UFC 135 live coverage from from Denver - Jones vs. Rampage light heavyweight title

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Te Huna rocked him when Romero shot in for a takedown, landing an uppercut but took out Romero’s legs. Romero shot in again, Te Huna sprawled and Te Huna connected with a series of punches on Romero on the ground. Romero may have been out from the first hard punch, and it was stopped on the fourth punch. :47


First round: Mizugaki moving forward and landing. Now in a clinch and Escovedo with a knee. Mizugaki moved into a clinch, tried to throw Escovedo but it didn’t happen. Crowd starting to boo early while they are clinching. Mizugaki witha right and a left and then took Escoveedo down. Escovedo tripped him and got back to his feet. Back in the clinch and Escvoedo landed a knee and an elbow. Escovedo tried to climnb up up his body to get a triangle. That didn’t happen and Escovedo is on his back. Mizugaki got up and let Escovedo up. Right to the body by Mizugaki. Flying knee from a clinch by Escovedo and an uppercut to the body. Mizugaki tried to throw him and couldn’t get it. Escovedo throswing knees and elbows. Mizugaki back with an elbow. Elbow by Escovedo hurt Mizugaki. Mizugaki back with a right. This is a good first round. Mizugaki in with punches incuding a hard body shot by Mizugaki as the round ended. Very close round, I’d go slightly to Escovedo.

Second round: Takedown by Mizugaki but Mizugaki doesn’t want to go to the grond with Escovedo. He let him back up. Bodylock and punch by Mizugaki. Mizugaki landed a right. Mizugaki moved in and landed a left and right. High kick by Escovedo. Another high kick by Escovedo and Mizugaki back with three punches. Mizugaki with an uppercut and a left hook that landed, this knocked Escovedo backward and was the best shots of the round. Escovedo landed a right and Mizugaki landed hard in response. Mizugaki decked him with a counter left and again let him back up rather than going to the ground with him. Hard left and Mizugaki hurt him with series of punches. He dropped him with punches and threw a knee. Mizugaki put hm down a third time with a left and it’s over. Finish was a flurry ending with a left hook.  Crowd liked this fight and gave Mizugaki a big reaction when it was over.


First round: Yagin, a Hawaiian, facially resembles B.J. Penn. Josh Rosenthal referee. Hopefully he’ll stop it quicker than in that fight in Warrior with the two brothers. Assuncao got the takedown. . Assuncao landing some lefts on the ground. Assuncao landing hard punches on the ground. Yagin kicked him off. Yagin landed a right. Assuncao ducked a punch and took Yagin down again. Yagin threw some elbows from the bottom late. Crowd booed the hell out of the round and it wasn’t even bad. Assuncao was shocked. Assuncao 10-9.

Second round: Crowd quiet. Crowd now booing. Assucnao got behind himand is trying to trip him down. Now he’s got his back. He tried piggy backing but slipped off. Now in a clinch against the cage. Crowd booing his round heavy. Assuncao dancing around like he’s Jimmy Valiant and he fans booed. Left by Assuncao. Assuncao moved in with a takedown. Yagin went for a guilloine but Assuncao got out. Assuncao throwing elbows to the left thigh and the ribs on the left side. Yagin got away. Crowd booed the hell out of this round. It wasn’t a good round, but it wasn’t that bad either. Assuncao should be up 20-18.

Third round: Assuncao shot in but Yagin stuffed him and is now on top. Assucano got up. Assuncao with a left. Yagin landed a left. Assuncao doesn’t really look good right now. Yagin landed another punch. Assuncao moved in and Yagin trying for a guillotine. Assuncao out and now on top in the guard. Assuncao landing a lot of lefts on the ground. Assuncao landing a lot of punches on the ground, mostlylefts. Now elbows. Asssuncao landing a lot of punches, some of them are pretty hard. He’s landing left after left and they are solid punches. Assuncao with a hard right on the ground. He’s landing a lot of punches and Yagin is just trying to survive. He’s landing a lot of rights and a knee to the body. I have this as a 10-8 round and Assuncao winning 30-26. Crowd booing again. Very impatient crowd.

Scores 30-26, 30-26 and 30-27 for Assuncao.


First round: Nick "The Promise" Ring. I mean who comes up with a nickname like that? Boetsch moving forward. Ring got a takedown off a Boetch kick. Ring throwing knees to the shoulder. Boetsch is having trouble doing anything with Ring. Not much going on here. Surprised crowd isn’t booing here. Ring dancing backward and avoiding Boetsch’s charges. Right by Boetsch. Trading punches. Ring landing a few. Close round but I’d go to Ring. Crowd booing, but not as much as I’d expect from this crowd 10-9 Ring.

