UFC 138 live coverage live from Birmingham, England

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Place is already packed even for the first fight, very hot crowd.

First round: Lee big favorite since he’s from Birmingham. Fans booing Cariaso a lot. Kick to the body by lee and he grabbed a guillotine but couldn’t get it. Now in a clinch. Takedown with a leg trip by Lee. Lee landed an elbow and moved him against the fence. Lee with a punch and short elbow. Cariaso back to his feet. Lee tried a second takedown but couldn’t get it. Takedown by Lee. Cariaso back with punches. Another takedown by Lee. Cariaso back up right away. Lee tried another upper body takedown but couldn’t get it. 10-9 Lee.

Second round: Cariaso landed some punches and Lee then used some flashy kicks, all missed, but he did follow with a takedown. Good left elbow by Cariaso. High kick by Lee and Cariaso with punches. Cariaso with a takedown. Cariaso moved to full mount. Crowd popped just when Lee got a momentary guard, but Cariaso moved to side control and then to mount. Cariaso with a few punches on the ground as the round ended. Cariaso’s round so 19-19 at this point.

Third round: Crowd going wild for Arianny between rounds far more than usual. Both in a clinch against the fence. Ref Dan Miragliotta broke it. Cariaso trying for a takedown but Lee landed some punches and they are both in the clinch against the fence. Spinning backfist by Lee but Cariaso back with several punches. Lee working for a takedown. Cariaso defending well. Two knees by Cariaso from the clinch. Cariaso with a takedown that could be the key in winning the fight. He moved to side control. Cariaso got the mount, a few punches and Lee turned and gave up his back. Cariaso working for a choke with 1:35 left. Lee turned but now taking punches to the face and gave up his back again. Punches and elbows from the top by Cariaso, now hard elbows. He’s working for a choke as time ran out. Almost a 10-8 for Cariaso, but not quite. So 29-28 for Cariaso.

Scores: 29-28 Lee what–that is an undefendable score, 29-28 Cariaso 29-28 Cariaso


First round: Mills hurt him with a knee and was pounding on him and he hesitated because he thought it would be stopped, then threw a few more punches and it was topped. It was a right and then got the Thai clinch and delivered a hard left knee. Ref Marc Goddard moved in, then hesitated, which could have been a problem. Mills landed a second knee and a few punches and it was over. Crowd went wild since Mills is a British fighter. :40


First round: Young is from South London, England so he’s the obvious crowd favorite. Young throwing. Omigawa tried to throw him but Young defended well. Good high kick by Young. Omigawa landing lefts moving in. Trading and Omigawa moved in, got the clinch against the cage. Takedown by Omigawa. Crowd booing in seconds wanting a stand up. Omigawa doing a good job of keeping him down but Young made it to his feet. Omigawa with some lefts while Young landed a knee from the clinch. Hard kick by Young knocked Omigawa to one knee. Omigawa back up. Young bleeding from the eye from an accidental bonking of heads. Young went for a flying kick that missed but landed a knee. Young’s right eye swelling badly. Young landing more punches. Young shot in and got a takedown but Omigawa immediately reversed him on the ground. Omigawa won the position game but Young landed better blows so I’m going 10-9 for Young.

Second round: Good knee to the body by Young but Omnigawa got the takedown right away. Omigawa landed a punch but mostly just holding him down. Crowd booing like crazy again but Omigawa has side control and no way can they stand it up from here. Omigawa is working for a Kimura but there is little action going on. Short elbow by Omigawa. Young kicked off the fence to roll over and get to his feet. Cool escape. Young landing good low kicks. Nice right uppercut by Young. Yong missed a high kick. In a clinch, Young with a short elbow but Omigawa did a nice judo trip into side control. Crowd booing again. Young regained guard. Omigawa now into full mount with 43 seconds left. Omigawa controlling the top and now throwing punches and an elbow. Omigawa controlled most of the round on the ground and did some damage, so I’d go 10-9 for him but it could possibly go the other way, so 19-19 at this point.

