OVW TV tapings 10-19 Louisville

  Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Taping report for October 19th, 2011, on what was a cold, rainy, and blustery night in Louisville, Kentucky. The crowd was around 100 tonight, and they were fairly vocal all show long. The TV announcers were Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. A few key storylines were advanced tonight, plus the main event was a big 8 man tag that was set up last week. It was also revealed the next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on November 12th. ROH again tapes television here at the Davis Arena on Saturday November 5th.
OVW Stars Alex Silva, Jamin Olivencia and Mohamad Ali Vaez, using the name Mohammad Akbar, plus OVW Referee Chris Sharpe, all appeared on the AWE PPV this past Saturday, and all aquitted themselves well on the show. Though it was a bad show, it wasn't their fault. Jamin Olivencia beat Sonjay Dutt on the AWE PPV in what almost all reports called the best match of that show.
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1. The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) beat Raphael Constantine & Brandon Espinosa

Dark match. Ridiculous size difference between these two teams. The huge Jack Black made mincemeat out of Espinosa early, then TPT chopped the crap out of Espinosa. TPT was finally beaten down for a bit, but not for long. Black with a running powerslam on the hopelessly overmatched Brandon Espinosa. Black finally hit Constantine with a clubbling blow, and pinned him for the win.

2. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match. Vaez choked and pounded on Elvis early on. Vaez missed a knee drop. Pridemore hit his reverse spinning kick to the head on Vaez. Pridemore missed a Stinger splash to the corner, and Vaez then won it with his running neckbreaker.

3. Marcus Anthony w/Christian Mascagni beat David Osborne & Mysterie in a handicap match

This was also a dark match. Anthony is a very muscular Black guy. He has some nice natural charisma too. Mascagni, wearing a neckbrace, took the mic and said the only tag team partner Marcus needs is Marcus Anthony. The powerful Anthony picked up Mysterie, and did a squat with him, before bodyslamming him. Anthony gave the 300 pound David Osborne a belly to belly suplex. Anthony gave Mysterie a press slam over his head, then dropped him down with a powerslam for the win. Mysterie is no small guy either. Another impressive, and totally dominating, performance from Marcus Anthony. He looks like he could be a guy to possibly challenge Jason Wayne for the OVW Heavyweight title, but that's just speculation on my part. Nick Dinsmore did beat Anthony here on TV a few weeks ago, which I thought was a big waste of Anthony for his debut TV match. There's not many guys around who look like this. After this match, Anthony pounded on the announce desk to intimidate Dean Hill.

The TV taping opened with the newest OVW Diva, Taeler Hendrix, coming to the ring. She was wearing some weird eye makeup. Hendrix since coming to OVW she's seen men come to the ring to fix problems that were bothering them within the promotion, and that's why she's here tonight. Hendrix said she was sick and tired of OVW Women's champion Lady JoJo, and she refused to walk on egg shells for JoJo. Hendrix said she demands a rematch against JoJo for the OVW Womens title on November 12th. Lady JoJo came out, wearing street clothes. JoJo asked Hendrix who she was, and mocked Hendrix. JoJo said she was a 7 time OVW Womens champion. JoJo said she's watched all kinds of women come and go from OVW, and asked where are they now? JoJo said she's found women in OVW in the closets and under tables with the boys. JoJo asked Hendrix what makes her any different. Hendrix told JoJo to not accuse her of having a bad work ethic, and she did not come here to sleep her way thru the locker room, she came here to earn it. Hendrix again demanded a rematch with JoJo, and JoJo accepted it, but JoJo's flunky, the "Pregnant" Taryn Shay, ran out and attacked Hendrix with some lousy looking kicks. The supposed Daddy to be, Benny Bray, came out to stop Shay from doing anything physical in her "condition", and even called Shay an "Idiot". Hey, isn't Shay one of the main "Under the table with the boys" type girls that JoJo was talking about? Hmmmm....Very unusual to start the show with an angle involving the women of OVW. Wasn't great, but it was something different.