Second round: Boetsch landed a good right, which hurt Ring. Ring in with a low kick. Big rights and a knee by Boetsch. High kick byRing was blocked. Big right knocked Ring down but Ring right back up. Hard knee by Ring from a clinch. Ring went for a knee. Boetsch took him down and Ring back up. Boetsch grabbed a guillotine standing and dropped to the ground. Ring out of it and on top. Ring working for a guillotine but Boetsch out. Boetsch hurt Ring with a left. Boetsch landing rights and uppercuts. Boetsch landing rights to Ring and hurt him with a left but Ring back with a knee. Fight has started to get good late in this round. Takedown by Boetsch and working for a Kimura but time ran out. Boetsch’s round for sure. Boetch should be ahead but our wonderful 10 point must means it’s probably 19-19 at this point. Crowd did cheer the end of the round.

Third round: Ring with a left as Boetsch moved in. In a clinch. Ring landed a left. Boetsch landed a left hook and a knee. Boetsch moved him into the fence. Boetsch took him down. Ref Mario Yamasaki ordered a stand up. Not much was happening. Boetsch landed a punch and a knee, followed by a beautiful uchimata (Judo hip toss) into side control. Boetsch landing elbows from the top. Boetsch on top. Boetsch landing punches from the top. Boetsch won the third round so has to win, probably 29-28 but could be 30-27.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Boetsch.


First round: Ferguson landing punches and a good low kick by Riley. High kick by Riley who fell to the ground but got up before Ferguson could take any advantage of it. Ferguson landing a couple of punches and a body kick. Riley kicked the shoulder. Ferguson landed some punches. Left uppercut hurt Riley. Ferguson landed to the body but Riley danced away. Left uppercut again landed by Ferguson. Right to the jaw. Ferguson landed a hard right and a hard left and right. Riley bleeding now. Riley trying to come back but Ferguson landing more than Riley. Body kick by Ferguson. 10-9 Ferguson

Second round: Riley said his jaw was broken in between rounds. The doctor stopped it. Fans weren’t happy about the stoppage but there was no other decision that could be made.


First round: They keep talking about the Nick vs. Gomi but they never mention the fight was a no contest officially and not the win by Diaz that they keep saying. Diaz put him down right away with a punch. Gomi right back up. Diaz chant. Gomi landed a big right. Body shot by Gomi . Diaz back landing punches. Diaz continues to land punch after punch. Gomi moved in but Diaz escaped the clinch and keeping the distance. Gomi landing body shots. Gomi is throwing haymakers and mostly missing. Diaz landing punches. Diaz taunting him. Hard left . Gomi is shellshocked by constantly being hit. Gomi dropped for a takedown. Diaz got his back. Gomi back up. Gomi getting tired. Diaz continues to land punches over and over. Gomi took him down. Nate for a triangle then and moved into an armbar. Now back to a triangle. Power bomb by Gomi but Diaz held onto the triangle. Diaz then switched to an armbar again and Gomi had to tap. Diaz looked fantastic here on the ground.


First round: In a clinch against the cage. Not much going on. Both boxing. Brown threw a big left and a low kick. Left by Brown rocked him and Browne thought flying knee but didn’t land it. Broughton threw a punch off a clinch. Takedown by Browne and landing elbows. Browne 10-9.

Second round: Browne landing a lot of punches and knees. Crowd hsa started to boo and then Browne started landing. Browne with another takedown into mount. Brown threw some punches. Browne landed a number of punches on the ground until time ran out in the round. Browne 20-18.

Third round: Crowd booing this fight. Broughton moved in with a right. Another takedown by Brown and landed a hard right on the ground. Browne got his back and punching. Browne back to the full mount. Crowd booing. Browne is dominating the fight but this isn’t an impressive performance and it’s a boring fight. Broughton working for a Kimura but Browne escaped it. Time ran out. 30-27 Browne. Browne was really tired at the end.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Browne.


First round: Rothwell came out to the theme from Raw. Rothwell went for the takedown and Hunt backed off. Hunt landed a couple of shots. Hunt landing more punches. Rothwell got the takedown into mount. Hunt is in a lot of trouble. Hunt got up. Rothwell tried takedown but this time Hunt blocked it. Rothwell in. Hunt tried to nail him in but Rothwell ducked the punches. Hunt blocked the takedown again. Hunt in with an uppercut. Hunt with two overhand rights Rothwell tried the takedown, Hunt blocked it and is on top. Takedown by Rothwell but Hunt back up. Rothwell got him down again. Rothwell’s right eye is busted and he’s bleeding a lot. Rothwell with an elbow. Rothwell’s round 10-9.

Second round: Hunt threw a left. Hunt may be tired at this point. Low kick by Hunt. Hunt breathing heavy. Hunt landed a left and missed an uppercut. Another low kick by Hunt. Right by Rothwell. Hunt landed a series of punches. Rothwell moving in for a takedown and Hunt was able to block it and move away. Uppercut by Hunt and he took Rothwell down. Hunt pounding on him. Hunt landing several elbows . Rothwell trying to set up an armbar. Hunt landing elbows tothe cut over the right eye. Hunt with short punches and elbows. Hunt landed some punches. Hunt has his back thowing a lot of punches to the face. Hunt is going for an armbar. Hunt didn’t get the armbar. Almost a 10-8 for Hunt, I’d have 10-8.5 if you can but it’s probably going to be 10-9 so it would be tied 19-19.

