Feedback to UFC 136

Best Sub: Lauzon's rear naked choke
Best KO: Edgar's KO of Maynard
Best Fight: Main event
A thumbs up from me. Frankie Edgar is the toughest MF'er on the planet! He gets knocked silly again and manages to survive and then KO his opponent 3 rounds later! There's no way I can ever pick against this guy. Gray Maynard and his corner deserve (-) points for not getting him to go after a  hurt Edgar in round 2. They basically let the little guy get his feet under him and get his groove back.
Who's next? The Lauzon - Guillard result probably put a big dent in Joe Silva's plans. Who thought the one dimensional sub fighter could hurt Melvin standing and then choke him out? LOL! MMA is great for the upsets like this! I LOL'd. I guess the Bendo-Guida winner will get the next title fight.
Aldo vs. Florian: This fight underwhelmed me. I though Jose would run through Kenny. The right guy won since Aldo clearly won 2 rounds and he must have won at least 1 of the other 3. This definitely hurts his pound for pound ranking.
Sonnen vs Stann: Not surprising given Stann has zero ground game. A nice promo from Fael. but let's wait on the drug testing before we talk about any future fight. Either way, I'd give a healthy Spider the advantage in a rematch.
A. Wong
Toronto, ON

UFC 136 Feedback
Best fight: Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard
Worst Fight: None
This was a really good show. It is a hard call for fight of the night for me as I loved Garia vs Phan but the feed at the bbar I went to did cut out for 2:00 of round 2 so I couldn't give a full judging of that fight. That, and Frankie Edgar was awesome. He has been so much fun to watch in his last four fights. He is somewhat like Mickey Ward in his workman-like way of fghting and taking some punishment before rallying to dominate. I believe Ben Henderson is next in line and that as well as fights aginst Guida and Pettis are all pretty compleeing.
Florian vs Aldo was pretty good, I would really have liked to see Florian get a run as champion but there is no arguing the decision on this one.
Lauzon was really impressive in his fight as well.
And Chael Sonnen, for all one might want to say about the happenings of the past year, is unquestionably a superstar.He put on a great performance and the promo wqas off the charts. His fight with Silva will be can't miss.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

UFC 136 - Thumbs way up
Best Fight: Garcia-Phan II
Worst Fight: None

This show delivered in every way imaginable.  I think this one is up there with the best cards in UFC history.  All of the main card fights were exciting and unique in their own way.  Even the Facebook fights were fun (especially Beltran-Miocic). 

Chael stole the show with his tremendous promo and dominant victory over Stann.  He's the only guy that can go toe-to-toe in a promo battle with The Rock.  The way he took care of business against a solid opponent after a year+ layoff adds even more anticipation to his rematch with Anderson. 

Edgar's toughness is unparalleled. I don't know how he survived Gray's round-1 onslaught yet again, and this time he came back to actually finish the fight.  That guy has some serious heart.

The only remotely disappointing fight was Aldo-Florian.  Aldo no longer appears to be an unbeatable.  He's an elite-level fighter, but it sure seems like he will be taken out by somebody soon.  I had Kenny losing 48-47 in a very, very close fight.

And what can be said about Garcia-Phan that hasn't already been said?

Looking ahead, we've got GSP-Condit, Cain-Junior, Brock-Overeem, Jones-Machida, and Chael-Anderson on the horizon... wow.

- Gord Tepper
Long Island, NY

Hey Dave,

I'd have to give UFC 136 a thumbs up, thanks to the first 3 PPV fights.  Joe Lauzon looked like a total killer in making quick work of Melvin Guillard.  Phan vs Garcia II was an awesome slugfest.  Sonnen looked great in finishing Brian Stann, but that promo was GOLD.  The two title fights were okay, but I'd have hated to see two 5 round fights in a row.  At least Edgar finished Maynard, who didn't do much after the first round.

