UFC 137 live coverage from Las Vegas - Penn, Cro Cop announce retirements after great battles

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Starks wrestled at Arizona State and is undefeated coming in.  Both of these guys are unbeaten
and making their UFC debuts.  Somebody’s “O” has got to go.

First round:  Both cautious coming out.  Doing the Zbyszko here.  Starks moved in with a right.
Starks moving in and landing but nothing of significance.  Jacoby hasn’t done anything yet.
Body punch by Starks.  Good left and right by Starks.  Starks moved in and didn’t really land
anything.  We’re in the last minute of the round.  Starks then got a takedown with 30 seconds
left.  He’s doing nothing from the top but it’s the let’s clinch the round with a late takedown
strategy.  Dull round 10-9 Starks.

Second round: Jacoby landed a combo early.  Then nobody did anything.  Spin kick by Jacoby
but didn’t really land solid.  This fight is not going to air on the live show.  Starks moved in and
missed his punch.  There was an exchange and Jacoby seemed to land better.  It almost looked
like a fight for a second there.  Then back to Severn-Shamrock II.  Starks at 2:00 left took him
down.  Starks doing nothing from the top.  A few people are booing.  He rest were sleeping.
Starks landing a few punches from the top. .  Certainly enough to solidly win the round, but not
doing serious damage.  20-18 Starks.

Third round: Starks landed a solid right.  Jacoby moved in but didn’t land anything.  An
exchange with nothing solid landing. Good left by Starks.  Knee by Jacoby.  Starks took him
down with 3:20 left.  Starks mostly just holding Jacoby down.  Jacoby is working for a Kimura
but never had anything.  Starks broke free with some punches from the top in the waning
seconds.  Boring fight but I didn’t hear anyone booing it, so this is a patient crowd.  This has to
be 30-27 Starks.

Scores: All three scored 30-27 for Starks.


Georges St. Pierre is in Carmont’s corner.

First round: Carmont is the favorite as he’s from Montreal.  Apparently a lot of Canadians bought
tickets.  Takedown by Carmont.  Camozzi back up.  Camozzi trying to throw Carmont down
with no luck.  Camozzi just holding him against the fence.  Trading knees from close range.
Carmont dropping low to grab a single and Camozzi defended well.  Carmont threw a knee to the
body.  Knee by Camozzi. .  Carmont 10-9.

Second round: Camozzi rushed in for a takedown but has just pinned Carmont against the fence.
They traded knees.  Knees by Carmont.  Another two hard knees to the body by Carmont.
Carmont took him down but Camozzi right back up.  Awesome slam by Carmont.  Biggest pop
of the night.  Carmont throwing down punches.  Wicked left by Carmont put Camozzi down and
almost out but Camozzi recovered and is going for a single.  Camozzi working for a guillotine
when the round ended and Carmont looks furious.  Best round so far of the night.  20-18

Third round: Carmont landed some hard punches.  Camozzi said “Fuck” and then both stood
there and roared like a Road Warriors collision with Dr. Death.  Camozzi moved in and hit an
uppercut. Carmont back with knees and some punches.  Camozzi’s nose is bloody.  Carmont
landed a high kick and then a low kick. Camozzi landed two punches and clinched against the
fence.  Low kicks back and forth.  Front kick by Carmont.  Carmont with a takedown with 2:00
left and pounding his face.  Carmont up and Camozzi stayingon the ground.  Carmont kicking the
legs and body while Camozzi was down.  Herb Dean ordered Camozzi to stand.  Camozzi moved
in and has Carmont against the fence.  Herb Dean called for a break.  They traded kicks, front
kick by Carmont.  Camozzi move in but Carmont got behind him.  Carmont looked to slam while
Camozzi countered and went for a Kimura but time ran out.  Carmont should win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-26, 30-27 for Carmont.


First round: Nijem was a finalist in TUF and has stripper tendencies.  Nijem landed a lot of
punches and moved in for a takedown.  He tried a slam, blocked but still got Downes on his
back.  Nijem got back position.  He tried a choke but didn’t have it and let go.  Downes up and
escaped.  Nijem landed several more punches moving in.  Nijem got another takedown.  Nijem
trapped the head and threw elbows to the body.  Nijem behind him and went for a choke again
twice but Downes blocked it both times.  Nijem throwing punches and again working for a
choke.   But he doesn’t have it.  Downes shook him from his back.  Nijem landed two lefts.
Nijem is getting tired and shot for a takedown and this time didn’t get it.  But eventually he got
him down and Downes got right back up. .  Nijem took him down and again and got his back and
is again going for a choke and not getting it.  Nijem’s round but not quite a 10-8, so 10-9.

