Hell in a Cell live coverage from New Orleans

By Dave Meltzer

Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's WWE Hell in a Cell.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, as well as last night's UFC show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Daniel Bryan b JTG via submission in the dark match.

The show opened with Miz & R-Truth coming to ringside holding tickets.  Well, we know they were available.  John Laurinaitis and security booted them out.  They are talking about whether they had the right to kick people out of the building who had tickets.  That's certainly rich given they've kicked people who for the wrong signs or the wrong T-shirts in the past.

Announcers are Michael Cole, Booker T and Jim Ross.  They are selling Jerry Lawler is still injured.


Sheamus kicked out of a spear, and also got back in the ring after a spear on the floor, to win clean with the Brogue kick.  Solid opener.  But nothing special as a match, and isn't likely to be close to the best match on the show.

Mark Henry interview making fun of Matt Striker and talking about Hell in a Cell. 


They called them Sin Cara I or Sin Cara Azul or Sin Cara blue vs. Sin Cara II or Sin Cara Negro.  Crowd wasn't into the match.  The match didn't click, some mistimed spots and some good flying spots, but I don't see how this match could be called anything but a disappointment.  The heel got virtually no heat and the crowd wasn't into this feud.  Sin Cara won with a Toyota roll into an infrared.

David Otunga came up to C.M. Punk.  Otunga is representing all the WWE stars.  Punk mimicked Jim Barnett saying he doesn't want a Harvard lawyer representing him and said he hates lawyers.


Good match, best so far.  Basic match where they got several minutes of heat on Kingston.  Hot tag to Bourne.  Finish saw Swagger tease power bombing Bourne off the top rope but Bourne turned it into a huracanrana for the pin.  They didn't do anything to really tease Swagger and Ziggler not getting along.


Henry won clean with the world's strongest slam in the middle as Orton ran in to deliver the punt.  Orton had delivered the RKO and Henry kicked out.  Most of the match was Henry dominating doing power moves until Orton made a late comeback.  Henry did another world's strongest slam after the match.  He put the ankle into a chair and teased splahsing on him but Orton moved his leg and the splash missed.  Orton with a chair to the gut and a chair to the back  and chased Henry to back with a chari to the back and a hard chair shot to he chest and another chari shot to the back.  Henry blocked a chair shot and ran to the back, they pushed how Henry ran away.  As far as the match went, the Hell in a Cell cage meant almost nothing.  Match didn't have a lot of heat until the last two minutes but people were into Orton's chair shots at the end.

Cody Rhodes out with two baggers.  Booker T made fun of Rhodes' suit not fitting well.  He said the IC title should be put to rest and he put the belt in a paper bag.  Rhodes brought out a new IC belt.  Brought a white belt with a replica of the old IC belt that Steamboat, Hart and Savage wore and Austin wore.  Put new belt around his waist.  Said he'd defend against anyone at any time, any place.  John Laurinaitis came out.  Crowd was largely dead through this.  Laurinaitis got a lot more heat than Rhodes.  Laurinaitis told him that HHH demanded he defends the title right now against John Morrison.


Rhodes worked the match in his dress clothes and considering that, did a pretty good job.  The only thing notable was in this situation with an unannounced bonus title match, nobody cared about Morrison.  Match was fine, mostly Rhodes trying to lose by count out and failing.  Finish saw Morrison hit the Pele kick, but missed a springboard kick and Rhodes won clean with the Oklahoma side roll.

We found out that HHH didn't really make the match because he was mad that Laurinaitis made the match and told him to not make any more matches without his approval.  Miz & Truth had beaten down Bourne & R-Truth backstage.  Showing HHH can't control backstage and HHH said next thing and it's Laurinaitis' ass.


Phoenix won the title with the Glam slam after Natalya hit Kelly with a mic behind the referees back.  Phoenix had Kelly in a vertical upside down surfboard and Natalya was screaming at her to quit but Kelly refused to quit.  Match was decent, better than most women's matches, they went longer and had a solid match.  Eve Torres was out but Natalya took her out by throwing her into the barricades.


They look to be doing a long match because of how much time is left.  Probably a 30 minute main event coming.

Wild finish to the show.  Del Rio regained the title, but the big angle was after the match with R-Truth and Miz getting into the cage and destroying Punk, Cena and Del Rio plus two referees.  The door was locked and the entire locker room and HHH came out but they couldn't get into the cage while Truth & Miz destroyed everyone, including using a pipe that Del Rio had been given by Ricardo Rodriguez and used to hit Punk twice with it and pin him to take the match and title.  They beat down Del Rio with his own pipe as well.  Finally they used bolt cutters to undo the door, so I guess they figured this was more dramatic than something opening the gimmicked door.  Then the police went into the cage and Miz & R-Truth surrendered to police and were taken out.  However, HHH attacked both Miz & R-Truth and also threw down Laurinaitis, and then HHH was pulled out by security.

The match itself was very good, mostly one guy having another pinned and the third guy making the save.  About 20:00 into the match, Rodriguez attacked one of the referees and used the key to get into the cage.  Cena attacked Rodriguez and threw him out the open door and gave Rodriguez the Attitude Adjustment on the floor.  However, Del Rio got the key and closed the locked the cage, leaving Cena on the outside for the last few minutes.  Since Del Rio was inside with the key, that explained why nobody had a key that could make the save.  This was the classic beat down in the cage deal that was a staple of the Omni Arena in Atlanta every few years, with Dusty Rhodes as the recipient.  It was well done, particularly HHH going wild outside.  It was also made more effective by underneath doing a basically straight clean finish show with no craziness.  At the end, the show was really the main event and the angle and everything else was just there to not be overdone.

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