OVW TV taping 10-26 Louisville - Major heel turn by former WWE star

Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping report for October 26th, 2011, that saw the shock of Nick Dinsmore turning heel, and then defeating Jason Wayne in an impromptu match, to become the OVW Heavyweight champion for an unprecedented 10th time. The impromptu match between these two became even stranger, and more dramatic, when the match had to be legit stopped, and restarted. More on that later in the report, which certainly makes this a newsworthy report.

Even before all that it was a strange night at OVW, on what was yet another rainy night in Louisville, Kentucky. This was OVW's Halloween show, and it turned out to be both haunted, and haunting, as legit technical problems caused things to be changed, or did they? Again, read on.
Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. DeVore was dressed up in a "Ghost busters" uniform. The attendance was around 125 tonight. The referees tonight were dressed up wearing the old school button down blue shirts, and bow ties.

ROH again tapes TV at the Davis arena on Saturday November 5th, and the next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on November 12th.

The archive of the debut "OVW Overview" podcast with Larry Goodman, myself and OVW stars Mohamad Ali Vaez and Jamin Olivencia is available at this link. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/psp/2011/10/23/ovw-overview The background/road noise is really bad on this show early on, but it gets better later.

Dean Hill plugged the release of the movie "Ultimate death match 3", which can be seen on Youtube, and features many wrestlers in it.

1. Marcus Anthony w/Christian Mascagni beat Brandon Espinosa, Ace Hawkins & Elvis Pridemore in a three on one handicap match

Dark match. Mascagni took the mic before the match and said last week his monster Marcus Anthony beat two guys at once, and this week he'd beat up three at once, again saying the only partner Marcus Anthony needs is himself. Anthony with a vicious clothesline to Espinosa in the corner. Elvis got abused by Anthony with a big clothesline, followed by a released belly to belly. Anthony gave Hawkins some backbreakers, then dropped him down for the easy win. I'll be curious to see when Anthony starts getting on TV with this devastating act. He looks impressive. He seems like a throwback to the 80's in a way, but that's not meant as a knock.

2. Jamin Olivencia & Paredyse beat Nick Dumeyer & Sean Casey

This was also a dark match, thank God. Paredyse came out wearing an "Alice in Wonderland" dress, and holding a Tickle me Elmo doll. It was quite a sight indeed. Hilarious actually. He wore his peacock trunks under it, but the dress was so short, the bottom of his cheeks could be seen. Talk about two totally slapped together teams. Olivencia and Paredyse had no chemistry together, and Dumeyer and Casey look like a before and after shot, but I'm not sure which was which, or who was who. I've been calling Dumeyer "Marshman", his nickname is actually Marksman. My apologies, but he does look like someone who would be at home around a marsh. They call him "Fudd" here, due to his resemblance to Elmer Fudd. Neither Casey or Dumeyer were in any hurry to lock up with the dress wearing Paredyse. Olivencia took over on Casey, but Olivencia then ended up taking the heat. Paredyse in with an Alice in Wonderland dress wearing Bronco Buster to the bald headed Dumeyer. Paredyse hiked up his dress, and Olivencia was going to shove Casey's head into Paredyse' rear, but Casey wanted no part of that, and bailed out. Confusion then abounded, the match fell apart a bit. Paredyse hiked his dress up again, and Dumeyer got shoved face first into Paredyse' hindquarters. I think Casey legit didn't want to do that spot. Paredyse then hit Dumeyer with his running neckbreaker to bring the bout to a merciful conclusion.

3. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Joe Coleman

Yet another dark match. Vaez mauled Colman early, ripping at his face. Coleman came back with a flurry of offense. Coleman though, missed a crossbody, and Vaez hit his running neckbreaker to win it.

The TV taping opened with clips of the finish of last weeks big 8 man tag where OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne, Nick Dinsmore, Paredyse & Cliff Compton beat James "Moose" Thomas, Rocco Bellagio, Mike Mondo & Rudy Switchblade when Wayne pinned Mondo. It caused trouble on the babyface side though as Wayne tagged himself in and beat Mondo with his finisher, after Dinsmore had already hit Mondo with his finisher. Then, Wayne didn't hear or see Disnmore try to shake his hand after the match, which miffed Dinsmore even more. Just how miffed Dinsmore really was would become very apparent before this night was thru.

