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I haven't totally skipped an episode of Raw literally since it's been on the air. When it debuted it I had to beg my parents to let me stay up. Over the last couple years I've stopped watching it live, I just catch it on DVR so I can fast forward the stupid stuff and the commercials, but I've always watched it. Last night for the first time ever, I read the recap and deleted the show from my dvr without watching it. Congratulations Poochie H you and your ego have done what the worst companies and bookers in history couldn't. I'll come back when you're gone.

Name withheld

I have a question about Jim Ross and WWE.  We all know he and Vince haven't got along for years, but my question is why does Jim Ross keep coming back?  I've never heard of Ross having financial problems, and I assume he's well off.  Even with a wrestling background, given his background in talent relations, he'd be able to get a position somewhere where he'd be appreciated.  Why does Ross keep coming back to this enviroment?
Travis Hutington

DM:  He comes from the mentality that you don't quit your well paying job in a bad economy unless you've already got something else lined up. 

I have watched wrestling for over 50 years. I turned off Raw right after they fired JR. WWE is so stale now and as nonsensical as Dimpact. God, I wish for the old territorial days when guys came and left before they were stale. When some new heel came in and wanted to kill our head face. If Cena, Punk, Orton, The Miz were having a match across the street in my neighbors back yard, I would not even cross the street to see it.
I think Raw needs to follow their networks catch phrase of "characters wanted." They need much less of the cut from the same mold types and MORE wrestlers like The Road
Warriers, Brusier Brody, Snuka, Foley guys you would know who they were if you passed them on the street.
He'll, bring in guys like Beer Money who can wrestle and talk. Raw needs a clean sweep.
No more WWE for me until they bring back a little excitement!
Patrick Brennen.

HHH has taken burying talent to another level with last night’s RAW.  Hulk Hogan must watch in awe.  HHH is simply remarkable, and to think we’ve got another 20-30 years of this to look forward to …

Steve Te Tai

There's no need for me to reinforce the virtual unanimous reaction to Raw.

My question is: With Laurinaitis, who is a channel-changer if there ever was one, as temporary GM, can Mick Foley be far behind? They can't allow Laurinaitis to have any kind of an ongoing television presence. Can they?

Perhaps the installation of Laurinaitis is designed to make Linda McMahon look dynamic by comparison.

Steve Tanzer
Arden, DE

As I was watching with disbelief the unbelievably didisastrousAW last night, I was actually able to summarize my thoughts:

1.  To me, at least the first segment with just the 4 guys out there was okay because a) I always enjoy watching Sheamus, b) NO Michael Cole, and c) I like Punk as an announcer anyway.  Just that little bit of in-ring action was passable; it made me forget for one split-second that HHH had just buried almost the entire WWE roster.  As a wrestler, I wouldn't have walked out due to an "unsafe working environment" but I would've walk out if I knew HHH thought a broomstick was a better wrestler than I am.  

Of course, once Vince came out (?WHAT? Wasn't he FIRED?), and then named John Laryngitis the new RAW GM (??WTF?? People in my chat room were excitedly saying, "FOLEY!" in anticipation of Vince's announcement only to be viciously duped) we were then assaulted with the biggest load of crap I've ever seen in 14 years of watching WWF/E since Eddie & Chavo sprayed Big Show with sh*t from a sanitation truck on Smackdown a few years ago.  Even then, that spot of the Guerreros vs. Big Show was enjoyable to watch and FUNNY as hell!

2.  Even JR and Lawler announcers got a very not-so-subtle lukewarm reception when they when they came to the ring (something I don't think you guys mentioned on today's Observer Radio program)!  That was not expected after last week's debacle, however.

3.  For some reason, it seemed they DELIBERATELY were making this the WORST possible show they could!  I continuously kept watching for the other shoe to drop, for SOMETHING GOOD to happen to offset this free-fall into a putrid abyss and make it stop, but it never did.
Did WWE take out a billion-dollar insurance policy on RAW and get "suicide" as an acceptable condition to cash in on the death of the insured??

It was like the Broadway Musical "The Producers" had grafted itself into the show!  If you're not familiar with it, the basic plot is two guys deliberately set out to produce the worst musical ever in a twisted get-rich-quick scheme.  Only difference is, in the musical THEIR  scheme backfired on them: their show was a huge success, they lost money, and fell to the long arm of the law. 

4.  The only good thing I thought of last night was how I couldn't WAIT to hear what you guys thought the next morning (today), and you sure didn't disappoint!  I couldn't get to your website fast enough this morning, and OH, thank you for vindicating my opinions more than I even expected!   I and others weren't all just imagining things - the nightmare was REAL!   So I just finished listening to your show and and thank you for cleansing my palette from last night's clusterf**k!  

Today is a personal milestone for me as well: time was, I routinely shared my opinions about pro wrestling at any significant length.  Today marks the first time in nearly 8 years that I have since done so.  I wrote a regular pro wrestling op-ed internet column called "Ringside with Miss Pamela" for a few years, plus my ex- and I were also webmasters for Ohio Valley Wrestling for nearly 7 years.

Finally - I had promised myself that I would quit watching WWE for good whenever Undertaker definitively retires, but until then, I'll just wait for him to show up again before I watch one more second of WWE programming.  Heck - after last night, he may not even WANT to come back; WWE buried ITSELF ALIVE.  Love him as I do, I'm just glad he wasn't there to be involved in last night's biggest disaster in RAW's 15-year history.

Thanks for letting me share, and you guys keep up the good work!

Miss Pamela
Louisville, KY

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