UFC 136 live coverage from Houston - Sonnen: "You leave the division if I win, or I leave forever."

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Mike Massenzio vs. Steve Cantwell

First round: Kerry Hatley referee.  Already a bad omen.  All standing.  Good right by Cantwell
and a high kick.  Several more punches and kicks by Cantwell.  Cantwell landing more.  Flying
knee attempt.  Ref called a break for a low kick by Massenzio.  Good left high kick and a knee by
Cantwell.  Massenzio shot in but couldn’t get the takedown and both are back to their feet.  Body
kick by Cantwell.  Massenzio back with a left.  10-9 Cantwell.

Second round: Trading kicks and Massenzio moved in going for a takedown.  Cantwell nailing
Massenzio with hard body shots while Massenzio continues to go for the takedown.  Cantwell
escaped the takedown attempt and both are standing.  Massenzio landed a right. Cantwell back
with a left.  Good right by Massenzio.  Massenzio shot in and Cantwell sprawled.  Body kick by
Cantwell.  A series of lefts by Massenzio.  Another left by Massenzio.  But Massenzio couldn’t
get the takedown.  High kick by Cantwell but Masensio blocked it. Hard body kick by Cantwell.
Two lefts by Massenzio.  Two more lefts by Massenzio.  Massenzio continues to land but can’t
get the takedown.  Massenzio landing punches and knees.  Left by Massenzio.  Another series of
lefts and an uppercut by Massenzio.  Massenzio’s round for sure so we’re tied 19-19.

Third round: Massenzio moving in with punches.  Now they are in the clinch.  Knee by
Massenzio from the clinch.  Cantwell seemed to get tired early in the second round and has been
holding on ever since.  Massenzio continues to land punches and moved in for a takedown.
Cantwell with body shots and elbows as Massenzio goes unsuccessfully for the takedown.  Hard
left and another by Massenzio and he hurt him with a punch before going for the takedown again.
He got Cantwell down for the first time.  Cantwell back up.  Another left landed by Massenzio.
ard left and a knee.  Massenzio landing lots of punches and Cantwell hit a knee.  Massenzio shot
in for a takedown and Cantwell pounding the body again.  Cantwell tried a guillotine and a knee.
High kick by Cantwell.  Cantwell has a broken nose most likely.  Massenzio landing a three
punch combo.  Massenzio continues to land hard lefts.  Another hard left by Massenzio.  Knee by
Cantwell.  Massenzio used it to get Cantwell down with 25 seconds eft.  Cantwell was working
for a heel hook as the round expired.  Very good fight.  Crowd super hot for it.  29-28 for

Scores: 29-28, 30-27, 29-28 Massenzio.  Not sure how Massenzio could have possibly won the
first round, but the right guy won the fight.


First round: Simpson overwhelmed him with punches right away but Schafer weathered the
storm.  He got a knockdown and punches on the ground but Schafer back up.  Simpson got a few
more punches but Schafer blocking some.  Right off a clinch by Simpson.  Simpson landing
more punches.  A series of body punches by Simpson and landed a hard shot to the head.  A
series of more punches by Simpson.  Simpson landed a series of shots that hurt Schafer late.
Simpson’s round easy 10-9.

Second round: Simpson continues to land punches and rocked Schafer.  Simpson landing more
hard shots.  Left by Schafer.  Simpson in with more hard punches but a lot of them were blocked.
He landed more shots and Schafer is hurt now.  Two body shots by Simpson.  Another series by
Simpson.  A series of body shots by Simpson but Schafer with a knee.  Hard right by Simpson
wobbled Schafer.  Another hard right by Simpson.  Schafer with a knee.  Simpson decked him
with a right just as time ran out.  10-8 Simpson.

Third round: Hard right by the jaws by Simpson.  Simpson is landing shots that sound like they
explode by Schafer is staying up and most of the time doesn’t appear to be hurt by them.
Simpson doing a lot less this round, mostly dancing around.  Body and head shot by Simpson.  A
couple of body shots by Simpson.  Hard right but Schafer blocked a lot of it.  Uppercut landed to
the jaw by Simpson.  Body and head shot, the left to the head hurt Schafer.  Schafer continues to
take the shots, though.  More punches by Simpson.  A hard right by Simpson.  Simpson’s round
again, so I’d go 30-26 final score.

