OVW Saturday Night special 10-8 Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

 Here's the report for the October 8th, 2011 Ohio Valley Wrestling's Saturday Night Special show from the Davis arena in Louisville, Ky. The attendance tonight was close to 200, and the show was decent for the most part. The announcers for the upcoming DVD release of this show were Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. Miss Fifi, who was Ric Flair's Valet in 1993, was in attendance and sat in one of the two recliners at the Davis arena, the other recliner seat was raffled off, so some kid got to sit next to Fifi for the whole show. She still looks great, I mean really great, and was very friendly to anyone that came up and talked to her. Female bodybuilder Trina Thompson was also in attendance. Last week at the ROH TV tapings here Thompson served as the Bikini wearing ring girl.

1. James "Moose" Thomas with Bolin Services 2.0 beat Andrew Patton

This one was over quickly when Thomas gave Patton his "Moose kick" finisher. After the match Prince Bolin said his man Rocco Bellagio would beat Jason Wayne to become the OVW Heavyweight champion tonight. Bellagio beat Wayne on Wednesday night to become the OVW TV champion, with Wayne being a dual title holder going into that match.

2. Alex Silva beat James Onno

These two met last month at the September Saturday Night Special, and then Onno threw Silva over the top rope to get himself intentionally disqualified. In the match tonight Onno gained control over Silva, and held it quite awhile. Silva back with a stiff clothesline. Just like last month, Silva went for his Silva surfer running knee finisher, but Onno again avoided it, and pitched Silva over the top rope, only this month, Referee Joe Wheeler got poked in the eye and didn't see the infraction. Onno was actually mad the ref didn't disqualify him, how strange is that? Heh Silva got back in the ring, and rolled Onno up for the win. Whatever.

3. Benjamin Bray w/Taryn Shay, Dylan Bostic, Joe Coleman, American Assassin & Elvis Pridemore beat Raphael Constantine, Lennox Norris, Marcus Anthony, Dre Blitz & Nick Dumeyer in a 10 man tag

Here's how to get a crapload of guys on a show in one fell swoop, do
a 10 man tag. Coleman took the heat for awhile, and then Bostic did. Bostic came off the ropes on Marcus Anthony, but the powerful Anthony dropped him with a powerslam. Anthony is a very heavily muscled Black guy. He looks like a combo of Ezekiel Jackson and Mr. T, with a Mason Ryan body. The match broke down to all ten guys in the ring fighting at once. It came down to just Benny Bray and Lennox Norris going at it in the ring. Bray's "pregnant" girlfriend Taryn Shay distracted Norris, allowing Bray to hit a lung blower on Norris for the win. The finish was a terrible mess, as Shay was totally out of position, didn't seem ready fot it, and it knocked the whole thing out of whack.

4. Randy Terrez beat Sean Casey in a two out of three falls match

Gilbert Corsey announced there would be a ten second rest period between the falls. Terrez and Casey have wrestled several times recently, with Terrez holding a 3-2 lead in the series going into this one. Casey came out and hid behind the ring desk and attacked Terrez on the floor as he made his entrance. Casey threw Terrez into the ring steps, knocking him out. Casey then threw Terrez into the ring, and won the first fall instantly. I head an audience member describe Casey's multi-colored ring gear tonight as "A vinyl disaster". Soon as the ten second rest period was up, Casey attempted a one fingered pin to win the all important second fall, but Terrez kicked out. Terrez then pinned Casey with a flash roll up, so the first two falls of this match were over with extremely quickly. That wasn't the case with the third and deciding fall. Casey took control of the match. Casey with a neckbreaker. Casey with his top rope diamond cutter on Terrez. Terrez went up top, but Casey crotched him. Casey went for a superplex, but couldn't get it. Terrez off the top with a crossbody, but Casey sidestepped it. Terrez got the win with a roll up to win it. Randy Terrez now has a 4-2 record against Sean Casey.

5. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles

Spade and Jonze beat The Elite in a non-title match this past Wednesday to earn this title shot. The Elite, once again, have not been getting along very well lately. Spade scored with some kicks on Revolver her early. Spade with big chops on McNaler. Jonze sent McNaler to the floor, then dove off the apron onto McNaler, but Revolver then shoved Jonze into the ringpost. Spade was on fire this match, beating on McNaler, then hitting him with his Swanton finisher, but Revolver put McNaler's foot on the ropes. Spade chopped Revolver on the floor. Spade got knocked down on the floor. Revolver came into the ring with one of the title belts and tried to hit Jonze with it, but Jonze kicked Revolver, and picked up the belt himself. Tony Gunn, who has been stalking Johnny Spade for months, ran into the ring with the other tag title belt, and hit Jonze. Revolver got the ref back into the ring, and pinned Jonze to win the match, and retain the tag titles. This was Jonze' first loss since returning to OVW.