Third round: Both swinging coming out for the third round. Young tried a flying knee but didn’t get it. Joe Rogan said the judges may think Omigawa got screwed in his last fight and that may help him in his scoring. Young landed a left that hurt Omigawa. Rogan has done a good job of announcing but he’s completely clueless about judging when he says stuff like that. Omigawa with a takedown. Omigawa got the takedown but Young up quickly. Good low kick by Young and a nice right. Young went for a takedown. Omigawa grabbed a guillotine and used it for a takedown. He’s working for the guillotine on the ground. Omigawa now on top. Omigawa on top but doing nothing from this position. Now he’s throwing elbows. Omigawa continues to control him. Omigawa doing nothing on top though. Omigawa now in side control. He worked for a straight armbar but gave it up. . Young trying to get up and reversed to the top with 8 seconds left. This is a tough round to score but I’d go with Omigawa making him the winner 29-28.

Scores 29-28 across the board for Omigawa. Crowd booed heavily.


DeFries is 6-5, 243 from Sunderland. Broughton is 6-2, 258 from Liverpool. Broughton is hte bigger name and seemed to have more fans.

First round: DeFries is moving in looking for a takedown. Broughton is a thick guy while DeFries is more lean. Ref Dan Miragliottta separated them quiclky. DeFries still working for a takedown and can’t get it. DeFries finally got it by going low. He’s in side control. DeFries controlling him but doing little else. DeFries got his back with 15 seconds left. But DeFries did nothing from there either. Not much of a round. DeFries 10-9.

Second round: DeFries got him down right away with a double leg. He got Broughton’s back. DeFries throwing a few punches while keeping control. Broughton got up but DeFries took him back down. Broughton went for a Kimura and used it to reverse and is on top now with 2:35 left in the round. DeFries thinking Kimura from the bottom. Broughton with hard body punches from this position. Now Broughton with elbows to the thigh. Broughton trying a Kimura again and has side control. Broughton has him crucifxed and throwing punch after punch to the head and he can’t defend his face. Broughton again working for a straight armbar. Now elbows by Broughton. Broughton landing good punches late from the crucifix position. 10-9 for Broughton so we’re even after two, although Broughton’s winning round was a lot stronger than DeFries’ first round. This would be a 10-8.5 round.

Third round: Takedown by DeFries right away. DeFries now has his back with 3:08 left. Broughton turned and DeFries now on top in side control. DeFries spun to get back position again. DeFries doing little damage from the top. DeFries now has full mount. DeFriese on top in a North-South position. Finally a stand-up was ordered with seconds left. Time ran out. Crowd booing heavy even with tow UK fighters because a boring fight. DeFries won this round for sure, so he has to win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 across the board for DeFries. No other score possible.


First round: Edwards is the welterweight who looks just like Randy Couture. Edwards kicked him in the groin right away. The ref told him one more like that and there will be a point deduction. Edwards landing punches and kicks and missed a punch so bad he stumbled. Great spin kick followed by a right by Edwards that knocked Maguire down. . Edwards had him in trouble, throwing punches and elbows but Maguire was able to regain his bearings and was out of serious trouble. Maguire got a double leg but Edwards was blocking the takedown. Now Maguire ducking low and got the takedown and put Edwards on his back. Knee from a clinch by Maguire. Now Edwards back to his feet with 2:45 left. Another takedown by Maguire. Edwards up but Maguire with three good knees from a front headlock position. Edwards landed a left hook but Maguire got behind Edwards and has his back and dragged him to the ground. Edwards back up but Maguire took him down again. Edwards back up. Maguire dropped low and was taken down but Edwards trying a guillotine. Maguire escaped and has his back and threw a kick to the body. Great first round. Maguire 10-9.

Second round: Maguire with some inside leg kicks early in the round. Much slower round. Now they are clinching against the fence. Maguire got his back and slammed him down and has his back. Now Maguire has a body triangle to keep Edwards in position. Maguire throwing some punches from that position trying to open up a choke. He’s going for a choke but Edwards was able to defend. Maguire going for an armbar but time expired before he could get it. Maguire’s round easily 10-9.

