline, even if 7/8ths of her words would have to be bleeped.
Which of course is ¾ of her charm.
Ok, maybe not that high. But I’m not about to trash the queen of white trash, and one of the more unique and interesting characters around. Well, mostly because I’m scared to do so.
Setting aside the comedy routine, this was a match which highlights what WSU is all about. I’ll dare to go back to comedy and reference the Amy Lee/Amazing Kong battle of a few years back, which I, indeed, called a MOTY candidate. I kid not today either.
Because pro wrestling should not be about just the in-ring and the workrate and the yardsticks based on perceptions decades removed from a time when emotion and promotion and building up of matches actually meant something.
That match was untrammeled brilliance because it was two gals bashing each other with a dynamic that any white trash fan could understand and that anyone watching would appreciate if they just marked out and stopped worrying about counting high spots.
Here, this match was different.
But the same in terms of setting up the match with storyline and building expectations and playing on expectations and most importantly, establishing reason and purpose and delivering with logic.
In other words, nothing at all like, say, TNA.
Here, we watch a match expecting Amy Lee to kick the crap out of Brittney Savage, and on the other side, we’re expecting Savage to take out the last remaining wrestler who was part of the Cosmo Club. It’s a classic in terms of classic wrestling and setting up a battle between the immovable object and the irresistible force.
Here, Amy Lee is the immovable object, because there’s no real reason why Savage could best her. Here, Savage is the irresistible force, because she blew through her storyline and has settled the score, and should do once more.
By the way, Rick Cataldo wasn’t thrilled by the result.
But getting there was the fun, and it played upon those expectations, and played upon them well. Amy Lee was the destructive force, and Brittney Savage proved her mettle to the fans.
I love Savage as a face, and it will be interesting to see where she goes from here. On the other hand, Amy Lee put over her opponent and all but announced her retirement. On the way out, she put on one more great performance, in a classic sense.
WSU World Title
Mercedes Martinez (C ) vs Lexus
What’s awesome about WSU is that they don’t do the same match over and over, the same finish over and over, and yet there can be similarities. Similarities are fine. The same exact thing is inane.
This match was anything but the same exact thing.
The concept of any Champion this day going 73 minutes is a rarity. There are some that can, but most of them have a strong background in Japan. I doubt today that the mainstream would dare book such a long match. And even in Japan, there are few promotions that would do the same.
Here, on a hot August day, two ladies with not much of a history (until they made it here), but with logic in meeting (Lexus won the Rumble to get a title shot), put together a match for the ages, and a serious match for consideration for the best of the year.
Sheer determination, talent on display and duration accounts for it, but the match was not weak in any manner.
What’s ironic is that I’ve complained at times about WSU not doing rest holds very well, and here we have the Champ defending the belt for 73 minutes and not exactly milking rest holds to get there. They started reasonable for a long match, but heading out to the audience may be the modern generational representation of a rest hold, but it certainly never felt like that.
By the way, there is only one Champion these days of the merit of Mercedes Martinez.
If you look at this match in historical terms, you’ll have to go back to Ric Flair vs Ricky Morton for a similar setup. World Champ vs Tag Team Champ. Tag Champ taking the World Champ to the distance. Both coming out of the match looking stronger; with the Tag Champs looking more respectable in the end.
If that was the goal, it worked wonders.
The intensity of the match was strong, the ongoing action was impressive, and the end of the sixty minute timeframe was visually compelling, with the two ladies trading punches on their knees, selling the exhaustion and selling period.
It was interesting that the overtime started with more energy, but it continued the story of the unexpected challenger and the Champion taking everything, dishing out everything, but being unable to put away the match.
The announce crew was spot-on, the whole packaging was great and the match itself, for going an hour and a quarter – was more than just a little impressive.
I doubt most fans can handle that long a match, but if you want a challenge and want to enjoy talented wrestlers putting their hearts into their craft, here it is, and here you should be watching.
What I loved in the end was the emotion and the aftermath. I love the professionalism and the unbridled display of appreciation between two talented wrestlers hugging and showing respect – obviously for both the display and of course for the hidden reality that here was a match that hit on all cylinders and both ladies shared in that result.
Sure, you can say that Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards upped the scale in terms of technical skills, and Undertaker vs HHH was watched by more people on a more important stage, and that Vincent Nothing vs Rickey Shane Page was vastly more hard-hitting and emotional.
But I’ll put this one up there because this match not only shattered the industry record for duration, it was ten times (and more) than the longest match you’d see.
What I love about Women’s Wrestling Uncensored is that this promotion builds up contenders, develops and delivers on storylines, integrates indy scene talent and former mainstream talent seamlessly and absolutely has a better “take” on professional wrestling than any other promotion – bar none – on the planet today.
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