Feedback to UFC 137/Bellator

Thumbs slightly up. Would have been all the way up except for the OUTRIGHT ROBBERY in the main.
Best fight: Spoon-Schindler
Worst fight: none
KO: Prindle
Sub: Santos
Eric Prindle, a skilled boxer who cuts from 300+ pounds, scored a quick one punch KO over equally big Ron Sparks in the first heavyweight semifinal.
Jeremy Spoon and Adam Schndler put on a spirited, versatile, back and forth 3 round dark fight that made air with Spoon taking the UD.
In the other HW semi, Neil Grove made it back into the tourney despite losing in the opening bracket when both Not That Michael Hayes, who beat him, and Ivanov, another bracket winner, were UTC in the tourney from injury, but Brazilian elephant Thiago Santos, who despite his ponderous size appears to have a lot of legit ability, flattened Grove on his face with one punch and then took his back and choked him out.
In the main, journeyman Jay Hieron CLEARLY won three out of five rounds against Boring Ben Askren but the fight being in Askren's back yard, of course got robbed of the SD and winning the title. Hieron was able to mostly stuff Askren's TDs, eventually escape when taken down, and outboxed Askren easily the rest of the time. The 5th round was a one sided paint job that included a clean KD from a Spinning Back Kick and could have been a 10-8. HORRIBLE decision. Askren, who for an American jackass wrestler is at least somewhat honest, almost admitted he had lost the fight. His inabaility to dominate at least made for a somewhat interesting fight, as when he does dominate as he has in all his other fights it's worse than watching paint dry.
UFC 137
Thumbs up. The main saved it from a middle or down. Some dull fights and weird judging.
Best fight: Diaz-Penn. Jorgensen-Curran was really good too.
Worst fight: Starks-Jacoby
KO: Bart
Sub: Cerrone (and most impressive performance)
On the fb prelims, Starks and Jacoby both seemed overwhelmed at just being there. Starks took the UD but neither guy did himself any good. Starks carrying around too much muscle.
Carmont and Camozzi put up a good scrap, with GSP stablemate Carmont just being too strong and too skilled in Muay Thai taking an impressive UD. He somewhat resembles a right handed Anderson Silva, with more muscle and less mobility, and will be useful to GSP if that fight ever happens.
Ramsey ('Stripper' from TUF) Nijem completely dominated Danny Downes not only on the ground but surprisingly in the standup as well, but just couldn't finish him and took a lopsided UD. I had it 30-23 and even two of the Three Blind Mice had it 25 and 26.
Vera and Marshall stunk out the joint for two rounds than Marshall woke up and beat the hell out of Vera and actually broke his arm. It should have been a 10-8 round and the fight should have been a draw. Well, except for that the fight should have been stopped when the arm broke, but it was that tall skinny female ref with the braid and we have seen her incompetence on multiple occasions already. However, Vera goes away with the 29-28 UD and will be back to stink out the joint again. Gee lucky Us The Fans. Do they need the Filipino demographic THAT bad? Isn't Munoz delivering it?
On the Spike show, former contender Tyson Griffin came in 4 pounds over and visibly fat, and Bart P was having one of his world beater nights and just shredded him boxing, stunning him quickly and ending it with a 20 punch flurry that left Griffin out cold. I expect Griffin will be future endeavored. Maybe he needs rehab or something.
Cerrone just shredded Siver in a brilliant performance, scoring KDs with both kicks and punches before taking his back and finishing with the Gable Grip choke. This figured for a war and was a blowout.
For some bizarre reason they choose to replay the Vera fight to kill the rest of the time. Wonder how many buys that cost them.
On the main card, Hioki and Roop fought a strained three of clashing (or too similar) styles. Roop finished strong and seemed to have dominated, and certainly would have won on Whole Fight scoring, but the first two rounds were very close and Hioki took the 29-28 SD.
Jorgensen and Jeff Curran put on a fast paced. competitive three round clinic in both standup and ground fighting. Curran looked very good considering how long he's been out of elite level, but Jorgensen was just that one step ahead and took the UD. Very good fight.
Roy lost a LITTLE weight but is still plenty porky. Mirko gave it everything he had left and had Roy in some trouble early in the 2nd, but gassed and Roy clubbed him to the ground and finshed with G&P from back mount in the 3rd. Mirko pulled the plug after the fight, and it's past due.
Mitrione should have had a coming out party vs. Kongo but he forgot to punch for most of the fight and gave away the UD. Very disappointing performance.
BJ came in looking soft and like almost everybody thought was out gunned in the fight, but he also gave it everything he had and made it a war. He outboxed and outgrappled Nick to take the first round. Nick put the pedal to the floor in the 2nd and battered BJ and it looked like it was over. It was such an obvious 2 point round that one of the judges actually scored it that way. But BJ survived and fought himself back into the fight in the 3rd on sheer heart. I've always found his rep for heart to be WAY overstated and him to frankly be a front runner who would quit when it got tough, but not last night. He went the distance and went out on his shield, and after the fight said he was retiring but we've heard that before. Nicky in his usual low class mode screamed obscenitites into the camera and then came up with the remarkable Marijuana Logic that 'Georges isn't hurt, he was scared', magically forgetting that he had potheaded himself out the fight by missing the press conferences and been replaced by Condit BEFORE Georges pulled out. GSP laughed and did the Razor Ramon Finger Wiggle from his seat, but apparently was legit pissed enough to tell Dana he wanted Nicky instead of Condit now, so Condit is taking a stepaside payoff and the next title shot and it will be GSP vs. Nicky on the Super Bowl card. Maybe Nicky isn't as stoned as we think he is.

