UFC on Versus live coverage from Washington, DC Cruz vs. Johnson

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Walal Watson vs. Joseph Sandoval

First round: Watson taller, he’s 5-11 and 135 pounds, and immediately out trying to use the jab
and kicks to keep distance.  He landed a high kick and a low kick.  Another low kick, and then
one hit the groin.  He apologized immediately.  Watson landed a kick right to the face that put
Sandoval down.  Sandoval got up but was shaken.  That was one sick kick.  A few more punches by Watson and Sandoval went down again and ref Mario Yamasaki waved it off.  Sandoval was still fighting when it was stopped.  He took a series of punches standing and went down, one punch on the ground, but Sandoval was still coherent and trying for takedown.  He got up and was disappointed, but didn't argue the call.  It certainly wasn't looking good for him in the short time they were out there.  I would think they'll roll this fight into the main show.  1:17

Josh Neer vs. Keith Wisniewski

First round: Both out swinging. Wisniewski trying to work knees from a clinch. Neer landing a lot of body shots. More body shots and Wisniewski with a knee while Neer threw the body shots. In a clinch against the fence. Knee by Wisniewski. Neer landed a low kick that hurt Wisniewski. Then several body punches and a number of head punches that snapped Wisniewski’s head back. Another right by Neer. Wisniewski with a hard right and and body shots. Neer back with an uppercut. Another knee by Wisniewski. A jab and hard right by Neer and another hard right by Neer. Wisniewski back with a knee. Two lefts by Neer, three short range almost bionic elbows, Neer worked the body. Hot round, crowd gave them a bad hand. 10-9 Neer.

Second round: Neer handed a hard right that knocked Wisniewski back two steps to start the round. Wisniewski crowded him against the fence by Neer throwing short elbows. Traded big punches but both missed. Now Wisniewski with a close range elbow. Trading elbows at close range . Neer with an uppercut and some body shots and close range elbows. Hard body shot by Wisniewski. Another hard body shot. More elbows by Neer. Wisniewski back with hard elbow and a body shot. Neer carving his face up with elbows. Now jabs. This is a great fight. Wisniewski bleeding , and another elbow. I think the cut is from the right eye. Lots of uppercuts by Neer from the clinch. Wisniewski with body shots. The ref stopped it to check on Wisniewski’s cut. It’s over the left eye. The doctor is allowing it to continue. His left eye looks like hell from those elbows. Crowd loving this fight. Wisniewski’s left eye looks bad and he’s bleeding from under the right eye, so he’s wearing the crimson mask. Neer’s face is all bloody as well, but it’s Wisniewski’s blood. Wisniewiski decided to go for a takedown but that didn’t work and more elbows by Neer. Knee by Wisniewski. Elbow and lots of body shots by Neer, then some jabs. Wisniewski back with punches. Neer grabbed a guillotine standing and the horn sounded. Almost a 10-8 round, but not quite because Wisniewski was never rocked that badly and was fighting back the whole time, but he was bleeding a lot, so 20-18.

But the doctor stopped it due to all the blood, so Neer wins at 5:00 of the second round..

Neer dedicated the fight to his grandfather with cancer. A funny exchange is Joe Rogan brought up that Neer said that his ribs were broken between rounds. Neer said his ribs weren’t broken and Rogan said that we have it on tape and you said your ribs were broken.

T.J. Grant vs. Shane Roller

First round: Fernando Yamasaki is referee. First time brothers have ever reffed the same UFC. Roller landed an uppercut and Grant took him down, and Roller hooked him almost like a DDT, but Grant was on top. Roller reversed and Grant reversed back on top. Roller then reversed to the top and has a guillotine on as well. He’s given up the guillotine. Grant got to his feet. Roller on his back and Grant dropped down with punhes. Now Grant went to the ground throwing body punches. Grant dropped down with some punches. He moved to side control. Grant continuing to throw punches while keeping Grant down until the end of the round. 10-9 Grant.

Second round: Low kick by Grant. Left and high kick by Grant. Another low kick by Grant. Grant in with punches and threw a hard knee to the jaw , Roller went to his knee and tried for a takedown from there and couldn’t get it. They are fighting in the corner. Roller landed a few punches but Grant back with punches. Grant missed a running knee . Roller hurt him with a punch. Wild swinging and Grant went for a high takedown and on the way down Roller hooked his head almost like a DDT again but Grant ended up on top. Grant has his back but Roller reversed and is now on top with 1:15 left. Grant locked up Roller’s legs and got Roller’s back, now moving to an armbar attempt. The round ended. That groundwork by Grant was awesome. 20-18 Grant. Very good round.