Scores: 30-27 across the board for Simpson.


First round: Zhang landing punches early.  Elkis ducked and Zhang grabbed a guillotine.  Elkins
out of it.  Elkins landing punches from the top.  Hard right from the top by Elkins.  He’s
continuing to land.  Elkins with some short elbows.  Elkins on top with more punches and Zhang
gave up his back.  Elkins working for a choke.  Now Elkins gave up the choke and threw punches
from the back.  Another choke attempt by Elkins.  But Zhang out again.  Elkins continues
working for Zhang’s back with punches.  A lot of body punches and punches to the side of the
head.  10-8 Elkins.’

Second round: Elkins tried a guillotine.  Elkins has his back agin.  Elkins continues to work him
over.  Zhang finally made it to his feet with 2:37 left.  Elkins shot in for a takedown and Zhang
trying for a guillotine but Elkins easily out.  Elkins back on top.  Elbow by Elkins.  Some
punches by Elkins.  Zhang revered him but Elkins reversed back on top.  Elkins with knees to the
body on the ground.  Elkins on top the entire round.  Round was kind of boring.  20-17 Elkins
after two.,

Third round: Elkins with a right.  He’s shooting for a takedown.  Zhang going for a guillotine but
Elkins out.  Elkins got underneath and reversed to the top.  Elkins landing solid shots from the
top.  Elkins to full mount.  Elkins got behind him and continues to land punches.  He’s again
trying to set up a choke with punches.  Elkins continues to land rights to the side of the head.
He’s working for a choke again but can’t get it.  Now he continues to land punches.  Elkins
continues to land punches until the round ended.  Easily Elkins’ round.  The last two rounds
would really be of the 10-8.5 variety but not quite 10-8, so I’ve got 30-26 as the final score with
another 10-9 round.  Nothing special as a fight.

Scores: 30-27, 30-26, 30-27 for Elkins


Miocic is a very good all-around athlete, good hands, golden gloves boxing champion, plus a
starter and major league prospect in baseball as well as a Division I national qualifier as a
heavyweight at Cleveland State.  Beltran got a pop in Houston coming out to Mariachi music.
Beltran is one of these guys who has the kind of heavyweight brawls that the crowds like.

First round: Beltran the big crowd favorite.  Miocic wearing Mirko Cro Cop trunks.  Cro Cop is
his hero and he’s of Crotitian descent.  Miocic using low kicks early.  Micocic immeidaltey got
the takedown and got his back throwing punches.  Beltran back to his feet.  Now they are in a
clinch and both throwing punches.  Miocic continues to land kicks to the left leg.  Beltran landed
a right.  Beltran back with a low kick.  Miocic 10-9 but not a blow away round.

Second round: Beltran landd some punches and Miocic took him down and landing gound and
pound.  Miocic with some punches from the top.  Beltran got back up.  Crowd popped big when
Beltran got up.  Beltran swung and took Miocic down and throwing punches.  Beltran landed
some good shots from the top before Miocic got back up.  Elbow by Miocic and Beltran back
with a left hook that was hard.  Traded body shots and Miocic with a takedown and ground and
pound.  Beltran back up when Miocic moved to side control.  Trading low kicks.  Beltran is
tiring but throwing wild punches but Beltran landed a big body kick.  Miocic also tired.  Right by
Miocic and another hard right.  Beltran trying a takedown but can’t get it.  Hard right by Beltran.
Beltran now landing shots but Miocic back with a hard right.  Miocic landing a lot of shots but
Beltran back with knees to the body.  Beltran with elbows.  Hot finish.  Miocic tired.  Very close
round.  Miocic still landed the cleaner shots but it could go either way.  Miocic is very tired.  20-
18 Miocic.