Third round: Uppercut by Hunt. Hunt landed a lot of punches as Rothwell is gassed. Hunt hurt him with punches. Spinning elbow. Hunt took him down. The ref ordered a stand-up. Both guys tired at this point. Hunt tried a takedown, but Hunt sprawled and is in control. Hunt throwing some punches but Rothwell back up. Hunt with a hard right, but Rothwell took it and came back working a takedown. Hunt walked away from the takedown and Hunt took Rothwell down. Crowd booing. Hunt throwing some punches onthe ground. Hunt with some hammer fists. They ordered a stand-up which made no sense. Rogan is yelling at the ref for the stand-up. Rogan is right on this one, standing a guy up from a dominant position. Hunt landing a bunch of punches and a high kick. Rothwell won’t go down. Crowd loves that Rothwell is dead but he can’t knock him down. Hunt went for a takedown. Rothwell got Hunt’s back and full mount . Hunt’s round so he should win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28, 29-27 and 30-27 for Hunt.


First round: Pat Miletich is in Hughes’ corner for the first time since 2007. All of the guys from Hughes’ past like Jens Pulver, Robbie Lawler and Monte Cox are in the corner. Koscheck does look in great shape for 19 days notice. Loud chants for Hughes. Not much happening early. Koscheck moved in with punches. Koscheck threw a left and Hughes reacted to it. Hughes landed a left that hurt Koscheck. Hughes chants. Hughes landing the lefts over and over again. Now Koscheck with a few punches back. Koshckeck swelling under the right eye. Hughes is landing several punches. Hughes landing but Koscheck back with a few punches. Koscheck moved in for the takedown but Hughes was able to block it. Koscheck with uppercuts and Hughes with a knee. Koscheck hurt him with a punch. Hughes back with punches. Hard overhand right by Koscheck. Both tied up. Knee by Hughes but Hughes down. Koscheck hurting him with punches on the ground. Koscheck has his back and throwing punches and Koscheck’s punches on the ground are hard. Koscheck finished him just as the round ended. There were about ten punches on the ground. This was really a hell of a fight. 4:59

Koscheck thanked Hughes for taking the fight this late in his career and called Hughes a legend. Nice being on the shelf, I’m growing as a person. Crowd hated Koscheck.

They cheered Hughes like crazy. He was almost in tears. He said "I’m not retiring, I’m going to tell UFC to put me on the shelf. I love the crowd support, I had a great camp."


First round: Jackson is smaller, only 211 pounds. We’ll see how that changes when it comes to conditioning and knockout power. Jones looks really nervous. Being on top may be harder than climbing. They say a 3 inch height difference but it looks like a lot more than that. Jones is crawling around. They are now in a clinch. Knees to the body by Jones. Jones landed left elbow from the clinch. Jones throwing knees. Jackson is talking to him. Crowd booing heavy the clinch. High kick and front kick by Jones. Low kick by Jones. Back into the clinch. Jones threw Jackson off. He outpowered him there in the clinch. Jackson moved in with punches and Jones backed off. Jones landed a head kick. Low kick by Jones. Another head kick by Jones. Another low kick by Jones. Jones landed a left. Front kick by Jones. The reach difference is the whole fight, he can land on Jackson and Jackson can’t land on him. Back in the clinch. Spinning elbow by Jones. Front kick by Jones. Jones missed a high kick. Jackson threw big punches that all missed. Jones has too much movement for him. Jones 10-9.

Second round: Jackson’s corner is going crazy giving him to advice except "FIND YOUR RANGE." Yeah, how do you do that with guy with a 13 inch reach advantage. Jackson moved into a clinch. Knees by Jones from the clinch. Jones went for the spinning elbow but Jackson ducked. Jones went for a takedown and Jackson blocked it. Left by Jones landed. Body kick by Jones. Jackson throws and misses. Jones landing kicks. Back in a clinch. Front kick again by Jones. Body kick by Jones. Jackson landed a left. Spinning back kick by Jones. Head kick by Jones. Side kick by Jones. Jackson landed a left. Jones landing lefts. Jones pulled guard and went for a triangle but time ran out. Jones 20-18.

Third round: Jones tried a standing choke but Jackson powered out. Jackson now throwing low kicks. Jones throwing low kicks. Jones got the takedown into side control with 3:37 left in the round. Jones into full mount. Jackson powered out with too much damage. Jackson is cut. Body kick and head kick by Jones. The head kick was really cool but Jackson is tough and staying up. Right and left and low kick by Jones. The low kicks are hurting Jackson. Jackson went for a crazy flying punch and Jones evaded it easily. The low kicks are taking their toll as Jackson is wincing when he gets hit with them. Running knee by Jones and a low kick. Jones with a left. Jones took him down after the round ended. Jones 30-27.

Fourth round: Jackson’s corner is telling him to get into range. They are doing him no favors. Jackson’s legs are in trouble. Back in a clinch. Jones took him down next to the cage. Knee to the body on the ground. Jones working for a choke now. Jackson is in a lot of trouble. Jones has the choke and Jackson taps out.

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