Second round: Nijem landed a few punches and moving in for a takedown.  Downes tried an
inverted triangle but didn’t have it.  People popped for that.  Downes pounding the body.  Now
punching the head from the ground.  Another takedown by Nijem.  Nijem got a few blows in and
moved to full mount.  Now Niejm has Downes’ back. .  He’s going for a choke again but
Downes tucking his chin so Nijem doesn’t have it.  Nijem threw an elbow to the head.  Downes
trying to get up but Nijem keeping him down.  Nijem again gong for a choke but it’s a chinlock
again.  He let it go but is keeping back position.  He went for it again but couldn’t get it.  Almost
a 10-8 again, but I’ve got Nijem 20-18.

Third round: Nijem opened the round moving in with punches.  He shot for a takedown and got
Downes on the ground.  Downes’ face is all swollen.  Nijem got his back again and throwing
punches.  Nijem landing a lot of punches, not super hard but they can’t be fun.  He’s again going
for the choke but it’s a chinlock.  Now back to punching and elbowing the side of Downes’ head.
Punches and elbows by Nijem until time ran out.  Easily his round.  I’ve got 30-27 but all three
rounds were of the 10-8.5 variety so you could have anytihng from 30-27 to 30-24.

Scores: 30-25, 30-26 and 30-27 for Nijem.


First round: This is for sure a do-or-die by Vera who is only here because Thiago Silva’s win
over him was overturned by the commission because Silva’s urine was not that of a human being.
KimWinslow ref.  Vera got a star reaction.  First guy on the show people saw as one.  Vera
landing a few punches and a hard body kick combination.  Marshall missed a spinning backfist.
Hard body kick by Vera and ran in with a knee.  Now they’re against the fence.  Vera tried a trip
but Marshall stayed up.  Vera backed off.  Marshall moved in with punches and Vera back.  Vera
pushed him into the fence.  Winslow broke them and moved them to the center.  Vera 10-9,
better round then you’d probably think from these two.

Round two: Vera threw a kick and Marshall tried to use it to get the takedown.  Couldn’t get it
though.  Marshall ducked low for a takedown but not getting it.  Vera with a trip got Marshall
down.  Marshall up and Vera hit him with a knee.  They were in a clinch and Winslow separated
them again.  Vera’s round 20-18.

Round three: Marshall landed a straight right that staggered Vera and he’s unloading on him on
the ground.  Vera’s in real trouble.  Crowd went nuts for this since there wasn’t much in the way
of explosive action so far.  Vera back up .  Marshall landed another.  Now Vera got behind him
and pushed him into the fence.  Marshall looked at Winslow hoping she calls for a break against
the fence but that’s the dumbest thing you can do because the ref isn’t going to do it.  She’s just
staring at them .  If he didn’t give that beggar look twice he’d have gotten it by now.  Plus, Vera
is getting his bearings back.  Body kick by Vera.  Marshall now took Vera down and has his
back.  He’s working for a choke.  Doesn’t have it.  Marshall has his back and punching the head
a few times and body as well.  Marshall moving into an armbar.   But Vera blocking the move.
Vera now out of trouble.  Now Vera on top throwing punches and elbows as time ran out.
Marshall shouldn’t get a 10-8 out of this, so Vera should win 29-28.

Scores: All three have is 29-28 for Vera.  Crowd booing a lot but it was really the only score


First round: Griffin has moved to featherweight.  We’ll see how the cut affects him, considering
he missed weight and is already giving up 25% of his purse.  High kick by Palaszewski.  Both
missing punches.  Nothing happening in his fight either early.  Palaszewski landed a flurry of
punches and rocked him with a left hook and Griffin went down.  Griffin up and Palaszewski
destroyed him with punches and it’s over.  Great finish here, 16 straight lefts and rights before
Griffin finally went down a second time.  2:45

Palaszewski thought he broke both of his hands unloading on Griffin at the finish.


