OVW TV tapings 11-2 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping for November 2nd, 2011, which was a show that saw the OVW Heavyweight title change in a shocking way as Rudy Switchblade became OVW Heavyweight champion for the first time in his career, more on how that went down later in this report. Just last week at the TV taping, Nick Dinsmore turned heel, and then defeated Jason Wayne, to become OVW champion for the 10th time, but Dinsmore was only able to hold the title for 7 days this time, so they're switching that title real often all of a sudden. Two times in two weeks, and both totally out of the blue. Many other storylines were also advanced tonight, so it was a very interesting show, but it had issues as well. I have to mention the way OVW is being shot lately is a problem. It's gone downhill rapidly from that standpoint, tons of missed shots, and just feels like it's being shot in a much more amateurish way. You have a good TV show OVW, but the poor way it's being filmed lately really drags it down quick. Please address it. It's like the well oiled machine there needs some three-in-one oil or something production wise. I'm not sure if they have different production people doing it now or what the issue is, but it's very noticeable to me, and not in a good way. It's distracting from the enjoyment of watching the product on TV, or the Internet. The lighting seems much worse also, especially on any shots on the floor, it's very dark looking. It's like watching shadow people out there. It's like they've tried to darken out the crowd or something, but it makes the whole thing look worse, then with the lousy camera work, it's a bad combo. Just put the lights back the way they used to be please. I don't think the camera work will be any better at this taping because someone from backstage was running out all night long and adjusting something on the hand held cameras at ringside.
Speaking of the crowd, it was a tad over 100 tonight. The TV announcers were Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. PWInsider reported that former WWE and TNA talent Shelly Martinez was backstage at this show last night.
ROH Tapes TV this Saturday at the Davis arena, and the next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on November 12th, and matches for that show were added at this taping tonight. A promotion called A1WA is running a show at the Davis Arena on November 17th, and they will have Paul Burchill there doing a meet and greet.
OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo, Aka Sojo Bolt, did a podcast interview with Steve Gerweck which can be heard at this link http://www.gerweck.net/category/interviews/

1. Shiloh Jonze beat Brandon Espinosa

Dark match. Jonze in control early. Espinosa came back and took control. Jonze back with a Rana. Espinosa with a near fall after a pretty spinning neckbreaker off the top turnbuckle on Jonze. Jonze came back to win with a roll up, but Espinosa gave him trouble in this one.

2. Raphael Constantine & Lennox Norris beat Nick Dumeyer & David Osborne

Also a dark match. Constantine and Norris are currently the unlikely top contenders for the OVW Southern Tag team titles, and will get a shot at The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) on November 12th. Constantine and Norris last week won a 4 way tag team match to become the number one contenders, and they won it due to the sneaky Adam Revolver, who made sure the weakest team in the 4 way won it. This was a heel vs heel tag match, and Constantine and Norris attacked Dumeyer and Osborne before the bell. Both Constantine and Norris beating on the husky Osborne. Much confusion at the finish as Osborne was pinned after a move where Norris and Constantine hit him both high and low, but nobody seemed sure if that was the finish or not. Dumeyer never tagged in once.

3. Epiphany beat Hannah Blossom w/Holly Blossom

Yet another dark match. Epiphany, a large Black lady wrestler, was mauling young Hannah Blossom early. Epiphany went on to win the match in short order with a twisting vertical suplex. The angry Epiphany then gave the other Blossom Twin, Holly, a twisting vertical suplex for good measure. The vibe of all the dark matches was really poor tonight. Nobody was into them much at all.