Third round: Uppercut by Miocic.  Low kick by Miocic.  Miocic tried a takedown and couldn’t
get it.  Now in a clinch against the cage.  Both throwing body shots.  Knee by Miocic from the
clinch.  Miocic got the takedown. .  Now full mount and Miocic got his back. .  Beltran back
standing.  Knees by Miocic.  Both traded punches.  Miocic ducked for a takedown but is too tired
to ge it.  Beltran with a body shot that hurt Miocic.  Knee to the chin by Miocic.  Miocic tried
for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Beltran lost balance and ended up on his back with Miocic on
top.  Miocic got to side control. Some knees to the body by Miocic.  Miocic with some punches
from the top.  Miocic moved to full mount and now has his back with ten seconds left.  Miocic
landing a flurry of punches until time ran out.  Miocic’s round for sure, so I’ve got 30-27.  It
could be 29-28 but Miocic has to win this.

Scores:   29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 for Miocic


First round: Takedown by Stephens.  Pettis kicked him off and back to his feet.  Pettis with a
kick to the groin.  Hard right by Pettis.  Low kick by Stephens and Pettis back with two kicks and
a right.  Low kick by Stephens.  High kick by Pettis.  Stephens got another takedown.  Stephens
hurt himwith a right.  Body kick by Pettis.  Pettis tried a crazy kick that missed.  Crowd liked the
round.  Stephens 10-9.

Round two: Low kick by Stephens.  Both thwoing .  Pettis got the takedown. .  Stephens kicked
him off but Pettis then dropped back down.  Pettis threw a knee to the head while Stephens was
on the ground and got warned.  Pettis back on top.  Body shots on top by Pettis.  Stephens has a
bloody nose, might be from the knee.  Stephens back up.  Another takedown by Pettis.  Stephens
looks a lot like Joe Hennig, although with the bloody face he looks less like him.  Another
takedown by Pettis.  Stephens up and Pettis pulled him down again.  Pettis got back control with
a body triangle.  Very technical ground game by Pettis here.  Pettis now working for a choke.  He
never got close.  Stephens escaped and was on top and threw a few punches until time ran out.
Pettis’ round so 19-19 afer two.  Not the fight people expected from these two but a good fight.

Round three: Right by Stephens.  Stephens with punches and moved in and got the takedown.
Pettis threw a triangle attempt but not close.  Pettis got up.  Low kick by Pettis.  High kick by
Pettis.  Pettis tried a takedown, but Stephens ended up on top.  Pettis tripped Stephens and got
back up.  Pettis with a single leg got Stephens down.  Stephens back up.  Pettis did no damage
Stephens tried a judo hip toos that was blocked by Pettis and then Pettis got another takedown.
Takedown attempt by Pettis and Stephens blocked and got on top, and then Stephens got his
back and threw punches but Pettis got back up.  This is anybody’s fight with 1:00 left.  Stephens
tried a takedown but didn’t get it.  ow.  This can go either way.  I think Stephens very close 29-

Scores: 29-28 Pettis 29-28 Stephens 29-28 Pettis


First round: They locked up right away.  They traded knees.  Now back at distance.  Both traded
kicks.  Both swinging.  Maia got the takedown.  Santiago kicked him off and got back up.  Maia
hurt him with a right.  Maia with two punches and a high kick. Santiago with a flying knee
but but Maia used it to get the takedown.  Maia 10-9.

Second round: Santiago throwing body kicks.  Now a low kick.  Santiago tried a high kick but
Maia blocked it.  Santiago landed a left.  Santiago moved in and landed punches.  Maia moved in
and got the takedown.  Maia landing a lot of punches to the head.  Maia with some body and
head shots on the ground.  Crowd booing the round.  Close round but I think the judges will go
with Maia because he was on top, and I’d slightly favor him as well, so 20-18 Maia.

Third round: Maia go the takedown right away but Santiago right back up.  Maia pressing him
against the cage.  Santiago escaped a takedown attempt.  Maia got behind him standing.  Crowd
booing.  Takedown by Maia but Santiago right backup.  Another takedown by Maia.  Maia with
body and head shots.  A couple of short elbows by Maia.  Maia remains on top.  Elbows by Maia.
Maia remaining on top but not even threatening a finish as time runs out.  Maia throwing a lot of
elbows until time ran out.  Crowd booing the fight fairly heavy.  Maia’s round easy so he should
win 30-27, could be 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Maia.


