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Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Tag Title match
Worst match: Sin Cara v Sin Cara
The show opened good with Christian v Sheamus. Cant believe how over Sheamus is as a face this fast. I wish it was given more time and I'd actually like to have seen Christian win for a change. The Sin Cara v Sin Cara was a snooze.  Nobody cared. I really liked the tag title match. Air Boom(God I hate that name) is like the new Rock and Roll Express and Bourne does actually sell like Morton. No heel split though which was odd.
Orton v Henry was the usual Henry doing nothing and Orton having to do all the bumping and spots to get the fans into it(which he did as the fans were way more into it when he was on offense than Henry and his boring power moves based offense was). I'm all for rewarding people when they deserve it but why Henry? Has he ever had a good match or sold any tickets in his career? No. If Orton and Christian have a hard time making you look good you really are bad. I see Morriosn is still paying for his girls' sins in his match with Cody.
And finally they got the Diva's title off Kelly.About time Beth got it. Now why didnt they have her win it 2 weeks ago in her hometown instead? Oh I forgot,Vince had to get his jollies by having the local person job in his/her hometown as always(except Cena of course). And the main event was really good(especially when Cena was out of the match)and I cant wait to see where they go with the Miz-Truth-HHH storyline on Raw tomorrow. And can you believe this is now the SEVENTH TIME the WWE title has switched hands since the Money in the Bank PPV in July? Why even have titles anymore?
Gary Graham

WWE Hell In A Cell: Thumbs Up!

Best Match: Sheamus vs. Christian

Worst Match: None

This was the first WWE PPV I have ordered in about a year. It was one of those last minute decisions but the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara match was what sold me on this. Overall I thought it was good but not great by any means.  

: Sheamus vs. Christian

Most might disagree with me but this was a very good back and forth match with two solid workers and the one I enjoyed most.

: Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

This did not live up to my expectations as there were some obvious botched moves but still a good match and I really liked the finish.

: Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Both teams worked well together and this is something I would like to see continue for a few more months due to the lack of depth in the tag team division.

: Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

I’m glad they kept the title on Mark Henry and hopefully he holds onto it and keeps the momentum going. Randy Orton just doesn’t seem like the right fit for the Smackdown roster.

: Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison

Pretty decent for what it was but this makes John Morrison look like a second rate jobber. What WWE has planned for Morrison is beyond me but it is a shame to waste the talent of a very unique competitor.

: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

Finally the title changes hands.

: John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

I am getting really tired of the rotating RAW title. I was hoping they would keep it on John Cena for awhile to help build up the eventual showdown with the Rock but once again the circle of champions continues. The match itself was decent but in the end it just didn’t do much for me so the saga will continue.


-Ed Ludwig


Burnaby, BC   

UFC on Versus
Thumbs Up
Best: Cruz vs Johnson
Worst: N/A

Cruz has what Jon Jones doesn't... I hate the guy and will pay money to see him get his ass kicked.

Hell in a Cell
I only caught the main event due to MLB/NFL games but thought the finish was creative and loved Miz and Truth getting over as badass heels. Then Hunter steals all their heat... And this b.s. is the reason I chose to watch baseball.

Jonathan Renfro

WWE Hell in a Cell: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Cena vs. Punk vs. Del Rio
Worst Match: Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara
The opener was solid with Christian and Sheamus, even if it was just another match.  Since Sheamus is one of the only few being pushed strongly, shouldn't he be in line to face Henry now?  I know WWE doesn't pay attention to logic for the most part, but if you win a lot you should get title matches and if you lose a lot you shouldn't.  Sin Cara Blue vs. Sin Cara Black was fine, but could have been better.  I gave it worst match vote just because nothing on the show was terrible.  Partially because the crowd just didn't care about this.  I guess Sin Cara Black gets a new name if they are keeping him around.  Tag Title match was actually pretty good.  WWE hasn't done much with tag teams in a long time so when you see a match that seems like it is booked for teams instead of four individuals I like it.  If they could just get a few more teams into the mix it would be nice.  I like Bourne & Kofi together even if Air Boom isn't the best name.  Dolph and Swagger also seem like a good pairing, but you know they will break up way before they should.  Orton vs. Henry was fine, even if it didn't need to be in the cell.  The Cell gimmick would seem more important if they maybe only used it for the one main event instead of two especially when it isn't necessary.  Glad Henry retained, cause taking it off him this soon would be stupid.  Divas title wasn't bad at all.  Kelly and Phoenix have some chemistry in the ring.  Kelly should just lay off any running of the ropes and that face plant bulldog which always looks bad.  Figured Beth would finally get the title , although honestly I am tired of short title reigns even if it is the Divas belt.  Kelly was on a roll having her win and overcome the stronger competitors week after week.  I would like to someone (with any title) get a decent length run to strengthen the belts.  I mean all the titles change hands after several weeks and people who lose every week get title matches.  So whatever.  That brings me to the next match with Cody and Morrison for the I-C TItle.  I love that they brought back the old belt (yes I said belt),.  That being said, why is Cody defending in his street clothes and why is John Morrison (who I like, but has lost about every match he's been in for months) getting a title match?  So Morrison looks stupid again and Cody retains.  Hope Cody gets a chance to go for a while, again as I mentioned just leave the title on him and push him and make the title meaningful.  Simple booking in my view.  Main Event was very good.  Glad Jim Ross was calling this show.  Wish Cole could have gotten lost though.  Thought Cena would retain, since once again changing the title after two weeks is silly especially since Del Rio already had it and he shouldn't have lost it in the first place.  Liked having Cena get locked out at the end and then the Miz/Truth beat down and all the chaos at the end with Triple H etc.  Good finish to get people to tune in to Raw tomorrow night.  Overall I thought this was a positive show.
Robb Block