The TV taping opened with representatives from a charity group called the "Dream Factory" all coming into the ring, along with some people who have benefited from this charity. It's similar to Make a Wish. They gave a family what's called a "magic flight" to Florida. Gilbert Corsey was in the ring with everyone emceeing this. There was a very long production delay here before they actually started taping. A lady from Dream Factory thanked OVW stars Paredyse and Jason Wayne for their time, and Wayne and Paredyse were called out to the ring, where an award was then given. This being pro wrestling, I figured the award would end up being broken by some heel, but nothing like that happened.
But what did happen was after the ceremony Corsey asked Jason Wayne to stay in the ring and discuss what happened here last week, when Nick Dinsmore turned on Wayne, and then then beat him in an impromptu match to become the OVW champion. Wayne was also legit busted open in the match vs Dinsmore last week, and the match had to be stopped, and then restarted, due the rules of the Kentucky Athletic commission as it pertains to blood. Wayne received stitches in his right eyebrow after last weeks show.
Corsey said Wayne will face Dinsmore in a rematch on November 12th. Before Wayne could speak, new OVW champion Nick Dinsmore came to the ring. Dinsmore questioned Corsey as to why he didn't start the show off this week with him, since he, Nick Dinsmore, was the new champion. Dinsmore then ran down his long list of credentials. Dinsmore said the spotlight should be on him, not Jason Wayne. Dinsmore said he proved a point last week, that he was still the man. The crowd chanted for Jason Wayne. Wayne said why wait for November 12th, why not just do the rematch tonight. Out to the floor came Bolin Services 2.0, with wanna be member Raul Lamotta. Prince Bolin said his man, and current TV champion, Rocco Bellagio should get a shot tonight. James "Moose" Thomas, a former 2 time OVW champion, said he should get a shot tonight. Raul Lamotta then said he should get a shot tonight, causing all of Bolin Services 2.0 to openly laugh right in Lamotta's face. Out to the floor came the current OVW Southern Tag Team champions, The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver). Revolver said he should get a shot at the OVW title, since he came within one second of being the first triple crown champion in OVW history, meaning holding the OVW title, the TV title, and the tag titles all at the same time. Several weeks ago Revolver was both the tag and TV title champion at the same time, but lost to then OVW champion Jason Wayne, losing the TV title to Wayne in the process. Ted McNaler tried to talk sense to Revolver, telling Revolver they need to concentrate on keeping the tag titles. Revolver wouldn't' listen, so McNaler then threw his name into the hat to get a shot at the OVW title too. Out to the floor came Christian Mascagni, and his men Mike Mondo and Rudy Switchblade. So I guess Mascagni is managing Switchblade now after all. Mascagni said he calls the shots around here, and has a direct line to the OVW board of directors, so he's throwing the names of Mondo and Switchblade into the mix tonight for the OVW title. Everyone was saying "see you tonight". I have no idea what would actually happen with this later tonight, so it was confusing in that way, but I knew something would. In spite of the confusion of what actually was going on here, this was a good segment.

Backstage, and yes we could again hear the backstage segments in the audience this week thank Goodness, Cliff Compton confronted Mohamad Ali Vaez in front of a locker. Compton was upset with Vaez for the snide remark Vaez made to him about one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes last week. Compton said he found out Hayes was injured, and in the hospital, and that Vaez was responsible for that. Vaez took this as good news, and said that means Hayes may have won the battle against him, but he lost the war. Compton became angry and said he would face Vaez one on one on November 12th, to get Vaez back for injuring Hayes.

4. Alex Silva beat Ace Hawkins

This was the first match of the TV taping. It was over quickly when Silva bellowed his "Uh oh" catch phrase, and then hit Hawkins with his "Silva surfer" running knee finisher. In a backstage segment last week I didn't see until I watched the show on TV, Silva indicated that he was the youngest OVW TV champion in history, and he wants to win that title back. But then, he lost focus and started partying backstage.

Backstage, a very exited Paredyse was hosting a slumber party, and makeover session, with The Blossom twins(Holly & Hannah). Lucky guy huh? Brandon Espinosa crashed the party and said The Blossoms were treats, but that Paredyse was a trick. Paredyse got in Espinosa's face, and said this is the third time Espinosa has disrespected him, and it's starting to piss him off. Paredyse said Espinosa won't like him when he's angry. Looks like we have a match between Paredyse and Espinosa coming up soon.
Out to the ring, to literally no pop, came the supposed poppa to be Benny Bray. I kid you not now, Bray was wearing tuxedo pants, and an Affliction T-shirt. Wow. Just wow. Bray talked about finding out he was going to be a Father being the greatest moment of his life, and called out to the ring the supposed mother to be, Taryn Shay. In reality, Bray found out a few weeks ago Shay was faking the pregnancy, so he was playing mind games here. Bray was bad on the mic here, really, really bad. About as bad as his outfit. Shay reluctantly came out, holding her belly. The crowd chanted "DNA". Bray said let's have a real party here, and called out his "best friends"(?) Chris Silvio and Mo Green. Silvio and Green were the ones behind Shey faking the pregnancy, and Bray knows it too. Silvio was going for a Randy Savage look with a bandanna on his head and big sunglasses. A "Jerry", as in Springer, chant came up. Bray talked about all the Doctor appointments Shay has canceled. Bray talked about the ultrasound, and asked Silvio if he has it. Silvio said that was between Bray and Shay, and wasn't any of his business. Bray told Shay to show the crowd the ultrasound pictures. Shay finally confessed she wasn't pregnant, saying Silvio and Green made her do it. A brief brawl broke out between Silvio and Bray. Shay then slapped Bray across the face, but before Bray could possibly do anything to her, Silvio and Green pulled her out of the ring. Not a strong segment here, because neither Bray or Shay are strong performers, but it was very perversely entertaining on a certain level. The crowd didn't care about it all really though, except for the comedy chants, it got no other reaction.