Cliff Compton cut an inspired promo from backstage, with OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne standing there too, for tonights 8 man tag team main event. Compton can cut a Hell of a good promo.

4. Alex Silva beat Raul Lamotta w/Prince Bolin

This was the first match of the TV taping. Lamotta badly wants to become an "official" member of Bolin Services 2.0, but isn't "in" yet, because he's a screw up. Lamotta was trying to please Prince Bolin at all costs here. Silva grabbed the vest Lamotta wears, and used it like a Matadors cape, with Lamotta playing the role of the doomed Bull. Silva used to vest to dupe Lamotta into flying out of the ring. Silva with dropkicks on Lamotta, including a top rope dropkick. Lamotta kept looking for approval from Prince Bolin, who looked unimpressed with Lamotta as Silva kept control. Silva with a rolling dive off the apron on to Lamotta on the floor. Lamotta briefly gained control back in the ring, but Silva came back and won the match with his "Silva Surfer" running knee finisher. The match wasn't especially good. Silva seems to be now moving away from using his "UH oh" catch phrase. Bolin walked away from Lamotta after he lost yet again.

The "pregnant" Taryn Shay was talking to Chris Silvio and Mo Green backstage. Silvio was working out with resistance tubes. Shay was wondering if her faking the pregnancy was a good idea, since it was preventing her from helping OVW Womens Champion Lady JoJo the way she needed to. Silvio said it all worked out fine, Shay has Benny Bray as her man, and Silvio now gets laid by all the other chicks since Bray is tied down with Shay. Before Shay become "pregnant", Bray made whoopie backstage with all the ladies of OVW, except Lady JoJo, in various nooks and crannies of the Davis Arena. Benny Bray was shown in the crack of a door watching Shay say she wasn't really pregnant, so he now knows, but hasn't confronted her yet. But a major development in this storyline here.

Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin were talking at the desk about something.

Out to the ring came The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver), who are the current OVW Southern tag team champions. McNaler was in his street clothes, Revolver in his ring gear. Last week The Elite beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze to retain the titles, but it was questionable because Revolver pinned Jonze when Jonze was injured, and being helped out of the ring by McNaler and Spade. Jonze had been injured going into that match by Tony Gunn, who has been stalking Johnny Spade for months now.
McNaler grabbed the mic and said the conclusion of last weeks tag title match was complete garbage. McNaler said Revolver has something to say, and he wants Revolver to say it, and mean it. Revolver took the mic and said he was sorry. Revolver then said he had a match to get ready for, McNaler said they had no match tonight. McNaler then wanted Revolver to apologize to Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze. Jonze and Spade came out in street clothes. Jonze didn't look like he was feeling well still. Spade took the mic and said what Revolver did last week was one of the most disgusting acts in OVW history. Spade called it a "douche move" on Revolver's part. Revolver took the mic and said he was truly sorry......that the bell never rang last week and a match isn't over until the bell rings. McNaler took the mic from Revolver and demanded he apologize in the right way. Revolver said everyone can be friends again, and that he did take advantage of a situation last week, and said he his sorry. The crowd didn't seem to buy it. McNaler took the mic and said November 12th The Elite will accept an open challenge to the tag titles. Revolver took the mic and cut McNaler off saying he'd heard nothing about that, it's not official, and that shouldn't be announced in public until it is. So there are still issues brewing between the tag team champions.
Spade took the mic to address another issue, that being his stalker Tony Gunn. Spade said Shiloh Jonze suffered a slight concussion last week from the "disgustingly weird" Tony Gunn. Spade demanded Gunn come out now, and Gunn did come out in street clothes, and as always clutching the stuffed bear he's wanted to give to Spade for months now. Spade told Gunn in no uncertain terms that he doesn't want Gunn around him at all. Spade called Gunn a stalker, and said Gunn has a "creepy creeperton" attitude. Gunn, acting very strange as always, said everything he did, he did for Spade, and begged Spade to take the stuffed bear, and then everything would be alright. Spade took the bear alright, he took it, ripped the head off it, and tossed it into the crowd, with stuffing flying out of it. Gunn went nuts and attacked Spade. Gunn gave the already injured Shiloh Jonze a hard back elbow, knocking Jonze out cold. Several refs ran out to break this up, and The Elite helped break it up too. Jonze, like last week, again had to be helped to the back. More storyline development here with Spade and Gunn finally in a physical confrontation.
Backstage Prince Bolin, with Bolin Services 2.0, was talking about the 8 man tag team main event tonight. Bolin said he wanted to use tonight as a way to get his men back in contention for the OVW Heavyweight title, plus injure OVW champion Jason Wayne, and collect the $25,000 bounty Christian Mascagni has out on Wayne. While this was going on, wanna be Bolin Services 2.0 member Raul Lamotta was sitting and pondering his future. Bolin opened this segment knocking Lamotta openly in front of everyone for losing to Alex Silva tonight. Rocco Bellagio, the current OVW TV champion and BS 2.0 member, spoke for the first time in OVW, saying "Yo" in a Scott Hallish sort of a way.
Christian Mascagni, with his men Rudy Switchblade and Mike Mondo came in the room, and all cut a fired up promo for the 8 man tag tonight, as Raul Lamotta continued to just sit there and look sad.

