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 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for October 5th, 2011. This was the "go home" show for the upcoming October 8th Saturday Night Special. A strange show tonight, they focused heavily on just a few things, with several OVW regulars not appearing tonight, especially on the TV taping portion itself. Not a great deal of energy from the crowd tonight it seemed, though they did get loud a few times. Only 90 tops in attendance tonight.
The known matches for this Saturday night are, Jason Wayne defending the OVW Heavyweight title against now OVW TV champion Rocco Bellagio(More on that later in this report), The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) defending the OVW Southern Tag Team titles against "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze, Jamin Olivencia vs Rudy Switchblade in an I quit match, and Sean Casey vs Randy Terrez 2 out of three falls.
In a correction from something I wrote last week, Mike Mondo is not signed to ROH. It's confusing, and I still don't quite understand it, but apparently he was only "signed" to a match at last weeks ROH TV tapings in Louisville. The ROH "open door" policy or something like that. Ironically enough, I did read today that Mondo's opponent at the ROH tapings last Saturday, T.J. Perkins, has been signed to ROH. lol Hey, don't ask me.
OVW regulars Mohamad Ali Vaez, Jamin Olivencia, and Alex Silva will all be appearing at the October 15th AWE "Night of legends" PPV in Virginia. Vaez, wrestling as Mohammad Akbar, will take on "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan at that show, and Olivencia will take on Sonjay Dutt, in what could be a very interesting match.
The newest Bolin Alley podcast, episode #7 to be exact, features a rare interview with Rico Constantino on it. Constantino talks a lot about his time in OVW, and the WWE on it. Kenny Bolin talks over Constantino too much, but it's still a good show. You can check that out at this link.

But back to tonights TV taping, Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers.

1. Izzabelle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) & Taeler Hendrix beat Lady JoJo & Epiphany

Dark match, thank goodness. Izzabelle Smothers came to the ring with a beer, with a paper towel over the label, and appeared to be drunk off her ass, staggering around and acting goofy. At least she was a happy drunk. Lady JoJo, who is the current OVW Womens champion, and Epiphany were both wearing "I heart being black" T-shirts. Heh. Dark match indeed huh? JoJo grabbed the beer away from Smothers, and took a slug herself, but Smothers slugged JoJo in the back, causing her to spit beer onto her partner Epiphany. JoJo and Epiphany then did not get along at all the rest of the match, arguing constantly. OVW newcomer Taeler Hendrix ending up taking the heat here, while Izzabelle was actually laying down in the corner. Epiphany walked out on JoJo, and Hendrix then rolled up JoJo with a flash pin to win it. Wow, this was beyond hideous. Just horrible. I about needed a drink after this abortion. This was the second match were Taeler Hendrix has pinned JoJo, but to say neither was convincing would be a huge understatement. BTW, the word on the street is Ryan "Skidmarks" Howe, and real life finacee' Jessie Belle Smothers, have moved to Florida, as Howe is going down to on his own, or has been invited down, to work out at FCW. Hell, maybe Bill DeMott got bored and wants to mess with 'ol Skidmarks some more. Another BTW, has anyone thought about that a complete waste of time that last season of Tough Enough really was??? Yeesh.

2. Benjamin Bray w/Taryn Shay beat David Osborne

Also a dark match. Bray was with his "pregnant" girlfriend Taryn here. The crowd started chanting "DNA" at Bray and Shay. Ok, that may be one of the funniest chants in the history of pro wrestling. lmao All Bray here early, but the hefty Osborne took over after an eye poke of doom. Shay jumped up on the apron, slapped the crap out of Osborne, and Bray then hit Osborne with a lung blower to win it. Bray seemed kinda shocked at the actions of his pregnant girlfriend. There was no Bray, Shay, or any baby daddy drama on the TV taping portion of the show, at least for the live crowd.

3. Lennox Norris beat Elvis Pridemore

Yet another dark match. Norris was wearing new trunks. Norris got the win with a sweet looking 360 degree neckbreaker.