First round: Cerrone with a big star reaction. Carrone with a body kick and Siver back with a low kick. Trading low kicks. Push kick by Siver and a high roundhouse by Cerrone. Both trading punches. Hard left kick to the head by Cerrone and Siver stumbled to the ground. Cerrone finally didn’t start slow. Siver landed two punches. Cerrone with a body kick. Cerrone landed a punch. Siver got his feet tangled and in avoiding a punch went down. Cerrone went to the ground and choked him out. his win was strong enough that it to me puts Cerrone into serious contention for the next title shot. 2:22



First round: Hioki landed a high kick right away. Roop back with a high kick. Roop lande a hard right. Roop landed a left and Roop kicked Hioki to the groin for a time out. Both swinging and missing. Hioki moved in for a body lock and they are against the fence. Hioki trying for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Somebody yelled out judo chop. Clearly stuck in the 60s. Hioki with several knees. Hioki got behind Roop momentarily . Mostly clinching. Hioki finally powered Roop to the ground with 1:04 left in the round. Hioki is in side control. Roop trying to scramble out, but instead just gained guard. Roop was aggressive off his back which allowed him the space to get up. Roop landed a few punches after trying to tear Hioki’s underwear off. Good round. Very close as well. Hioki 10-9 but could go either way.

Second round: Hioki landed a right and Roop back with a high kick that was blocked. Roop with another kick blocked. Good body shot by Roop. Both missing high kicks and Roop landed a body shot. High kick landed by Roop. Hioki landed a counter right. Hioki powered Roop into a bodylock takedown. Hioki moved into side conrol. Hioki not doing much with his position. Moved to full mount. He’s winning the position game but not doing damage. Hioki just keeping mount but not doing any damage. Roop finally kicked him off with seconds left. Roop throwing kicks until the horn ended it. Roop looks fired up. Hioki may get the round but it could go the other way. Just if you favor damage or positioning and usually I think damage should win, but I think Hioki being on top for so long will get him the round, so 20-18.

Third round: Roop took Hioki down right away. Crowd super behind Roop because he got all fired up when he got up at the end of the second round. They exploded for his takedown. Hioki right up. Roop with a jumping knee. Hioki shot for a takedown and couldn’t get it. Roop moved in and tried a takedown but Hioki blocked it. They are struggling against the fence. Roop just pressing him against the fence until Josh Rosenthal called for a break with 2:00 left. Another takedown by Roop. Roop moved him into the fence. I don’t know if this will be enough for Roop although it might. Roop doing some punching from the top but nothing serious. As far as the fight as a whole, Roop won, but for points I’ve got 29-28 for Hioki, not to say Roop can’t win this decision.

Scores: 29-29 Hioki 29-28 Roop 29-28 Hioki. Crowd booed the decision heavily because they were behind Roop. It was a fight that the way points are scored could have gone either way, although Roop did more damage.

Judge Patricia Morse Jarman gave Hioki rounds one and two. Judge Dave Hagen gave Hioki only the second. Judge Cecil Peoples gave Hioki the first and second.


First round: Body shot by Curran. Curran throwing the left jab. Jorgesen hurt him with puches. Curran tried and missing a spinning back fist and Jorgensen got the takedown. Jorgensen staying on top. Curran thinking triangle but Jorgensen saw it coming. Curran up and Jorgensen took him down again. Kim Winslow stood them up with 37 seconds left. Curran hit a right and landed several more hard punches. Another takedown by Jorgesen. Jorgensen 10-9.

Second round: Curran landing a few shots. Curran went for a takedown, Jorgensen sprawled and grabbed a front headlock and threw some knees. He pushed Curran into the fence and is throwing more knees. Jorgensen used a captured suplex for the takedown. In the corner, takedown by Jorgensen. Curran tried a guillotine and Jorgensen out. Really good action. Another takedown by Jorgensen. Curran threw some body shots at the end of the round. Jorgensen 20-18.

Third round: Curran landing several punches and Jorgensen back. Curran missing wildly but hit an uppercut. Curran with a body kick and some punches. He stuck his chin out and dared Jorgensen to swing. Curran landing more punches. Good right by Curran. Curan has a bloody nose. Curran landing more punches. Now they are in a clinch. Both struggling against the fence. Curran tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Curran landed an overhand right. Curran landed several more punches. Curran shot in but Jorgensen blocked it and landed on top in side control with seconds left. Still, I’d give the round to Curran, but have Jorgensen 29-28.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Jorgensen

They showed GSP on the screen and it was by far the biggest crowd reaction of the show.