Nick Dinsmore came to the ring wearing his wrestling gear. Dinsmore said he has some unfinished business with Mike Mondo, and mentioned Rudy Switchblade too. Dinsmore said he has someone to watch his back, and asked OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne to come out. Wayne came out, also wearing his wrestling gear. Dinsmore asked Wayne to be his partner tonight. Wayne said he and Dinsmore have never teamed up before, and he can't stand Mondo and Switchblade either, so let's do it. Seemingly, the TV main event tonight for was set.

The technical problems I mentioned earler reared their head here, as The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver), the current OVW Southern Tag Team champions, were talking backstage about something, but it could not be heard by the people in the audience.

4. Rocco Bellagio w/Bolin Services 2.0 & Raul Lamotta beat The Great Malaki w/The Great Cheyenne to retain the OVW TV title

This was the first match of the TV Taping. I believe Malaki & Cheyenne are out of Missouri, as are many of the current OVW jobbers. Malaki has a decent look, and came out with fists of fire, literally. He does a gimmick where he sets the gloves, or whatever they are, covering his fists on fire. Looks really cool. But this came off like a heel vs heel match to me, and there was no reason why this guy should come in and get a TV title match right off the bat. The Great Cheyenne added nothing to the match as a valet, but maybe we'll see her as a wrestler here down the line. Bellagio comes out holding the TV title belt with his teeth. Bellagio attacked Malaki before the bell. Malaki bounced off Bellagio a few times on failed shoulder block attempts, but did bring Bellagio down with a clothesline. Bellagio back with a fall away slam. Bellagio then hit a powerbomb to win the match, and retain the TV title. Was easy to tell these guys hadn't worked together before, but the match wasn't a disaster or anything.

In another backstage segment that couldn't be heard by the live crowd, Brittany DeVore was interviewing Chris Silvio & Mo Green. Benny Bray walked up, dressed up like a king and looking happy, with the once again returning Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) on his arms. It was recently revealed that Taryn Shay was faking her pregnancy, she had claimed she was pregnant with Bray's child, and that Silvio and Green were involved with the idea for her to fake a pregnancy.

Ron Hed apologized for the technical problems, and said they'd be fixed soon, but that was it for backstage segments on this show far as the live crowd was concerned. I'm curious if more were filmed, and will be inserted into this episode when it comes out. It seemed like the sound problems may have just been for the live crowd, but I guess it's possible the audio issues could prevent the segments from airing. Depends what the issues were. Have to wait and see.
5. Raphael Constantine & Lennox Norris beat The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black), James "Moose" Thomas & Raul Lamotta w/Prince Bolin and "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Shiloh Jonze in a four way tag match to determine the #1 contenders for the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

The current tag team champions, The Elite, came to the floor in street clothes to watch this match. Ted McNaler mentioned last week an "open challenge" situation to face them for the tag titles at the November 12th Saturday Night Special, but Adam Revolver did not know about that ahead of time, and was mad at McNaler for saying that on the microphone. Trailer Park Trash mocked the disco dancing Lennox Norris early on. Shiloh Jonze is now clean shaven. Johnny Spade and Jack Black, both babyfaces, both got tagged in, and had a brief, but memorable confrontation. Spade with a superkick right to the butt of the jaw of Black, but Black answered right back with a huge "Black" hole slam. Good stuff there.

