Reaction to Raw

Tonight's Raw was, without hyperbole, one of the worst Raws I have ever seen in my life.
We got Morrison getting buried again. We got yet another meaningless Orton vs. lower midcarder match. (Why do they choose to do with this with Randy Orton every week on Raw and not someone who actually needs to get over?) The first hour looked like Monday Night Smackdown.
The tag team divas match just undercut any momentum Beth and Natalya had from Beth's title win. Not only do Beth and Natalya care about looks now by referring to themselves as "pin-up power" (why?), but they also get beatdown by the likes of Kelly Kelly.
They decided to show the ending of their last PPV event just to tell all the fans to not buy any of the PPVs because we are just going to show the hottest angle from it, in its entirety, on Raw. It's not even like Miz and R-Truth's beatdown was particularly vicious and had to be shown. It could have been easily explained by the announcers.
Then we got a 12-man tag team match because ever since WWE stupidly made every Raw a Supershow, the writers have apparently felt like they need to get everybody on the card for no reason. We got David Otunga and Mason Ryan featured in a Raw main event. This 12-man went FOREVER and included such absurdities as Sheamus kicking out of a Ziggler fameasser after a ONE COUNT and Otunga scoring a vicious NECKBREAKER~! on CM Punk of all people. During the match, Booker T, proving once again that he is one of the worst commentators around, acted like Mason Ryan's standing power slam was the first one he has ever seen. Awful.
Finally that horrid, horrid vote of confidence segment was the worst of it all. Michael Cole pumped it up as the FIRST-TIME EVER that there was a vote of confidence live on Raw. That's like trying to get someone hyped up for a town council meeting. A ton of people who haven't even been on Superstars lately were featured, while strangely the top main event faces like Punk, Cena and Orton were nowhere to be found. Beth Phoenix then commits further character suicide by saying "WE'RE GIRLS. SOMETHING COULD HAPPEN TO US." My god. Who wrote this stuff? And out of all the people you could put in this angle, why use Jerry Lawler's return here? Why use Mike Chioda and the referees at all? 
And then all these people walk out on HHH, all of a sudden. The cameramen laying cameras down and walking out was just utter comedy. And after the show, I'm left with the feeling that WWE accomplished nothing except make Triple H the top babyface and Johnny Ace the top heel. And is that really a Raw worth watching at all? Terrible.

Robby O'Daniel

Maybe it's just me, being cynical and too experienced.  But I find the whole scenario too contrived and, bluntly, boring as hell.  Twenty minutes - but at least it was easy to check on the baseball and football games since a 6th grader wrote most of the script.  One basic business question - where is the money payoff in this?  We'll see if it is ratings.  And did Punk's star ever rise and fall oh so fast.  Just another in the herd (no pun intended, Jim).  Okay, I'll stop reacting to this but, damn, all I can do is just shake my head.
Name withheld by request

Does it make any sense to have the two Sin Caras out there together tonight?
And was Jim Ross' leaving a receipt for that punch in the eye all those years ago?
Cant the wrestling drive the storyline? Aren't all soap operas driven by the acting more than storyline wackiness?
Mike Vincent

Thumbs Up!
Best Match: Sheamus vs. Christian
Worst Match: Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara
I just got home from attending the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV LIVE. I thought it was a fun show LIVE. I'm not sure how well it came across on PPV thought. Personally, I thought the best match on the show was the opening bout between Sheamus and Christian. Christian is so good in the ring, and Sheamus is one of the most over guys on the roster right now. The crowd reacts to him so easily. I thought Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara was just awful. They were dying out there with their botches spots, and there were lots of BORING chants from the crowd. I liked the show long angle involving Truth and Miz, and I LOVED the angle after the main event. I didn't care much for either Hell in a Cell match. They've really killed the gimmick, and it may be time to hang it up for a while. As far as the main event was concerned, I don't think I've ever seen or heard a title change with less reaction. The finish came and the crowd sort of just sat there. It was strange. I'm sure someone else will get the belt at the next PPV.
Charles Humphreys

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