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TNA Bound For Glory

Overall Thoughts: Thumbs in the middle
Best Match: Bully Ray vs. Anderson 
Worst Match: Angle vs. Roode
I came back to TNA tonight after giving up on it nearly two years ago. Since I did, I haven't watched a single bit of the promotion whether it be PPV or television. I decided to take a chance on this show for two reasons, the first being the good things I've heard about the way Roode has been built up and the fact that a local theater was airing it live and I could watch it for $15. Given the direction WWE has gone since Money in the Bank, I really wanted to like this show tonight and for it to give me a reason to tune in to Spike every Thursday. I haven't decided yet if they were successful. I was pleased to see that a theater near me was showing the event and I felt that $15 was a fair price (although after I caved into the cravings of popcorn and soda, I only saved a few bucks compared to if I had watched it at home). I don't think I would have paid $40 for the show on PPV, so their decision to play it live in theaters added at least one more viewer. 
As for the theater experience, it was really, really cool. The feed was crisp and smooth and the whole movie theater atmosphere drew me into the show to an even greater degree. In fact, it's going to be tough going back to watching shows on my couch. If WWE and TNA did this for every PPV, I'd be there for every single one. There were about 20 people in the theater for the show in a town of 100,000. Part of me assumed that I would be the only one to show up because, hey, it's TNA, but I can't imagine that the theater or TNA made much money off the showing even with 20 people there. I could see this model working in the city or suburbs of a large market, but doing it for a small city in the middle of the Corn Belt doesn't seem to make much financial sense. As for the crowd itself, most of them seemed to be there because it was professional wrestling on the big screen, not necessarily because it was TNA. That's the good news for the promotion I guess, and even more of a reason that they had to put on a good show tonight. Everyone in the theater was cheering along with the crowd and popping for near falls and finishes, which made it really fun as well.
Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.: The entire pre-show was aired for the theater audience and I thought they did a good job with the video packages, speaking as someone who really had no idea what was leading up to these matches. The bonus match was solid and pretty fun. Nothing much to say about it. I really like TNA's stage setup. Really cool. After the match SoCal Val told us that we could send in our ticket stubs for a free t-shirt. Nice touch. 
Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick: I loved this match. Really, really fun opener that was well worked by both guys. Say what you want about TNA, but they have the best crowds. Philly really added to the excitement of the entire show, especially this match. What the hell is with Kendrick's gimmick and ring attire though? My God... Happy to see Aries retain here. I've always been a big fan of his and if they continue to push him, it would definitely give me a reason to tune in again. 
RVD vs. Jerry Lynn: Brutal match that was pretty sloppy, but I guess that I shouldn't expect anything different. I still enjoyed it despite its faults and both guys can still go. I thought the finish was a little flat though and it didn't have the big match feel that this type of contest should. I guess some things never change. Stips for the sake of stips. 
Morgan vs. Crimson vs. Joe: First time seeing Crimson and I was pretty impressed. The match itself was alright. I wasn't blown away by it by any means, but I thought it told a cool story with Morgan and Crimson. Again, the finish seemed pretty flat.
Bully Ray vs. Anderson: GREAT. I loved this match. I always appreciate when I can sit back and watch two guys just beat the hell out of each other. A lot of "holy crap" spots that were a blast to watch. I actually think the table not breaking on the Swanton worked out for the best as the Mic Check spot for the pin looked awesome. Two thumbs up. 
Knockouts: Classic TNA here, an overbooked mess of a "match". What can be said about it really? I will say though that TNA's women can work circles around just about all of the Divas, but it doesn't matter when you book the match like this, Disappointing to say the least. 
Daniels vs. AJ: What an absolute disappointment this was. I was really looking forward to the match as I consider these guys two of the elite workers in the business who could go out there and put on a 4.5 star match without any effort, but this thing was dead on arrival given the stip. What little wrestling there was was really good, but the booking was beyond stupid. Crowd seemed dead too which was a shame. 
Jarrett/Hardy angle: Pretty solid stuff, but I just shake my head when I think about this company bringing him back and shooting up to the top of the card. When will these people learn? On top of it, the crowd cheers him. I just don't get it. 
Hogan vs. Sting: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in how this would turn out, and I was pleasantly surprised. I expected usual TNA idiocy, but they pulled out something that actually got me interested. The angle after the match and Hogan's face turn were both AWESOME and everyone in the theater marked out along with the crowd. The match itself though was just sad. When you can barely walk and your knees and back are shot, you shouldn't be putting a match in any fashion. Seeing Hogan lurch around with the blood pouring down his face just made me shake my head. Let's hope this is it for him. He can still be valuable to the company, just not in a wrestling role. After it was all said and done though, I loved the angle and I loved the beat downs. Good stuff. 
Angle vs. Roode: Absolutely terrible. This match was the reason I decided to give the company a second chance and they botched it big time. Not the least of the problems was the fact that the match didn't start until 35 minutes after the hour, so you know it was going to be rushed. They needed to go 25 or 30 minutes and it was just impossible. The wrestling was really good for what it was, but that finish was just a slap in the face. Roode needed the win here and there was no reason not to change the title. I just don't get it. I wouldn't even have been that upset if Angle won clean, but to book a dusty finish in a match you have been building up to for months on your "WrestleMania" is just asinine. Mind boggling stupid. Even worse the finish looked terrible which didn't help matters at all. I think everyone was waiting for Dixie to come out and restart the match, but it never happened. After the show went off the air, we all just sat there, staring at the blank screen trying to comprehend what we just saw. 
Overall thoughts: TNA let me down with the main event, but after the Hogan angle and some of the quality matches, I think I am willing to give Impact another chance. Let's just hope the new direction they are taking with the booking team pays off. 
-Ryan Niepagen
Bloomington, IL