First round:   Guillard got almost a standing ovation.  Overhand right by Guillard and a left hook.
Lauzon hurt him with a left hook while Guillard was showboating.  Guillard is in real trouble on
the ground.  He was hurt with left and put him down with another left.  Lauzon spun to his back
and got the choke and Guillard struggled but tapped out.  That takes Guillard out of the title
picture and he was a serious contender.  :47


First round: Garcia the big favorite since he’s from Texas.  Both throwing kicks and punches.
Garcia looks bigger than Phan.  Garcia landed a right.  Low kick by Garcia.  Left by Garcia and
another left. Phan landing a series of punches.  Phan dropped him with a left.  Phan landing
more.  Garcia now throwing wild punches.  Garcia tried a takedown, Phan tried a hip toss and
both back up.  Phan landing good body shots.  Garcia with a good left. Garcia with a body kick.
Garcia seems to be tiring.  High kick by Garcia.  Phan with a jab.  Garcia got poked in the eye.
Garcia tried a takedown but Phan ended on top.  10-9 Phan.  Crowd loved the round.

Second round: Big right by Garica.  Low kick by Garcia.  Phan landed a few punches and more
punches when he got inside.  Garcia missed a crazy spinning backfist.  Garcia missing lots of
punches.  Knee by Garcia.  Garcia continues to miss punches.  Phan missed a high kick.  Phan
with a solid left and right landed.  Phan landing more punches.  Phan continuing to land.  Phan
continues to land jabs while Garcia swings wildly and misses.  Phan with another flurry.  Garcia
just can’t land.  Garcia bleeding under the right eye.  Phan landed a few more at the end of the
round after Garcia missed.  Clearly for Phan so 20-18 afrer two.

Third round: Crowd enjoys this fight.  High kick by Garcia.  Garcia landed a body shot.  Garcia
starting to land to the body.  Phan back with some punches.  Left to the body by Phan.  Garcia
has him hurt.  Garcia knocked him down with a left hook.  Garcia swinging like crazy to finish
Phan.  Garcia missing his haymakers.  Big left and another left landed by Garcia but he missed
several others.  Elbow by Garcia.  Garcia exhausted and his right eye looking bad.  Phan landing
a series of punches.  Phan landed more solid punches while Garcia shakes his head.  Phan
continues to land.  Crowd going nuts here.  At least Garcia’s getting fight of the night bonus.
Phan took him down.  Crowd booing wanting a stand-up.  The ref ordered a stand-up way too
early because of the crowd.  Garcia landing punches.  Garcia missed a crazy spinning back fist.
Hard left uppercut by Garcia.  Garcia missing shots .  Garcia tried a takedown but Phan right
back up.  Both swinging in the final seconds but nobody landing.  Crowd giving both a standing
ovation.  Garcia’s round so I’ve got 29-28 for Phan.

Scores: 29-28 for Phan across the board.  It’s the only score possible.

Joe Rogan brought both in and asked for another fight.  Phan said no more while Garcia said if
they come back to Houston he’d do it again.  Garcia said some day he’s going to win one in
Houston.  Rogan was acting like it was one of the greatest fights of all-time.  I wouldn’t go that
far but it was a very good fight.


First round: Stann got a superstar reaction.  Crowd booing Sonnen like he’s a superstar as well.
Sonnen moved in going for a takedown.  Didn’t get it but in close throwing knees.  Stann turned
him around.  Stann with two body shots.  Sonnen turned him.  Takedown by Sonnen into side
control.  Sonnen landing some punches from the side.  Sonnen tried to mount.  Sonnen got
Stann’s back.  Sonnen tried to spin but couldn’t get out.  Sonnen’s superior wrestling is really
showing here.  Sonnen moved to full mount and throwing punches. .  Stann gave up his back and
is working for a choke.  Another takedown by Sonnen.  Sonnen has his back.  Sonnen moved to
the top and punching from the top.  Sonnen landing several punches, now elbows.  Stann got full
guard but Sonnen still on top.  Sonnen landing a lot of hard punches and elbows.  Very
impressive round by Sonnen.  This is a 10-8.5 style round but not enough for 10-8 so a strong 10-
9 by Sonnen.

