Feedback to Vengeance

Thumbs Up For the Show
Best Match: Cena Vs Del Rio
Worst Match: Dolph Vs Ryder
I gave Ryder Vs Dolph worst match because this was the perfect
opportunity to get the midcard title off of him so he could move up the
card. I think Dolph is their best worker outside of Punk and Bryan and
I'm afraid he's gonna stagnate as US Champion.
I'm glad they resisted the urge to take the title off of Del Rio. They
also built the Survivor Series match well as it's obvious now that Miz
Truth and Nash are gonna be the core of the heel team.

Damien Williams

WWE Vengeance: Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match: Cena vs. Del Rio
Worst Match: Divas Title
I would have given this show a thumbs down, but I felt it was saved by the imploding the ring gimmick and the main event.  Previous to that it felt like I was paying to watch the usual Raw and/or Smackdown every week with the same matches.  Tag Title match opened the show well and these four seem to work well together, but again it's a case of how many times can we see the same thing.  Ziggler vs. Ryder was nothing special and even less so since Ryder gets duped even after Ziggler already got beat once.  Sheamus vs. Christian again had no real excitement behind it.  Plus the crowd was pretty dead during most of the ppv so it seemed.  We've been there, done that.  Sheamus wins again.  I think I've asked this before, but how come the guys who keep winning (i.e. Sheamus) do not get main event title matches, but someone who loses a bunch of times can continue to get title matches or be a champion at all?  Divas match was decent and had a few nice spots.  I only ranked it worst by default as I thought it was better than the usual Divas match.  Punk & Triple H vs. Miz & Truth was sadly very average.  They did nothing special in booking the match and it played out like a basic TV match.  Punk gets beat again for no reason and Nash finally returns and I guess we have forgotten about Punk vs. Nash so that we can go to Triple H vs. Nash instead.  Orton vs. Rhodes was fine, but again how do you expect people to care about Rhodes in a top position if he never beats anyone (and John Morrison at this stage in the game doesn't count).  Rhodes is the Intercontinental Champion which means less than nothing right now and he never beats anyone.  I'm not even sure when he's defended the title as of late (again outside of beating Morrison a few weeks ago).  I never for a second thought Rhodes could win and sure enough he didn't.  Show vs. Henry was again about average and I certainly didn't expect anything more.  The finish was cool (luckily that haven't done it since the Lesnar/Show Smackdown years ago) and fans reacted big to it.  Somehow I had a feeling this spot was coming though when Show went to the top.  I guess they will be meeting again at Survivor Series.  This did at least give a unique feel for the WWE Title match by having the broken ring.  I thought the main event was very good.  The last time Cena and Del Rio met on ppv it was actually pretty boring in my opinion.  I thought they did a great job here and glad they didn't switch the title unnecessarily again after having switched it over and over again as of late.  Guess Del Rio, Miz, & Truth will make up part of the five man team to face Rock & Cena at Survivor Series. 
Robb Block

Thumbs in the middle.
Best/worst is hard to call but I guess I would go with the women's match being the worst and the best match being the Del Rio-Cena match.  There was nothing blow-away on the show but also nothing downright terrible.  Basically, if you bought the show, it wasn't a rip off but it's not like anyone who didn't see it needs to buy the replay.  To me, the most notable thing was that the Big Show-Mark Henry match was far from terrible, and actually "good" given my lowered expectations.  Sure, they did that finish once before with Lesnar, but in this case, it looks like the finish will actually further the storyline, instead of being a one-time spectacle and the collapsed ring added some unique drama to the Cena Del-Rio match.  On a side not, Big Show looks like he's lost a lot of weight and Nash was jacked.  I'm not a body nazi but for those two, it adds a lot of credibility.
Kelly Lucas

Hi Dave,

Best Match:  Henry vs. Big Show (Because the crowd actually cared about it)
Worst Match: Ziggler vs. Ryder

Along with a group of 12 friends we ordered this PPV since it was pocket change when we all pay for it.  The first thing I noticed watching the show is that the crowd did not care, not even a little and I found myself not really caring either.  The wrestling was fine for the most part but nothing on this show made any of us care about it or any future storylines.  We actually were flipping between this and the World series game at points.

The opening caught our attention and from there there were few bright spots.  Ziggler vs. Ryder was bad, Punk and HHH vs. Miz and Truth was almost as bad.  Rhodes and Orton was alright and the Divas match was better than normal I suppose.  One match actually looked like it mattered and that was Show vs. Henry. The main event seemed to build a heel team at Survivor Series (I think) but did little more.  Bad show, thumbs down.

Kind Regards,

Ryan McDeed

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