Third round: Good left by Maguire. Edwads back with punches. Maguire with a knee. Spin kick by Edwards and a takedown by Maguire. Edwards looking for a heel hook while Maguire worked for a knee bar. . These guys were all tied up but both got out of trouble. That was a cool sequence. Crowd cheered both guys for that. Spin kick by Edwards but it didn’t land. Maguire grabbed a front headlock and threw three knees. Crowd screaming "knee." Edwards now has a front headlock but Maguire reversed him and got on top in side control with 2:40 left. Now Maguire got a full mount and moved to his back and trapped him with a body triangle. Fans like this fight, best so far on the show. Maguire’s round as well 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Maguire.

Live main card by Kenny Murphy

Eddie Faaloloto V Terry Etim

Round 1: Etim is from Liverpool so you'd expect him to be the favourite here. He was looking like a potential star with 4 straight wins before a loss to Rafael Dos Anjos and a long injury layoff. Coming out to Phil Collins, hardly exactly the way to pump up the crowd, maybe it's a scouse humour thing. Etim lands some hard rights early, then a spin kick right to the jaw.Faaloloto dives in for a take down but gets caught in a guillotine. Etim drops to his back and gets the tap just like that at 0:20. Awesome performance here, starmaking. If anyone watches it, that is. Etim says he was hungry to get back in and "THAT WAS IT JOE, I'M BACK, LET'S DO THIS". Great way to open the show.


Round 1: I cannot imagine how a US crowd would react to this fight on the main card but even these eager Brits seem a little lethargic to it, like they're watching Tomko V Stevie Richards or something. Anyway Diabate has won 7 of his last 8, Perosh hasn't looked great in his last few fights, going 2 and 2 in his last 4. Diabate takes the centre, it's very cagey, no one committing to much but Diabate landing some punches. Nice body kick by Diabate. Perosh's face swelling up a little. Perosh shoots in for a takedown and doesn't even come close. Diabate is owning him standing. Perosh keeps dropping for a double leg but he's got no spring. And just as I type that, Perosh catches a leg kick and takes him down. Perosh straight into side control, 90 seconds to work. Tries a side choke but it's not happening. I'd go 10 - 9 Diabate because Perosh did little from the top and Diabate did some damage but you never know. Crowd booing which I didn't expect. They need a Bisping run in to keep the people interested.

Round 2: Starts like the first. Diabate swings, misses and gets taken down. Perosh's timing was good there. Perosh gets full mount. Diabate gives up his back. Rear naked choke attempt, defended well by Diabate but that was close. The crowd is eerily quiet, it's like they're watching an Ezekiel Jackson match or something. Perosh attempts a side choke again but gives up pretty easily. Goes back to full mount and lays in ground and pound. Diabate gives up his back again and this time Perosh takes it and gets the rear naked choke for the tap. Actually not a bad fight but the people just weren't into it. Perosh looks better at light heavyweight then heavyweight.


Round 1: Thiago is 1 - 3 in his last 4 and has missed weight so many times that I'd think he might be more trouble than he's worth to the UFC so you'd think a win would be pretty important for him here, or at least a good fight. His last 5 have all been dull decisions. Abedi comes out with a wacky French hat on his head, a cigar in his mouth, and with both the Congolese and Swedish flags tied to him like capes. Well, he certainly makes an impression. Abedi's fought his whole career at 185 and makes his UFC debut at 170, which could be a factor. Although note HE still made weight first time.

Anyway, exchanging strikes early, no one really getting the better or landing heavy. Nice leg kick by Alves. Abedi clinches him against the cage. They seperate. Pushes Alves against the cage again and lands a couple punches. Back to the centre of the cage and Alves lands a big left hook that puts Abedi down. Alves straight into full mount laying in vicious ground and pound. Opens him up with an elbow. Abedi gives up his back and Alves takes it, getting the tap with a rear naked choke. The exact same finish as the previous match, so maybe D-Lo and Al Snow are the agents for this show. Joe pointed out it was his first submission victory. Alves looked really good here but it's hard to know if maybe his competition just wasn't that sound.

Brad Pickett V Renan Barao

Pickett's only lost one of his last 11 and Barao hasn't lost in 28 fights since 2005 which gives this fight so you'd think a big win here for either guy pushes them toward a title shot. Although I know winning titles to earn a concept is becoming a foreign concept in 2011! Pickett comes out to what sounds like a theme tune from an 80's British tv show, complete with pants, suspenders, hat, dressed like Neill Marshall, and reading a newspaper. Not entirely sure what he's going for there. Crowd reacts reasonably big to him as he's getting into the octagon but there's no real passion in it and you can tell it's just cause he's the home town guy, he's not over like Bisping or Hardy here.