Third round: Grant hurt him with a right. Roller bleeding from the bridge of the nose. Roller shot for a takedown and Grant defended well. Roller got him down and Grant locked in a guillotine. Roller was out and then Grant locked in an armbar and Yamasaki stopped it. Roller was swearing at the call from the moment it was made. Crowd was booing because Roller never tapped. Crowd booing the ref and Grant. People are booing the decision like crazy 2:12. It was announced it was a verbal tap out. The move from the guillotine to armbar was awesome.

Joe Rogan said he did not tap. Grant said Roller screamed in pain. Every fighter is told if you scream in a submission the refe is going to stop it.

Roller said he groaned, he didn’t scream in pain. Crowd cheered Roller like crazy. I hope they don’t cut Roller off this fight.

Nice crowd for what is really a secondary show.  Probably 8,000 or more already.

Mike Easton is from Washington, DC, so in th enext match they are going to be with him like crazy. 

Mike Easton vs. Byron Bloodworth

Easton got a big reaction coming out, he’s a really short powerhouse. Bloodworth got called for his fight on Tuesday and on that day was weighing 162 pounds. He promised he could make 136. He got to 138 so had toforfeit a percentage of his purse.

First round: Crowd booed Bloodworth. Huge reaction for Easton. He’s got a total star presence, doing the caged animal Hulk deal. He’s got some great finishes under his belt. Loud Easton chant. Easton is as thickly muscled you’ll ever see a 135 pound fighter. A lot of movement early but nobody landed anything. High kick by Bloodworth. Easton in and landed but Bloodworth back with a right. "Let’s Go Hulk" chant. Body kick by Bloodworth. Bloodworth tried a takedown but Easton’s base was good and they are against the fence. Easton turned him against the fence. The ref separated them quickly. Brutal spin kick to the body by Easton. Hard low kick by Easton. Right and a knee by Easton. Bloodworth shot in but Easton sprawled. Crowd booed the round. Really could go either way but I’d go close to Easton 10-9.

Second round: Both swinging but not landing to start the round. Hard low kicks by Easton. The third one was like a rifle going off. More Hulk chants. Easton landed the right. Another hard low kick by Easton. Body kick by Easton. Easton could be a superstar at 135 if he can hang with the top tier guys. He just has that look, face and charisma. He’s moving forward mostly doing low kicks. Body kick attempt ended up low and Bloodworth got a rest period. Bloodworth landed a high kick and Easton slipped and went down but right up. He’s back with the hard low kicks. Bloodworth’s left knee is messed up at this point. Knees by Easton from close range, three to the head, two to the body and Bloodworth went down. He followed with four hard punches on the ground and it was stopped. Crowd really hot for the finish. Loud Easton chants.

Michael Johnson vs. Paul Sass

First round: Sass has out of this world ground work. He got and Johnson avoided the taekdown. USA chant. Sass moved in and again couldn’t get the takedown. Sass in with punches but Johnson answered back. Johnson hurting him now with punches and a knee. Sass in with punches and Johnson back. Sass went down and Johnson stood up and walked away. Johnson wants nothing to do with him on the ground. Sass with a scissors takedown and Johnson was on top. Johnson is on top and wants out of there as fast as possible. Sass hooked his leg to keep him down. Johnson stepped out and Sass hooked his leg again going for a heel hook but Johnson was defending. Sass cranked it again and Johnson tapped out. He hurt Johnson with the move. That was amazing determination to get and keep the hold.

Yves Edwards vs. Rafaello Oliveira 

First round: Fans booed Mario Yamasaki and it was his brother that made the quick call on the armbar. Oliveira moving in landed a punch that stunned Edwards. Oliveira has him pressed against he cage. Oliveira in with a flurry of punches. Edwards went for a high kick that was blocked. High kick by Oliveira. Oliveira landing more punches. Edwards with a high kick. Edwards back with a few punches. Oliveira ran in with punches. Hard low kick by Edwards. Olveira with a hard kick to the head but Edwards wasn’t hurt. Edwards tried a head kick but Olveira blocked it. Edwards in with punches. Olivera now back. Oliveira shot for takedown. Edwards blocked and landed a knee and high kick. Edwards with a few punches late in the round. Both swinging as it time ran out. Good round. Oliveira looks tired. 10-9 Oliveira.