4. James Onno beat Dre Blitz

And yet another dark match for good measure, well maybe not that good. Blitz with some spinning dropkicks but Onno won with one quickly with a Tree slam. I guess there's a possibility that Onno will face Alex Silva this Saturday, but that's not been confirmed in my world.

The TV taping opened with clips of the main event last week where Jason Wayne beat Tony Gunn to retain the OVW TV title. Wayne is a dual title holder in OVW, also holding the OVW Heavyweight title. After the match, Wayne was attacked by several people, who were trying to collect the $25,000 bounty attourney/manager Christian Mascagni has out on Wayne. The segment ended with Wayne being left laying after Rocco Bellagio of Bolin Services 2.0 gave Wayne a chokeslam. Wayne will defend the OVW Heavyweight title against Bellagio this Saturday.

Out to the ring came all of Bolin Services 2.0, including wanna be member Raul Lamotta. Prince Bolin said Jason Wayne has played into their hands. Bolin said every week he will have someone out here to challenge Jason Wayne for his titles. Bolin said they will wear and beat Jason Wayne down. Bolin asked Rocco Bellagio if he was going to win the OVW Heavyweight title on October 8th. Bellagio doesn't speak, but he broke out the crazy eyes and nodded emphatically. Bolin said they were going for the OVW TV tonight, and will collect Mascagni's $25,000 bounty.
Out came Jason Wayne in street clothes, with referee Chris Sharpe. Wayne said he had a deal for Prince Bolin tonight. Wayne said he'd defend his OVW TV title in separate matches against all the members of Bolin Services 2.0 tonight, as long the other members, and Prince Bolin, are banned from ringside during the matches. Bolin Services 2.0 huddled up to discuss it. Bolin told Wayne his pride would get him, meaning they accepted the offer. Why in the Sam Hell wouldn't they? They had a ref out there this week, but just like last week, why didn't all of Bolin Services 2.0 just beat Jason Wayne up in the ring now? Bolin told Wayne the first TV title match starts now. Leading to.....

5. Jason Wayne beat Raul Lamotta to retain the OVW TV title

Lamotta attacked Wayne from behind, and it was on. This was the first match of the TV taping. Wayne wrestled this match in his street clothes. Lamotta is still not a full fledged member of Bolin Services 2.0, because he keeps scewing up and losing. Lamotta with chops on Wayne, but Wayne came right back on him with a sidewalk slam. Wayne hit his full nelson slam finisher to win the match pretty quickly, and retain the OVW TV title.

The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) were talking backstage. It was revealed that The Elite would be facing "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze tonight, and if Jonze and Spade win, they get a title shot against The Elite this Saturday. McNaler wanted Revolver to focus on their match tonight. Revolver said he was happy to focus on it, because he wants to keep the tag titles, because he's on a quest to become a triple threat champion in OVW. Revolver wants to hold the tag titles, and TV titles, and the OVW Heavyweight title at the same time. He had a chance to do it a few weeks when he was the TV champ and tag title champ at the same time, but lost to OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne, losing the OVW TV title to Wayne in the process, in a a title vs title match. McNaler just wants to hold the tag titles, so there is major dissension within The Elite yet again.

6. Rudy Switchblade beat Joe Coleman by submission

All Switchblade early here, as he rubbed his knees in Coleman's face. Switchblade won it quickly by submission when he put Coleman in the old Chris Jericho Lion tamer.

After the match yet another Rudy Switchblade "Wake up call" video started playing on the screens, only this time it was Jamin Olivencia talking in the video. Olivencia said Switchblade has been playing mind games. As with the macabre Switchblade videos of recent weeks, as Olivencia spoke, random words, and images flashed on the screens. These videos are very well done. Olivencia said he was going to make Switchblade scream like a girl, is going to expose him, and he will make Switchblade say "I quit" this Saturday, October 8th.
Switchblade was kinda freaked out, and was looking around the ring, because he Switchblade came out from under the ring himself last week and attacked Olivencia. Olivencia finally came thru the babyface entrance, but made no contact with Switchblade. They just yelled at each other with Olivencia in the ring, and Switchblade on the floor. Their "I quit" match this Saturday should be good.