6. Mike Mondo beat Paredyse

This match was added to this show when Paredyse made the save as Mondo was attacking Nick Dinsmore backstage on todays OVW TV. That segment was not shown at the Wednesday night TV taping. Christian Mascagni, the attourney/manager of Mike Mondo, was conspicuous by his absence on this evening. Mondo tried to attack Paredyse right away, but didn't have much luck, as Paredyse kept slapping Mondo on the rear end in the early portion of this match. Paredyse went for his Bronco buster, but Mondo bailed out. Paredyse with a dive on Mondo to the floor. Mondo took over with a knee to the head of Paredyse. Back in the ring, Mondo applied a reverse Indian death lock. Paredyse came back and pounded on Mondo, and rolled him around the ring for a near fall. Mondo with a reverse Boston crab, ala Colt Cabana. Paredyse with a spinning neckbreaker on Mondo. It became battle of attrition time, with both guys trading forearms to the head in mid ring, which Paredyse got the better of it. Mondo finally got the win with a big flying forearm. The match had a few iffy moments, but was decent for the most part. I think these two have a batter match in them against each other though.

Intermission. As they have done in the past, OVW actually raffled off a VCR, with wrestling tapes included, tonight.

7. Jamin Olivencia beat Rudy Switchblade in an I quit match

Referee Chris Sharpe held a cordless microphone for the loser to say "I quit" into. Switchblade and Olivencia have had a heck of an intense feud, and the dark hated both have for each other really comes across. Switchblade is a full fledged heel now, but surprisingly still gets a mostly babyface reaction, much more than Olivencia got early, but that changed some at the end of the match. These two had a street fight at the September Saturday Night Special ending when Switchblade won after kicking Olivencia in the nuts. Switchblade has kicked many guys in the nuts lately. Switchblade's new slogan/gimmick is "Wake up call", and he wore new trunks tonight with "Wake up" on the rear end. Switchblade stayed on the floor, in no hurry to get this match started. When it did start, it was all Olivencia. He hit many of his big moves right away. The match went to the floor, with Switchblade throwing Olivencia hard into the big steel support beam that helps hold the building up. Back in the ring, Olivencia got Switchblade in a submission hold, and Switchblade's arm actually fell three times, which concerned the Referee greatly, but Switchblade did not quit. All match long here, the guy with the advantage was trying to goad the other on the microphone to say "I quit". Olivencia told Rudy to "Wake up" while Switchblade was out on the mat. Switchblade did wake up, and went out and got a chair, and wedged it in the corner in the ring. OIlivencia applied his new submission finisher to Switchblade on the mat, where he pins a guys shoulder between his legs, then pulls hard on the guys neck back towards him. Looks very painful, and like it would put someone to sleep quick. Switchblade fought out of it with knees to the head of Switchblade. Olivencia got catapulted into the chair wedged in the corner head first, sending the chair flying, and leaving Olivencia dangling on the ropes. Switchblade swung the chair at Olivencia, but it hit the ropes instead, and then hit Switchblade in the head. I've always hated that spot. The crowd really came alive around this point. Back on the floor, Olivencia wrapped the chair around Switchblade's head, and sent him head first hard into the steel support beam. Back in the ring, Olivencia came off the top rope with a Moonsault, but Switchblade moved out of the way. Switchblade then applied his "Wake up call" submission finisher on Olivencia, which is the old Chris Jericho Lion Tamer. Switchblade then went to a full Boston crab on Olivencia. Olivencia would not quit. Switchblade found a bullrope under the ring, wrapped a noose around Olivencia's neck, and choked him. Switchblade dragged Olivencia around the ring by his neck with the bullrope. Switchblade then hung Olivencia over the top rope. Olivencia was in bad shape. Olivencia sent Switchblade into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Switchblade came off the top rope, but Olivencia greeted him with a wicked knee to the face. Damn. Several forearms to the head by Olivencia on Switchblade. Switchblade came back though and kicked Olivencia in the nuts. Switchblade went into his ring jacket pocket for black tape, and taped Olivencia's hands to the top rope. Switchblade on the floor told Olivencia to quit. Olivencia instead hocked a big loogie right into Switchblade's face. Again, damn. Switchblade demanded referee Chris Sharpe give him the belt off his pants. When Sharpe didn't like that idea, Switchblade shoved Sharpe down, and took the belt off himself. Switchblade then whipped Olivencia with the belt, as Olivencia was taped to the ropes. Olivencia used his teeth to bite the tape off to free himself from the ropes. Olivencia got the referee's belt. Instead of taking a whipping, Switchblade simply said "I quit", then pointed to his head like he was smart. It didn't pay off however, as not only did he lose the match, Olivencia then kicked Switchblade in the nuts, and whipped him with the refs belt. Olivencia then again put Switchblade in his submission finisher, and wouldn't let go. Other referees ran out to break this up. Hell of a popcorn match, that for sure. It was good, and an intense match. Not sure this feud is over yet, though this was a pretty definitive win for Olivencia, who got a much better babyface reaction at the end then he did in the beginning.

