OVW TV report 9-24 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for September 24th, 2011, which is episode #631. OVW uploads the new episodes to its website at ovwrestling.com every Monday. There is a lot coming up in the next few weeks at the Davis arena in Louisville with the Homecoming five show this Tuesday September 27th, ROH tapes TV here on Saturday October 1st, then the next OVW Saturday Night Special is October 8th.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed was the ring announcer. The new "gimmick" in OVW seems to be dual revolving, no pun intended, title holders, and that continued this episode, so let's get to it.

The show opened with clips from last week when Adam Revolver beat Paredyse with a Russian leg sweep to win the OVW TV title. Revolver was already one half of the OVW Southern tag team champions with Ted McNaler as the Elite, so the TV title win last week made him a dual title holder in OVW.

Adam Revolver came to the ring with both titles, wearing his wrestling gear. Revolver talked about being a dual title holder now, but he said that wasn't good enough. Revolver said he wants to make real history and be the first OVW simultaneous triple crown champion. Revolver's tag team champion partner, Ted McNaler, came to the ring wearing street clothes, and asked Revolver if he was nuts. McNaler asked Revolver if he knew how hard it would be to hold three titles. Revolver, a face currently, was a bit heelish here as he told McNaler he didn't know what it was like to hold two belts, and he just wants an opportunity to be a triple crown champion. Out to the ring in street clothes came OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne. Revolver said Jason Wayne was a good guy in and out of the ring, but he doesn't have two belts. Revolver said he was not in the tournament where Jason Wayne won the OVW title, nor has he had a shot at it. Revolver asked Wayne to put the OVW title on the line tonight. Wayne said he would take the challenge, but he wanted Revolver to put his OVW TV belt on the line tonight as well. McNaler sarcastically implored Revolver to accept that stipulation, and he reluctantly did, so tonights TV main event was set. Jason Wayne said he would make history tonight when he leaves with two OVW titles.

Alex Silva confronted James Onno in French at first in the locker room. Silvia complained about Onno getting himself purposely disqualified when these two wrestled at the September Saturday Night Special. Onno didn't like having his integrity questioned. Both guys agreed to a rematch for next week.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage....Shiloh Jonze was telling his good friend "Smooth" Johnny Spade a joke involving a ski mask. Spade told Jonze he would make a great TV champion, and to go to the office to try and get a shot at it. The stalker of Johnny Spade, Tony Gunn, was shown watching this in a door way, clutching the stuffed bear he's wanted Spade to have for so long now.

1. Sean Casey beat Randy Terrez

Casey requested this match last week, Terrez took it to shut Casey up. Going into this match, Terrez was up 2-1 against Casey. Casey was wearing new tights with a tricked out bluejeans theme. Casey attacked Terrez before the bell. Terrez back with some 'Rana's. Casey took over with a shot to the midsection of Terrez, followed by a faceplant on him. Casey with a legdrop on Terrez, as Terrez was laying on the ropes. Casey held control for a while. Casey with a spinebuster on Terrez. Casey with a superkick. Casey went for another legdrop on the slumped across the ropes Terrez, but missed this time. Terrez back with a flurry of offense. Casey though rolled up Terrez for the win, while holding the tights. So it's now 2-2 between these guys. Sean Casey has held the tights in both of his wins over Randy Terrez.

Backstage the pregnant Taryn Shay was talking to the Baby daddy to be Benny Bray. Shay was talking about buying a crib, and toys for the baby, while Bray was looking sick, and like he badly wanted to be somewhere else. Chris Silvio and Mo Green came up to Bray and Shay. Silvio said since Bray was so busy now with this baby business, he wouldn't have time for the babes, so he Silvio would take up the slack in that department. Silvio and Green left, so Taryn Shay started talking to Bray about buying a house, and the baby having its own room. Bray looked like was about to hyperventilate. lol

