Joe Babinsack looks at WSU Alicia vs. Havok 3

Alicia vs Havok 3 (Last Woman Standing)
Women Superstars Uncensored
Reviewed by Joe Babinsack
I don’t believe there’s a promotion today that does “Old School” – with a modern twist – like WSU.
The feud between Alicia and Jessicka Havok is classically built, and the establishment of the heel faction called the “Midwest Militia” furthers the inevitably collision between Havok and WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez.
Please note an emphasis on the words “built”, “establishment” and “inevitably”, because these are important distinctions not usually associate with the professional wrestling industry in the year 2011.
Which is, in my opinion, one of the biggest reasons why the sport is in nihilistic decay, rather than even treading water at the status quo: there’s just no sense of treating pro wrestling like a serialized, episodic entertainment form.
But for WSU, instead of throwing sixteen storylines in a two-hour window, the company focuses on overarching programs and attempting to play out the emotions and expectations, build up the demand to see big matches, and actually works at having creative approaches to long term booking ideas.
Nothing exemplifies that like the rise of Jessicka Havok.
My long promised review of Havok has been rolled into the review of this Alicia vs. Havok 3 DVD for a few reasons, and most of them play into the themes I’m addressing with WSU. When pro wrestling, in a traditional sense, hits on all cylinders, it uses smoke & mirrors, it makes clever decisions to accentuate certain aspects of the workers involved, it plays things out in an understandable fashion – without talking down to the fans – but with the emphasis of playing things out.
Jessicka Havok is a player in WSU, and she’s paid her dues by fighting men in Ohio, by making appearances in the Midwest, by establishing herself in the New Jersey promotion over the past year.
Havok is establishing herself as a hard-hitting heel in a promotion that enhances its talent with a strong sense of the babyface/heel dynamics.
She began by becoming a member of Rain’s army, but then turned on the veteran heel, and began a reign of terror of her own making, and defeated Amy Lee, ODB and Nikki Roxx, among others, in her most recent stint with the company.
But let’s not overlook the previous stint, where she teamed with Hailey Hatred to grab the WSU Tag Team Championship, and the pair held those belts until the Old School style legends team of Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini wrested the gold from the otherwise dominant duo.
(One wonders if and when Hailey Hatred may reappear in WSU, all things considered.)
The big feud of the first half of this year was Alicia vs Havok, and the two have battled fiercely, with the second match – under Uncensored Rules – notable for having Alicia’s Mom toss in the towel to avert what was becoming a vicious beating at the hands of Havok (with gratuitous assistance from Allisyn “AK-47” Kay.
Commentary and actions have put over Havok as an “evil” character, and her stiff work and take-no-prisoners approach have established her as a dangerous opponent. She’s taken on a wide variety of WSU notables, has defeated them all, and coming into the Alicia vs Havok 3 DVD Event, was already on a collision course with the WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez.
So the next step?
At the last DVD, Allisyn Kay earned a shot at WSU Spirit Champion Sassy Stephanie. Before that match took place at this event, Jessicka Havok entered the ring with Allisyn Kay, and cut a pretty strong promo about her standing in the promotion, her rise to the top and her outlook on the fans.
She called out Stephanie, and in a turn that wasn’t all about swerves and foolishness and defeating the purpose for a groan, the Spirit Champion simply agreed with Havok’s logic, and the Midwest Militia was born.
Kay and Stephanie proceeded to take out former Tag Team Champions The Belle Saints, suggesting the possibility of a future clash with current Champions, the Boston Shore.
Strong factions lead to various combinations of future matches, and WSU can go in multiple directions at this point, but the action at Alicia vs Havok 3 moved on to the “Last Woman Standing Match” and that match was a spectacle to behold.
Havok arrived with her new crew, and Alicia brought out the equalizer – Mercedes Martinez.
It was a match destined for violence, run-ins and a crazy finish, and it played out well, but with a modern twist.
For one, Alicia brought out a big wooden door as a prop, and two of them were disintegrated in the course of the action. The run ins were stopped on the outside for the most part, but once Alicia got the upper hand, all hell broke loose, as would be expected. Right before that was a spot where Alicia set up a few chairs, threw Havok into a chair, plopped down on her ample backside on the other one, and a classic slugfest ensued.
Just when things were working to a finish, the modern day sensibility reared its ugly head, but all things considered, I got where it was going, understood why the train jumped the tracks, and in the end, appreciated the delivery.
I mean, there had to be a reason to introduce Amy Lee as WSU Commissioner, a reason to pull in one more babyface to equal the odds (Brittney Savage!) and a pretty cool backdrop for hearing a series of promos (some of them profanity laced, but what does one expect with Ms. Lee?), feints and future matches.
And it all made sense.
The new commish, after being all but called out by reference of Havok, set up a monster match for a future DVD Event – a War Games style matchup between the Midwest Militia and the assorted faces (Alicia, Savage, Martinez).
But what’s most important is setting up these matches, establishing the expectations and logical progression of future matches, and playing out the emotional rollercoaster of watching good (ok, make that great) pro wrestling in action.
The rest of the card wasn’t too shabby, either, with a solid battle between Serena Deeb and Rain, the establishment of the next contenders for the WSU Tag Team belts, the positioning of Brittney Savage, and an interesting assortment of characters and matches on the undercard, including:
Annie Social vs Monique
Gabby Gilbert vs Rick Cataldo
Boston Shore vs Jana & Jessie Brooks
NYWC Starlet Champion Nikki Syxx vs Niya.
In short, we see the undercard heel faction lead by Rick Cataldo (Monique & Jennifer Cruz), one more strong defense by the Boston Shore, the continued presence of NYWC talent, and the use of the undercard to set up future stories, not as a distraction or just to fill time.
WSU continues to establish itself as a promotion to watch. For wrestling fans wanting more than just nostalgia, and far more than what the typical indy promotion delivers, WSU presents a product that simply knows what professional wrestling is, and focuses on that novel concept of doing it well.

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