8. Jason Wayne beat Rocco Bellagio w/Bolin Services 2.0 to retain the OVW Heavyweight title

This was the second Saturday Night Special in a row where the OVW heavyweight title match was not the main event. Last month Jason Wayne beat Andreas Rossi in the semi-final to retain the title. Like I said earlier, this past Wednesday Bellagio beat Wayne to win the OVW TV title, so Bellagio had a chance to come out of this match a dual title holder. Wayne was a dual title holder, until he lost the TV title at the Wednesday night TV tapings, when he attempted to defend the OVW TV title against all of Bolin Services 2.0 on the same night. He won the first two, but lost his third match of the night to Bellagio.
Bellagio and Wayne showed their respective title belts to each other, with Bellagio making his patented crazy eyes. Wayne, a legit former Marine, gives dog tags away to a little kid before every match. He was going to do that here when Bellagio jumped off the apron and attacked him. Bellagio then teased the kid, and threw the dog tags away. Wayne threw Bellagio into the ring steps. Both guys going for big moves in the ring early. Bellagio somehow got a big rope burn close to his left shoulder early in the match. Back on the floor, Bellagio gave Wayne a snake eyes on the announce desk. James "Moose" Thomas and Raul Lamotta of Bolin Services 2.0 attacked Wayne on the floor. Wayne came back and sent Bellagio into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Wayne off the top rope with an eblow to the jaw of Bellagio. Bellagio went to the floor to buy some time. The referee then ejected James "Moose" Thomas and Raul Lamotta for them both blocking Wayne's path to Bellagio. Prince Bolin was allowed to stay at ringside. Back in the ring, Bellagio took control of the match. Bellagio with a spinebuster. Bellagio is big, but he's a very agile guy. He does a move where he jumps off the top turnbuckle, lands on the top rope, then springs off that with an elbow drop. Looks impressive, but if he ever slipped, man would that ever be bad for him. Wayne moved out of the way of the Bellagio's top rope springboard elbow drop. Wayne back with a sidewalk slam on Bellagio. Prince Bolin distracted the ref, allowing James "Moose" Thomas and Raul Lamotta to come back in and attack Jason Wayne. Thomas hit his "Moose kick" on Wayne, but Wayne kicked out when Bellagio went for the pin. Bellagio hit his chokeslam finisher on Wayne, but Wayne kicked out. Seems like he kicks out of everyones finisher. Wayne hit his full nelson slam finisher to win it, and retain the OVW Heavyweight title. I had questioned how this match between two big rookies would be, but like their match on Wednesday, it was fine. This was better than the match on Wednesday actually. So they did fine in a longer match with each other. The crowd was fairly into it too. They did tip the finishes of both title matches tonight though as a commercial that aired on todays TV for the October 15th OVW house show in Clarksville, Indiana said Jason Wayne would defend the OVW title against Rudy Switchblade, and The Elite would defend the OVW Southern Tag Team titles against Bolin Services 2.0.

9. Michael Hayes & Cliff Compton beat The Insurgency(Mohamad Ali Vaez & Omar Akbar)

This was the second straight OVW Saturday Night Special main event with one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes vs. Mohamd Ali Vaez, only this time they had partners with them. Last month Hayes beat Vaez in a lumberjack match. Vaez is looking more muscular, and more toned up. Big pop, as always, for Hayes and Compton. This match came about a few weeks ago on OVW TV when Vaez teased a babyface turn, wanting to call a truce with Michael Hayes, but it was a trick, as Vaez' old Insurgency partner, Omar Akbar, showed up and attacked Hayes, with Vaez gleefully joining in. Hayes then found a partner in the retuning to OVW Cliff Compton.
The Insurgency attacked Compton soon as he got in the ring, and threw him to the floor. They then circled Hayes, and beat him down, and the match started right off with Hayes taking the heat. The Insurgency had a good strategy here, and they kept Hayes close to their corner, and beat on him for 10 minutes straight, totally keeping Cliff Compton out of the match. The Insurgency with several suplexes on Hayes. Akbar is a powerful looking guy, but he's not the best worker, that's for sure. Try as he may, after taking an extended beating, Michael Hayes could not get away to make the tag to Compton. Akbar was holding Hayes by his fake leg, so Hayes took the leg off, which is what finally let him make the tag. Great storytelling and idea there, but the execution was only so-so. I think Akbar was actually supposed to pull the fake leg off of Hayes, leading to the tag, but that didn't work, so Hayes had to take the leg off himself. Compton came in and ran wild. Compton with his Michinoku driver finisher on Akbar, but Vaez made the save. Compton then blew his air horn in the faces of both Akbar and Vaez. Hayes came in, one legged, and hit his knee to the face finish on Akbar to win it. Like I said, the match told a good story I thought. Compton didn't do a whole lot here, he's one of those guys that's going to do as little as he can, especially in a tag match, but when he did do counted. So, he could be called lazy, but he could also be called smart and effective too. It's probably both. Like I said at the start, decent show overall tonight. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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