First round: Nelson out to Born in the USA. Cro Cop out to "Wild Boys," perhaps for the last time. Nelson again introduced as a "Kung Fu fighter." Nelson still fat, but not as fat as before. Cro Cop looks physically stronger than in a long time, but with all that may be slower at 37. Nelson moved in and took Cro Cop down. GSP chant. Nelson with some punching from the top. Cro Cop kicked Nelson off and back to his feet. Hard body kick by Cro Cop and he landed a good punch. Nelson punched the hell out of Cro Cop and Cro Co back with two hard rights. Cro Cop with a left. Cro Cop landed two more punches and Cro Cop chant started. Nelson with a right. Nelson in, and Cro Cop landed. Cro cop lands lefts as Nelson comes in. Nelson missed a big right. Body kick by Cro Cop. Close round. Could go either way but I’d go 10-9 Cro Cop.

Second round: Nelson moved in for a takedown but Cro Cop shoved him off. Nelson landed a right that knocked Cro Cop down and he got up and pulverized him when he got up with tons of punches, although many of them were blocked. At least if he loses and retires, he had that one moment where he was the old Cro Cop. Nelson stayed up. The guy is tough as hell. Nelson moving forward. Nelson is bleeding from the nose from that flurry. Cro Cop must be thinking what the hell will finish this guy. Cro cop landed the left jab and Nelson moves forward. Nelson missed a big right by a mile and Cro Co winked at him. High kick by Cro Cop bu Nelson still standing. Nelson moved in with punches. Now both are struggling against the fence. Nelson looking at the clock to see the time. Nelson pushed Cro Cop against the fence. Nelson wants a takedown and Cro Cop fighting him off. Nelson got the single and got Cro Cop down and moved to side control. Nelson pinned Cro Cop down. He’s landing some punches from this position. Nelson has now trapped Cro Cop’s arms and throwing lefts. Cro Cop is in trouble as he can’t get Nelson off him. Nelson throwing punch after punch with the crucifix position. Cro Cop is trapped under the weight. Cro cop survived the round. Standing ovation for both guys. This round could go either way. I think Nelson will get it because a lot of the Cro Cop flurry was blocked so 19-19. Also, I don’t know if Cro Cop could have gotten up if time didn’t run out.

Third round: Both guys tired. Right by Nelson hurt Cro Cop. Nelson landed a few punches and knocked Cro Cop down. Nelson has his back and is throwing punch after punch and it’s over. The crowd loved this fight. If this is Cro Cop’s last fight, he went out like a star. 1:30

Nelson challenged the Dos Santos vs. Velasquez winner saying he’s getting too old for this shit so needs to speed things up. Crowd gave Cro Cop a standing ovation at the end. Said before this fight he knew it would be his farewell fight. He thanked all the fans, particularly UFC fans, Dana, Lorenzo and Joe Silva.


First round: Crowd is burned out after the last match. Kongo got a mixed reaction. Mitrione was cheered but not huge, I think more because of the last fight. Crowd actually booed for the first time 1:25 in when little was happening. Kongo threw a right and Mitrione smiled. Kongo pushed Mitrione into the fence. Kongo just keeping Mitrione against the cage. Crowd booing. . Herb Dean separated them. Kongo missed a few punches and Mitrione landed one. Kongo with a low kick. Crowd booing them again. Kongo landed a low kick. Kongo is moving backwards which may work agianst him in scoring. Body kick by Kongo and Mitrione swept him. Trading punches. Mitrione missed a punch . Kongo 10-9. Lots of booing after this round.

Second round: Action moved quicker to start this round. Kongo with low kicks. Mitrione missing wild swings. Good right by Kongo. Kongo landed three rights in that sequence. Now he’s landing low kicks. Kongo really took off with punches but Mitrione stood up to his shots. Left and right by Kongo. Body kick by Kongo. Mitrione back with some punches. Kongo landing punches. Mitrone in but Kongo dancing out of the way. Crowd booing Kongo. Mitrone landed a few. Better round than the first Kongo landing more punches. Hard right by Kongo but Mitrione stayed up. Mitrone landed a hard right. Mitrione landed several shots. Competitive round. Crowd booed them but I have no idea why. They hate Kongo. Kongo 20-18.