Hello Dave,

Thumbs Down all the way down.
Best Match: Aries vs Kendrick
Worst Match: RVD vs Lynn

Thank god I dont have digital cable or satellite, I may have bought this thing maybe. Havent really watched too much Impact, but caught up on rradio shows and decided to check this show out to see if Brother Love would make a difference. I dont want to know what would have happened in the main event if he werent there. Lets just go through this show.

Aries vs Kendrick, 10 times better than their match a month a go, and better than that show combined. Aries is the man, that Sliced Bread bump was a thing of beauty.

RVD vs Lynn, 10 years ago if they had done this match exactly as it was done you could say it was such a train wreck you could laugh at it. Not now in 2011, these guys are broken down and this match was unbearable. Someone said "this is the death of ECW" on my feed, well if WWE didnt kill it with their version, it certainly flat lined tonight. Every hardcore wrestler should be forced to watch this match as a way to rehab them of wanting to do such dumb shit.
Joe vs Morgan vs Goldberg V 2.NO I like Lucha Matt, hed work better in Arena Mexico than Cena. Joe coming out had the stench of a guy way past the prime of his career and washed up, but trying to be cool at an Indy show. Just look at the way Crimson tries to emulate Goldberg when he first gets in the ring.......they even said in the video package, "No one made a bigger mark in 2011 than Crimson." What about the guys in the main event???? Okay match, nothing terrible.

Ray vs Anderson, Walking Dead started so my attention was taken away as my dad watched in on the tv and I turned off the volume to hear it. Cant believe they had guys do so many moves off the top rope in the early part of the show while building up to Hogan vs Sting and then what the Main Event was. Anderson just needs to go, like you said he looked less like a star so what does he have going for him except being a WWE reject?

Womans Match, I really liked the entrances, all the woman carried themselves like stars especially Karen who is pitch perfect for the alpha female role (especially since shes tall), and when she raised the title over her head I thought she should be champion. That said: Nothing match, no story, no built spots, nothing but T N A. Velvet won in a shitty way, but I was okay with it since they built up Tracy and Karen not liking each other and Sky is probably my favorite on the roster to choose from.

AJ vs Daniels, everyone knows what screwed up the match, at one point AJ did a really great sequence in the corner during his comeback and showed that tonight they could have avenged their sleeper match from a month ago, but it just wasnt going to happen. Wonder who wrote or came up with Daniels' lines.

Jeff Hardy just shouldnt be in the wrestling business right now, especially in TNA where hes not going to put effort into his work.

Hogan vs Sting, really fun match in the first half, thought Flair was going to take ALL of Hogans bumps for him, nope. Hogan falling on his back and the stinger splashes took me out of the match. I really didnt care if Dixie came back or not, shes a hot ass milf, but shouldnt be used in a verbal role on tv. She actually showed emotions on her face though so that was good, maybe shes taken acting classes this whole time? Hogan just should have won because I hate the Joker Sting gimmick and was hoping this would kill it and then become really depressed again, and wed have Crow Sting back and a year from now wed have another big match built up..... Historically it didnt matter who won tonight, but who knew wed have Starrcade 97 all over again just minutes later. (Maybe even worse)

Angle vs Roode, fuck this company, Im never fucking coming back. I came back after saying I didnt want to watch them again because it seemed like Russo was chained down and could be controlled, doesnt matter, this fucking booking and finish was the worse thing theyve ever done. It is! Not only did they end up wasting months and months dedicated to the stupid Tournament, but Angle got hurt (even worse) doing a move after Roode could have easily won with the cross face. Angle got 10 near falls to every 1 for Roode, and it was like Bobby wasnt near championship caliber. Why am I even saying that, this is a fake sport, wins and loses dont matter, all that matters is having fun with the show you write, nothing else not even the fans matter. FUCK VINCE RUSSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closing Thought: It would have been ignorant of me not to want to check this show out since Brother Love and Lagana started working for TNA and it seemed like there was maybe a sliver little tiny winy glimmer of hope that wed at least start getting good shows for now on, maybe nothing to beat WWE (even after the horrendous Raw), but maybe enough to make talents confidence in the company come back. This was the final chance I was giving TNA, and its gone.