Lady JoJo and Taeler Hendirx were arguing backstage. JoJo was screaming at Hendrix basically. JoJo said Hendrix scored a lucky victory over her last week, and she wants a rematch next week on TV. Hendrix said fine, but the match will be for Lady JoJo's OVW Womens title.
7. Raphael Constantine beat Randy Terrez

Constantine needed a win badly here, especially a win over a "name" in OVW, and he got it tonight, not that it was ethitcal or anything. Shortly after this match began, Sean Casey ran out, grabbed the mic, and told Terrez he wants yet another match with him this Saturday night. Terrez has wrestled Casey several times lately, and holds a 3-2 record over him in those matches. Each time Casey or Terrez beats the other, the winner says its over, but the loser wants yet another rematch. Terrez told Casey No, and told him to get the Hell out of here. Constantine attacked Terrez from behind and took over briefly, but couldn't hold the advantage for long, and Terrez regained control. This then became a rinse and repeat match, as the same thing happened several times. Casey begging Terrez for another match on the house mic, Terrez sayin no, Constantine attacking Terrez from behind, but Terrez then taking back over on Constantine. Constantine finally won the match by holding the tights of Terrez, which is how Casey gained both of his victories over Terrez. A frustrated Randy Terrez then grabbed the house mic and told Sean Casey he would face him yet again this Saturday, but that this time it would two out of three falls. Casey didn't like that idea at all, but that's what it will be. Strange match, and segment, here.

OVW may have then broken its own Kayfabe, as a commercial for a house show on October 15th in Clarksville, Indiana played. It said that Jason Wayne would defend the OVW Heavyweight title against Rudy Switchblade on October 15th in Clarksville. Wouldn't that expose that Wayne is going to retain the title in his match against Rocco Bellagio this Saturday the 8th, or at the worst, lose it to Bellagio, but regain it at TV next Wednesday?

8. Jason Wayne beat James "Moose" Thomas to retain the OVW TV title

This was the sloppy seconds match of this night, as Jason Wayne was trying to defend the OVW TV title against all of Bolin Services 2.0 on the same show. Wayne was in his wrestling gear this time. Thomas beat Wayne down early here. All Moose, as he worked on the left arm and hand of Jason Wayne. The crowd was on the quiet side here. As Thomas held Wayne in an arm bar, Wayne was able to roll the bulky Thomas over, and get the pin, to once again retain the OVW TV title
The post match saw Thomas whip Wayne into the turnbuckle shoulder first, then hit him with his "Moose kick", so Jason Wayne would be in bad shape for his third, and final, TV title defense of this night against Rocco Bellagio.

Tony Gunn was talking backstage to Shiloh Jonze. Gunn told Jonze that "Smooth" Johnny Spade was his partner, and he was upset that Jonze and Spade were teaming up tonight, with a chance for a shot at the tag titles this Saturday if they win. Gunn has been stalking Johnny Spade for months now. Spade came up and joined the conversation. Gunn told Spade that he was his partner. Spade told Gunn "Sorry brother", and left with Shiloh Jonze. The greatly disturbed Tony Gunn then started scratching his face hard, as he's known to do when he gets upset.

9. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) in a non title match to earn a shot at the OVW Southern Tag Team titles on October 8th

Babyface vs babyface match here. Back and forth match early. Spade with some chops on Revovler. Spade later knocked Revolver to the floor. Revolver got an evil look on his face, and grabbed one of the tag belts and came in the ring with it. Revolver's partner Ted McNaler didn't want Revolver to use the belt, so Revovler and McNaler played tug of war with it. Spade then superkicked Revolver, and Jonze rolled up McNaler for the non-title victory. Match was pretty short. Spade and Jonze now get a tag title shot against The Elite this Saturday. Obviously, there is once again huge trouble brewing within The Elite. They were arguing for months earlier this year, but never totally broke up, then started getting along again, regained the tag titles, but now are not getting along even, even though they are still the tag champs, at least for a few more days. Yet another win for Shiloh Jonze, who hasn't lost yet since his return to OVW, before that he was on an epic losing streak in OVW, which was so bad it caused him to quit the promotion for a time. Jonze did do a job to Michael Elgin at last Saturdays ROH TV tapings here.