Second round: Big double leg takedown by Sonnen.  Sonnen with body shots.  Sonnen moved
into full mount.  Sonnen continued to throw punches and using his body to slam him down.
Sonnen landing a lot of lefts on the ground.  Sonnen continuing to punch.  They ordered a stand-
up.  What kind of crap is that?  It was all action when Hatley ordered the stand-up, both were
working.  Stann landed a right that hurt Sonnen and Stann blocked his takedown.  Sonnen still
got inside and started working his Greco.  Big Matt Hughes style slam by Sonnen into side
dcontrol.  A few knees to the body by Sonnen.  Sonnen with an arm triangle.  Stann had to tap.
This was a great performance by Sonnen here.  3:51

Huge “Silva” chant and theyshowed Silva at ringside and the people popped big.  That is one big
money fight upcoming. 

Sonnen interview time.  “Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck,”  He turned himself face with one
sentence as the place went wild.  “Super Bowl, weekend, the biggest weekend but we’re upping
the stakes.  I beat you, you leave the division.  You beat me, I will leave the UFC forever.”  Holy
shit.  That was the best money promo in a long time.


First round: Florian threw a left high kick and a low kick.  Aldo in with punches.  Aldo in with
punches again.  Florian tried for a takedown and Aldo stopped him and landed several hard shots.
Florian landed a right and took him down but Aldo back up immediately.  Hip toss by Florian but
Aldo back up immediately.  Another takedown by Florian.  But Aldo right back up.  Florian got
behind him standing.  Florian ducked a punch and went for a takedown and didn’t get it, but he’s
thrown Aldo off.  Florian has a single but Aldo escaped but Florian keeps coming in.  Florian
threw a wicked elbow.  Another elbow by Florian.  Florian won the round 10-9.

Second round: Florian landed a right, threw a high kick that was blocked.  Right by Aldo.  Aldo
landing low kicks.  Big right by Aldo.  Slow round.  High kick by Aldo.  Right by Aldo and Aldo
threw Florian down.  Florian thought takedown.  Aldo with a right and a low kick.  Aldo with a
right and a low kick.  Forian’s leg all red.  Florian landed with a low kick.  Florian moved in and
got the single.  Right by Aldo from the clinch.  Aldo’s round 19-19.

Third round: Florian’s corner is telling him Aldo is getting tired.  We’ll see.  Left jab by Aldo.
Right by Aldo.  Front kick by Aldo.  Low kick by Florian.  Body shot by Aldo.  Both missing
punches.  Hard low kick and two punches by Aldo.  Body kick by Aldo.  Florian’s leg was hurt
from the low kicks.  Right by Florian, and a right in response by Aldo and Aldo’s was harder.
Florian tried a takedown but Aldo blocked it and got on top in a mount.  Florian got guard but
Aldo stayed on top.  Aldo not doing much from the top but he’s keeping Florian down.  Florian
has defneded well and got up with 35 seconds left in the round.  Florian rushed in to try and get
a takedown but Aldo defended.  Aldo’s round so he’s up 29-28.

Fourth round: Florians’ right’s leg is looking bad.  Right jab by Aldo.  Another inside leg kick by
Aldo to the same spot.  Florian moving in.  Aldo landing a few punches.  Florian trying a
takedown but Aldo defending and landed a hard knee.  Florian with punches in the clinch.
 Florian trying takedowns but not getting them.  Body kick by Florian. Florian moved in for a
takedown but not coming close.  Florian moving in again.  He moved Aldo into the fence.  Aldo
turned him.  Florian dropping low but can’t get the takedown.  Aldo moved out.  Aldo landed a
few punches.  Florian moved back in.  Florian thew an elbow. Aldo landed a right and a body
kick.  Very close round.  Aldo did little, Florian was the aggressor but Florian didn’t do any
significant offense so I’d have to go with Aldo so 39-37.