Jonze tried to come off the top rope, but Tony Gunn, the stalker of Johnny Spade, ran out wearing camouflage pants, and shoved Jonze off the top rope, all the way to the floor. Big bump to the floor by Jonze there, and the story is Gunn gave Jonze a slight concussion two weeks ago, and knocked him out again last week. Gunn had another stuffed bear with him, Spade ripped the head off the original one last week, and threw it into the crowd. Spade attacked Gunn on the floor, as the match came to a halt. During this fray with Spade and Gunn, the two biggest men in OVW, James "Moose" Thomas and Jack Black, started fighting on the floor, which really popped the crowd. Looks like we might be heading for Jack Black vs Moose, which would be very interesting. The "Where's the beef" match. The match took a totally unexpected turn when the ultra sneaky Adam Revolver suddenly threw the again injured Shiloh Jonze into the ring, and Lennox Norris pinned Jonze to win the match for he and Raphael Constantine. So Norris & Constantine now go on to face The Elite on November 12th.

This was a brilliant move by Revolver, as now it allows The Elite to face the weakest, and most makeshift team, of the 4 teams in the number one contenders match. Of course, it was also a cheap and lowdown thing to do by Revolver, and his partner Ted McNaler was stunned by the turn of events on the floor after the match. Last week McNaler forced Revolver to apologize for his actions of a few weeks ago, when he pinned an injured Shiloh Jonze to retain the tag titles. Revolver did apologize last week, but was up to his old tricks again this week. This was great stuff. I love the booking here. Nice, layered stuff, with several levels to it.

6. Nick Dinsmore & Jason Wayne beat Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni & Rudy Switchblade

This was first slated to be the TV main event, but turned out not to be. Switchblade came out first, and alone here, signifying that while he was teaming with Mondo here, he's not being officially managed by Mascagni. Dinsmore and Switchblade with some chain wrestling early. Dinsmore knocked Mondo down with some punches. Switchblade with a cheap shot kick to the back of the head of Dinsmore from the apron, which led to Dinsmore taking the heat. Mondo missed a diving headbutt off the second rope. Dinsmore hit his Diamond cutter finisher on Switchblade out of the blue, and pinned him to win the match. OVW Heavyweight champion Jason Wayne never got tagged in once the whole match.

The postmatch is where it got wild. Wayne looked confused from the way the match went down, but offered Dinsmore a handshake for winning it, but Dinsmore spurned him. Wayne and Dinsmore then began arguing a bit in mid ring with no microphones. Dinsmore started to walk away, but Wayne grabbed a mic and asked Dinsmore what was this all about. Wayne asked Dinsmore why he was even asked to be his partner tonight if he didn't want him out here. Dinsmore said he wanted Wayne out there to watch his back, and watch his back Wayne did, while Dinsmore beat two guys alone. Dinsmore said he did it to prove a point that he was still the best in the world. Wayne said Dinsmore had nothing to prove to him as a 9 time OVW champion, and former WWE Superstar. Dinsmore asked Wayne who he was to him. Dinsmore said Wayne stole his thunder last week in the locker room, and in the 8 man tag last week when Wayne tagged himself in and beat Mike Mondo, after Dinsmore had already hit Mondo with his finisher.

Dinsmore also mentioned his finisher is the Diamond Cutter, because it always wins, and is not an RKO, so he took a shot at Randy Orton here as well. Dinsmore called Jason Wayne a ball hog. Wayne said it doesn't matter who got the pin, we won, that he saw an opportunity to win it, so he did. Dinsmore then said he trained Jason Wayne, and complained that when he tried to shake Wayne's hand after the match last week, Wayne just walked away from him. Wayne asked if this was what all this was about. Wayne said he never saw Dinsmore offer the handshake last week, which was true, he never did see it, and really did nothing wrong. Wayne apologized to Dinsmore about last week anyhow, just trying to pacify him. Dinsmore wouldn't have it though, and said he was a 9 time OVW champion, the longest reigning OVW champion ever, and the greatest OVW champion ever. Dinsmore said as OVW champion, you have a bullseye on your chest. Dinsmore then asked Wayne why he didn't see him as a threat to the title.