Backstage Bolin Services 2.0 confronted Jason Wayne about whatever was going down tonight for the OVW title, which I still had no idea what that was. Rocco Bellagio was actually allowed to speak a full sentence here for the first time on OVW TV, saying he would mess Jason Wayne's face up worse than it got messed up last week. Wayne was shown working out after Bolin Services 2.0 left.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo was ranting and raving about her problems with Taeler Hendrix, with Taryn Shay standing there looking bothered after what went just down with Benny Bray. Shay finally told JoJo she can't deal her crap right now. Shay said she has too much going on, and walked away from a stunned Lady JoJo. JoJo defends the title against Hendrix on November 12th.

Next came an extremely long delay, while poor Ron Hed plugged anything and everything he could think of to plug under the OVW sun.

5. Elvis Pridemore beat Tony Gunn

All that delay for this match??? Yeesh. But stay tuned kids. Gunn came out here without his beloved teddy bear, which he has been trying to give to "Smooth" Johnny Spade for months now. Before the match started, Spade and Shiloh Jonze were shown on the video screens. Jonze asked Gunn for a match on November 12th. Gunn gave Jonze a slight concussion a few weeks ago, and has knocked him out two more times since. Gunn shook his head no to the proposed match with Jonze. Spade and Jonze had a persuader with them though, Gunn's teddy bear, which we found out tonight was named "Ralphie". Gunn said said no to the match, but then Spade said Ralphie doesn't smoke, but he might burn, as he held a lit lighter beneath the teddy bears feet. This finally made Gunn accept the match with Jonze at the Saturday Night Special, albeit under extreme duress. They literally held the bears feet to the fire. BTW, Ralphie now also had duct tape around his head and neck, as the bear had to under go a delicate operation after Spade ripped the head off the bear, and threw it into the crowd, a few weeks ago. Did you forget about Pridemore vs Gunn that was at hand here? I about did, but Elvis then rolled Gunn up and beat him instantly.

Ron Hed then explained the unique rules for the finally revealed "8 man melee" match for the OVW title tonight. The rules are two men in the ring at once, no tags allowed, but when someone gets thrown out, anyone on the apron can come in and replace them. Every man for himself. It was held under elimination rules by pinfall or submission, but if current champion Nick Dinsmore is pinned or submitted, the match ends then with the person beating Dinsmore becoming the new OVW Heavyweight champion. Wow, quite a concept match there.

The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) were shown backstage. Black was looking a little depressed, I guess because of his lack of weight loss. TPT told Black that was ok, and offered him some Halloween candy. Black became excited and produced a large bowl of candy for he and TPT to share. TPT told Black he could do him one better than that, and told Black to wait a minute while TPT went out to his truck to get some really great stuff for them to eat. But....Soon as TPT left, Bolin Services 2.0 attacked Black backstage, with Rocco Bellagio and James "Moose" Thomas both beating Black to a pulp. I still think it's heading for a Black vs Moose one on one match, the two biggest guys in OVW would be squaring off if that happened. But what about Trailer Park Trash here? He sure did seem to leave Black alone at an "interesting" time...Hmmmmm....
6. Rudy Switchblade beat Nick Dinsmore, Jason Wayne, Adam Revolver, Ted McNaler, James "Moose" Thomas, Rocco Bellagio, and Mike Mondo in an 8 Man Melee match to become the new OVW Heavyweight champion