Round 1: Trading huge strikes early, Barao lands harder, Pickett is taking them and keeps moving forward. HARD leg kick by Barao, think Tajiri in ECW style. Pace slows, both guys picking their spots. Barao has more variety in his striking, Pickett looks a bit one dimensional. Barao tries the takedown, stuffed, Pickett narrowly misses a huge overhand right on the way back up. Nice series of jabs by Barao. Crowd chanting "ENG-ER-LUND, ENG-ER-LUND,ENG-ER-LUND" which no one in the US will be able to decipher, God bless their enthusiasm for a card with so few stars. Barao lands with a hard knee and then a hard right and puts Pickett down. Looked like it was about to be stopped as Barao laid in shots but Pickett recovered enough to defend himself. Barao with a beautiful transition takes the back and gets both hooks in, puts on a rear naked choke. Doesn't look like it's under the chin. Pickett taps anyway with a minute left in the round. It did look real tight. Crowd not happy. The undercard wasn't much but what this show lacks in stars it's making up for in action, just a great card so far.

Mark Munoz V Chris Leben

I guess that since Anderson doesn't want Chael Sonnen, Leben's won 4 of his last 5 and Munoz 6 of his last 7, this could be a title eliminator but I have to say, it doesn't feel like a fight that needs to go 5 rounds. But hey, maybe they'll go out there and tear it up for 25 minutes and I'll look a fool. The crowd shouted along with Bruce Buffer's entire ring intro so at least they're into this as a main event.

Round 1: Crippler is the definite babyface here. Not sure if that will help him. Leben takes the centre of the cage, crowd chanting his name. Munoz lands a leg kick then shoots for a single and gets Leben down. So much for claiming he's going to stand with Leben. Munoz tries a side choke but no joy, Leben gets back up using the cage. Munoz working hard for a takedown against the cage but doesn't get it. Leben takes Munoz down and lays in some shots. Tied up against the fence again. Munoz tries a knee but Leben catches it and slams him. Not much of a slam though, kind of like something Andre the Giant would do in the late 80's. Leben grabs Munoz head and tries a guillotine but Munoz pops out and lays in some ground and pound. Both on their feet trading. Leben's chin is ridiculous. It's like he has that old Headshrinker gimmick. Tough round to score, I'd narrowly go 10 - 9 Leben because he did slightly more damage and had slightly more octagon control.

Round 2: Leben comes forward early but doesn't land much, gets clinched up against the cage. Munoz trips him and takes him to the ground, locked in Leben's guard. Lays in some body shots. Munoz with some really hard ground and pound, Leben really looks hurt although he sticks his tongue out daring Munoz to give him more. Leben looking pretty gassed. Munoz has him against the fence and taking his back, but Leben gets out. Leben tries a neck crank but doesn't look like he really has it. Ref calls in a doctor to check the cut. Leben clearly says he can't see, then Goddard, the ref, tells Leben that if he says he can't see, the fight will be stopped. So Leben says he can see. Way to protect the fighter ref. Back to action Leben lands a couple of shots but is soon pushed up against the cage and taken down again. Munoz laying in some shots but really tiring now. God knows how this will look if they go 5 because both guys are totally gassed.

Leben admits he can't see in between rounds. It was weird because his team kept saying "he's just tired, he's just tired" while Leben's sitting there going "I can't see shit". This almost came off like a pro wrestling heel ducking his way out of a match but of all people I don't think Leben would be high on the list of people likely to do that. Vitor Belfort maybe. Crowd really doesn't like it but there was no choice once the guy says he can't see. Rogan mentions a title shot to Munoz and Munoz starts droning on about respect, honour and his friendship with Anderson but says he'd take the fight. Way to sell it. Then he says Leben is a great ambassador for the sport. Munoz obviously isn't on the internet very often. Joe asks Chris about the cut and he kind of dodges the question. Interesting. Disappointing end to a great show all in all.

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