Nick Dinsmore was in the ring in street clothes. Dinsmore said he hates a bully. Dinsmore talked about Mike Mondo taking liberties in recent weeks in matches with guys who are in his Nick Dinsmore pro wrestling class at OVW. Dinsmore said a bully hates to be confronted face to face, so he demanded Mondo come out now. Mondo didn't come out, but his attourney/manager Christian Mascagni did. Mascagni asked if it wasn't bad enough to see Dinsmore's crappy commercial three times a show. Mascagni said he represents Mike Mondo, and said he was the best lawyer and manager in town. Mascagni said maybe Dinsmore needs to check the mirror, since he's sending his students off to the lions den, and then wants to cry when Mondo beats them up. Mascagni suggested maybe the problem was Dinsmore is a bad trainer. Mascagni said Dinsmore isn't in Mondo's league, and said Dinsmore was past his prime. Mascagni said Mondo was not here tonight, but Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey at the desk said they saw Mondo's name on the roster sheet for tonight. Dinsmore told Mascagni he doesn't appreciate Mondo beating up his students. Mascagni said he did have someone for Dinsmore to face tonight, that was at about his skill level.

2. Nick Dinsmore beat David Osborne

Dinsmore took off his shirt and wrestled in jeans and a tank top. Dinsmore hit the billed at 300 pounds Osborne with a Diamond cutter and won the match in about 10 seconds. These two met here in a longer dark match a few weeks ago.

Backstage Prince Bolin, with James "Moose" Thomas and Rocco Bellagio, was talking to Christian Mascagni. Bolin was concerned that Adam Revolver was getting a shot at OVW champion Jason Wayne tonight, since his man Rocco Bellagio won a within Bolin Services 2.0 only beat the clock challenge last week to earn a shot at Jason Wayne on October 8th.
Wanna be member of Bolin Services 2.0, Raul Lamotta, came up and interrupted Bolin and Mascagni. Lamotta said he could collect the $25,000 bounty Mascagni has on Jason Wayne tonight, plus make it easier for Bellagio to win the title on Octover 8th. Bolin said Lamotta was pathetic, but he had a good point. Bolin said tonight they will cost Jason Wayne the title against Adam Revolver, collect the bounty for Bellagio, then Bellagio will beat Revolver on October 8th to win the title(s). Bolin and Mascagni shook hands on the deal, but both were wondering if there's really honor among thieves. Lamotta, like last week, said but it was his idea, which again fell on deaf ears.

Backstage Nick Dinsmore confronted Christian Mascagni and Mike Mondo, revealing Mascagni as a liar when he said Mondo wasn't here tonight. Mascagni promised Dinsmore a match against his client next week. Dinsmore agreed to it, and left. Mondo was angry at Mascagni for accepting that match, because he didn't want to fight Dinsmore next week. Mascagni asked Mondo if he knows how many clients he has. Both Mondo and Mascagni then laughed.
This was three segments right in a row with Mascagni in them, which was too many.

3. Jamin Olivencia beat Brandon Espinosa

This was another match that was a dark match here a few weeks ago, and a fun one at that. This TV match got off to a fast start. All Olivencia at first, but Espinosa scored big with a spinning kick to the face off the ropes. Olivencia wrestled this match in his Hockey jersey, at least I think it's a Hockey jersey. Espinosa held control for a bit, but not for long as Olivencia came back with his running body block to the corner, and won it with his clamping DDT finisher. This was fun while it lasted, the offense Espinosa did get in looked good for the most part.

Soon as the match was over, another black and white "Wake up" video from Rudy Switchblade was played. Switchblade said honesty was not the best policy in a wrestling ring, because all it gets him is cold shoulders and icy stares. Switchblade said last week when Olivencia praised God while threatening violence shows what a hypocrite Olivencia really is. While this video aired, words like "Unfair", "Blameless", "Hate Jamin" and "Imposter" flashed on the screen. Switchblade said while Olivencia clings to faith, the fact is he will make Olivencia quit on October 8th, when these two meet in an I quit match. I really like these macabre videos from Switchblade, great stuff.

One legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes was in the locker room, when Mohamad Ali Vaez came up to him in street clothes. Vaez said he needs to talk to Hayes. Vaez said, after much self inflection, he owes it to Hayes to fix the problem that he created with Hayes in public.