TV Main event time. Christian Mascagni was at ringside managing Mondo and Switchblade. Prince Bolin & Raul Lamotta were at ringside for Moose and Bellagio. Match started with the former champion Jason Wayne getting the better of the current champion Nick Dinsmore. This Melee match then turned into, well, a melee early on with everyone coming in the ring and fighting it out, then several were fighting on the floor. Meanwhile in the ring, Jason Wayne dominated Adam Revolver. Mike Mondo came in, but Wayne got the better of him as well. This unique match was even more unique for the fact that Jason Wayne and Ted McNaler were the only babyfaces in the match. Rocco Bellagio came in, but Wayne sent him to the floor with a nice dropkick. James "Moose" Thomas came in, but he had no luck against Jason Wayne either. Dinsmore came back in, and was the first to get the better of Wayne, at least a bit. Jason Wayne was a cardio machine here as he was in the ring constantly against someone for at least 10 minutes straight. Wayne with a press slam on Mondo, and then dropped him down. Revolver came back in and got some offense in on Wayne. Wayne back with a spinebuster on Revolver. Wayne finally got out of the match for the first time as several guys ran in and out of the ring giving each other their finishers. Bellagio gave McNaler a big powerbomb, but Jason Wayne came back in and hit his full nelson slam on Bellagio for the first elimination. So the current OVW TV champion was the first man out of the this match, which it took quite a bit of time to get to the first elimination here. Bellagio's Bolin Services 2.0 stablemate James "Moose" Thomas came in to go for his "Moose kick" on Wayne, but wanna be Bolin Services 2.0 member tripped Moose coming off the ropes. Wayne then hit Moose with the full nelson slam and beat him, taking all of Bolin Services 2.0 out of the match. What Lamotta did to Moose was no accident, it was his was of saying screw all of you after they've been treating him like crap for weeks. Lamotta picked a heck of a time to make his statement, but make it he did. Prince Bolin was stunned at ringside by Lamotta's actions, and Kenny Bolin was stunned at the announce desk. McNaler in with a spear on Jason Wayne. Adam Revolver suddenly ran into the ring and pinned his own Elite partner, Ted McNaler, with a roll up. McNaler was beyond furious with Revolver, screaming at him "You screwed me" repeatedly. Revolver tried to tell McNaler he'd give him the first shot at the OVW title when he wins it. Jason Wayne then came back in and hit Revolver with his full nelson slam and beat him, so both member of The Elite were suddenly out of the match. McNaler continued to scream "You screwed me" at Revolver, so huge internal problems continue within "The Elite", but they still remain the tag team champions. Dinsmore, Mondo and Switchblade all beat on Jason Wayne, but he fought them all off. While Mascagni distracted referee Chris Sharpe, Dinsmore hit Wayne with the OVW title belt and beat him. Dinsmore hit Wayne with the belt to win the title last week. Very strong showing from Jason Wayne here, but yet another interesting turn in this match, as it was now down to three heels, Dinsmore, Mondo and Switchblade. Dinsmore and Mondo still had unfinished business anyhow as the reason Dinsmore came back to OVW as a babyface was because Mondo was beating up his students. Then came the shocking turn of events last week when Dinsmore went heel and beat Jason Wayne for the title. Mascagni looked giddy on the floor at the chance of one of his men winning the gold. Dinsmore tricked Mondo and Switchblade into wrestling each other, stable mates going at it. Switchblade didn't really seem to mind though as he attacked Mondo from behind. Mascagni was begging Mondo and Switchblade to stop. Mondo with a Figure Four on Switchblade. This became even stranger as Mascagni cheated to try and help his man Mondo win, against his other own man, Switchblade. Don't know if I've ever seen a manager do that before. Dinsmore came back in and got the better of his rival Mondo. Switchblade in with a dropkick on Dinsmore. Switchblade with a dive thru the ropes that took out both Dinsmore and Mondo out. Back in the ring, some wild double and triple sunset flip type of spots for near falls with all three men took place. Cool stuff, and the crowd popped for it. The crowd was pretty into this whole match anyhow. Mondo and Switchblade went nose to nose arguing. Dinsmore with a sitdown slam on Switchblade. Mondo with a big kick on Dinsmore. Mondo went up top for a diving headbutt on Dinsmore, but Mascagni got up on the apron, and Mondo ended up getting crotched, not sure how. Meanwhile on the opposite top turnbuckle, Switchblade came off and hit Dinsmore with his Frogsplah finisher to win the match, and become OVW Heavyweight champion for the first time in yet another OVW shocker. Mascagni was beyond ecstatic to finally capture the OVW title, orgasmic more describes it. Another shocker than took place as Mascagni snubbed Mondo, and threw all his support behind the new OVW champion, Rudy Switchblade. Wow, talk about a fair weather manager. Amazing.
That's the right word for this main event really, amazing. Good match, but the booking was what was great here. The match was laid out extremely well, which is tricky for a match like this, but what was even better was the storytelling in this one. Talk about a match that told several stories at once, and they were all interesting, and well done, capping off with the shock of Rudy Switchblade winning the title. Wow.
Well, an "interesting" show once again from OVW, though I know I use that "interesting" word a lot. This one was both interesting in both good and bad ways, but the main event sure delivered, and created all kinds of stories to come out of it in the weeks and months to come.
I had to leave, don't know what the post taping dark matches were. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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