Thumbs in the middle

Best Match: Triple threat cage match

Worst Match: Sin Cara Black vs Sin Cara Blue


This was a vintage WWE ‘B’ PPV show. And by vintage, I mean boring. I decided to save my $55 and watch it on a stream. I can’t see ever paying for a WWE PPV anymore, except maybe Wrestlemania. This company just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I can’t find a reason to get emotionally invested in any of the characters or storylines, especially after they screwed up the CM Punk angle by having him come back after just one week. The titles change hands every month, or at least that’s what it seems like and because of which, the titles don’t mean anything. Plus there are way too many titles to possibly care about.


Overall, I thought the wrestlers worked hard and tried to put on a good performance but everything just seemed lackluster, even the crowd. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good the performers are, if the storylines suck, then it makes the overall product as a whole suck as well.

I think oversaturation is the largest negative factor in all of this. I see these guys fight every week, sometimes twice a week . Because of this, the PPVs are not special. They need to devolve and actually build to quality matchups, instead of just rotating the same 4 or 5 guys over and over in main events.


The one thing I liked on the show was Orton was finally pinned clean. Way to go. At least that puts Mark Henry in somewhat of a main character role as an unstoppable monster. Also, the main event had some really good wrestling. The ending was kind of creative and it at least builds to Monday’s Raw. But the larger picture here has so many problems. I can see the WWE monthly PPVs getting worse and worse, in terms of buyrates. Hopefully, eventually, WWE will see that as a problem and find a way to scale back the action and wrestlers. Guys like John Cena and Randy Orton should only be fighting on PPVs, not on a weekly basis. But that’s another argument for a different day. Until then, I will continue to watch the shows on a free stream until WWE can present a show I actually care about.


Rick Marshbanks

Thumbs up. I got more than I was expecting out of the show, and since I was only willing to pay $5 cover to watch it at the bar, I wasn't expecting too much. The crowd was down from what I usually see for a WWE PPV, meaning two shows in under a month's span is undoubtedly too much. (Mind boggling to consider they are having a third just three weeks away.) Best match was definitely the triple threat to end the show, with one of the more wild and memorable segments after Del Rio won, something that I'm sure they hope will get more people talking about WWE. I'm not sure there's really a "worst match" because even the surprise match between Cody Rhodes and John Morrison went well, and I was glad to finally see them get the women's title off Kelly Kelly (they should have done it in Buffalo though). I suppose if pushed I would say the Air Boom vs. Team Vickie match, which I was still into, but I'm not sure the chemistry of Ziggler and Swagger working together is there without Vickie forcing them to be teammates. I suspect she'll interfere at some point in a non-PPV match to help them win the gold though, possibly even on Raw. If this were a $20-$40 PPV I think more people would pick up the replay, but at $45 in SD and $55 in HD I suspect even hardcore fans will simply wait until this one comes out on DVD. They'll be interested, but they'll wait. It's not a two thumbs up show, just better than expected.

- Steve Juon (Stevie J)

Thumbs Down Best Match: Cena vs Orton vs Del Rio Worst Match: Sin Cara vs Sin Cara. Unfortunately WWE didn't do a convincing enough job to get me to order this one legit, and after watching, I am glad. Nothing on this show really stood out as being particularly memorable or good. The fact that the crowd was dead for almost the whole show didn't do much to help. The Sin Cara match in particular had zero heat and was incredibly sloppy. I'm glad to see that Mark Henry kept the belt, I was worried for a minute that they would make the wrong decision there, but there was no need for Randy Orton to get his heat back at the end. The Women's match was bad, but not as bad as it usually is. I was glad they finally put the belt on Beth, although it's a month too late at this point. The Main Event was good, but the booking of the finish with Del Rio just mugging CM Punk with a pipe was weak. I did like the story of John Cena getting locked out of the Cell, that was at least unique, and I also liked the ending with Miz and Truth destroying everyone. Of course I have zero faith that any of this will be followed up on in any sort of meaningful fashion, but I guess that remains to be seen. Everything else on the show was just kind of eh. I give it a thumbs down not because it was a bad show, but because it just wasn't a good one.