5. Sean Casey beat Joe Coleman

Back and forth match early. The rookie Coleman got some offense in on the veteran Casey, but it looked like just that, rookie offense. Casey with a top rope Diamond cutter. Coleman hit a crossbody, but went for another, and Casey ducked, so Coleman hit the top rope throat first. Casey then got the win with a roll up, and held the trunks.

Paredyse was joking with some random jobbers backstage, he then joined his tag team parters for the night, Cliff Compton, Nick Dinsmore, and OVW Champion Jason Wayne, as they all cut one last fired up promo for their match.

6. Paredyse, Nick Dinsmore, Cliff Compton & OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne beat James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin & Raul Lamotta and Rudy Switchblade & Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni in an 8 man tag

TV main event time. This match was set up last week after the heels interfered in a Mike Mondo vs Nick Dinsmore match, resulting in a DQ on Mondo. Mondo and Dinsmore were 15 minutes into their match when Bolin Services 2.0 interfered. They had lots of time left for this tonight, so a lot of time was spent here on introductions and stuff before the match got underway. Raul Lamotta spent the match at ringside looking at a framed picture of someone he clearly greatly admired, not sure who it was. Prince Bolin encouraged Lamotta to stare at the picture. The match finally started with a good exchange between Cliff Compton and Mike Mondo, with Compton getting the better of it. Paredyse rolled Rudy Switchblade around the ring, as only he can do, for a near fall. All babyfaces here as Compton came in and dominated Rocco Bellagio. Paredyse with three flying Butt Bumps on Bellagio. Mondo got crotched on the top rope by Paredyse. Paredyse with a Bronco buster on Switchblade. Paredyse went for a Bronco buster on Bellagio, but James "Moose" Thomas pulled Bellagio out of the way, so Paredyse got crotched. Paredyse then took the heat. Bellagio with a delayed vertical suplex on Paredyse. Switcblade in pounding on Paredyse. Paredyse got away from Mondo to make the hot tag as Mondo got knocked into Moose Thomas, who got knocked off the apron. Dinsmore in with a sit down slam on Mondo for a near fall. Everyone came in the ring, and the all out brawl was on. Paredyse dove off the top to take out some heels on the floor. OVW champion Jason Wayne hit his full nelson slam finisher on Mondo to win it. I think Dinsmore and Mondo were actually still the legal men though. The match was decent, and the crowd was into it.
Nothing happened in the post match, which surprised me, I expected something to go down there. Only little blip was Dinsmore was kinda miffed at Jason Wayne for not shaking his hand after the match, but Wayne clearly didn't hear or see Dinsmore trying to get his attention.
I had to leave, but one of the post taping dark matches was Chris Silvio vs Jamin Olivencia. A decent show overall tonight. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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