Second round: High kick by Oliveira. Oliveira landed several punches Edwards put him down with a knee to the chin. Both swinging and not landing. Edwards landed a right that put him down and another and he went down hard. Edwards is all over him with knees and elbows but Oliveira backed off. Now Oliveira back with punches. Oliveira landed a good right hook. High kick by Edwards put him down again and Edwards throwing punch after punch on the ground and Oliveira . Got his back, more punches and ref Mario Yamasaki stopped it.

Matt Wiman vs. Mac Danzig

These two fought June 2010 and Wiman used a guillotine and the ref waved it off but Danzig was not in that much danger and it was a bad stoppage.

First round: Fernando Yamasaki was out as referee. I guess they realized he was the one making the bad call because they booed him heavily. They are in a clinch. High kick by Danzig but he lost balance and Wiman used that to take him down. Danzig tried a guillotine and thowing a lot of punches from close range. Danzig landing a lot of punches. Wiman with a high kick that was blocked. Wiman has the look of frustration on his face but he landed a good right. Danzig landing a lot of body punches. Body kick and hard right by Wiman and another right. Danzig back with an uppercut. Elbows by Wiman and punches by Danzig. Danzig with a flurry of punches. Danzig has bloody nose. Wiman back with punches. Knees from the clinch by Wiman. Both throwing short punches from the clinch. Wiman shot for a takedown and got it but Danzig backup. Danzig’s round 10-9. Really good stuff.

Second round: Wiman out with a low kick. Another low kick by Wiman and punch. Wiman landed a right and a body punch. Danzig with a takedown. Wiman going for an armbar from the bottom. He switched to another armbar attempt. Danzig is in trouble here. Danzig out of trouble and throwing punches from the top. Danzig landing more punches from the top. Wiman back up. Danzig landing a lot of short range punches. Wiman with a low kick and now landing punches himself. Wiman shot for takedown and Danzig landed all kinds of punches and an elbow. Wiman with some elbows late in the round. Crowd gave them a big hand. Danzig’s round again 20-18.

Third round: Danzig dancing around. Grabbed a clinch and threw a knee. Wiman landed several punches including a hard right. Wiman has him against the cage. Elbows by Wiman. Another elbow by Wiman. Elbows back by Danzig. Punches by Danzig. Knee and elbow by Wiman. Wiman landing a lot of punches by the fence and Danzig back. Wiman bleeding from the nose. Danzig with a takedown and got his back. He’s firing punches while riding Wiman. Danzig now jumped on his back as Wiman got up. Wiman threw him off and his now on top. Wiman hammering himwith punches. Elbow from the top by Wiman. Danzig back up. Both trading close range elbows, punches and knees. Wiman shot for another takedown. Danzig grabbed a guillotine right as the round ended. May have been enough for him to take the round. This was a close round and a real good fight, I’d go 30-27 Danzig.

Scores: All three 29-28 for Wiman. Crowd booed the decision. Pretty much everyone here had Danzig winning.

All three judges gave Wiman the first and third rounds.  Third round I can see because Wiman had the edge a lot of the round.  Great fight either way.

Anthony Johnson vs. Charlie Brenneman

First round: Gabriel Kaplan’s son vs. Andre the Giant welterweight here. Dear God Johnson is gigantic. He landed some kicks. Brenneman shot but Johnson sprawled. Johnson throwing a lot of lefts from the top. Knee to the body by Johnson. Another knee. Two more knees to the body by Johnson. Johnson spun behind him. Brenneman tried a guillotine. Johnson popped out. He got up and as Brenneman got up, Johnson killed him dead with a left roundhouse high kick to the face and it was over.

This is one hell of a show.  One of the better live shows I've seen in a long time.

Pat Barry vs. Stefan Struve

First round: Real 6-11 against not even 5-11. Barry landed a low kick. Struve with a body kick. Barry moved in and Struve landed some punches. Front kick by Struve. Low kick by Barry. Both swung and missed. Body kick by Barry. Low kick by Barry. Knee to the body by Struve. Struve kicked the knee. Low kick by Struve and both swung and missed. Trading low kicks. Front kick by Struve. Crowd booing the fight. Barry tagged him in the head. Sturve with a front kick and Barry with a low kick. Another low kick by Barry. Struve with a high kick and went for a knee that missed. Barry did a showboat flying knee that missed. Not much of a round, Fans booing 10-9 Barry.