-Geoffrey Gillott

Thumbs in the middle.
Best match: Del Rio-Punk-Cena
Worst Match: Morrison-Rhodes
No bad matches, but nonetheless lackluster in many ways, and
not worth the PPV fee.
Excellent performance by Del Rio in his win.  Why does Morrison, who jobs
consistently, get an IC title match?
Sheamus-Christian a good opener, and the Air Boom tag match was very
well done.
It was generally fine, but not at the price.
  --  Mike Omansky

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Triple Threat Cell
Worst Match: Sin Cara v Sin Cara

The Sin Cara match was sloppy and continues to confuse me as to which one of these guys has any redeeming qualities.
It's a shame Randy Orton couldn't be pinned clean without him getting his heat back after and by doing so made it seem like both guys were both pretty fresh and hadn't just been through this match that had been sold as a violent career threatening situation.
Cody Rhodes bringing back the white IC belt was great. He continues to be one of the most entertaining parts of the show.
The end of the show was GREAT!

Vince Averill


Thumbs way up here
Best Fight: Cruz vs Johnson which could easily be interchanged with Mac Danzig vs Matt Wiman
Worst Fight: Berry vs Struve
Best KO: Anthony Johnson
Best Sub: Stefan Struve
Mac Danzig  vs. Matt Wiman -what a great fight! A perfect start to the card. A fantastic pace and was back and forth. A great free fight to showcase to generate PPV buys. That decision could have gone either way.
Charlie Brenneman vs. Anthony Johnson-it was amazing to see how Johnson dominated Brenneman on the ground early posting one hand on the back of his had to keep him down while he punched away. Great headkick to end it.
Pat Berry vs. Stefan Struve -this looked like a really interesting match up going in and one that would have great stand up. Slow first round. One would have thought Struve would have used his reach a lot more to win the round but he seemed pretty tentative. Slow fight and a bit of a let down but a great finishing sequence.
Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson-crazy fast pace but who would have thought anything less?
Thought this was another entertaining thumbs up show.
Best Fight-Ivanov vs Jensen
Worst Fight-Prindle vs Wagner
Mark Holata vs. Ron Sparks-Quick fight and a dominating performance by Sparks.
Eric Prindle vs. Abe Wagner-Prindle showed some composure after being rocked in the first round. Definitely deserved the decision here, just couldn't complete one of his many submission attempts.

Blagoi Ivanov vs. Zak Jensen - Ivanov looked very good here just picking Jensen apart. Jensen was like the Terminator though just keep coming forward and taking it all.
That was a ton of punishment he took in the first round.
Neil Grove vs. Michael Hayes-Hayes definitely won this fight and was the aggressor for the majority of the fight. Grove was doing his best Festus imitation this fight, just stood there most of the 1st & 2nd waiting to counter looking bad with no offense..then the bell for the 3rd round rang and he came out with guns blazing. Grove didn't look as impressive here as he did in his last fight. Maybe the weight cut affected his performance.

Have a great night all
Grant Zwarych
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Thumbs Way Up
Best Fight: Cruz vs. Johnson
Worst Fight: None
1) Matt Wiman d. Mac Danzig:  Great fight with both guys going at it
all three rounds.  What a way to start off the show and these two guys
delivered.  On free shows its important to have a great opening bout,
just like the opening bout is the second most important match on the
card to set the pace of the night.  These two set the pace of what
became a great card from top to bottom.
2) Anthony Johnson d. Chris Brenneman:   Johnson is just a monster at
170 and so explosive.  I was going for Johnson, but a part of me wanted
Brenneman to continue his 2011 success.   Johnson sick head kick was
nasty to watch.  I believe it was a flash KO and it was justified that
the referee stopped the fight.  Even if Brenneman continued, he would
have been destroyed by Johnson.
3) Stefan Struve d. Pat Berry:  In away this was a gimmick match as the
tallest heavyweight on the roster versus the smallest heavyweight on
the roster.  The fans lived booed the opening round, but I appreciated
the struggle of Berry trying to get inside and Struve working his reach
advantage.  The powerbomb Berry was awesome, but then evenly awesome
was Struve transition to the triangle for the tap out.   Struve always
seems to do well against the lower end heavyweights, but falls short
against the top tier.   Strong chance Berry could get cut here, but I
would give him one more shot.  With UFC bringing in more Strikeforce
fighters over, he might not be safe for long.
4) Dominic Cruz d. Demetrious Johnson:  I loved this fight.  The speed
these guys kept was amazing to watch.  Johnson is fun, and Cruz style
has really grown on me in his last four fights.   He is going to be
tough to beat for this championship.  If UFC ever starts that 125lb 
division, then Johnson will be the king there. Loved those two
beautiful german suplexes thrown by Cruz.   Even though there was no
question Cruz had this fight won,  still it was very dramatic as
Johnson went all out in the last round.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA


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