Best fight:  Nam Phan vs Leonard Garcia
Worst fight:  Demian Maia vs Jorge Santiago

David Kim
Woodside, NY

UFC 136
Thumbs Way Way UP
Best Fight - Garcia V Phan
--Several other fights were worthy "Best Fight" candidates.
Best Promo of 2011 - Chael Sonnen
With his loser leave town challenge, Sonnen built the biggest fight for 2012.  It's not that hard.
David Kaplan

First off:
Big thumbs up.  FOTN Phan-Garcia.  Worst: Florian-Aldo.  I do not see how these can be
Second: Dana, please stop doing PPVs so close.  We wanted the Jones fight, this,and GSP
and simply can't afford it.  So we had to go to the Sportsbar Full O'Assbags again.  I'm
begging you, please don't make me have to sit next to the guy who STOOD ON THE TABLE AND
YELLED WHOOOO when Edgar won, then broke his glass of beer when he got down.  I don't
feel I should have to mix with such genetic rejects just to enjoy your product.
Third: OK so Stipe Miocic and Joey Beltran didn't win fight of the night.  Stipe did
better than I ever dreamed and you'd be lying if you didn't agree that this could contend
for FOTN on 90% of the other UFCs.  Stipe is usually faster and he seemed to gas quickly,
I have to wonder if the vaunted Octagon Jitters played a role. 
Lauzon-Guillard: Incredibly surprising result and I hope Lauzon can get off that
lightweght treadmill so many seem to be on.
Phan-Garcia: What more can be said?  Match of the Year candidate.  Technique?  Style?
Fuck it.  That's why it's MIXED martial arts. 
Sonnen-Stann:  On the other end of things, there's this.  Sonnen obviously had his game
plan down and executed like few others I've ever seen.  Awesome mat work.  And the promo
afterwards?  Many people will say funnier things than I but I just cannot believe we have
a loser leaves town match potentially in UFC.  In ten seconds he sold a million PPVs.  I
wonder if Dana ran to the dressing room and gave Chael a hug.  Maybe they should make a
reality show with Dana washing cars and shining shoes for the commissioners to get him
Aldo-Florian: I'm a huge fan of both of these guys and thus hugely disappointed.  First,
Aldo seems to be falling into the Anderson silva zone.  Personally, if I were a champion
and my belt were being defended second from the top of a minor show, I'd be fucking
PISSED and want to prove my belt was worth the top spot.  Cruz did it.  Aldo did not.
Secondly, Florian.  Seriously, dude, Dana White already thinks you're a choker.  So you
do...whatever this was?  You choked.  Again.  I don't see how you get another title shot
EVER and get relegated to doing whatever Roger Huerta is doing right now.
Edgar-Maynard.  Bad match, not even close to AlFlo though thanks to a bitchin first round
and great finish.  If I never see Gray Maynard again it'll be too soon.  What, I guess
he's the type of bully that forces you into the bathroom stall and puts your head NEAR
the toilet?  It still kills me that we've got approximately 4,542 awesome lightweights
and these two have main-evented two PPVs. 
This had the potential to be the best PPV in UFC history "from tip to tail" and it could
have delivered if not for a big 145-pound road block.
Mike DeGeorge

I give UFC 136 Edgar vs. Maynard 3 a thumbs up. 
Great show from top to bottom. 
Best match:  Phan vs. Garcia.  I would love to see a rematch of this fight.  Make this the new Maynard/Edgar trilogy which of itself was a good match.  I was hoping that Maynard was going to win but at least this fight didn't go to the cards and it wasn't an ending that could be disputed since this fight is never going to happen again.  Edgar could build himself into a good heel champion since he's already coming off as a little arrogant.  But no one can play the heel in MMA better than Sonnen who cut one of the best post fight promos ever.  Once again, the man I wanted to win didn't but Stan can come back from this loss and Sonnen and Silva will build to a good fight.  Glad to see Pettis win, I had his fight 29-28 for him and I had Aldo beating Florian 49-46.  Hard to really pick a bad fight out of the entire card. 
Jason McNeil

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