Thanks for all your hard work Dave.

Michael David

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Aries vs Kendrick
Worst Match: Women's four way
I watched BFG inside the hallowed halls of Carmike 12, the sole Ohio theater playing the event. I was greatly relieved when I saw people in the seats as I walked in, there ended up being twenty spectators. Driving forty-five minutes to watch wrestling by myself in an abandoned movie theater in backwater Ohio would have made me question many aspects of my life, too heavy. Wrestling on the big screen kicks ass, I wasn't the only one ducking for cover on dives toward the camera. Awesome. Had the most unbearable super smarks sitting behind me, loudly deriding the Philadelphia audience for (potentially) spending money on TNA while... spending money on TNA. Hogan was way over with the more cultured audience members, obviously. Main event was a huge letdown. With Angle hurting there was even less reason not to give Roode the title.
Dave Crumbley

Best match: Hands down Aries v. Kendrick. Aries just made an amazing spectacle and carried Kendrick to something approaching four stars.
Worst match: The final three seconds in the ring. I cannot believe the amazing amount of stupidity that culminated into that finish. Baring a regime change to Heyman, I cannot ever see myself spending money for TNA ever again.
I made a comment to my friend before the show about how TNA and WWE are on such different paths lately, with TNA actually being on the upswing. What a fool I felt like after the finish to this main event. This was worse than Punk coming back in a week and HHH burying the locker room combined. A slow-paced match that made its point and then grew and brought the crowd with it. Then out of nowhere Angle pins Roode off a transition move.  All 20 people in my theater couldn't  believe what they had seen and not in the "gotta get the next show" way. To blatantly tell fans that no one can ever escape the mid card, no matter how good they are, is pretty much the opposite message you ever want to send.
And the finishes overall: one match had two men in a TLC type match who then shook hands afterwards; one had a cowardly heel beg off and lose an I Quit match than attack his opponent meaning that this feud must continue with even MORE stips; a woman with no official capacity in the company counting the finish for the women's match to have the title change hands.
Greensboro, NC
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Thumbs up for the show. Thumbs down for the end. The only way I can see
this working out for the best would be running an angle where Storm wins
a title shot and the Title and Roode turns on him. Roode winning the
rematch would be merely okay because TNA missed their chance.
Damien Williams

Thumbs up
Its skewed so i didnt see all matches but thumbs up from 10:05 est time.
I tuned in late as i worked till 9.
Saw Hardy Jarret segement first. A regular TV pull apart but when the TNAagents came down it led to a louder crowd for the rest of the segment.Not bad at all to get people into a program where both guys offer so much. As long as it doesnt go on as long as Angle/Jarret it should help both guys and coupling that  they can expect both good tv and good ppv matches.
Hogan-Sting . The initial pause to bring Flair in was done perfect . I assumed " OMG what now" . But Flair being there had storyline behind it. I figured he would be there and i figured it would help ive he isnt involved much. Other than the last minute of this match sucking, the age old turn thats worked in wrestling the same way for years worked again. No i dont mean Hogan turning is a big deal , and the run in by steiner/bubba/bischoff  sucked till they got to the hitting Bischoffs son.
I  was so surprised by how well the Sting/Hogan thing went .
Hogan did earn his check tonight whatever it maybe.
Bobby Roode Angle best ppv match besides Punk/Cena Taker/HHH this year. Ive ordered probally 12 TNA ppvs before and this was the best . I loved Genisis 06 With Angle/Joe this time it was more of a package deal but they did good with everything i saw. Hated Roode losing but match was good enough to float the idea of them on ppv again and he could look just as good.The WWE tradition of crowning the new kings at wrestlemania is a stale and expired idea for TNA  to use if done correctly post BFG.
Sam Adams

Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match: Austin Aries vs Brian Kendrick
Worst Match: 4-way Knockout Match
I'll try to make this short and sweet. With the exception of the KO match there was nothing really bad about the show, but at the same time for the "WrestleMania" of TNA there was nothing really special. If this was No Surrender, the show would have been a thumbs up. If I would have let my brother convince me to make the trip down from Massachusetts to go to the show with him, it would have been a Thumbs Down.
Emerson Witner

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