Second round: Barry landed a hard right. Barry got up to his shoulder with a high kick. Barry nailing the leg. Barry with punches and low kick. Struve with the same. Struve’s left leg is all bruised up. Barry nailed the bruised up leg again. He’s chopping away with low kicks. Struve tried a roundhouse right but blocked. Struve landed a few punches to the head. Crowd booing again. Hard left by Barry, and a few punches by Struve. Struve went for a guillotine standing, took it to the ground, and Barry got out and was on top. Struve moved to a triangle. High sick power bomb by Barry, but Struve moved into an armbar and got the tap. Not much of a fight but an excellent finish.

Dominick  Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson for the bantamweight title

Round one: Johnson shot in and Cruz blocked the takedown. Hiptoss by Croz. Cruz isn’t hurting him from the top but kept him there a while. He threw one elbow and Johnson back up. Johnson rushing in but Cruz is too fast. Johnson threw a high kick and Cruz used it to take Johnson down and he’s back on top in side control. Cruz has his back but Johnson up. Johnson landed a punch and shot in and got the takedown but Cruz back up immediately. Trading punches and Johnson landed some . Johnson shot in for a takedown again. Couldn’t get it and gave it up. Cruz tried a kick but Johnson blocked it. Left by Cruz. Johnson missed a punch. Crowd cheered the round big. 10-9 Cruz.

Round two: Johnson in with punches and Cruz working for a takedown and got it. I think Cruz is surprising Johnson with an aggressive wrestling game. Knees to the body as Johnson got up. Cruz threw a knee and Johnson tried to take him down off it but not successful. Knees to the body by Cruz. High kick missed by Cruz and Johnson moved in for a takedown he couldn’t get. Knees in the clinch by both. Cruz tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Now Johnson going low for a takedown and can’t get it. Hard knee by Cruz as the clinch broke. Body kick by Cruz. Low kick by Johnson. Johnson missed a flying knee. Knee by the body by Cruz. Johnson tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Cruz finally tripped Johnson down. Cruz on top until the round ended. Cruz’s round again so 20-18.

Round three: Johnson missing punches because Cruz is so fast. Body kick by Cruz and moved out of the way of Johnson’s counters. Cruz moved in. Crowd getting restless. Cruz tried a takedown, Johnson hip tossed him but couldn’t get him down and now Cruz has his back standing and hit a German suplex and going for a choke. Johnson spun out and Cruz trying to put on the choke again. Johnson escaped again and back to his feet. When he got out this crowd went nuts. Johnson landed a punch but missed two others. Trading punches. Cruz got the takedown again. Cruz kept him down and landed some stuff but Johnson defending well. Johnson back up. Crowd definitely behind Johnson at this point. But Cruz’s round again 30-27. Big cheer, very good round.

Round four: Johnson in but missing as Cruz keeps moving. Johnson keeps moving in and Cruz isn’t there. Johnson going low and got another takedown. Fans booed. Cruz got full mount. Cruz throwing a series of lefts but not with much power. Johnson back up and moving in again but he’s not landing. Cruz again moves too fast. Body kick by Johnson. Uppercut by Cruz. Cruz took him down again. Cruz landing some lefts from the top. Johnson up again and moving in fast as the round ends. Cruz 40-36.

Round five: Crowd gave both a big ovation coming out for the fifth. Johnson throwing everything at him but Cruz avoiding all of it. Johnson pressed him the fence. Cruz got his back and took him down with another German suplex. Johnson back up with 2:29 left. Trading. Johnson moved in and hit Cruz. Cruz tried a hip toss but Johnson whizzered him. Anther hip toss by Cruz and another whizzer by Johnson and both up agian. Trading punches. Johnson moves in and throws but Cruz isn’t there. He missed a few punches and Cruz ducked for a takedown. Cruz wants a finish and got Johnson’s back with 27 seconds left. Johnson back up throwing punches and Cruz hurt him with a knee. Johnson looked at the clock, landed some punches and Cruz took him down with a few seconds left and it’s over. Crowd gave both guys a standing ovation. They really appreciated the speed and skill. I’m not sure other crowds would have to this degree. Even though the outcome never seemed in question, this was a technically excellent fight. 50-45 Cruz.

Scores: 50-45, 49-46 and 50-45 for Cruz

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