Fifth round: Florian moving in again and has Aldo against the fence.  Crowd booing.  Florian
slipped going for a knee.  Florian on his back while Aldo is standing.  Aldo went down on top of
Florian and got a mount.  Aldo staiying on top.  Florian back up with 2:00 left.  Florian can’t win
the decision.  They are in the clinch.  I think they waited for Aldo to get tired and it didn’t
happen.  Ref separated them.  Florian tried a hip toss and couldn’t get Aldo off his feet.  Crowd
booing because they are struggling against the fence.  Crowd booing heavy.  Florian throwing
punches but looking for a takedown.  No time for takedowns now.  Florian has to try and finish.
Aldo with a jumping knee.  Aldo’s round, he should win 49-46.

Scores: All three have it 49-46 for Aldo


First round: Edgar has Kendall Cross, who won a gold medal in the same Olympics as Kurt
Angle in his corner.  Just based on that and his father means he’s working on his wrestling to use
his size edge.  Maynard looks like he hasn’t been lifting, or at least to the same level.  Not sure
what that means.  He looks smaller as well.  Staredown at intros.  Two punches in by Edgar.
Edgar landed another punch.  Edgar moved in and got behind Maynard, nearly got the takedown.
 Maynard moved in with an uppercut but Edgar landed the left.  Maynard missed head kick and a
punch.  Maynard hurt him bad with an uppercut.  Knee by Maynard.  Another knee by Maynard.
Maynard landed but Edgar with a big right stopped Maynard.  Big right by Maynard but Edgar
out of the way of the follow up.  Maynard decked him with a right.  Edgar shot for a takedown.
Edgar bleeding.  Maynard hurting him with punches.  Big uppercut by Maynard.  Edgar with a
left.  High kick by Maynard.  Knee by Edgar.  Maynard got Edgar’s back and punching.  Edgar’s
nose is broken.  Left and a right by Maynard.  Edgar is in trouble.  Maynard landing more
punches.  Great round.  Edgar’s surviving the round was very impressive.  10-8 Maynard

Round two:   Nothing happened in the first minute.  Left jab by Maynard.  Left hook by
Maynard.  Good left hook by Edgar.  Low kick by Edgar.  Maynard missed a right.  Trading
punches.  Good right by Edgar.  Maynard with a right and missed a high kick.  Edgar in with a
body shot.  Maynard missed a head kick.  Low kick by Edgar.  Maynard slipped but Edgar didn’t
take advantage of it.  Body shot by Edgar.  Jab by Edgar.  Another left by Edgar.  Maynard
missed the right.  Edgar’s round so 19-18 for Maynard at this point.

Round three: Edgar got a single leg but couldn’t take Maynard down.  Low kick by Edgar and
one right back by Maynard.  One back by Edgar.  Left jab by Edgar and Maynard missed the low
kick.  Fans booing.  Edgar landed the left.  Little happening.  Right cross by Edgar.  Maynard
missed an uppercut.  Edgar’s speed is giving Maynard fits.  Left hook by Edgar.  Maynard missed
another big punch.  Body kick by Edgar.  Edgar’s round so we’re tied now 28-28.  Crowd kind of
booing the round without much action.

Round four: Edgar tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Big right by Edgar.  Edgar in for a
takedown and getting nowhere with it.  Low kick by Edgar .  Maynard moved in for a takedown
and he couldn’t get it.  Big right by Edgar.  Maynard landed a right hard.  Another hard right by
Edgar and a low kick and another low kick.  Maynard missed a high kick. “Edgar” chant.
Maynard went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  Low kick by Edgar.  Edgar has too much
speed.  Left uppercut by Edgar.  Maynard missed punches .  Edgar went for a takedown, and hurt
him.  Edgar landed a left uppercut while going for the takedown.  Edgar landed a hard right and a
second right crushed Maynard, who went down.  Edgar continued with five punches on the
ground before it was stopped.

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