Dinsmore said when he was champion, if he had a chance to face a guy who was a 9 time champion, he would have done it in a heartbeat. Dinsmore said Wayne not offering him a title shot is like spitting in his face, as Dinsmore became more and more irrational. Wayne said so this is all over Dinsmore wanting a title shot. Wayne said Dinsmore was here training students, and thought the last thing Dinsmore wanted nowadays was a title shot. Wayne said since he won the title on July 2nd, he has taken on all comers, hasn't refused anyone. Wayne asked Dinsmore if he wants a title shot, Dinsmore said he did, and then spit right in Jason Wayne's face, sealing the heel turn. Wayne and Dinsmore then had a pull apart, as the geek squad, and weak geek squad at that, ran out trying to break it up. An angry Jason Wayne then grabbed the mic, and said let's do the match right now, leading to......

7. Nick Dinsmore beat Jason Wayne to win the OVW Heavyweight title

This turned out to be the impromptu TV main event after the amazing turn of events here. Dinsmore with a big chop on Wayne early. Both guys started brawling on the floor. Back in the ring, Dinsmore went to work on the left leg of Wayne, but the powerful Wayne got out of, and started pounding on Dinsmore. Wayne was the fresher of the two anyhow here, since he didn't get into the tag match before this at all. This match had an intense vibe to it, came off like a fight more than a match almost. As I've mentioned in other reports, Dinsmore has dropped considerable weight, and is in the best shape now he's been in for quite awhile. Both guys were up fighting on the turnbuckle, and then both tumbled to the floor. The match then suddenly took a totally unexpected, and dramatic, turn for everyone involved when Jason Wayne came up badly busted open on the floor. I have no idea how it happened, but he was suddenly bleeding badly from a cut on his right eyebrow. Kentucky is a state with a strict Athletic commission, so the match had to legit be stopped per the rules of Kentucky.

The geek squad ran out with the first aid kit, and went to work on the cut of Jason Wayne, while Dean Hill tried to explain this to the crowd. They worked on Wayne for several minutes, finally putting gauze on the cut, and wrapping a ton of tape around his head. While this was going on, Dinsmore picked up the OVW title belt, and indicated that if Wayne couldn't continue, he'd become champion due to the stoppage. Dean Hill said if the cut can be patched up, and the bleeding stopped, the match can be restarted and continue per the rules of Kentucky. The curtain upstairs at the Davis arena was sold out, with the wrestlers watching this unfold from above. And that is just what happened, Wayne, a legit former US Marine, went back into battle here as an injured soldier, with his head all taped up. Gutsy performance from Wayne here, who badly wanted the match continue. Once it did, Dinsmore scored with a kick to the head of Wayne, and took control of the match. Dinsmore with a Northern Light Suplex on Wayne, then Dinsmore hit three German Suplexes on Wayne, releasing him on the third one.

Wayne back with a sidewalk slam on Dinsmore. Both guys exchanging blows in mid ring, with Wayne looking blown up, but gutting it thru. Wayne with a running powerslam on Dinsmore. Referee Chris Sharpe got squashed in the corner by Wayne, when Dinsmore hit Wayne from behind. Dinsmore then hit Wayne with the OVW title belt to win the OVW Heavyweight title for the 10th time. Wayne had to be helped out of the ring after the match.

Wow, what a show this was. Expect the unexpected I guess, and there was sure a lot of unexpected tonight, both for the crowd, and legit for OVW themselves, but it made for a very interesting, and good, show. I'll be really curious to see this episode on TV, and it's probably one worth checking out when OVW puts it on their website at ovwrestling.com this coming Monday. I am wondering what will air as far as backstage segments are concerned, and what will air as far as the Jason Wayne legit being busted open goes. If they'll air them working on Wayne trying to legit close the cut, and all that.

Also, the seeds for the Dinsmore heel turn, and eventual match with Jason Wayne, were planted last week, but man, did they ever come into full bloom rapidly this week. I wonder if that was the plan going into this show tonight, or if this was all an audible due to the backstage technical issues. Also, I guess now it's possible they could now say Nick Dinsmore collected the $25,000 bounty Christian Mascagni has out on Jason Wayne, since Dinsmore did injure Wayne, and beat him for the OVW title. Lots of intrigue there far as what will happen next, not to mention all the intrigue with the tag team title situation.

I had to leave, but one of the post taping dark matches tonight was a Diva's Halloween costume battle royal. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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