Third round: Kongo landed a few punches and slammed Mitrione down. . Kongo has his back and throwing punches. Mitrione back to his feet. Kongo throwing knees to the thigh and body. Meathead chant. Kongo tried another taekdown but Mitrione blocked it. Kongo with another takedown with 2:26 left. Kongo kept him on the ground throwing punches. He pounded him the whole round. I have no idea why the crowd is booing so heavy other than they hate Kongo. Almost a 10-8 for Kongo but not quite, so 30-27 win for him.

Scores: 30-27, 30-28 and 29-28 for Kongo

No interview for Kongo.


First round: Penn is clearly the crowd favorite, although that was to be expected. Crowd giving Diaz a mixed reaction. Penn got a total superstar reaction. Crowd psyched for this one. In the building it has a great main event feel; Penn hurt him with right coming in. Penn moved to a clinch and threw a knee. Diaz back with a knee. Penn moved out of the clinch. Penn landing several punches. Now Diaz landed a right. Penn looks worried. Takedown by Penn and he got Diaz’s back. Penn pounding his face from side control. Diaz back up. Diaz going for a single leg and Penn punching him. Diaz gave up on it. Trading punches, Penn’s are landing harder. Now Diaz is starting to land the jabs. Penn pushed him into the fence. Penn landing punches. Penn 10-9.

Second round: Diaz taunting him and pushed Penn against the fence. Diaz punching the body. Diaz trying to punch and knee from the clinch. Penn out of the way. Diaz’s left eye looks bad. Penn went for a takedown but Diaz sprawled and kneed to the head. He has Penn pinned against the fence, throwing a lot of body shots and a head shot. This is the first of the Diaz we’ve seen in the past. He’s starting to land a lot of punches. Diaz is staring to take him apart with with wide hooks. Diaz is just taking him apart and landed a knee and punches to the body. Now Diaz going for a takedown. I don’t know why because he’s doing so well standing. Now a Diaz chant. Diaz landing all kinds of punches, He’s hurt Penn with uppercuts and body and head shots and Penn isn’t moving. Penn is just about done. This is a repeat of the Frank Shamrock fight right now. Diaz landing so many punches and Penn can’t get out of the way,. Penn dancing out of trouble and nearly tripped. Penn will be lucky to last the round with 40 seconds left. Diaz is just killing him . Diaz landing several lefts from the clinch. Penn is exhausted. But he lasted the round. 10-8 rond for Diaz so 19-18 Diaz.

Third round: Penn is bleeding from the left eye. Diaz landed a few punches. Penn grabbing a clinch but he seems too tired to take Diaz down and he needs to get him down. Diaz with tons of punches landing to the body and head and Penn can’t get out of the way. Now Penn danced out of the way. Diaz taunting him. They are trading in the clinch but then Diaz lands tons of shots and Penn back with a left. Diaz is landing every shot. Now Penn coming back. This is a hell of a fight. Penn landed a hard right. They are just standing there landing shots. Penn is staring to land hard shots but Diaz has the volume. Penn is landing more shots but Diaz is landing highe volume some more. Now Diaz landed a hard shot. Back in a clinch. Diaz working the body. Penn now getting really tired. Penn is back landing a right. Diaz with solid one back. Penn ducked for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Diaz landing a lots of punches. Penn’s left eye looks real bad. They are just standing there trading punches in the center while the crowd goes crazy. Diaz landing a number of punches. Kick to the head by Diaz and more punches another head kick by Diaz. Diaz with a shot to the body and Penn back with one to the head. Another high kick by Diaz. And time is up. This was one fantastic fight, crowd giving it a big standing ovation. Diaz won the round so I’d go 29-27 for Diaz.

Scores: Loud GSP chant before the scores were read, 29-28, 29-27 and 29-28 for Diaz

Diaz: "I don’t think Georges is hurt, I think he’s scared." There’s your money line. Fans turned on him big for that one.

B.J. "He’s the man. (Super loud GSP chant). "

Penn: "Hats off to Nick Diaz, he’s the man, Joe, it’s probably the last time you’ll ever see me in here, I want to perform at the top level, this is the end. You know what, I’ve got another daughter on the way, I don’t want to go home looking like this."

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


What do you believe is the second most popular promotion right now in the U.S?