Crimson Mask

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Diaz-Penn
Worst match: The fight that opened the show on Facebook.
I watched this card over at my brother's house as he wanted to show off
his new home theatre, but I never would have purchased it on my own. If
Dana wants to know why buyrates are down, well, this was a WWE show, it
would have been headlined by, I dunno, Chris Jericho vs. James Storm,
with a semi-main event of Zack Ryder vs. Big Zeke. There's no way that
Mitrione vs. Kongo is a semi-main event on PPV. A year ago, that fight
would have barely made the Spike TV prelims. UFC really has to start
loading up the PPV cards and make them seem special.
And when this show was over, basically all I remembered was:
1) Diaz's promo and GSP's "ooh, I'm scared" gesture
2) The apparent retirement of BJ Penn
3) The apparent retirement of Cro Cop
... and that's about it.
Don't get me wrong - the main event was a fun fight, but a 3-round
non-title fight that at the time wasn't even billed as a No. 1
contenders match (though it turned out to be) isn't worth $65 in HD. And
there sure as heck wasn't anything else on this card worth $65.
Mike Jenkinson
Edmonton, Alberta

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thumbs middle
GSP v Condit would have made this card one of the best for the year
best match diaz v penn
Cant believe everyone is still brainwashed by the name BJ Penn. He has gotten hammered in his last fights
except when he beat a washed up matt hughes. He is smart enough to see the writing on the wall and walk
away. Diaz may not have a brain, but dam can he fight. I think even the odds makers got this completely wrong.
At one point before the fight Diaz was +130. UFC should thank Diaz, they need heels so bad. They have plenty of
say the right thing all the time guys. One of the best 3 round fights of the year.
worst match mitrione v kongo
mitrione couldnt seem to figure out kongo on the feet and never got on top of him to do anything. Matt lookd faster
but couldnt land any damaging strikes. Kongo probably lost the 1st, but took over the fight in the 2nd doing damage on
the ground and Matt never came back. Big setback for Meathead. I thought going into this fight it would have been a brawl.
Neil Bavitz

Hello everyone!
Bar I was at was so/so, one of the smaller crowds I have seen but then it is Halloween weekend and the kids are all at the party bars.
I gave the show a slight Thumbs up
Best Fight: Diaz vs Penn
Worst Fight: Kongo vs Mitrione barely beating Vera vs Marshall
Best KO: Bartemus
Best Sub: Cerrone
Tyson Griffin vs. Bart Palaszewski-great debut by Bartemenu and a crazy flurry to end it. 17 punches that landed amongst 20 thrown.
Dennis Siver vs. Cowboy Donald Cerrone-i was really looking forward to this fight and was shocked at how easily Cowboy handled Siver.
Brandon Vera vs. Eliot Marshall-another lackluster performance by The Truth. He should be cut after this even though he won. The judges should be cut for giving him the decision. What fight were they watching?
Hatsu Hioki vs George Roop-An unimpressive display by Hioki. I think Hominick would have easily avenged his losses here.
Jeff Curran vs. Scott Jorgensen-decent fight but nothing spectacular. Retirement #1.
Mirko Cro Cop vs. Roy Nelson-Big Country looked like he really improved his conditioning as he looked so much better shape here. Cro Cop has been on borrowed time. Retirement#2
Cheick Kongo vs. Matt Mitrione-a huge disappointment. here. Both looked very tentative respecting the others punching power too much
Nick Diaz vs. B.J. Penn.-this was fight of the night for sure. Diaz' boxing skill was to much for BJ to handle. An unexpected retirement by BJ here but am sure he will be back.
Have a great night all.
Grant Zwarych

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