Brittany DeVore did a backstage interview with Jamin Olivencia, who was cutting a spirited promo on Rudy Switchblade, when Raphael Constantine came up to Olivencia. It was just for a distraction, as it allowed Rudy Switchblade to run up and kick Olivencia in the nuts, which has been Switchblade's M.O. lately. Switchblade then put Olivencia in the Lion tamer.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were talking at the announce desk about something.

10. Michael Hayes & Cliff Compton beat Brandon Espinosa & Ace Hawkins

Like he did in his return to OVW last week, another huge pop for Cliff Compton this week. Of course, one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes always gets a big pop here. Easily the loudest the crowd was all night. All Hayes and Compton here. Compton hit a frogslash on Espinosa to win it.

Compton and Hayes cut a rah rah promo after the match for their tag match this Saturday against The Insurgency(Mohamad Ali Vaez & Omar Akbar). Hayes called Compton his "weapon of mass destruction", or the WMD as Compton called himself.

11. Rocco Bellagio beat Jason Wayne to win the OVW TV title

TV main event time. It was the super sloppy thirds match as Jason Wayne attempted to defend his OVW TV title for the third time on the same night. Bellagio picked right up where James "Moose" Thomas left off in the second TV title match, going right to work on the left arm of Wayne. The difference in skin tone of these two guys is remarkable. Wayne is like a mixed race guy, and Bellagio is pasty white. It's like when Sheamus wrestles the orangy/bronze HHH. Pretty much all Bellagio for awhile here, but Wayne turned the tables and went to work on the left arm of Bellagio. This match could be called the arms race. Referee Chris Sharpe took a really weak looking ref bump in the corner when Bellagio dropkicked Wayne in the back, sending Wayne into Sharpe in the corner. Sharpe's ref bumps usually look very good, this one was terrible though, wasn't his fault really though. Wayne with a big kick to the jaw of Bellagio. With the ref down, Bellagio was signaling for help from the back. Raul Lamotta ran out, but Wayne pitched him out of the ring instantly. James "Moose" Thomas then ran out. Wayne beat Thomas up, until Prince Bolin distracted Wayne on the floor, allowing Thomas to hit Wayne with his "Moose kick". Bellagio then woke up the ref, and hit a chokeslam on Jason Wayne to win the OVW TV title for his first singles title win in OVW. Bellagio has previously had a short run with the OVW Southern Tag Team titles with James "Moose" Thomas as his partner. All of Bolin Services 2.0 stomped on Wayne after the match. Kenny Bolin was on his feet celebrating on the floor. This was also the first singles title for his sons Bolin Services 2.0 stable. Wayne was left laying yet again, with Dean Hill going into the ring to check on the fallen Wayne. I find the Jason Waybe being left laying every week stuff to be very tiresome. Bellagio will now go on to face Jason Wayne again this Saturday, and in that match Wayne's OVW Heavyweight title will be on the line, so Bellagio will be the latest one here trying to hold two titles as once in OVW as dualtitlemania continues to run wild here. Not really crazy about the dual title holders gimmick myself, but it's like their new toy or something here right now.

I mentioned a few weeks ago I wasn't sure how a Wayne vs Bellagio match would be, given that they are both rookies. Big guys, but rookies. It wasn't bad actually, but the very weak ref bump brought the match down, and got a groan out of the crowd. Plus, seeing Jason Wayne wrestle three times on the same night here is two times too many. They're giving Wayne the John Cena treatment here I think. Just too much of him on the show. The crowd hasn't turned on him or anything, but weren't super hot for him this show either, and the more he's over-exposed, the worst that could get. Like I said at the start of this report, strange show tonight. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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