Mohamad Ali Vaez was in the ring, speaking more quietly than usual, and remorsefully. Vaez said he's done a lot of things he's not proud of. Vaez said he doesn't blame the people for not believing him after all he's done. Vaez said tonight he wants to clear the air, and move on with his career, in a public setting. Vaez asked Michael Hayes to come to the ring, and Hayes did. Vaez said this wasn't easy for him to say. Vaez said he regrets the whole thing with Hayes, that Hayes just happened to be there when Vaez came just one day short of setting the record of being the longest reigning OVW TV champion, and it set him off. Vaez spoke of how Hayes inspires hope with the fans. Vaez said he believes in Hayes too. Vaez asked for Hayes to forgive him, and move forward with their careers. Vaez wanted to shake hands with Hayes, but Hayes wasn't so sure about it. Vaez told Hayes he was totally sincere about this, and again asked Hayes to shake his hand. Hayes started like he was going to, but suddenly Vaez' old tag team partner, Omar Akbar, attacked Hayes from behind, with Vaez joining in on the attack on Hayes, so it was all a swerve by Vaez. Dean Hill was going nuts as the desk during this. It was Vaez and Akbar, years ago teaming up as The Insurgency, that caused Hill to lose his beloved handlebar mustache. Akbar pulled the fake leg off Hayes, while both he and Vaez beat on Hayes for quite awhile. Someone should have came out and helped Hayes sooner, but they were trying to get this angle over. Finally some refs came out. Very good acting by Vaez though before the swerve. I thought they had blown the Vaez vs Hayes feud off, but it will now continue, possibly in tag team fashion.

Shiloh Jonze and Johnny Spade were shown walking in the hallway, with Spade telling Jonze he has a real shot to win the TV title. Tony Gunn cut them off in a doorway, Gunn told Jonze he was going to have to wait in line for his TV title shot, because he Gunn has secured one for himself. Chalk one up for the stalker I guess.

4. Jason Wayne beat Adam Revolver to win the OVW TV title, and retain the OVW heavyweight title, in a title vs title match

TV main event time, and they had plenty of time left for this one. In fact, at the desk they said this match had no time limit. This was OVW heavyweight title vs OVW TV title, winner take all between Jason Wayne and Adam Revolver, as set up earlier this show. Ted McNaler, Revolver's tag team champion partner, was not out with Revolver here. Wayne and Revolver shook hands before the match. The larger Jason Wayne overpowered Revolver early on several times. Wayne went for his full nelson slam finisher early, but Revolver went out to the floor. It was pretty much all Jason Wayne for awhile in the beginning. Wayne though, missed a knee to the corner, leading to Revolver working on the left leg of Wayne. A three man announce booth is tough and Hill, Corsey, and Bolin cut each other off several times during this match, and then openly talked about them cutting each other off so much. Also this show, the audio totally cut out for a second or so at least a half a dozen times over the course of the show, so that was an issue. Wayne came back with a bunch of offense on Revolver, but was having trouble with his left leg. Revolver wrapped Wayne's leg around the ring post, and hit Wayne's leg on the ring apron. Revolver worked more heelish of the two here, but not totally heel. Wayne went for a slam on Revolver in the ring, but his leg gave way. Revolver with a figure four, but Wayne reversed it. Wayne went to work on the left leg of Adam Revolver, including wrapping Revolver's leg on the ring post, as turn about was fair play. Out to ringside came all of Bolin Services 2.0, and Christian Mascagni and Mike Mondo. With so much going on, the ref was distracted. Mondo tried to get in the ring and hit Jason Wayne, but Wayne saw it coming and prevented it. Both Wayne and Revolver went for their finishers on each other, but neither could get them. Revolver applied a sharp shooter on Wayne, but Wayne came back with a snake eyes in the corner on Revolver. Both Wayne and Revolver fought up on the turnbuckle. Wayne with a superplex on Revolver. With referee Chris Sharpe again distracted, this time by Mascagni and Mondo, Rocco Bellagio ran in the ring and gave Jason Wayne a chokeslam. Revolver then hit his Russian leg sweep finisher, but Wayne kicked out in a dramatic near fall. Wayne answered right back with his full nelson slam finish to win it, becoming a dual title holder in OVW in the process, as Jason Wayne is now both the OVW heavyweight champion, and the OVW TV champion. All the heels, but not Revolver, beat on Wayne during the post match, but Ted McNaler made the save. When McNaler started getting beaten down, Adam Revolver made the save to help his partner. Wayne vs Revolver went over 15 minutes, and it was decent, but I thought it lacked a certain intensity in a way.

Well, yet interesting show this week, and I liked it for the most part. Not totally sold on the TV title becoming a dual title for two different guys in two straight weeks, but it's something different at least. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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